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2001. LUCAS, SIR CHARLES. Sir Charles Lucas; his last speech at the place of execution, where hee was shot to death. London, [Aug. 28] 1648.

5 p.

2002. THE MACHIVILIAN Cromwellist and hypocritical perfidious new statist: discovering the most detestable falshood, dissimulation and machivilian practises of L. G. Cromwell and his confederates, whereby they have a long time abused and cheated both the houses, city and county and the wicked and treasonable things they have done, and unwarrantable means they have used to carry on their own ambitious designs. [London, Jan. 10] 1648. 11 p.

2003. THE MANIFEST of the county of Kent. [May 26, 1648.] s. sh. 2004. MARTEN, HENRY. The independency of England endeavored to be maintained by Henry Marten, a member of the Parliament there, against the claim of the Scottish commissioners in their late answer upon the bills and propositions sent to the King in the Isle of Wight. London, [Jan. 11] 1648. 26 p.

2005. MARTEN, HENRY. The parliaments proceedings justified in declining a personall treaty with the King, notwithstanding the advice of the Scotish commissioners to that purpose... London, [Feb. 7] 1648.

19 p. 2006. MAYNARD, SIR JOHN. A speech spoken in the honourable House of commons by Sir John Maynard, knight of the Bath, one of the II impeached members. Wherein he hath stated the case of Lieutenant Colonel John Lilburne, and done him more reall service in procuring his liberty, then all his seeming friends in the kingdome. Whereunto is annexed the copie of a petition presented August 1, 1648 to the honourable House of commons, subscribed by neare ten tousand persons, in behalf of L. C. John Lilburn... London, Aug. 11, 1648. 16 p. 2007. MR. HENRY MARTIN, his speech in the House of commons before his departure thence, June 8, 1648. London, 1648. 6 p.

A satire.

2008. NAKED TRUTH: or, A way to finde the perfect malignants. Wherein it plainly appeares the Parliament now sitting are the grandest malignants that ever any Christian countrey yet had. With a sober advice to the city of London. London, 1648. 6 p.

2009. A NARRATIVE and declaration of the dangerous design against Parliament and kingdom, carried on in the county of Kent and elsewhere, under the specious pretence of petitioning. Also a declaration (published in the name) of the counties of Kent, Essex, Middlesex, Surrey to the army under the command of the Lord Fairfax. Together with several papers of dangerous consequence and observations thereupon. London, June 8, 1648. 22 p.

2010. A NARRATIVE of the great victory obtained by the Lord Generall in Kent with the names of the knights and collonels slaine and taken prisoners. And a list of the particulars of all the fights. Also the new besieging of Dover by the Kentishmen; and the fight at Bow in Essex. And a declaration of the severall proceedings of both houses of Parliament, with those in the county of Kent. London, [June 5] 1648. 6 p. 2011. THE NECESSITY of the speedy calling a Common-hall, in respect of the present grievances of this city. With the resolution of many thousand honest, peaceable, and wel-affected citizens thereupon. [London, June 21] 1648. 6 p.

2012. A NEW creed, consisting of XII. articles for every true protestant and loyall subject within the three kingdomes of England, Scotland and Ireland to make prosession of in manner and forme following. [London] 1648. 8 p.

2013. NEWES FROM BOWE, and the earle of Norwich his speech at a randevous on Pickenden Heath, who is designed generall of the enemies forces. With a coppy of a new oath taken concerning what shall be concluded and resolved at their councells, and for effecting their results. Also the particular relation of the whole businesse in Kent, and a list of the names of prisoners taken at Maidstone. viz... London, [June 3] 1648. 6 p.

2014. NewES FROM KENT. A true and most exact relation of the particular commotions and transactions of the Kentish designe with those letters which passed betwixt Sir Will: Heyman (who fled for refuge into Dover Castle) and Sir Rich: Hardresse, and Mr. Hales, generalissimo of the Kentish forces. Together with several letters which past betwixt Captain Brafield, governour of Dover Castle and the Kentish. gentry. With letters from the officers and mariners of the revolted ships to the governour of the said Castle... London, May 25, 1648. 18 p.

