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6814 Ashe (Th.) Memoirs of Mammoth and various other extraordinary and stupendous Bones, found in the vicinity of the Ohio, Wabash, Illinois, Mississippi, and other Rivers. Plate. 8vo. pp. 60. Liver- 6829 pool, 1806.

6828 California. Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences. Vol. 6. 1875. 8vo. pp. 222, paper. San Francisco, 1 00 1876. Rattan (Volney). A Popular 100 California Flora. Square 12mo. San Fran6815 Association of American Geolo cisco, 1880. gists and Naturalists. Proceedings and Transactions of the First, Second Third Meetings. Plates. 8vo. pp. Boston, 1843.

6816 Baird (S. F.) and Girard (C.) alogue of North American Reptiles. pp. 172. Washington, 1853.


1 50

Streets (Thos. H.) Contribuand tions to the Natural History of the Ha544. waiian and Fanning Islands, and Lower 3 00 California. 8vo. pp. 172. Washington, Cat-1877. 8vo. 6831

12mo. pp.


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Trask (J. B.) Report on the 75 Geology of the Coast Mountains, and part 6817 Barrande (M. J.) Documents of the Sierra Nevada. 8vo. pp. 95. Washanciens et nouveaux sur la Faune primor-ington, 1854. diale et le System Taconique en Amerique. Tyson (P. T.) Information in Section and plate of fossils. 8vo. pp. 203 relation to the Geology and Topography of to 321. Paris, 1816. 1 25 California. 13 maps and sections. 8vo. 6818 Barton (B. S.) Collections for an pp. 127+37. Washington, 1850. 2.00 Essay towards a Materia Medica of the 6833 Tyson (P. T.) Geology and United States. Parts 1 and 2. 8vo. Pp. Industrial Resources of California. Maps. 67+53, sheep. Philadelphia, 1810. 2000 8vo. pp. 227+37. Baltimore, 1851. 1950 6819 Barton (Prof.) Memoir concerning 6834 White (C. A.) Notes on the an Animal of the class Reptilia, or Amphibia, known in the United States by Mesozoic and Cenozoic Palaentology of Calthe names of Alligator or Hell-Bender. ifornia. 8vo. pp. 55. Wash., 1885. Plates. 8vo. pp. 26. Phila., 1812. 1.00 6834A White (C. A.) 6820 Beck (Lewis C.) Botany of the Cretaceous Fossils from California. 5 plates. 8vo. pp. 25. Washington, 1886. 2.00 6834B Whitney (J. D.) Survey of California. Vol. I. Progress and Synopsis of the from 1860-1864. Illustrated. pp. 498, n. p., 1865. 6835 Campbell (Archibald) and Twining (Capt. W. J.). Reports upon the Survey of the Boundary between the Territory of the United States and the Possessions of Great Britain, from the Lake of the Woods to the Summit of the Rocky Mountains. 10 maps and 14 plate views. 4to. pp. 624. Washington, 1878. 10 00 6836 Canada. Billings (E.) Palaeozoic Fossils. Vol. 1. Discriptions and Figures of New or Little Known Species of Organic Remains from the Silurian Rocks. Numerous wood-cuts. 8vo. pp. 426. Montreal, 1865. 3.00

Northern and Middle States.
471. Albany, 1833.
6821 Blake (W. P.) Report upon the
Precious Metals. Being Statistical Notices
of the principal Gold- and Silver-producing
regions of the World, represented at the
Paris Exposition. 8vo. pp. 369. Washing-
ton, 1869.
6822 Bonn (A. C.) Verhandeling over
de Mastodonte, of Mammoth van den Ohio.
2 plates. 8vo. pp. 53. n. p., n. d.
1 00
6823 Brown (Edward). Man; his Origin
in Geological Times. 8vo. pp. 16.
n. d.

n. p.,


6824 Browne (P. A.) and Dickeson (M.
W.) Trichegraphia Mammalium; or, the
Descriptions and Drawings of the Hairs of
Mammalia, made with the aid of the Mi-
croscope. 8vo.
pp. 20.
6825 California. Becker (G. F.) Notes
on the Stratigraphy of California. 8vo.
pp. 58. Washington, 1885.
C.) Geograph-
ical Memoirs of Upper California.
pp. 68. Washington, 1848.


Fremont (J.


