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ments. Prepayment of a poll tax as a quali. I redemption of the public promises. accord. fication for voting is in violation of everying to the letter and the spirit of the engage. principle of equal rights, and ought Doment ; and our good name and well-being longer to be required and while we favor require that the Nation's hopor shall be all reasonable regulations to protect the kept as inviolate as the Nation's life. purity of the ballot, we declare that the Under the management of succeeding Relaws passed by Republican Legislatures in publican administrations the country has recent years, tending to binder and obstruct advanced to the point of specie resumption, the most ample exercise of the elective fran. and the highest interests of business no less chise by our citizens, deserve the

condemna ihan the plighted faith of the Republic detion of all lovers of true liberty and free mand that there shall be no step backward suffrage.

and no postponement. With this steady Massachusetts Independent Greenback viving trado ar

progress we hail the auspicious signs of re.

industry, and congratulato (Adopted September 11.)

the people upon this practical evidence that That we demand the immediate if the good work shall be completed, the derepeal of the Resumption Act, so that the pression which grew out of the financial dls. periodical carnivals of bankauptcy may for orders forced upon us by the war of rebel. ever come to an end, and that our National lion will give place to the returning conti. wealth be made the fixed and reliable foun. dence and

permanent prosperity which can dation of our monetary system, forever ban rest alone on the fixed nionetary standard of ishing from America tho idiotic propositions the commerical world-on settled values and of making commodities of shifting values full security and certainty

for the future. and articles of merchandise like gold


Standing unalterably for the Constita. silver. a basis for money-a basis that ever tional principles of bara money, wo insist has as in 1813, 1831 and 1867, and ever that the greenback instead of being dismast, periodically slip out from under such honored and depreciated, shall be made as a monetary system, thereby destroying it, good as honest coin : that labor's dollar and plunging the country into ruin and shall mean a real dollar; that the fluctuabankruptcy a basis that even England has tions and uncertainties which rob toil and Dever been able to maintain for any great paralyze trade shall cease : that our cur. length of time, although she is the creditor rency shall be made the best currency, by nation of the world,

making all parts of it, whether paper or coin, That the United States shall never 18gue equivalent, convertible, securu and steady ; any more interest-bearing bonds unless the and all pnblic servants, whether executivo samo are authorized by å direct vote of the officers, Senators or Representativer, whose people, and those issued during the war of acts or votes conduce to this high object, do. to rebellion shall be paid as fast as they serve our approbation, mature, according to the terms of the con

The Electoral Commission was a wise and tract which authorized and created that in honorablo modo of setting a dangerous dis. debtedness of the people; and what that pute. All parties were bound to abide its contract is shall be submitted to the decision decision, and any attempt to undo or impair of the Supreme Court of the United States, the conclusion it established is unpatriotic and that all subsequent acts which impair

and revolutionary. and change the original contract are hereby

While sincerely seeking fraternal union in denounced as creatures of corruption and all just efforts and aspirations. we summon repudiation that must be repealed.

the people to renewed vigilance and un. That the Labor Bureau should be gu8.

flinching warfaro against the vast horde of tained, its field of operation enlarges, and claims and raids on the Treasury, which ile offers selected from those engaged in

count for success on Democratic rule under industrial pursuits and having the confi- the mastery of a solid South, and which dence of the industrial classes of the Com. would fall with special hardship on New. monwealth for the purpose of obtaining re-York, as the chief taxpaying Siate in the 1 able statistics upon which to form a basis Union. for intelligent legislation on labor questions,

We demand free and unintimidated clocespecially with regard to the hours of labor. tions in the south as in the North, and the which should bo reduced in proportion as full recognition and observanco of the equal the use of machinery increases, and in con rights and liberty of all citizens, as ordained formity with other causei which throw by the amended Constitution anil until wago-workers out ct employmert.

they shall be secarol, the work of the Re. That land of equal productive capacity publican party will bountinished. shall be subject to cqnal taxation, whether

