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1328 b. Analogia honorum: or, a treatise of honour and nobility, according to the laws and customes of England. Collected out of the most authentick authors, both ancient and modern. In two parts. The first containing honour military, and relateth to court and city. Illustrated with variety of sculptures sutable to the several subjects. (By J. Logan). London 1677. f. 181 u. 8 S. (M. 204). Diese Schrift ist der fünften Ausgabe von Guillim's display of heraldry 1679 einverleibt.

1328 a. Britain's glory, and England's bravery. Wherein is shewed the degrees of honour from the prince to the peasant; with the honour of the nobles, and privileges of the commons; the proper places and precedency of all persons from the throne to the bondman; more particularly in coronations, processions, feasts, funerals, and other great assembly: as also honour of arms, power of heralds, signification of charges in cout armour; with an armorial dictionary, explaining the terms of heraldry. And an account of all the ordres of knighthood in Christendom, and of the weights and measures of England. To which is added, a continuation of the historian's guide, from November 1687, where the third and last impression ends, to June 1689. Being the collections and observations of Benjamin Smithurst. London 1689. 12. (M. 246). Der Haupttheil enthält 172 S. der historians' guide nur 17 S.

1328 d. The laws of honour; or a compendious account of the ancient derivation of all titles, dignities, offices etc. as well spiritual as temporal, civil or military. Shewing the prerogative of the crown, privileges of peerage and of parliament, the true rank and precedency of all dignified persons, the most memorable debates and cases of parliament upon claim of honours, precedency, or otherwise, with a compleat and useful table of the nobility setting forth their ancient and present honours, offices, employments, creations, successions, consecrations, etc. The whole illustrated with proper sculptures, engraved on copperplates. To which is added, an exact list of officers, ci

vil and military in Great Britain, as they properly and distinctly fall under the supream officers of the kingdom, or are any way remarkable in the dispatch of publick business. London printed for R. Gosling. 1714. 8. 440 S. (M. 286). London 1726. 8. 441 S. (M. 329).

1328 e. Symbola heroica, or the mottoes of the nobility and baronets of Great-Britain and Ireland; placed alphabetically; whereby the proper owner of any coat of arms may be readily known. Also a compleat alphabetical list of the nobility of each kingdom, the dates of their several patents, or summons to parliament etc. With lists of the knights of the order of the Garter, Thistle and Bath and of the baronets, referring to their several mottoes. London: printed for Joel Stephens. 1736. 12. 130 S. (M. 348).

1328f. The mottoes of the English nobitity in the year 1800, freely translated into verse 1822. 8. (Lo. III, 1305 5 S).

1328 g g. Collectanea curiosa: or miscellaneous tracts relating to the history and antiquities of England and Ireland, the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and a variety of other subjects, chiefly collected, and now first publihed, from the manuscripts of archbishop Sancroft, given to the Bodleian library by the late bishop Tanner. In two volumes. (By John Gutch). Oxford 1781. 8. 2 voll. (M. 440). Enthält manches hieher Gehörige, wie: Nomenclator fecialium qui Angliae et Walliae comitatus visitarunt, quo anno et ubi autographa, seu apographa reperiuntur, per Johannem Anstis, Garterem principalem regem armorum Anglicanorum, im aten Th. S. 212. (S. Nr. 600).

1328 h. Illustrations of British history, biography aud manners, by Edmund Lodge, Lancaster herald. Lond. 1791. 4. 3 voll. (Noble 440) enthalten wahrscheinlich hieher Gehöriges.

1328. The manual of nobility; exhibiting the distinctions of armorial and heraldic bearings, the several degrees, and rank of nobility; a complete list of the peers

the united Kingdom, their surnames, titles and time of creation; a table of precedency, an historical account of the Great - offices of state, and of his Majesty's household, from their first institution of office. With a variety of other useful and interesting information etc. Collected from the best authorities. (By T. C. Banks). London 1807. 8 133 S. (M. 510).

1329 a. On the nobility of the British gentry or the political ranks and dignities of the British empire. Paris 1828. 12. (1 Thl).

1330 a. The manual of rank and nobility; or, key to the peerage, containing the origin and history of all the various titles, ordres, dignities, rights, privileges, honours and customary usages of the British nobility. London 1830. 8. mit Kpf. London 1832. 8. (2 Thl).

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1333 a. 3wei andere Werke desselben Verfassers: The royal and ecclesiastical antiquities of Joseph Strutt. London 1773. 4. (1 L. 5 S). London 1792, 4. (mit dem Werke 1 L. 12 S. -4 L. 10 S. u. f. w.) A new edition, to ded a supplement. London 1793. 4. mit 72 3 S. - 4 L. 4 S. 4 L. 6S. Lo. IV, 1753) und: A complete view of the dress and habits of the people of England from the etablishment of the Saxons in Britain to the present time: to which is prefixed an introduction containing a general description of the ancient habits in use among mankind. By Jos. Strutt. London 1796 1799. — 4. 2 voll. (7 L. 10 S. 7 L. 17 S. 6 D. groß Papier mit bunten Kpf. 11 L. 12 L. 12 S. 13 L. 13 S. 16 L. 5 S. Lo. IV, 1753), möchten auch wohl hieher gehören. 1334 6. Edmund Walker's military discoveries. Lond. 1705. f. (Noble 277). Der Verfasser war Garter unter Karl II. und seine Schrift möchte wol hieher Gehörendes enthalten.