Geological Report of Field Work Royal 8vo. 5.00

6837 Dawson (J. W.) Air Breathers of the Coal Period. Land Animals found in the Coal Formation of Nova Scotia. 6 plates. 8vo. pp. 81. Montreal, 1863. 1 25 6838 Dawson (J. W.) The Fossil Plants of the Devonian and Upper Silurian Formations. 20 plates. 8vo. pp. 92, paHanks (Henry G.) Second Report of the State Minerologist of Cali- per. Montreal, 1871. ifornia, 1880-2. Map. 8vo. pp. 288+226, 6839 paper. Sacramento, 1882.




Gesner (A.) Remarks on the 1 50 Geology and Mineralogy of Nova Scotia.


Map and plates. 8vo. pp. 272. Halifax, from 1876-77. Maps and plates. 8vo. pp.
2 00531, paper. Ottawa, 1878.
6840 Canada. Gladman (George). Re- 6855 The same. Report of Progress
port on the Exploration of the Country from 1877-78. 12 Reports, paged sepa
between Lake Superior and the Red River rately, with package of maps.
8vo. paper.
Settlement. Maps. 8vo. pp. 425, paper. Montreal, 1879.
To ronto, 1858.

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3 00 6841 Heatherington (A.) A Practical Guide for Tourists, Miners and Investers interested in the Development of the Gold Fields of Nova Scotia. 18mo. pp. 170. Montreal, 1868. 100 6842 Hind (Henry T.) Reports together with a Preliminary and General Report on the Assiniboine and Saskatchewan Exploring Expedition. 8 large folded maps and sections. 2 plates of Fossils. Folio, pp. 201. Toronto, 1859. 450 6843 Jackson (C. T.) and Alger (F.) Remarks on the Mineralogy and Geology of the Peninsula of Nova Scotia. No maps or views. 4to. pp. 116. Cambridge,

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6856 Spencer (J. W.) Elevations. in the Dominion of Canada. 8vo. pp. 43. Washington, 1884.


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6859 Christy (David). Letters on Geology. Giving an outline of the Geology of the West and North-west. 3 Plates. 8vo. pp. 68+11. Rossville, 1848.

6844 Lefroy (Gen. Sir J. H.) Diary of a Magnetic Survey of Canada, chiefly in the North-Western Territories, in 1842-44. 6860 Cincinnati Quarterly Journal of Maps. 8vo. pp. 194. London, 1883. 4 00 Science. Edited by S. A. Miller. Vol. 1 8vo. Logan (W. E.) Geological Sur- and Vol. 2, part 1. Cincinnati, 1874-5.

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6861 Clarke (F. W.) A Report of the Work done in the Washington Laboratory during 1883-4. 8vo. pp. 40. Washington, 4 00 1884.



The same. Without the 6862 Coast Survey. Bache (A.D.) Re200 port for the Year ending October, 1849. The same. Report of Progress Chart. 8vo. pp. 98. Washington. 8vo. pp. 240. Toronto, 6863 Colorado. Hayden (F. V.) Geo100 logical and Geographical Atlas of Colorado Report of Progress and Portions of Adjacent Territory, 20 from its Commencement to 1863. 498 wood- double page maps. Some colored. Large 8vo. pp. 983, with Atlas of maps and Folio. Hf. mor. Washington, 1877. 12 50 sections. Montreal, 1863. 6864 Porter (Thomas C.) and Coul Progress ter (John M.) Synopsis of the Flora of Ottawa, Colorado. 8vo. pp. 180. Washington, 300

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6850 Selwyn (Alfred R. C.) Re- 6865 Silver Seeking in the San Juan port of Progress from 1870-71. 8vo. pp. Mines. 351, paper. Ottawa, 1872.

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6868 Comstock (C. B.) Report upon the 200 different kinds of Fruit of the Natural 2.50 Survey of Northern and North-western Size. 8vo. pp. 268. Phila., 1817. Lakes for 1875. 3 maps. 8vo. pp. 69. 6880 Dakota. Ludlow (Capt. Wm.) ExWashington, 1875. 50 ploration and Surveys in the Department 6869 Connecticut. Shepard (C. U.) Re- of Dakota for 1874. Large Maps. 8vo. pp. 75 port on the Geological Survey of Connec- 1114 to 1230. ticut. 8vo. pp. 188, paper. New Haven,


200 6870 Contageous Diseases of Domesticated Animals. Investigations by the Department of Agriculture. Swine Plague, Southern Cattle Fever, Lung Plague, etc. Fine colored plates. 8vo. pp. 268. Washington, 1880.


