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The names of all the PATRONs of ECCLESIASTICAL PREFERMents within the Bills of Mortality, with the present Incumbents, &c. Jan. 16. 1703.'

It also states their values in tythe and glebe, and gives a list of the Professors of Gresham College.

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A paper book, in 4to, loosely written; on the title-page appears, • BROCARDICA QUÆ JURE CANONICO sic dicuntur quæ sunt materiæ contrariis rationibus æque probabilibus involutæ.' Moot poynts.

Apparently imperfect. It is paged from 1 to 93, and after 42 blank leaves paged again from 200 to 246.

There are 6 leaves of index, and 3 of references, principally to Statutes of Ed. III.

On the title-page, "James Whitelocke,' nec beneficio nec metu.” 9 Augusti, 1590. Also,

* Bulstrode Whitelocke,

nec adulor nec calumpnior, plane et sane.'
For an account of the Whitelockes, see Chalmers, Biog. Dict.

Brocardica is a title fancifully prefixed to what is in truth only a student's note-book.

Dd. v. 8. 247

A paper book, in 4to, ContainING NOTES OF SUNDRY READ-
INGS ON TIThes, extending over 167 ff. At f. 167 appears,
This last speech being ended, M Atturney Generall S" Robert
Heath being then present, answered the same, and was pleased in
the name of the whole house to honour the Reader much...
Trinioni Deo gloria in æternum.

John Wylde.
Sir Rob. Heath was appointed Attorney-General in 1625.

John Wylde (his name is given 'Wild'in Haydn's Book of Dignities) was twice appointed Chief Baron of the Exchequer.


Dd. v. 9. A quarto, on paper, 85 leaves, indifferently written, in a hand of xviith century.

Law COMMON-Place Book, containing extracts from Sta

tutes, &c.


Dd. v. 10, 11.
See Catalogue of Oriental MSS.


Dd. v. 12. A paper book, in quarto, bound up with the Nos. 252 and 253, , and containing 148 pages with the title

• Twenty ARGUMENTS against the Oath of Alle ADGIANCE propounded to Mr Preston and other Defenders of the said Oath in satisfaction of a late bitter provocation published on that subject in the name of Mr Howard by a Lay Catholic.'

The work referred to appears to be, 'A Patterne of Christian Loyaltie, &c., by William Howard,' 4to, London, 1634.

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Dd. v. 13.
A paper book, in 4to, collection of notes on The SECURITIE


Badly written, in law hand, time of Chas. I. and imperfect at the be


Dd. v. 14.
A paper book, in 4to, 134 leaves, many blank. “DIVERS AND
UNCERTAYNE DISCOURSES DEL LEY,' together with notes of several
readings, from 2 March, 1611, to 6 Aug. 1614.

On the first page is written, ‘By mee Thomas Wateridge.' About the middle of the book are 12 pages, headed ‘Joco seria. Of Divers subts.' These consist of anecdotes, related by some members of the Inn, in the year 1611, which is also the date of the handwriting.

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Dd. v. 15. A paper book, in 4to, containing 229 folios, being a note-book of cases, alphabetically arranged, from · EARLE’ to · Wynes.'

Apparently it is a portion only of the whole work, as it begins at f. 157. The paging extends as far as 272. Clearly written in Law French, in a hand of about the xvith century.

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A paper book, in quarto, containing the three following tracts, written by different hands, probably French, and not earlier than the middle of the xviith century.

1. De anno et eius partibus Tractatus.'

The title (p. 1) of cap. 1um is, 'Anni appellatio et effigies. The pages numbered 20 and 24 are consecutive; and the tract is incomplete, wanting the chapters after 'De diebus festis Aprilis caput (419m),' which ends on the page numbered 95.

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2. Small quarto, on paper, of 62 leaves, written probably in
the xviiith century, DE LA PREDESTINATION. A treatise in
6 chapters.
Begins (f. 1 a) :

La Predestination estant un Point au quel...
Ends (f. 62 a):

fait reposer sur vous ses immenses richesses.
3. A Treatise on Colours.
Without a title, this begins (p. 1):

Ex coloribus incertam esse temperamenti significationem ex eo colligit Galen. 4 simpl. cap. vlto et pro eiusdem cap. 2. quod in vnoquoque colore, et callida et frigida, et humida et sicca reperiantur. Sed et

ratione hinc fiet manifestum.
The reference is to Galen's treatise De Temperamentis.