2016. NEWS FROM KENT. Wherein is set forth the state of the army of Parliament, and also of the Kentish in arms; with a true relation of the fight between them. Also a list of the chief actors among the Kentish men. From the rendezvouz near Mallin, June 1, 1648. London, 1648. 6 p.

2017. NO MARTIALL LAW, but advice for the grand inquests of London, and Middlesex, and may serve generally for the whole kingdome. London, [May] 1648. 6 p.

2018. NORWICH, GEORGE GORING, Ist earl. A declaration of His Excellency, George Lord Goring, Earl of Norwich, with the gentry and freeholders of the county of Essex, in armes for the prosecution and just defence

of their generall petition, and solemne ingagement: and their offer unto all such officers and souldiers as shall repair unto them. [London] July 12, 1648. s. sh.

2019. NORWICH, GEORGE GORING, Ist earl. The demands and proposals of the Earle of Norwich, and Sr. Charles Lucas, (in the name of themselves, and the rest of His Majesties officers and souldiers in the city of Colchester) to Generall Fairfax, concerning the surrendering of the said city, and their resolution thereupon. With the answer of the Lord Generall to the said demands and proposals... London, [Aug. 19] 1648. 6 p.

2020. NORWICH, GEORGE GORING, Ist earl. The Earl of Norwich, Lord Capel, and Sir Charls Lucas, their preemptory answer in refusing to surrender Colchester, upon the Lord Generalls conditions. With His Excellencies summons, and articles offered them. Also his reply to the enemies last answer. And all the summons, articles, letters, and answers between his xcellencie, and the enemie, in Kent and Essex. London, [June 21] 1648. 14 p.

2021. NORWICH, GEORGE GORING, Ist earl. A letter sent from the Lord Goring directed to the Lord Major, aldermen, and commonalty of the city of London, and what was agreed upon, at the receipt thereof. Also, Rochester surrendred to the Lord Fairfax, and his further proceedings in Kent, and Lieutenant Generall Cromwells comming up with his forces. As also the Lord Gorings passing over the river of Thames into Essex and the proceedings of the Essex men at Bow, and other places. London, [June 2] 1648. 6 p.

2022. [OSBORNE, RICHARD?] The Independent's loyalty; or, The most barbarous plot (to murther His sacred Majestie) very fully discovered: With a cleere and perfect answer to the Lord Wharton's evasions. London, 1648. 22 p.

Another copy, Somers 5:152-66.

2023. Osborne, RICHARD. A true coppy of two severall letters sent by Mr. Richard Osborne (late attendant on His Majesty in Carisbrooke Castle,) touching a designe to poyson His Majesty; which letters were read in the House of peeres, June 19, 1648. [London] 1648. 7 p. 2024. Oudart, NICHOLAS. A diary of passages at the treaty of Newport in the Isle of Wight, as the same were transacted there in the months of October & November 1648.

Peck, Desiderata 2:387-409.

2025. PACIFICUS: or, The peace-maker. Motives for peace and reconciliation directed to the Lord Mayor, aldermen, and Common councel. London, May 24, 1648.

2026. PACKETS OF LETTERS from Scotland and other parts of England, to members of the House of commons. The copy of a letter sent from His Excellency James Hamblton, generall of the Scotch forces to Collonell Generall Lambert, commander in chiefe of the Parliaments forces in the Northerne association. [London, July 8, 1648.] 4 p.

Caption title.

2027. A PAIRE of cristall spectacles with which any man may see plainly at a miles distance, into the councells of the army and take a full view of the grounds of all their designes. Published for the satisfaction of al those who will drink His Majesties health, sing Vive le Roy, and cry God blesse King Charles. But chiefly made for the city of London. [London, Dec. 18] 1648. 6 p.