We renew our declarations for the elevacultivaterl or not, tot loend that the land mo- tion of the public service on the basis of a nopolists in the futurs may be held in check.

secure tenure (uring the faithful perfoi m. and that the pablic domain may be pralance of official duties for a fixed term, for served to the actual tiller of tho soil

the pure, fragal and efficient acmicistra.

tion of National, State and local affairs, for New-York Republican.

unyielding resistance to any further lan! [Adopted September 26.]

grants or subsidies to corporations or mo

popolies, for the grateful recognition of tho The Republicans of New York, appcaling brave soldiers and sailors of the Republic, to twenty years of struggles and triumphs and for common schools free from sectarlan as the proof of Ropublican patriotism influence and unmenaced by sectarian ap. aud fidelity, and mceung the high de propriations. mands of the hour in the same unfaltering Whuo recognizing with satisfaction that spirit which saved the Union and estab many patriotic Democrats do not share its lished it on the firm foundations of freedom, spirit and impulses, we arraign the dominant make the following declarations :

forces of the Democratic party as the con. The taita of the Nation is pacredly pledged stant disturber of the pablic tranquillity to the payment of the public debt and the and confidenco : 29 the wanton foe of publi


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security in its persistent assaults upon the publican party, for three successive years authority and stability of the established after the iaking of the census, to so appor. Goverunient; as attempting to weaken tho tion the State is a grave crime against the Nation by crippling the Army in a time of people and a dishonest and intemous refusal uncertainty and danger : as guilty of false to obey the plain directions of the fundapretences in claiming for the Democratic mental law. Houso a reduction in public expenditures, That by an infamous conspiracy of force whose fraudulent character is proved by the and fraud the high officials and unrepudi. necessity for heavy deficiency bills; as de- ated leaders of the Republican party an. pendent on a solid South, and thereby sub- nulled and reversed its Nation's choice for servient to all its demands; as aggravating the Presidency, and put a defeated candi; the troubles of the country by mischievous date in the chair of Washington. and agitation throughout tho peiiod of its su- cheated the people of that reform of the premacy in the Houso of Representatives; Federal Government which their ballots as faithless to the obligations of National had demanded anı ordained ; and it is the honor, and the chief support of the wild stern resolve of the American people that schemes of inflation, repudiation and utter such a fraud has been perpetrated for the financial disorders which imperil public last time. credit and business security ; and its That we point with pride to the honest, further or greater success would be a Na. Just and economical administration of Gov. tional calamity.

ernor Robinson and our other Democratic An emergency in the history of the coun. State officers, and in the name of the Demo try, second only to the great struggle for its cratic party of the State of New York we existence, now confronts us. As then the cordially and earnestly approve and indorse Republican party was the sole organized the same. political protection against National disrup. tion, and patriotic citizens of who tever

Ohio Republican. party names rallied under its standard for iho derenco of the Union, so now the Re.

[Adopted June 12.] publican organization is the only efficient * * * The financial question having been bulwark against National repudiation and disposed of by Congress, and the country at disgrace. And it again invites all good citi. present peeding repose in order that capital zens of whatever previous political ties to way soek investment, and that industries unite with it in preserving the National may revire, tbus increasing the demand for honor. To all Republicans this great exi. labor. the situation ought to be accepted ; gency especially appeals to rise to 18 high and we oppose the furiber agitation of the obligations and join beart and hand for the questiou at this time as injurious to business triumph of those vital principles upon and devoid of other than evil results. ** which the security and welfare of the Re. A tariff for revenue should be maintained public depend.

and so alljusied as io secure incidental pro

tection to home indusiry.
New-York Democratic.
[Adopted September 25.]

