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£ 8.


caro which was christe and it may not be said yt God is Christe, but
it is truely said yt Christe is God and so the worde was God, but not
God the word, and therfor he fyndyth greek for which the translacioun
in 1. of St Johan where it is said yt God was the word, and he com-
endyth in this poynt Mr. Tyndalls translacõn to be better in that he
saieth the word was god.”—This note is interesting from its reference
to Tyndall, and as showing that Buxton wrote between 1557 and 1559,
when Watson was Bishop of Lincoln. He was one of Queen Mary's
prelates, and was, in the latter year, deprived of his office by Queen

87 GENEVA BIBLE, First Edition. The Bible and Holy Scriptvres con-

teined in the Olde and Newe Testament. Translated according to the
Ebrue and Greke, and conferred . With moste profitable Annota-
tions At Geneva . Printed by Rovland Hall, M.D.LX.

2 vols. in 1, 4to. woodcuts and maps, and an inserted portrait of Calvin ;
having some leaves cropped and slightly shorter than the rest and the title
inlaid, but nevertheless a better copy than usually met with; gilt

Geneva, 1560 27 0 0 This copy comprises the five separate leaves (mostly folding): one in Numbers (map of the forty-years' travel) ; one in Josbua (Division of Canaan); one in Daniel (the forme of the Temple) ; one preceding the Gospels (map of the Holy Land) ; one preceding Acts (map of the countries referred to in the Acts). It has also the final leaf * The Order of the Yeres . .” These six leaves are frequently absent from extant copies of the book.

The first edition of the so-called Breeches Bible will always be one of the most

important items in an English biblical library. 88 THE BISHOPS' BIBLE, FIRST EDITION. Title:

Title : The. holie . Bible . | conteynyng the olde | Testament and the newe. Under this intitulation is a large plate which contains a portrait of Queen Elizabeth in a medallion within a variety of ornamental designs. Foll. 2-4a contain Cranmer's Prologue ; 4b a description of the yeres. Foll. 5-7 contain the Preface; 8 the Summe of the whole Scripture ; 9-15 the Genealogies, etc.; 16-24 Proper Lessons, Order, Almanack, and Kalendar; 25 The order of the Bookes. Fol. 26: Genesis begins, and on fol. 816a the Apocalypse ends. Foll. 8166 and 817 contain the Table of Epistles and Gospels, and on fol. 817b is the Colophon : Imprinted at London in povvles | Churchyarde by Richarde Iugge, printer | to the Queenes Maiestie. , Cum priuilegio Regia Maiestatis. (Here Jugge's woodcut device and under it two Latin verses.)

Royal folio, Black Letter, with copper engravings and numerous woodcuts; blue morocco extra, gilt edges, from the library of Lord Ashburnham


The preliminary leaves are as stated above, twenty-five in number. Then the Pentateuch follows on 128 numbered leaves ; next one leaf containing an engraved portrait of Leicester and a list of the books in the second part. The second part (Joshua to Job) succeeds and occupies 184 leaves numbered ii-clxxxv; then the third part (Psalms, Solomon, and Prophets) in 202 leaves, numbered (i) ii-xlvi and xlix

(An engraved portrait of Burleigh appears on leaf ii): Next come the Apocrypha on 118 leaves numbered (i)-cxviii; finally the



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New Testament, 159 leaves (including the title, and the leaves
numbered ii-clix).

The reverse of the title to the third part is blank; in some copies
it is printed with a prologue of St. Basil.

Perfect copies of the first edition of the Bishop's Bible are among

the rarest of English books.

fower Euangelistes translated in the olde Saxons tyme out of Latin
into the vulgare toung of the Saxons, newly collected out of Avncient
Monumentes . . A'T LONDON. Printed by Iohn Daye dwelling ouer
Aldersgate. 1571 ..