The abbreviations of the MS. are unusual, the omission of m being de-
noted by ' instead of -
Ends (p. 30):

De coniectura igitur ex coloribus quesita satis superque dictum est.

4. Two leaves on paper, signed · Heimbachius G.'

' In auspicatissimas Nuptias Celsissimorum Principum Anhaltii et Arausiæ sponsorum. Scazon.' Begins :

Augusta biga mille Principum tradux

Genus Deorum ubique qui triumphales...

Quod nemo et ipse non queo meum est [ ]
Augusta Biga, mille principum tradux.


Dd. v. 17.
See Catalogue of Oriental MSS.


Dd. v. 18. A small thick octavo, on paper, irregular writing, of xviith century.

Apparently the index to the owner's COLLECTION of RECIPES, alphabetically arranged, with some of those recipes at the end. The date and owner's name may be conjectured from an irregular entry:

‘Jan. 21", 1652. John Gardener sen' was borne at Amersham betweene 10 and eleven Clock in ye morning.' There is also a receipt for the sum of £3 paid by the same John Gardiner to Hugh Hobbs.


Dd. v. 19. A small quarto, on paper, of 96 leaves : the first three of which contain a table of contents. The title (on f. 4 a) is as follows :

* Here folowith certeyne Notes, gathered out of the prophet David, out of the wourks of Salomon, Job, and Ecclesiasticus.'

The writing is of the xvıth century. On f. 1 the name Elizabeth Harris is twice written.

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Dd. v. 20.
A small quarto, on paper, in good condition : date about 1620.

It contains 45 leaves, most of them ruled for Music. On the fly-leaf are the words “For the Bass Vyall. The leaves 1-11, 19–25, 33, 40–42, contain the bass part of a number of dance tunes : this portion of the MS. is written in the modern notation of semibreves, minims, &c., but without bars. Leaves 12—18, 26, 27 contain music like that in MS. 43; the remaining leaves are blank.

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This MS. consists of 13 leaves of paper, bound up with the preceding. It contains the Recorder part of most of the Music whose bass is in MS. 259.

The Recorder was a kind of flute or flageolet.

Dd. v. 22. 261

A paper book, in quarto, 302 ff. Law common-place book, from • Abator' to · Estoppele.'

Handwriting same date as in Dd. v. 23.


Dd. v. 23. A paper book, in quarto. Law COMMON-PLACE Book. Containing 240 ff. paged throughout. Fairly written in a hand of the end of the xvith century, and alphabetically arranged from • Abatement del Bre,' to 'Gard, and Gardein en Chilry.'

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Dd. v. 24.
A small quarto, on paper, 269 leaves, xvnth century.

PHARMACOPEIA and Receipt Book of Dr Theodore Turquet
De Mayerne.

Principally in Latin, the rest in English and French. The original receipts marked in the margin with his abbreviated initials, and those coinmunicated, with the name of the author, also in the margin. It appears to comprise the interval from 1627 to 1651, though there is a reference (p. 99) to the date 1610. To a prescription for small pox, at p. 177, there is the marginal note:

'feliciter dedi Regi Carolo laboranti variolis an. 1632.'

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Dd. v. 25. A small quarto, on paper, 190 leaves ; good preservation, in the author's handwriting, of the xviith century.


A collection of Recipes by Dr T. de Mayerne, and his modifications of them denoted by his monogram appended. In German, some in French and English, but most in Latin ; it includes prescriptions for cosmetics and washes and for preservation of flowers, &c.

There is an ancient book-plate on the first fly-leaf, representing a peacock displayed, standing on the stump of a tree, before which Mercury is driving a pair of winged horses in a plough. Motto : ‘Spes alit Agricolas.'

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Dd. v. 26. A small quarto, on paper, 126 leaves, double columns, good preservation ; same handwriting as preceding.

• MEDICAMENTA ad instruendam Officinam nostram Chymicam nunc præparanda, Mens Oct. 1607:' the author being “Th. De Mayerne.'


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