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increased rate not to apply to any who were Annual Subscribers before the passing this Rule, August, 1850. That no Annual Subscriber be admitted without a Certificate of Residence from the Proprietor with whom he is an Inmate, delivered to the Librarian. That his future Annual Subscription become due on the 24th of June. That every Articled Clerk, or Indentured Apprentice of a Proprietor, may have access to read in the Library, and to the Museum-paying One Pound annually, and subject to approval by the Committee, and producing a Certificate of Articles, or Indenture, and a Letter of Recommendation froin the Proprietor to whom he is a Pupil. That the Proprietor be answerable for all injury to Books, or Specimens; and that the Committee retain the power, in case or misconduct, of suspending any Annual Subscriber from access to the Rooms.


That all Officers stationed in Exeter, either belonging to the Military Staff, or singly detached on Duty from their Regiments be admissible to the Institution, with the same privilege of taking out Books as Proprietors, on paying an Annual Subscription of Three Guineas-provided they be recommended in writing by two Proprietors, who are responsible for any Books lost or damaged by such Subscriber, and also for any Fines incurred for the detention of Books, in the same manner as for Books delivered to theinselves. That the Subscription be payable at the time of admission, and be reckoned annually, from that period, and be not for less than one year.


That all Money be paid to the Librarian, or to the Account of the Treasurer, and that his Accounts, previous to the Annual Meeting, to which they shall be submitted, be audited by three Auditors, to be appointed at the Annual Meeting held in the preceding year.



That an Annual Meeting of Proprietors be held on the Thursday of each Summer Assize-week, at twelve o'clock, of which fourteen

days' notice shall be given in the Reading Room, and by Advertisement in the Public Papers. That at this Meeting the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and other Members of the Committee for the ensuing year, be elected by Ballot. That each Proprietor deliver to the Chairman a list of persons whom he may think eligible to the several Offices, who shall be appointed according to the Majority of votes. Absent Proprietors may vote by sending a List, certified by their Signature, addressed to the Chairman of the Annual Meeting. In the event of an equality of votes at any election, either at the Annual General Meeting, or at a Meeting of the Committee, the determination shall be made by lot, to be drawn by the Chairman at a Meeting of the Committee.


That a General Meeting may be called by a majority of the Committee present, or by any Fifteen Proprietors, giving fourteen days' notice, and specifying the object. That all questions be decided by a majority. That any additional means of promoting the purposes of the Institution may be adopted, if approved by a majority. That no alteration be made in the amount of the Annual Subscription, without the consent of three-fourths of the Proprietors present at the Annual Meeting. That no Rule be repealed, but at the Annual Meeting-three weeks notice having been given to the Secretary, or Librarian, by not less than Ten Proprietors. That the proposed repeal be inserted in the summons for calling the Meeting.



That a President, two Vice-Presidents, a Treasurer, and Twentyone Members be elected from the Proprietors to form the Committee.


That the President, Vice-Presidents, and Treasurer, be elected annually; that if either die or resign, the Committee do appoint one of their own body to the vacant office. That seven Members of the

Committee, in rotation, do retire at the end of every year, and a like number be annually appointed. That Members retiring be re-eligible. That if a Member refuse to act, or, if resident in Exeter, absent himself from three successive Monthly Meetings, without adequate cause, he be considered to have vacated his office. That Vacancies be supplied by those standing next on the Balloting List of the preceding Annual Meeting.


That the Committee do meet on the first Wednesday after the Annual Meeting; and successively on the first Wednesday of every month. That at their first Meeting they do appoint their Secretary, the various Sub-committees, and the Visitors of the Library. That the President, either of the Vice-Presidents, the Treasurer, Secretary, or any five of the Committee, may call a Special Meeting, on three days' notice.



any Five of the Committee do form a quorum.


That the appointment, ordering, and dismissal of Attendants, the regulation of Salaries, and every thing relating to the general management of the Institution be under the direction of the Committee.


That the Committee determine what Books, Maps, Pamphlets, Periodical Works, and Newspapers, shall be purchased for the Library and Reading Room. That no Books be purchased by the Committee without the recommendation of Four Members, at least, of a Select Committee of Seven, appointed annually by the General Committee, either from among themselves or the Proprietors at large. That the price paid for each work be added by the Librarian to one copy of the Annual Printed List, which shall be placed in the Reading Room for one fortnight before the Annual General Meeting.


That the price of each work be also entered in the monthly proceedings of the Committee. That any Proprietor may propose a Publication, by writing its title in the Book provided for that purpose, and kept in the Reading Room.


That the Committee do regulate the circulation of Books, and have the power of imposing Fines, and of determining and requiring an adequate compensation for any damage.



That the Reading Room be supplied with New Publications, which shall not be removed until the expiration of two months after their admission. That the Monthly Publications may be removed from the Reading Room on the arrival of succeeding numbers.


That an additional allowance as to the number of Books and the time of retaining them be given to Country Proprietors.


That rare and expensive Books, or such as may be necessary for general Reference, be not taken from the Library, unless by special order of the Committee, or by an order Signed by Five Members of the Committee, to be reported by the Librarian to the next Monthly Meeting.


That no Manuscript be removed from the Library.


That no money exceeding Thirty Pounds annually shall be expended on the department of the Museum, without the consent of three-fourths of the Proprietors present at a General Meeting.


That the Rooms be open every day (Sunday, Christmas-Day, and Good-Friday excepted) from eight in the morning to ten at night.


That a Propietor may introduce a Stranger personally to the Librarian, or by a written order, to be delivered by the Stranger his name being entered by the Proprietor or Librarian in a Book in the Library. That no one be considered a Stranger who continues more than one month in Exeter or its vicinity, and that such vicinity be meant any spot within ten miles. That all persons be admissible by a Special Order of the Committee. That the Members of the Royal Asiatic Society, and the Subscribers to the Oriental Translation Fund, have free access to the Rooms of the Institution during any visits they may make in Exeter, or its vicinity. That the members of the Plymouth Athenæum and Public Library have similar privileges—the Members of the Devon and Exeter Institution having free admission to the Athenæum and Public Library at Plymouth.


That if a Proprietor lose a Book he shall pay its value, or immediately replace it; and if a Book lost be one of a set, he shall supply a new set.


That a Proprietor lending a Book do forfeit Five Guineas, and that a printed copy of this Rule be affixed to each Book.


That no Games nor Refreshments be permitted.


That Members who do not submit to these Rules, and to such other Rules and Regulations as may be made by the Proprietors at a General Meeting, forfeit their Property in the Institution.

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