Small 4to. John Foxe's copy, in old calf, with the crest of William
Stuart of Aldenham Abbey in gold on the upper cover

1571 18 00
A PRESENTATION COPY from Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, who
paid the expenses of the publication. The preface is signed by John Foxe the Martyr-
ologist, who was himself the owner of this copy. In his autograph on the title-page are
the words “ Ex dono Reuerendissimi in Chro patris Matthæi Cantuariensis Archiepi
1571." Although neither his name nor his initials are appended, there is no mistaking

the hand. 90

The Gospels of the fower Euangelistes-another copy, in brown morocco extra, by Bedford

1571 21 00 91 ENGLISH CATHOLIC BIBLE. Vol. I :) The Holy Bible faithfully trans

lvted into English . . With Arguments . . Annotations, Tables
By the English Colledge of Dovvay .. Printed by Iohn Covstvrier
M.DC.XXXV. (Vol. II:) The Second Tome of the Holie Bible
M.DC.XXXV. Vol. III :) The New Testament . . Set forth with
Tables of the Epistles & Ghospels . . The fourth Edition . . 1633.
3 vols. small 4to. old English red morocco extra, gilt edges, with the
bookplate of Dean Jeremiah Miller, the famous Greek Biblical scholar

Rouen, 1635-33 10 0 0
With a note in pencil on the fly leaves recording the ownership in 1769 of Thomas

Bishop of Waterford.
92 THE HOLY BIBLE . . [Old Testament] London Printed by Iohn Field

1648—THE NEW TESTAMENT . . Cambridge: Printed by John Field ..
MDCLXIII.—THE WHOLE BOOK OF Psalms . . Collected into English
metre . . Printed by John Field, Printer to the Universitie of
Cambridge . . 1663–THE BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER . . Cambridge ..
1663–4 vols. in 1, small 4to. ruled throughout in red ink, old English
red morocco, elaborately gilt

It belonged to Lady Änne Chaplin before 1692, and contains MS. records of the
marriages and deaths of her descendants through the Bateman and Dashwood fainilies

down to 1750, about which date the binding was executed.
93 THE HOLY BIBLE . . this title is headed “[In Memoriam Gul.

Caxton.]," and is preceded by the statement Wholly printed and bound
in twelve hours. On this 30th day of June 1877; For the Caxton
Celebration. Only 100 copies were printed . .
Square 12mo. purple morocco, gilt edges

Oxford, 1877
This copy was presented to Mr. Charles W. H. Wyman, and is No. 62.—With it
the purchaser will receive Henry Stevens' History of the Caxton Memorial Bible, also

bound in morocco.
94 LEA WILSON CATALOGUE. Bibles Testaments Psalms and other

Books of the Holy Scriptures in English, in the Collection of Lea
Wilson, Esq. Small 4to. brown morocco, gilt edges


4 4 0 95

the same, a fine large copy in purple morocco, gilt top, uncut 1845

A valuable catalogue, privately printed to the number of 120 copies only. 96 EDGAR (Andrew, D.D.) The Bibles of England, 8vo. xii and 40 pp. cloth

1889 A plain account for plain people of the principal versions of the Bible in English.

2 16 0

4 0 0

5 15 0

0 7 6 8. d.

£ 97 French. BIBLE. Title, printed in black and red within woodcut border :

La Saincte Bible. I en Francoys, translatee selon la pure et entiere
traduction de sainct Hierome . Lower down : Imprime en Anuers
par | Martin Lempereur. | An. M.D. | et. xxx. | Cum Gratia et
Pri | uilegio Imperiali. Foll. 2 and 3 contain the Kalendar, 4 the
Licence and the Prologue de tous les liures . . which ends on 5a and is
followed by the Table ou repertoire. This ends on fol. 20a, on the reverse
of which is a set of woodcuts of the Creation, in compartments. On fol.
21 (numbered Feul. j) the text begins and the Old Testament ends on fol.
429. Fol. 430, title within woodcuts : Le nouveau Tes | stament
Reverse : Table pour trou | uer toutes les epistres . . which ends on
437b. The text of the New Testament follows on fol. 438 (numbered j)
and ends on the reverse of 536 (numbered xcix) with colophon: A la
louēge de Dieu soit. Ceste Bible fust acheuee dimprimer le dixiesme
iour de Decembre. | Lan Mil Cinq cens + Trente. | En Anuers par
Mar- | tin Lempe- | reur. | Spes mea Iesus.