Ohio Democratic.
The Democratic party of the State of New-

(Adopted June 26.) York reaffirms the following principles set Resolved, The commercial and industrial forth in its platform adopted in 1874 and in stagnation that has 80 long prevailed 1877 and indorsed by a large majority of the throughout the country, and the consequent people of this State:

and widespread suffering, 19 duo directiy to Gold and silver coin and paper convertible the pernicious financial legislation of the into coin at the of the holder, the only Republican party, which we hereby arraign ovrrency of the country; steady steps to for its acts, and charge : ward specie payments: the honest payment 1. That at a time when the country was of the publio debt. We congratulate the weighted down with debt created on the State and country upon the practical rela. basis of a full vo:ume of paper adued to both tive value of this greenback currency of the the precious metals as inoney, it enacted a Government with gold and silver-the pres. sweeping change in the measures of value, ervation of the public faith; a tariff for wholly in the interest of moneyed capital. revenue; no Government partnership with by demonetizing silver and decreeing the protected monopolies; home rule, to limit destruction of legal tender paper, ard there. and localize most Jealously the powers in by wrongfu ly aadel in effect hundreds of truster to public servants, whether munici- millions to tho burden of debt and taxes pal, State or Federal; no centralization; upon the people. equal and exact justice to all men; no par: 2. By pursuing its merciless policy of con. tial legislation; no partial taxation; official tracting the saper currency and hoarding accountability, rigidly enforced by all civil gold it has increased the value of money and and criminal remedies; no privato use of securities that partake of the enhancement funds by public officers ; corporations char. of money, and decreased the value of all tered by the State always subject to Stato other property, and especially of capital de. supervision in the interest of the people; signed for productive use and required for the party in power responsible for all legis. the employment of labor, thus repressing lation while in power; economy in public insteat of fostering industry, copelling expenditure, that labor may be lightly bur idleness instead of sustaining irade and com. dened and the laborer fully paid for his merce. work ; uni'orm and equitable Excise laws; And now this party in Ohio puts forward no sumptuary laws.

in its platform the declaration that the That the provirions of the State Constitu- financial question has been settled. Wo tion are mandatory in regard to the ap- deny this declaration, aud while we con. portionment of the members of the Senate gratulate the country that the downward and Assumbly; and the failure of the Re | course to bankruptcy and rain iayo.ved in the Republican policy has been partially | moderate return for its use belong to capiavoided by the Dernocratic measures, passed tal. Violence or breaches of order in sup. at the late session of Congress, restoring the port of the real or supposen rights of either debt-paying power to silver dollars, mado should be promptly suppressed by tio law in spite of a Presidential veto, and strong arm of the law. stopping the further destruction of green- The Republican party by its legislation in backs, we demand as further acts of justice, 1872, which reduced the tarify upon itu. as well as measures of relief, the absoluta minons coal from $1 25 to 75 cents per ton; repeal of the Resumption Act, and lawful and upon iron, steel, wool, metals, paper, liberation of the coin hoarded in the Treas- glass, leather, and all manuactures or cack ury : the removal of all restrictions to the of them. 10 per cent, struck a fatal blow coinage of silver, and the reëstablishment or at the industries and labor of Pennsyl. silver as a money metal, the same as gold-vania. ** the same ng it was before its fraudulent de- Our public debt should be held at ho monetization; the gradual substitution of and tho bonds representing it ought to be of United States legal tender paper for Na small denominations, in which the savings tional bank notes, and its permanent estab of the masses may be safely invested. lishment as the sole paper money of the country, made receivable for all duce to the

Tennessee Democratic. Government, and of equal tender with coin : the amount of such issues to be so regulated

(Adopted August 15.) by legislation or organio law as to give the We demand that the military shall be subpeople assurance of stability in the volume ordinate to the civil authority in fact as well of carrency, and the consequent stability of as in theory: the repeal of laws which have the value: no further increase in the bonded destroyed our commerce; the repeal of the debt, and no further sale of bonds for the declaration that the currency bonds of tho purchase of coin for resumption purposes. Government shall be paid in coin, and the but the gradual extinction of the public payment in Treasury notes of so much of debt: rigid economy; the reduction of ex. said bonds

as may be found due after

deductpenditures in all branches of the public sering the difference between the value of the vice, and a tariff for revenue only.

gold paid and the currency due thereon ac.

