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you long for a greater blessing soon to be sent down from on high on your parish or neighbourhood, “ Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” If you earnestly desire the extension of


Savi. our's kingdom among the Gentile nations, “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” If you are anxiously waiting for the time when the earth shall be filled with the glory of God," Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.” It is the surest way to bring a blessing on yourselves, to bring a blessing on the world ; for if the casting away of them has been the riches of the Gentiles, what shall the receiving of them back again be, but life from the dead? Oh! then, “ Prophesy to the Spirit.” And then, when in obedience to your Lord's command you have prophesied to them, and in earnest wrestling prayer have determined that you will give him no rest till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth, you will receive for yourselves the promised blessing; but the Lord will make it manifest that the work is His own, and not man's. Man shall stand by, and behold, and wonder, when he sees the floods of grace and blessing poured on the dry and barren souls of Israel, and shall see the returning people of God becoming “a crown of glory in the hand of the Lord, and a royal diadem in the hand of their God." Pray,” then,

for the peace of Jerusalem.”

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The death bed of Heinrick Graf, a Proselyte og

the Patriarchal age of 88 years. It was last year,” writes the Rev. W. II. Pauli, “ when this monument of divine grac


was supposed to be in a dying state, and then, according to human appearance, was not expected to live; however, he not only recovered but became as strong and healthy again as a young

He used to say, 'I am not ripe_yet,' and added always with a sigh, When, O Lord, shall I be ripe, I long to be with Thee.'

The conversion of this man in his old age, of 85 years—his coming to Amsterdam at that age—his acquaintance with me thirty years ago, mark out the marvellous and leading providence of God so astonishingly, that I cannot but sink in the dust, and adore him whose thoughts are past finding out. For the present purpose I will only relate the following abstract.

“ It was in the year 1818, when a Jewish preacher at H - I preached my first sermon. My text was Hosea xiv. 1, 2. The subject matter was, repentance towards God. Being then in deep darkness as to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, of whom I had not the least notion, I made repentance the ground of our acceptance with God. Graf, with several of his brothers, was among my hearers, from all of whom I received then much kindness, and especially from the subject of this short narrative. "I remained two days in that congregation at H- and when parting I said, I hope the time may come to show them that I remain mindful of their kindness. One of Graf's nephews, being a very learned man, taught me to read the book of Sohar, which a few years afterwards became one of the means of my believing in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity ; and again, after a short time, in the year 1822, a tract of our Society (No. 8, Hebrew German) being sent me by the late


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Baron von Blomberg, together with a letter written by him in a most impressive style, (which I still preserve,) I was stirred up to read the New Testament, and I found Christ, or rather I was found by Him. Years, with a chain of no common events, rolled along, and I did not hear any thing of any one of my former Jewish congregation at H- In the spring of 1845, Graf took, being then 85 years of age, once more his staff in his hand, being urged upon, as he after related to me, by a power unknown to him, to see Amsterdam once more, in which city he had lived a few years, when a young man with his wife, who died here in the flower of her age. He arrived in Amsterdam, where he thought to end his long journey through this miserable and sinful world, and to be buried where the ashes of his partner were resting. He had not been many days in Amsterdam among the Jews, when he heard that I had baptized a Jewish family. He was so much struck with this, that he exclaimed, what an awful thing in this so holy congregation! Is there no Rabbi who would check this Pauli ? As the Jews used to talk a great deal about me, he said, I will go and see the man who upsets the whole congregation. Old Graf came to me. His countenance, his silver-grey hair, and his whole demeanour, made a deep impression upon me. I thought I had seen this venerable man some time before in my life. He related to me from whence he came. I asked some questions about his family, and from his answers I perceived I was not mistaken. I recognized him. It is only recently that the Jews adopted family names ; by the name of Graf I did not know this old man aforetime.) However, I

thought if best not to let him know then, who I was; but inquired after the one and the other of his relations. This struck him ; but I would not suffer him to ask any questions, but preached Christ to him. He repeated his visits, and at last he felt convinced of the truth. I see from my journal that it was June 16, (1845,) when I explained to him the doctrine of justification by faith in the blessed Redeemer, when he took off his Arba Kanphoth (which I still keep.) It is made of thin woollen cloth, and consists of two square pieces fastened together by two straps, that go over each shoulder; at the corners of the two square pieces are the fringes, according to Numbers xv. 38, 39, and gave it to me, saying, I have found another Arba Kanphoth, the righteousness of Jesus my Saviour, repeating Isaiah lxi. 10. I baptized him July 13, (see Jewish Intelligence,' September, 1845.)

"A few weeks ago the Lord visited him with a severe illness of a very extraordinary nature ; his whole body, from head to foot, became covered with sores-he suffered very much ; but he was never heard complaining, much less murmuring; he suffered with patience and resignation to the will of his Saviour. I visited him often. When he could sit up, he immediately took his Bible, and then his Prayer Book, the one used to lay at the head and the other at the foot of his bed. When I asked him whether he should like to recover and to live longer, he used to answer, the Lord's will be done ; but I should rather prefer going home to my Lord and Saviour. However, he recovered from this painful illness, but remained very weak; yet he could walk about in the room. Last week he


was again taken ill, and on Friday, October 6, I found him near his end. He expressed great joy when he saw me. I said, I see you are now going to your everlasting home is it to Jesus ? Yes, he replied, very distinctly-to my Jesus I go: for he has cleansed and purified me with his precious blood. You do not deceive yourself, I hope. O no, he replied; here on this death-bed, no one would dare to deceive himself, or others; and what advantage should it be to me-a dying man -to say, Jesus is my only hope, if it were not the feeling of my heart? What is the ground of your hope, that your departing soul will be in heaven. Jesus has loved me, he said. After a pause of a few minutes, for he appeared to be much exhausted, I asked him whether I should pray with him? Do, do pray, he replied. What shall I ask the Lord to grant you? I inquired of him. That I may not feel the pain of death, and that Jesus may receive my

soul. I prayed with him and he repeated almost every word, and the Lord's Prayer with such a strong voice, that I was quite astonished. He thanked me and pressed my hand. I left him. A few hours after, a pious proselyte visited him; but he was already so far gone, that he could hardly understand a single word. On the 7th, I went to see him with a dear friend, and we found him in a very high fever. The man waiting upon him told us, that after I had left him yesterday, he had become much worse, and had not been heard to utter a single word. About eleven o'clock, P.M., his soul was released-he fell asleep-and I humbly hope to meet my old friend Graf, at the right hand of Jesus, where there are joys for


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