Folio, Lettres Gothiques, printed in double columns, with many
woodcuts; old calf gilt

Antwerp, 1530 30 0 0 The first French Bible produced as a single homogeneous work. The translation was made by Jacques LeFebvre d'Estaples, and was published by him in several successive 12mo. volumes dated at various times and places. In the above folio volume, the text was collected for the first time as a single work.-A copperplate portrait of the trans

lator is inserted at the beginning.
98 BIBLE. Title : La Saincte Bible | en Francoys, translatee selon la pu- | re

z entiere traduction de Sainct Hierome, dere- | chief conferee et
entierement reuisitee [par Jacques Le Fevre d'Estaples] ... En
Anuers, par Martin Lempereur. | An. M.D. xxxiiij. Cum Gratia o
Priui- legio Imperiali. Folio, Lettres Gothiques, double columns, the
title printed in red and black within a woodcut border, and numerous
pretty woodcuts throughout the volume; a fine copy in old French mottled
calf, with the bookplate of the Duke of Sussex

Anvers, 1534 18 18 0
The second folio edition of the French Bible ; very rare and very interesting in
connexion with the publication, in the following year, of the first edition of the English
Bible orginating from Antwerp if not printed there.

COLLATION : Title, privilege, Calendar, le Contenu de lescripture, prologue, and
contents, 6 leaves ; Interpretation des Noms, 16 leaves, the reverse of the sixteenth
containiog six woodcuts ; Genesis to Maccabees, 396 numbered leaves ; New Testament,
title and table, 8 leaves ; Matthew to Apocalypse, 101 numbered leaves ; Colophon,

I leaf.
99 CALVINIST BIBLE, First Edition. Fol. 1, title: LA BIBLE | Qui est

toute la Saincte escripture. En laquelle sont contenus, le Vieil Testa-
ment + le Nouueau, translatez en Francoys. Le Vieil, de Lebrieu :
z le Noauean, | du Grec. ! . . On the reverse : Ioannes Caluinus,
Cesaribus, Regibus, Principibus, gentibusq; omnibus Christi Imperio
subditis Salutem. | Priuilegia nonis libris impetrari . . Fol. 2a: P.
Robert Olivetanus lhumble petit Translateur, a Leglise de Iesus
Christ Salut. | LA bonne Coustume . . Fol. 3a: Apologie du trans-
latear. . . . This Apologie ends on fol. 56. Fol. 6a: (V. F. C. a
nostre allie confedere le peuple de lalliance de Sinai, Salut. l. .
Fol. 75 contains Latin verses by Jo. Eutychius Deperius. Fol. 8a : Les
noms de tous les liures . . On the reverse, some French verses : Au
Lecteur des deux Testamētz . . Fol. 9 (foliated Fueillet .j.) Genesis
begins. On fol. 194 (Fueil. clxxxvj) The Song of Solomon ends. On
fol. 195 (Fueillet .j.) begins the volume of Prophets, which ends on fol.
260 (Fueil. lxvj). Fol. 261 contains the title of the Apocrypha, with
Aux fideles lecteurs on the reverse. On fol. 262 (Fueillet. ij,) begins
Ezra iii, and the Apocrypha end on fol. 320 (Fueil. lx). Fol. 321 is the
title of the New Testament. The reverse of that leaf, and the whole of
fol. 322, are occupied by an address : A tous amateurs de Iesus . On
fol. 323 (Fueil. iij.) begins St. Matthew's Gospel, and the Apocalypse
ends on fol. 398a (Fueil. lxxviij). Foll. 399-425 are occupied by the
Tables etc. Fol. 426a : . . Acheue dimprimer en la Ville et Conte

de Neufchastel, par Pierre de wingle, dict | Pirot picard. Lan.
M.D.xxxv.-le. iiije iour de Iuing. | Here a woodcut device, and under
it : Au Lecteur de la Bible. | Lecteur entendz . . ten lines of verse
with an acrostical value, and under them three lines of a quotation from

Folio, 426 leaves, double columns, 61 lines to the column ; leaves 1,
2, and 8 supplied from a shorter copy, and the last leaf strengthened; a
good copy in old calf gilt, from the Sunderland library Neufchatel, 1535 28 0

According to the Registre general de tous les cayers, which precedes the colophon
on the last leaf, there would only be 418 leaves in the book, but the eight preliminary
leaves are not reckoned.
The acrostical verses on the last page yield this couplet :-

