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2. Where ere she lye,

Lock't up from mortall eye,

In shady leaves of Destiny;

3. Till that ripe birth

Of studied Fate stand forth,

And teach her faire steps tread our Earth;

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6. I wish her, beauty

That owes not all its duty

To gaudy tire or glistring shoo-ty.

7. Something more than

Taffata or tissew can,

Or rampant feather, or rich fan.

S. More than the spoyle

Of shop, or silkeworme's toyle,

Or a bought blush, or a set smile.

9. A face that's best

By its owne beauty drest,

And can alone commend the rest.



as are.


melt shades play.

18. Each ruby there,

Or pearle that dares appeare,

Be its own blush, be its own teare.

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34. Her flattery,

Picture and Poesy,

Her counsell her owne vertue be.

35. I wish her store

Of worth may leave her poore


Of wishes; and I wish

-no more.


36. Now if Time knowes

That her, whose radiant browes

Weave them a garland of my vowes;

37. Her whose just bayes,

My future hopes can raise,

A trophie to her present praise;

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