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1334 c. Wappen und Flagge der vereinigten Königreiche Großbritanien und Irland, In: Englische Miscellen. 2r Bd. Tübingen 1801. 8. S. 167 f. mit Abbildungen.

1334 d. Robson's British herald. 3 voll. 4. (10 L).

1334. Von den sogenannten Regalien, wovon in den englischen Lehrbüchern der Wappenwissenschaft auch die Rede ist, z. B. Clark, introd. to heraldry. Lond. 1829. 6.77. ff. the regalia of England; the regalia of Scotland. S. 81. ff. handelt folgende Schrift: The instruments of a king, or a short discourse of the sword, crown and sceptre. By James Howell. 1648. 4. 16 S. (M. 134).

1334f. An historical account of th ancient and modern state of the principality of Wales, dutchy of Cornwal, and earldom of Chester. Collected out of the records of divers ancient authors, by Sir

the tower of London and

John Dodridge. 1630. The sec. edit. to which is added, his royal Highness the prince of Wales patent, both in Latin and English; also an account of his dignity, privileges, arms, rank and titles, and of his sons and daughters. Lond. 1714. 8. 147 S. (M. 290).

1339 a. A dissertation on the armorial ensigns of the county of Middlesex, and of the abby and city of Westminster. By Sir John Hawkins. (Lond.) 1780, 4. 8 6. und 1 Kpft. mit 14 Wappen. (M. 439).

1339 6. A genealogical history of de earldom of Sutherland, from the origin to the year 1630; Written by Sir Robert Gordon, of Gordonstown, baronet. With a continuation to the yar 1651. Published from the original manuscript. Edinburg 1813. f. (M. 528). Henry Weber war der Herausgeber dieser in Besit der Markgråfin v. Stafford befindlichen Handschrift, in welcher auch Abbildungen und Beschreibungen der Wappen der Grafen von Suth erland und Rob. Gordon u. s. w. vorkommen.

1342 a. The riding of the parliament of Scotland, in 1606 and 1681, and the ceremonials observed in 1685. 2. The statutes and fees of the order of the thistle etc. 3. The suspension of Lyon, king of arms. 4. A particular description of the regalia of Scotland. Printed by J. Nichols. 1788. 4. (M. 459).

1342 6. John Gunn's enquiry respecting 'the performance on the harp in the highlands of Scotland from the

earlest times until it was discontinued about the year 1734. Edinb. 1807. 4 w. pl. (18 S. Bo.)

1342 c. The royal arms of Scotland. In: Jam. Logan, The Scottish Gaël etc. Lond. 1831. (S. oben Nr. 151 b.) im 2ten Bde. S. 293.

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1342 d. Tracts concerning the peerage of Scotiand. Edinb. 1791. 4. (6 S. 6 D. 10 S. Lo. IV, 1624) möchte wol auch hieher Gehörendes enthalten.

13466. Morte d'Arthur. The byrth, lyf and actes of kyng Arthur, of h's noble knyghts of the round table, theyr merveyllous enqueste and adventures etc. with an introduction and notes, by Robert Southey. Lond. 1817. 4. 2 voll. (Longm. 2 L. bei Lo. I, 71. 2 L. 2 S). Dies Werk enthält auch wol hieher Gehörendes. Vielleicht auch die sehr seltenen und theuer bezahlten Werke: Arthur, king of Great Britain. A Book of the noble Hystoryes of kinge Arthur, and of certeyn of his Knyghtes, reduced in to Englysshe by Sir Thomas Malory, knyght, and by me William Caxton, deuyded into XXI Bookes, chapytred and emprynted and fynyshed in Thabbey Westmestre, 1485. f. und wiederholt: The Booke of kynge Arthur and of this noble Knyztes of the round Table, Westmestre, by Wynkyn de Worde 1498. f.—London, by Wynkyn de Worde. 1529.f. sämmtl. mit Holzsch. Nicht weniger selten sind: The story of kynge Arthur, and also of his Knyghtes of the Rounde Table, Lond. by W. Copland. 1557, f.-Lond. by Thorn. East. f.-Lond. 1634. 4. The hystory of Arthur of Lytell Britayne, translated out of Frensshe in to Englisshe, by the noble Johan Bourghcher. - London by Rob, Redborne, f. und neu heraus gegeben by E. V. Utterson. Lond. 1814. 4. mit Kupfertafeln in Farben, und in 25 Abdrücken auch mit Golde gehö het zu 5 L. 5 S. (Lo. I, 71. 72).

1346 c. Series alphabetica, Latino-Anglica, nomina gentilitiorum, sive cognominum plurimarum familiarum, quae multos per annos in Anglia floruere; e libris qua manuscriptis qua typis excusis, aliisque antiquioris aevi monumentis Latinis collecta: a Tho, Gore, Oxon 1667. 8. (M. 178). Zu dieser Abhandlung machte der Verfasser viele

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