cording to contract: the unconditional rePennsylvania Republican.

peal of the Resumption Act; that the odious

National banking act be repealul, and [Adopted May 15.]

greenbacks bo substituted for the circulaThat it is uncompromisingly opposed to tion of the National banks; that Treasury tree trade, m whatever disguise presented, notes be made receivable for all Government unchangingly devoted to homo industry, dues; that no more interest-bearing

bondo and hereby avows its special and direct hos be issued; that all loans required by the tility to the Tariff bill now pending in Con. Government be raised by the issuance of greas, the same being in the interest of im. non-interest-bearing Treasury potes; that porters and

foreign manufacturers, and in the coinage of silver be made unlimited, and opposition to American labor. * ** while it is the cheaper metal, that it be paid

That the Southern Republicans, white and to the public creditor exclusively upon a'i colored, have our earnest sympathy in the bonds justly payable in coin ; that the value unequal contest to which they are subjected of all silver coins be regulated, and that for civil liberty and the maintenance of their they be made recelvable for all Government constitutional privileges, and that in the in- dues and be recoined by the Government terest of their guarauteed rights we demand and paid out to its creditors; the repeal of from the General Government for them an

the laws which deny the people of seveequal and fair ballot, and that equality be- ral States the right to determine for themfore the law which should be the basis of selves whether they will authorize banks or every government. **

not: that capital io every form be required

to bear the burdens of Government equally Pennsylvania Democratic. with labor and production; that the present

financial policy of the Government to con. [Adopted May 23.)

tract the circulation of Treasury notes, dis: That further contraction of the volume of parage silver, magnity gold and National United States legal-tender notes is unwise bank notes, be reversed, and every legitiand unnecessary. They should be received mate mode adopted to level the volume of for customs duties and reissued as fast as our currency with silver and Treasury received. Gold, silver, and United States notes. legal-tender notes at par therewith are a just basis for paper circulation. A close

Texas Democratic. connection of the Federal Goverument with the business Interests of the people through

[Adopted July –.) Xational banks tends to monopoly and cen. * * We demand, as further acts of tralization, but in changing the system, justice as well as measures of relief, the reuniformity of notes. security of the note- peal of the Resumption Act, the lawful libholders, and protection of the capital in eration of the coin hoarded in the Treasury. vested, should be provided for. Treasury the removal of all restrictions to the coinage notes issued in exchange for bonds bearing of silver, fraudulently demonetized, the sub. a low rate of interest is the best form in stitution of United States legal-tender for Na. which the credit of the Government can be tional bank notes, and its permanent reëstab. given to paper currency. Labor and capital lishment as the sole paper money of the coun. have equal demands upon and equal respon. try, made receivable for alt dues to the Gov. sbilities to law. Commerce and manufac-ernment and of equal tender with coin, the tures should be encouraged so that steady amount of such issue to be regulated by leg. employment and fair wages may be yielded islative or organic law, 80 as to give to the to labor, while safety of investment and people an assurance of sufficiency and sta



bility in the volume of the currency and con-Government to coin and create money and sequent stability of value. No further in regulate its value. All bank issues designed crease in the bondod debt; no further salo to circulate as money should be suppressed. of bonds for the purchase of coin for re- The circulating medium, whether of metal sumption purposes, but a gradual reduction or paper, shall be issued by the Government, of the public debt by payment according to and made

a full legal-tender for all debis, the original contract by which it was cre- duties and taxes in the United States, at its ated : a rigid economy in all branches of the stamped value. public service, and a tariff for revenue only. There shall be no privileged class of credit

Wo favor ono currency for the Governors. Officul salaries. pensions, bonds, and ment and the people, the laborer and the all other debts and obligations, public and office holder, tho pensioner and the soldier, private, shall be discharged in the legal. the producer and the bondholder.

tender money of the United States, strictly Wo hold that the right of the states to according to the stipulations of the laws tax property in the states is inviolable, and under which they were contracted. that United States bonds should bear the That the coinage of silver be placed on burden of Government equally with all the same footing as that of gold. other property, and any legislation that ex- Congress shall provide said money ade. empts said bonds from taxation is unjust and quate to the full employment of labor, the oppressive.