2028. PAPERS PRESENTED to the Parliament, against the Lord Inchequin, lord president of Munster in Ireland, sent from Captain Crowther, vice-admirall of the Irish seas. And the Lord Inchequins declaration. With a declaration subscribed by severall eminent commanders, late of the army commanded by the Lord Inchequin. Read in both houses of Parliament. [London, April 15] 1648. 6 p.

2029. PARLIAMENT. The copies of all letters, papers and other transactions between the Commissioners of the Parliament of England, and the Parliament and Committee of estates of the kingdom of Scotland, from February 10, 1647, until July 8, 1648. Whereby it may appear what the endeavors of the kingdom of England have been to keep a good understanding, and to preserve the union between the nations. London, August 14, 1648. 62 p.

2030. PARLIAMENT. The debates of the House of commons assembled in Parliament, touching His Majesties concessions and answers upon the treaty. With their votes concerning their instructions given to Col. Hammond, governour of the Isle of Wight, for security of His Majesties person. As also a letter of the Commons to the Lord Gen. Fairfax, aquainting him with the contradiction of his orders to Col. Ewers to their instructions and resolutions. London, 1648. 8 p. 2031. PARLIAMENT. A declaration of the Commons of England in Parliament assembled; expressing their reasons and grounds of passing the late resolutions touching no farther address or application to be made to the King. London, Feb. 15, 1647, i.e. 1648. 38 p.

2032. PARLIAMENT. A declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, against Lord Goring, for levying a war against the Parliament and kingdom, in taking up arms in Kent and Essex. Also three orders: the first, an order of the Commons in Parliament assembled, for putting the militia in the several countries in execution for the safety of their counties. The second, an order of both houses, for taking away the court of Wards. The third, giving power to the

Committee of plundred ministers, to commit such churchwardens as shall countenance and set up delinquent ministers to preach. Together with an ordinance of both houses of Parliament, for payment of tythes. London, June 15, 1648. 8 p.

2033. PARLIAMENT. A declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament: concerning the reducing of the late revolted ships to the obedience of Parliament. London, [July 14] 1648. 5 p. 2034. PARLIAMENT. Declaration of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament. Die Veneris, 15. Decemb. 1648. Ordering the suppossion of... A solemne protestation of the imprisoned and secluded members. London, Dec. 15, 1648. s. sh.

2035. PARLIAMENT. A declaration of the several proceeding of both houses of Parliament, with those in the county of Kent now in arms against the authority of Parliament, manifesting their desires and endeavors for the avoiding of the effusion of blood. London, June 5, 1648. 15 p. 2036. PARLIAMENT. Die Jovis, 20 Januarii, 1647. An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for enabling a committee in the county of Kent to put in execution all former ordinances of Parliament concerning indempnity. London, [Jan. 20] 1647, i.e. 1648. s. sh.

2037. PARLIAMENT. Die lunae, 3 April, 1648. An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for uniting certain churches, and for maintenance of preaching-ministers in the city of Glocester. London, April 10, 1647, i.e. 1648.

Washbourn, Bibliotheca Gloucestrensis. 357-66.

2038. PARLIAMENT. Die Sabbathi, 22 April, 1648. An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for the farther ascertaining of the arrears of the soldiery upon their debenters. London, April 24, 1648. 8 p.

2039. PARLIAMENT. A letter from the House of commons assembled in the Parliament of England at Westminster; to the right honorable and right reverend, the lords, ministers and others of the present General Assembly of the Church of Scotland sitting at Edenburg, containing a narrative of the proceedings of the Parliament of England in the work of reformation... London, Aug. 8, 1648. 14 p.

2040. PARLIAMENT. The letters, commissions and other papers which were communicated to the Common-councel of the city of London, by a committee of the honorable House of commons, on Monday, July 31, 1648. London, August 4, 1648. 16 p.

2041. PARLIAMENT. An order of the Commons assembled in Parliament, for taking off the priviledge and protection of any persons belonging to any member of the said house, or for or concerning the lands or

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