6871 Cooke (Col. P. St. G.) Report of his March from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to San Diego, Cal., in 1846. 8vo. pp. 549 to 614. Washington, n. d.


n. p. n. d.

The same for 1875. Maps and 2 plates of Fossils. 8vo. pp. 571 to 699. 75

6882 Ludlow (William). Report of a Reconnaissance of the Black Hills of Dakota, made in 1874. 3 large maps. 1 plate 121. Washington,

Fossils. 4to.




3 00 Maguire (Lt. Edward). Explorations and Surveys in the Department of Dakota, 1878. 8vo. pp. 1671 to 1703. 30 40 6884 Newton (Henry) and Jenney (Walter P.) Report on the Geology and Resources of the Black Hills of Dakota. Views. 16 plates Fossils. 8 colored figures of Microscopic Petrography. 4to. pp. 566. 5 00 With Atlas. Washington, 1880.

6872 Cope (Edward D). Check List of North American Batracia and Reptilia. 8vo. pp. 108. Washington, 1875.



6873 Coues (Elliott). Birds of the Colorado Valley. A Repository of Scientific 6885 Whitfield (R. P.) Preliminary and Popular Information concerning North American Ornithology. Part 1. Passeres Report on the Paleontology of the Black Hills. 8vo. pp. 49. Half bound. Washto Laniidae, with Bibliographical Appendix ington, 1877. Washand 70 wood-cuts. 8vo. pp. 807. 6885A 5 00 Willis (Baily). The Lignites ington, 1878. of the Great Sioux Reservation, between the Grand and Moreau Rivers, Dakota. 5 plates. 8vo. pp. 16. Wash., 1885.




6886 Dall (W. H.) Index to the Names which have been applied to the Subdivisions of the Class Brachiopoda, excluding the 8vo. pp. 88. Washington, Rudistes. 1871.

6874 Birds of the North-west; A Hand-book of the Ornithology of the Region Drained by the Missouri River and its Tributaries. 8vo. pp. 791. Washington, 1874. 5 00 Fur-bearing Animals; a Monograph of North American Mustelidæ, in 50 which an Account of the Wolverine, the Martens or Sables, the Ermine, the Mink, 6887 Dana (Jas. D.) Analogies between and various other kinds of Weasels, several the Modern Igneous Rocks and the soMap. 8vo. species of Skunks, the Badger, the Land called Primary Formations. 60 and Sea Otters and numerous Exotic Allies pp. 33. n. p. n. d. of these Animals is contributed to the His6888 Daubeny (Chas.) Sketch of the tory of North American Mammals. 20 Geology of North America. Map. 8vo. pp. plates. 8vo. pp. 348. Washington, 73. Oxford, 1839. 1877. 3. 00 6889 Delaware. Booth (James C.) 6876 Ornithology of Kerguelen Is- Memoir of the Geological Survey of Delaland. 8vo. pp. 61. Wash., 1875. 3.00 Svo. pp. 188. Dover, 1841. ware. 6890 District of Columbia. Ward


6877 Cross (W.) Hypersthene-Andesite and Triclinic Pyroxene in Augitic Rocks, with a Geological Sketch of Buffalo Platte Colorado. by S. F. Emmons. Plates. 8vo. pp. 42. Washington, 1883.


6878 Cross (W.) and Hillebrand (W. F.) Contributions to the Mineralogy of the Rocky Mountains. Plate. 8vo. pp. 114. Washington, 1885.


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6891 Dutton (Clarence E.) Tertiary History of the Grand Canon District. 42 plates, Maps, Views, etc. 4to. pp. 264. Without atlas. Washington, 1882. 5000 6879 Coxe (William). A View of the 6892 Eaton (Amos). An Index to the 12mo. pp. Cultivation of Fruit Trees, and the Manage-Geology of the Northern States. 1 00 ment of Orchards and Cider, with Accurate 292. Troy, 1820. Descriptions of the most Estimable Varie- 6893 Eaton (Amos). A Manual of botties, Native and Foreign, etc., with cuts of any for the Northern and Middle States of

America. 12mo. pp. 539, sheep. Albany, 1824.