equitable distribution ofits products, and the We declare that all bonds and obligations requirements of business, fixing a minimum of the National Government ought to be amount per capita of the population as near paid in legal-tender notes of the United as may be, and otherwise regulating its States, except where it 18 otherwise pro. value by wise and equitable provisions of vided by the original law under which they law, so that the rate of interest will securo were issued ; and all that can be called in to labor its just reward. w Govern. and paid now should be paid at once, and the ment bonds and money should be taxed remainder as soon as it can be lawfully done. precisely as other property, and a graduated

income tax should be levied for the susport Wisconsin Republican,

of the Government and the payment of its

debts. Public lands are the common property (Adopted August 1.1

of the whole people, and should not be sold to We rejoice at the prospects of the speculators nor granted to railroads or resumption of specie payments by the close other corporations, but should be do. of the present year. A stable, pon-iinctuating nated to actual settlers in limited quanticurrency, possessing intrinsic value-coin, ties. * No monopolies should be legal. or gold, or silver, at the pleasure of the ized. * Such legislation should be had holder-18 the only secure foundation of per. that the number of hours of daily toil will manent business prosperity. Such a cur. be reduced, giving to the working classes rency will impart that steadiness to prices more leisure for mental improvement and which is an essential condition for the suc- their several enjoyments, and saving them cessful prosecution of legitimate industry from premature decay and death. and enterprise, and is equally demanded by The adoption of an American monetary the true interests of the laborer and the system, as proposed herein, will harmonizo business man and the capitalist.

all differences in regard, to tariff and Federal The value of all paper currency, whether taxation, reduce and equalize the cost of issued by the Government or by the banks, transportation by land and water, distributo consists in the promise it bears of payment, equitably the joint earnings of capital

and and in the degree of credit attached to that labor, secure to the producers of wealth promise. If it cannot be converted at pleas the results of their labor and skill, and mus. ure into currency of intrinsic value, it can

ter out of service the vast army of idlera, pot remain at par, and its depreciation will who, under the existing system, grow rich be in proportion to the prospects of its being upon the earnings of others, that every man oonvertible within a longer or shorter and woman may, by their own efforts, seperiod. The printed bits of paper which cure a competency. 80 that overgrown for. Bomo wild theorists propose to employ as tunes and extreme poverty will be sellom currency, and which they term “absolute found within thelimits of our Republic.*** money, containing no promise of payment

That the contract system of employing and no intrinsic value, would soon become labor in our prisons and reformatory instituabsoluto in one respect only. They would tions works great injustice to our mechanics bo absolutely worthless. This and other and artisans, and should be prohibited. chimerical projects by which it is proposed

The importation of servile labor into tho to find a cheap and worthless substitute for United States from China is a problem of the measure of value accepted and employed the most serious importance, and we recom. by the civilized world are based upon delu. mend legislation looking to its suppression. síon, if not dishonesty, and if adopted would

That we believe in the supremacy of law result in disaster and shame. we hold it to over and above all perishablo material, and be the duty of Republicans and all good cit. in the necessity of a party of united people izens to oppose with uncompromising firm that will rise above old party lines and prej. ness all those mischievous thoories, as well udices; we will not affiliate in any degreo as the cognate doctrines of Communisni and with any of the old parties, but in all cases Internationalism, which menace society, in- and localities will organizé anew, as anited dividual liberty and the accumulated say. National men, nominate for office and offiings of industry. *

cial positions only such persons

clearly believers in and identified with this National Platform of the Greenback our sacred cause, and, irrespective of Party.

creed, color, place of birth, or past copdi. (Adopted at Toledo, Ohio. February 22.]

tions of political or other servitude, vote

only for men who entirely abandon old It is the exclusive function of the General | party lines and organizations.