Les Vaudois peuple evangelique :

Ont mis ce tresor en publique.
101 German. BIBEL. Fol. la, headline : Das erst Blat. Column 1: Hie

hebet an die Epistel des heyligen prie- / sters sant Iheronimi ..
Fol. 5 blank . . Fol. 6a, headline: Der Geschopf..V. with a large woodcut
of the creation beneath it. Column 1: Hie hebt sich an. Genesis .. Fol.
5846 (marked on the obverse CCCCCLXXXIII): . . Gedruckt | durch
anthonium koburger in der löblichen key | serlichen reychstat Nüren-
berg. Nach der ge- burt cristi des gesetzs der genaden. vierzehen
hundert vnd in dem dreyvndachtzigstē iar am Montag nach

Divided into 2 vols. folio, 584 leaves, double columns, 50 lines to the
column, foliated, but without signatures; with 107 fine large woodcuts,
all but two UNCOLOURED; in an early stamped pigskin binding

Nürnberg, Koburger, 1483 4200 A copy of this Bible, with an uncoloured set of the woodcuts is one of the most nal rarities of its kind. Koburger seems to have issued the book in a coloured state ; and only some small stock of unsold copies can have escaped that undesirable embellishment.

The Ashburnham copy which was in the same state as this one, but in a modern

binding, fetched seven months ago £59.
102 Low-German. BIBLE. Fol. 1 blank on the obverse, having on the reverse

a very large woodcut of Adam and Eve in the Garden. Fol. 2, title:
De Biblie | vth der vthleggin- ge Doctoris Mar- | tini Luthers yn
dyth düdesche | vlitich vthgesettet....... | Inn der Keyserliken
Stadt Lübeck / 'by Ludowich Dietz gedrücket. | M.D.XXXIII. This
title within a fine woodcut composition of allegorical character. Fol. 6,
reverse contains the end of Luther's preface, and the short preface of the
translator Johannes Bugenhagen. On fol. 7, begins Genesis . . foliated
VI. On fol. 96 (numbered XCIIII) the Pentateuch ends. Fol. 97:
Dat Ander Deel des Ol- | den Testamentes with a large woodcut of
Joshua beneath this intitulation. On fol. 223, numbered CXXVII, the
second part ends. Fol. 224: Dat Drüdde | Deel des Olden | Testa-
mentes.. On fol. 297 the third part ends. Fol. 298 blank. Fol. 299,
a title : DE Propheten alle Dudesch. On fol. 414, numbered CXII,
the fourth part ends. Fol. 415, title: De Böke, welckere men | in
der Hebreischen Bibeln nicht findet .... A pocryphi genömet
werden ... On fol. 484 (numbered LXX) the fifth part ends. Fol.
485, title: Dat Nye Testament. | Martini Luthers. Mit Nyen
Sūma- | rien . .1.. dorch Johannem Bugenha- 1 gen Pomern. . I
M.D.XXXIII. within the same woodcut border as used for the first title.
Fol. 623 reverse : . . Dyt löfflyke werck, ys also, ...) . . Na Christi
vnses Heren gebort, ym Dusent vyff hundert | vnde veer vnde
dörtigesten yare . . ] Lübeck, by Ludowich Dyetz, dorch den druck

6 vols. in 1, small folio, with a great number of noble woodcuts by
Erhard Altdörffer; having one leaf torn and defective, but in all other
respects a fine copy in red morocco from Dr. Hawtrey's library 1533-34 15 15 0

* The artist's best work consists of the woodcuts in the fine Lübeck Bible De Biblié . . Ludowich Dietz . . 1533.”—This is Nagler's emphatically expressed opinion.

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£ d. The large woodcut of Adam and Eve at the beginning is the same as appears in Matthew's English Bible of 1537 ; and the very large ornamental letters at the beginnings of some of the parts are apparently from the same fount of type as supplied those which are found in some places in that Bible. (They are what Mr. Lea Wilson

called “flourished text letters.")
103 BIBLE, Low-German. Biblia Dat ys: De gantze Hillige Schrifft,

Vordüdeschet dorch Doct. Mart. Luth. . . Gedrücket tho Wittemberch,
durch Hans Lufft. 1570. This title within a woodcut border, in the
lower part of which there are portraits of George of Saxony, and Martin
Luther kneeling before the Crucified.