6894 Eggers (H. F. A.) The Flora of St. Croix and the Virgin Islands. 8vo. pp. 139. Washington, 1879. 50

6895 Elliott Society of Natural tory. Vol. 1. 14 plates. 8vo. pp. 301. Charleston, S. C., 1859. 6896 Emory (W. H.) Notes of a Military Reconnoissance from Fort Leavenworth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California, including part of the Arkansas, Del Norte and Gila Rivers. Natural History, plates and views. 8vo. pp. 416. Washington, 1848.

6930 Natura

1 50

6907 2. For 1872-3. pp. 102+808. 1 25 6908 3. For 1873-4, and 1874-5. pp. 41+777. 125



6909 4. For 1875-6. pp. 50+1029. 1 25
6910 5. For 1877. pp. 48+12+981. 1 25
6911 6. For 1878.

6931 Collec Source

pp. 64+988.



2 25

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2. 00

Washington, v. d— 6915 Vol. 1, for 1881. 6916 Vol. 2, for 1882.


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The same.

6920 Fisher's National Magazine and Industrial Record. Vols. 1, 2, and 3. 8vo. New York, 1846.

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6898 Emory (W. H.) Report on the 3 00 United States and Mexican Boundary Survey. 5 Maps and Sections. 9 colored 6921 Franklin Institute. Journal of plates of Indians. 3 tinted plates of Scen- the. Edited by Thos. P. Jones. Vols. 1 ery. 41 steel plates of Scenery. 21 plates to 9. New Series. 1828-1832. 8vo. of Fossils. 61 plates of Plants. 75 plates of Cacti. 27 plates Mammals. 27 colored plates of Birds. 41 plates of Reptiles. 41 plates of Fishes. All full page, with numerous wood-cuts. 2 vols. 4to. Washington, 12 00

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· 6900 The same. The Narrative only,
with the plates of Indians, Scenery, etc.
4to. pp. 258. Half sheep.
3 50

6901 The same. Botany, by John Torrey. 61 plates. 4to. pp. 270. Half sheep. 3 50 6902 The same. Cactaceae. By George Engleman. 75 plates. 4to. pp. 78. Half sheep.

4 00 6903 The same. Paleontology and Geology, by James Hall and T. A. Conrad. Map and 21 plates. 4to. pp. 174. Half sheep. 2 25 6904 Featherstonehaugh (G. W.) Geological Report of the Examination made in 1834 of the Elevated Country between the Missouri and Red Rivers. Map. 8vo. pp. 97 paper. Washington, 1835.


6922 Gabb (Wm. W.) Synopsis of the Mollusca of the Cretaceous Formation, including the Geographical and Stratigraphical Range and Synonymy. 8vo. pp. 201. Philadelphia, 1861.

1 25

6923 Gannett (Henry). Boundaries of the United States and of the Several States and Territories, with a Historical Sketch of the Territorial Changes. 8vo. pp. 135. Washington, 1885.


6924 Gannett (Henry). A Dictionary of Altitudes in the United States. 8vo. pp. 325, paper. Washington, 1884.


6925 Gannett (Henry). Lists of Elevations, principally in that portion of the United States West of the Mississippi. Map. 8vo. pp. 167. Wash., 1877.


6926 Georgia. Hodgson (Wm. B.) Memoir on the Megatherium and other extinct gigantic Quadrupeds on the coast of Georgia, with observations on its Geolog ical features. Map and plates. 8vo. pp. 47. New York, 1846. 1 00 6927

6905 Featherstonehaugh (G. W.) Report of a Geological Reconnoissance made in 1835 from the Seat of Government, by way of Green Bay and the Wisconsin Territory, to the Cotean de Prairie. 4 plates. 8vo. pp. 168. Washington, 1836. Fish Commission, United States. Reports. Illustrated. 8vo. ingtion, v. d

6906 1 For 1871-2. pp. 47+852.



Little (Geo.) Second Report of Progress of the Mineralogical, Geological, and Physical Survey of Georgia, for 50 1875. 8vo. pp. 17. n. p. 1876.

6928 Gill (Theo.) Bibliography of the Fishes of the Pacific Coast of the United States. 8vo. pp. 77. Washington, 1882. 50

6929 Gilbert (G. K.) Report on the Wash- Geology of the Henry Mountains. 5 maps, with plates and wood-cuts. 4to. pp. 160. 1 25 Washington, 1877.



