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Ætat. 33. Minift.4


Mount of

" he may give it you. These things I Anno Olives.

command you that ye love one anoJoh. XV. 17.5 ther. If the world hate you, ye


u know that it hated me before it ha-
« ted you. If ye were of the world,
o the world would love his own;

is because ye are not of the world, but

« I have chosen you out of the world, 20.6 therefore the world hateth you. Res << member the word that I said unto

you, The servant is not greater than « the Lord. If they have perfecuted ..5 me, they will also persecute you, if

they have kept my saying, they will 21. « keep yours allo. But all these things « will they do unto you


my names « fake, because they know not him 28.ce that fent me. If I had not come and

spoke unto them, they had not had
6.fin: but now they have no cloke for
23.06 their fin. He that hateth me, hateth
24.“ my Father. also. If I had not done

“ among them the works which none
“ other man did, they had not had fin :

“ but now have they both seen, and

“ hated both me and my Father. But
“ this cometh to pass that the word
“ might be fulfilled that is written in

“ their law, They hated me without a
26.66 cause. But when the comforter is

come, whom I will send unto you
“ from the Father, even the Spirit of

“ truth, which proceedeth from the
« Father, he shall testifie of me. And

ye also shall bear witness, because ye
have been with me from the begin-

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Anno “ These things have I spoken unto Mount of
Ætat, 33. "

you, that ye should not be offended. Olives.
Minift. q. “ They shall put you out of the fyna-

!. John. xvi gogues: yea the time comech, that « whosoever killeth you will think that “ he doth God service. And these 3. “things will they do unto you, be“cause they have not known the Fa

ther, nor me. But these things have 4. “ I told you, that when the time shall

come, ye may remember that I told

you of them. And these things I
ci said not unto you at the beginning,
“ because I was with you. But now 5.
"I go my way to him that sent me;
" and none of you asketh me, whither

goeft thou? But because I have said 6.

these things unto you, sorrow hath
“ filled your heart. Nevertheless I tell 78

you the truth : it is expedient for you
that I go away : for if I go not a-
way, the comforter will not come
unto you;

but if I depart, I will
send him unto you. And when he is 8.

come, he will reprove the world of

fin, and of righteousness, and of judg-
ment : Of fin because they believe go
not me; Of righteousness, because I

go to my Father, and ye see me no

more; Of judgment, because the 11:
prince of this world is judged. I have 12:
yet many things to say unto you,
but ye cannot bear them now. How- 13:
beit, , when the Spirit of truth is

come, he will guide you into all
"truth: for he shall not speak of himi-



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Minift. 4.

6 15.

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Mount of

self; but whatsoever he shall hear, Anno Olives.

that shall he speak: and he will shew #tat. 33. Joli. xvi. 14. you things to come. He shall glorifie

me: for he shall receive of mine, and
« shall shew it unto you. All things that
« the Father hath are mine : therefore

o said I, that he shall take of mine, and
“ shallshew it unto you. A little while,

ye Thall not see me: and again a
“ little while, and ye shall see me,
“ because I go to the Father.

Then said Tome of his disciples among themselves, What is this that he faith · unto us? A little while and ye shall not see me, and again a little while, and

ye shall see me : and because I go to
18. the Father? They said therefore, What

is this that he saith, a little while? we
cannot tell what he faith.

Now Jesus knew that they were de-
firous to ask him, and said unto them,
“ Do ye inquire among your felves of
“ that I faid, A little while, and ye
« shall not see me: and again a little
66 while and ye shall see me? Verily,

“ verily I say unto you, That ye shall

weep and lament, but the world shall

rejoice: and ye shall be sorrowful, “ but your forrow shall be turned into 21.“ joy. A woman when she is in tra- . “ vail, hath forrow, because her hour

is come: but as soon as she is deliver'd “ of the child, the remembreth no more " the anguish, for joy that a man is « born into the world. And ye now

therefore have forrow : but I will see




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“ you


Minist. 4.

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you again, and your heart shall re. Mount of Æcat. 33. "

joice, and your joy no man taketh Olives.
from you. 'And in that day ye shall Joh. xvi.

“ ask me nothing. Verily, verily I say
“ unto you, whatsoever ye shall ask
u the Father in my name, he will
"give it you. Hitherto have ye asked 24.

nothing in my name : ask, and ye

shall receive, that your joy may be
“ full. These things have I spoken un-256

to you in proverbs: the time cometh
“ when I shall no more speak unto you in

proverbs, but I shall shew you plainly
of the Father. At that day ye shall 26.
ask in my name: and I say not unto
you, that I will pray the Father for
you; For the Father himself loveth 273

you because ye have loved me, and
u have believed that I came out from
“ God. I am come forth from the Fa. 28:
“ ther, and am come into the world :

again, I leave the world, and go to
u the Father.

His disciples said unto him, L., now 29 Speakest thou plainly, and speakest no proverb. Now are we sure that thou zo. knowest all things, and needest not that any man jould ask thee :

this WC believe that thou camest forth from God.

Jesus answered them; “ Do ye now zi: o believe? Behold the hour comech, 32.

yea, is now come, that ye shall be ( {cattered

every man to his own rs and shall leave me alonë: and


am not alone, because the Father is
with me. These things I have spoken 33-



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Mount of

unto you, that in me ye might have Anno Olives. Joh. xvi. peace. In the world ye shall have Æcæ. 33:

Minift. 4. “ tribulation: but be of good cheer, I

6 have overcome the world.
Joh. xvii. I. These words spake Jefus, and lift up

his eyes to heaven, and said, “ Father,
“ the hour is come; glorifie thy fon,
" that thy son also may glorifie thee.

As thou hast given him power over
« all flesh, that he should give eternal

“ life to as many as thou hast given

« him. And this is life eternal, that
“ they might know thee the only true

God, and Jesus Christ whom thou
4.“ haft sent. I have glorified thee on

" the earth : I have finished the work S." which thou gaveft me to do. And

now, Father, glorifie thou me with
" thine own self, with the glory which

" I had with thee before the world was.
“ I have manifested thy name unto the

men which thou gavest me out of the
“ world : thine they were, and thou
“ gavest them me, and they have kept
“ thy word. Now they have known

that all things whatsoever thou hast 8.“ given me, are of thee. For I have

given unto them the words which “ thou gavest me; and they have reu ceived them, and have known surely " that I came out from thee, and they “ have believed that thou didst send


for them: I pray not for the world, but for them which thou haft given me, for they are thine. And all mine are thine, and thine


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