3 vols. in 1, folio, with numerous woodcuts ; bound in vellum over
thick wooden boards

1579 2 0 0 104 Gothic. ULFILAS; Die Heiligen Schriften, Gothisch, Griechisch, und

Lateinisch, mit Wörterbuche, Sprachlehre, etc. von Massmann, 8vo.
half morocco

Stuttgart, 1857 0 8 6 105 Greek. CODEX ALEXANDRINUS. Facsimile . . [reproduced in

photozincography, and] published by order of the Trustees of the
British Museum.

4 vols. atlas 4to. whole bound in dark green morocco extra, with joints,
enclosed in cloth cases

1879-83 30 0 0 106

the same, unbound in portfolios as issued from the British Museum

1879-83 25 0 0 Whoever possesses a copy of this admirable facsimile will be virtually, for the purpose of study, in possession of a fifth-century manuscript, one of the most precious

and important of all Biblical texts.
107 CODEX SINAITICUS. Bibliorum Codex Sinaiticus Petropolitanus . .

edidit Constantinus Tischendorf, 4 vols. atlas 4to. lithographic facsimile
of the original MS. with letterpress introduction ; cloth Petropoli, 1862 36 0 0

The discovery of the Sinaitic Codex brought to the knowledge of scholars a new
text of equal importance with the Vatican and the Alexandrine; and older than the
latter. By the manificent spirit of Alexander II. of Russia, this grand facsimile-

edition was made accessible to the public. 108 TISCHENDORF, Notitia editionis codicis Bibliorum Sinaitici, 4to. cloth

Lips. 1860 O 5 0 109 CODEX VATICANUS. Novum Testamentum Vaticanum ed. Tischendorf, Greece, 4to. cloth

Lips., 1867 0 7 6 110 CODEX BEZA CANTABRIGIENSIS, Græce et Latine. The original

MS. reproduced in facsimile in 1 vol. roy. 4to. pp. 830 Cambridge, 1898 12 12 0

This important reproduction is nearly ready for issue. Though not quite so

ancient as the other great Codices, this is probably the most interesting of them all. 111 ERASMUS' TESTAMENT. FIRST EDITION. NOVVM IN | strumentū

omne, diligenter ab ERASMO ROTERODAMO | recognitum [Græce et
Latine), 2 parts in 1 vol. sm. folio, with some MS. notes by the original
owner ; a fine large copy in stamped pigskin

Basileæ (1516) 16 0 0
There are 14 preliminary leaves, the date being found at the foot of the printer's
(Frobenius) address to the reader on the back of the title. The text (Greek and Latin
in parallel columns) follows and occupies 324 and 224 numbered pages. Next
follow the Annotationes on pp. numbered 225-675. Page 676 contains an address by
Oecolampadius, and (677-678) a list of Errata. On p. 679 is the colophon : Basileæ

ædibus loannis Frobenij . . M.D.XVI. 112 BIBLE, FIRST EDITION. Sacrae Scripturae veteris novaeque omnia (Græce) Venetiis MDXVIII. Small folio

1518 0 0 0

0 0 First published complete edition of the Greek Septuagint and New Testament. 113 'H KAIN'H ΔΙΑΘΗΚΗ. . Novum TESTAMENTUM (Gruce) . . Lugduni

Batavorum, Ex Officina Elzeviriana cio 1° CXXIV
12mo. fine copy in red morocco (121 x 67 mm.)

1624 1 16 0 114

another edition, Amstelodami, Ex Officina Elsevirianâ. CIO DO CLXXVIII

18mo. original black morocco blind-tooled by an English binder (117 x 57 mm.)

1678 1 0 0 11., VETUS TESTAMENTUM, Græce, Juxta LXX INTERPRETES. Recensionem

Grabianam ad fidem Codicis Alexandrini aliorumque denuo recognovit,
Graeca secundum ordinem textus Hebraei reformavit, libros Aprocry-
phos à canonicis segregavit F. Field, roy. 8vo. cloth Oxonii, 1859 0 5 0

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