6930 Godman (John D.) American Natural History. Numerous plates. 3 vols. 8vo. sheep. Phila., 1831. 5 00 6931 Goode (G. Browne). Catalogue of a Collection to Illustrate the Animal Resources and Fisheries of the United States, Exhibited at the Centennial Exhibition, 1876. 8vo. pp. 367. Washington, 1879. 50 6932 Goode (G. Browne). Classification of the Collection to illustrate the Animal Resources of the United States. 8vo. pp. 140. Washington, 1876.


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24 00

6944 Illinois. Worthen (A. H.) Geological Survey of Illinois. Geology and Paleontology. Numerous maps, sections, views, plates of forests, etc. 6 vols. royal 6933 Goode (G. Browne). Exhibit of 8vo. Springfield, 1866-75. the Fisheries and Fish Culture of the 6945 Indiana. Owen (David D.) ReUnited States at the Berlin Exposition, port of a Geological Reconnoissance of 1880. 8vo. pp. 279. Washington, 1880. 50 Indiana, in the year 1837. 8vo. pp. 34. 6934 Goode (G. Browne). The Fisheries Indianapolis, 1839. and Fishery Industries of the United States. Section 1. Natural History of Useful Aquatic Animals. 4to. pp. 895. With an Atlas of 277 plates. 2 vols. 4to. Washington, 1884. 6.00

Report on the United 8vo. pp. 250. 1 50

6935 Graham (Col. J. D.) the Boundary Line between States and Mexico. 3 maps. Washington, 1853. 6936 Heap (David P.) Report on the International Exhibition of Electricity, held at Paris, 1881. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 287. Washington, 1884. 1 25

6937 Heap (Gaines H.) Central Route to the Pacific from the Valley of the Mississippi to California. Journal of the Expedition of E. F. Beale, Sup't of Indian Affairs, from Missouri to California in 1853. Map and plates. 8vo. pp. 136. Philadelphia, 1854.


Investigation of
Products of De-
New Haven,


1 25

6946 Owen (David D.) Second Report of a Geological Survey of Indiana, in the year 1838. 8vo. pp. 54. Indianapolis, 1839. 1 25

6947 Owen (David D. and Richard). Report of a Geological Reconnoissance of Indiana, made in 1859-60. Plates. 8vo. pp. 368. Indianapolis, 1862.


6948 Cox (E. T.) First Annual Report of the Geological Survey of Indiana, 1869. 8vo. pp. 240, with Atlas. Indianapolis, 1869. 4.00 6949 The same. Second Report, 1870. Maps and plates. 8vo. pp. 303. Indianapolis, 1871. 2.00


The same. Third and Fourth Reports, 1871-2, with Atlas. 8vo. pp. 488. Indianapolis, 1872.


6951 The same. Fifth Report, 1873. Maps in pocket. 8vo. pp. 494. Indianap olis, 1874.


The same.

2.00 Sixth Report, 1874. Maps in pocket, and plates. 8vo. pp. 287. Indianapolis, 1875.


[blocks in formation]

6938 Horsford (E. N.) Glycocoll, and some of its composition. 8vo. pp. 40. 1847. 6939 Hough (Franklin B., Editor.) The American Journal of Forestry. Sept, 1882 to Oct., 1883 (all issued). Devoted to the Interests of Forest Tree Planting, the Formation and Care of Woodlands, and Ornamental Planting Generally, and the Tenth Reports. Maps in pocket. 8vo. pp. various Economics therein concerned. 541. Indianapolis, 1879. 8vo. pp. 589. Cincinnati, 1882-3. 3 00

[blocks in formation]

Eighth, Ninth, and


Collett (John). First Report

2.00 The same. Department of Ge

6940 Hough (Franklin B.) The Ele- of the Department of Statistics and Geolments of Forestry. Designed to afford In- ogy, 1879. 8vo. pp. 514. Indianapolis, formation concerning the Planting and 1880. Care of Forest Trees for Ornament and for Profit, and giving Suggestions upon the Creation and Care of Woodlands with theology and Natural History. Report for 1881. 56 plates of Fossils. 8vo. pp. 414. 250


view of securing the Greatest Benefit for
the Longest Time. Particularly adapted Indianapolis, 1882.

to the Wants and Conditions of the United 6957

The same. Report for 1882.

States. Fully Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 381. 37 plates of Fossils. 8vo. pp. 400. IndianCincinnati, 1882.

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