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as are


1879, ts March 3, 1883. He received all the 1878, November 26-Hon. George S. Hous

votes in the Senate, and all but ive in the

House of Representatives. ton was elected to serve from March 4,

IOWA. 1879, to March 3, 1883, to succeed Hon. 1878, January 29.-Hon. William B. All. George E. Spencer.

son was reëlected, from March 4, 1879. to March 3, 1885. The voto was: Senate-Al.

lison 34, Daniel F. Miller 12, M. E. Cutts 1, CALIFORNIA.

Housc-Allison 66, Miller 26, E. N. Gates 3, 1877, December 19.-Hon. James T. Tar. M. E. Cutts 1. Absent or not voting 4. ley was elected to succeed Ion. Aaron A.

KENTUCKY. Bargent, tron March 4, 1879, to March 3, 1885. The vote was: Sonate--Farley 23. liams was elected to succoed Hon. Thomas

1878. January 17.-Hon. John 8. W11. M. M. Estes 12. Jouse-Farley 54, Estee c. McCreery, from March 4, 1879, to March 24, Jackson Temple 1, and 1 excused. The

3, 1885. Tho final vote in joint convention following ballots wero taken in the Demo. ballotings began January 8, and were as fol.

was-Williams 126, Robert Boyd 11. The eratio cancus, December 12, 13 and 17, lows:



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J. 8. Hager.


J. P. Dam.

James B. McCreary 24 23 21 20 20 20 20 20 18 18 18
John S. Williams.. 50 60 51 51 51 64 54 51 48 52 47 126
William Lindsay... 49 50 61 49 49 50 50 48 44 50 40
Robert Bogd. 14 13 13 13 13 13 13 13 12 11 9 11
J. Proctor Knott...

18 Total........ 137 136 133

133 133 137 137

132 122 131 132 | 137 called to make a nomination, 42 votes being Necessary to a choice, 69. requires :

On the night of the 16th of January Gen. eral Williams was nominated in tho Democratic caucus, on the eloventh ballot. Ho

was chosen Senator the next day, as above. Pallots.

MARYLAND. 1878, Jannary 18.-Hon. James B.Groome was elected to succeed Hon. George R. Den. nis. from March 4, 1879, to March 3, 1885.

There were four ballots, as follows: 1

17 1916 19 1 2 17 | 19 | 15 | 18

1 3. 20 21 19 19 2

Names. 4

22 20 19 19 1 5.

23 | 19 | 20 19 1 6 23 | 18 2019 1 Samuel Hambleton.

4 6 7 24 21 | 18 18 1 Lewis H. Steiner..

16 18 17 8 24 | 19 | 2017

Philip Francis Thomas.. 17 15 6 9 25 20 J917 1 George R. Dennis...

261 30 22 10. 26 2018 17 1 John M. Robinson.

6 91 23 11 26 | 19 18 18 1 James B. Groome...

11 12 2073 12. 25 18 2017 1 Joseph A. Wicks..

3 3

Frederick Stump:
2418 2017

6 6 14. 2819 18 15 Montgomery Blair.


2 15. 3022 | 19 | 10 James A. Gary.

) 1 16. 30 | 23 | 16 | 12 Scattering.

6 2 16 17.

322114 | 14 1 18. 31 22 | 15 | 13

Total....... 1

98/104 105) 93 19. 35 2221

#Necessary to a choice, 47. 23 20

The following ballots were taken in the 21 36 23 | 20

Democratic caucus : January 16–Groome 22 36 23 | 20

36, Depnis 25, Robinson 10, Scattering 10. 23. 39 2218

On 17th-Groome 51, Robinson 27, James 24 40 2118

A. Pearce 2. The next day the electio.1 was 25. 42 19118

made. Kyland withdrew.


1878, January 16.-Hon. George H. Pen.

dleton was elected to succeed Hon. Stanley 1878, Xovenber 19.-Hon. John B. Gor. Matthews, from March 4, 1879, to March 3, don was reelected, to serve from March 4, 1885. The vote was as follows: Senate

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