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ABERNETHY, J. An enquiry into the probability and rationality of Mr. Hunter's theory of life. 8vo. London, 1814.

ABERNETHY, J. Physiological lectures, exhibiting a general view of Mr. Hunter's physiology, and of his researches in comparative anatomy. 8vo. London, 1817.

ABERNETHY, J. The Hunterian Oration for the year 1819. 8vo. London, 1819.

ABERNETHY, J. Reflections on Gall and Spurzheim's system of physiognomy and phrenology. 8vo. London, 1821.

ABERNETHY, J. Surgical observations on injuries of the head; and on miscellaneous subjects. 4th edit. 8vo. London, 1825.

ABERNETHY, J. Surgical observations on the constitutional origin and treatment of local diseases: and on aneurisms. 11th edit. 8vo. London, 1829.

ABERNETHY, J. Lectures on the theory and practice of surgery. 8vo. London, 1830.

ABICH, H. Ueber das Steinsalz und seine geologische Stellung im Russischen Armenien. 11 Tafeln. 4to. St. Petersburg, 1857.

ABICH, H. Beiträge zur Paläontologie des Asiatischen Russlands. 8 Tafeln. 4to. St. Petersburg,


ABICH, H. Vergleichende geologische Grundzüge der Kaukasischen, Armenischen und Nordpersischen Gebirge. Prodromus einer Geologie der Kaukasischen Länder. 8 Tafeln. 4to. St. Petersburg, 1858.

ABYNZOAR. Colliget Averrois totam medicinam ingentibus voluminibus ab aliis traditam. fol.
Venet. 1549.

ACCUM, F. Elements of crystallography, after the method of Haüy. 4 Pl. 8vo. London, 1813.
ACCUM, F. A practical treatise on gas-light. 3rd edit. 7 col. Pl. 8vo. London, 1816. .
ACCUM, F. Description of the process of manufacturing coal-gas. 7 col. Pl. 8vo. London, 1819.
ACCUM, F. A treatise on the adulterations of food, and culinary poisons. 12mo. London, 1820.
ACERBI, J. Travels through Sweden, Finland, and Lapland to the North Cape in the years 1798
17 Pl. 2 vols. 4to. London, 1802.

and 1799.


Chymisch-physische Schriften. 8vo. Berlin, 1780.

ACHARD, F. C. 8vo. Berlin,

Sammlung physikalischer und chymischer Abhandlungen. 1ter. Band. 2 Tafeln. 1784.

ACHARIUS, E. Lichenographiæ Suecicæ prodromus. 2 Tab. col. 8vo. Lincopiæ, 1798.

ACHARIUS, E. Methodus illustrandi omnes detectos lichenes; cum supplemento.
8vo. Stockholmiæ, 1803.

ACHARIUS, E. Lichenographia universalis. 14 Tab. col. 4to. Gottinga, 1810.
ACHARIUS, E. Synopsis methodica lichenum. 8vo. Lundæ, 1814.

Annotationes anatomicæ. 4to. Bonon. 1520.


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s. 1. et a.

8 Tab. col.

Infantis androgyni historia et ichnographia. 5 Tab. fol. Jenæ, 1805.

Versuch einer physischen Darstellung der Lebenskräfte organisirter Körper. 2 vols. 8vo. Jena, 1805.



ACKERMANN, Th. Die Choleraepidemie des Jahres 1859, im Grossherzogthum MecklenburgSchwerin. 8vo, und Atlas mit 10 Tafeln. Rostock, 1860.

ACLAND, H. W. The plains of Troy. Illustrated by a panoramic drawing taken on the spot; and a map constructed after the latest survey. 8vo and fol. Oxford, 1839.

ACLAND, H. W. Feigned insanity, how most usually simulated, and how best detected. 8vo. London, 1844.

ACLAND, H. W. Synopsis of the physiological series in the Christ Church Museum, arranged for the use of Students after the plan of the Hunterian collection. 4to. Oxford, 1853.

ACLAND, H. W. Memoir on the cholera at Oxford, in the year 1854, with considerations suggested by the epidemic. Maps and plans. 4to. London, 1856.

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ACLAND, H. W. Notes on drainage, with especial reference to the sewers and swamps of the Upper Thames. 8vo. London, 1857.




Report on cases of fever occurring in the parish of Great Horwood in the county of
8vo. Oxford, 1858.

Note on teaching physiology in the higher schools. 8 pp. 8vo. Oxford, 1858.
Biographical sketch of Sir Benjamin Brodie. 8vo. London, 1864.
The Harveian Oration, 1865. 8vo. London, 1865.

Relations of physiology and medicine. 8vo. Oxford, 1865.






National Health. 8vo. Oxford, 1871.



Address to the Students of St. George's Hospital. 8vo. Oxford, 1868.
Address to the British Medical Association.

8vo. Oxford, 1868.

On certain important points in the sanitary condition of villages. 8vo. Oxford,

ACLAND, H. W. The cottage register; or, forms for registering the sanitary condition of villages. 4th issue. 8vo. Oxford, 1872.

ACLAND, H. W. Health. Address delivered at the Social Science Congress at Plymouth. 8vo. Oxford, 1873.

ACLAND, H. W. and RUSKIN, J. The Oxford Museum. 8vo. Oxford, 1859.

Again, 4th edit., with a letter from Professor Phillips, and a short summary of the contents of the Museum. ib. 1867.

ACOSTA, C. Tractado de las drogas, y medicinas de las Indias Orientales. 8vo. Burgos, 1578.

DE ACOSTA, J. Historia natural y moral de las Indias. 4to. Madrid, 1608.

ACTON, W. Prostitution, considered in its moral, social and sanitary aspects, in London and other large cities. 8vo. London, 1857.

Again, 2nd edit. 8vo. ib. 1870.

ACTON, W. A practical treatise on diseases of the urinary and generative organs in both sexes. 3rd edit. 11 Pl. 8vo. London, 1860.

ACTON, W. The functions and disorders of the reproductive organs. 3rd edit. 8vo. London,


Again, 4th edit. 8vo. ib. 1865.


ACTUARIUS, J. De actionibus et spiritus animalis affectionibus, libri duo; de urinis, libri septem; methodi medendi libri sex. Lat. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, Ald. 1556.

ACTUARIUS, J. De actionibus et affectibus spiritus animalis, libri duo, Gr. Ed. Jac. Goupyli. 8vo. Paris, 1557.

ADAMANTIUS. Physiognomonicon, id est De nature Indiciis cognoscendis Libri duo per Janum Cornarium Latiné conscripti. Adamantii etiam exemplar Græcum est adjectum. 12mo. Basileæ,


ADAMS, Arthur, BAIKIE, W. B., and BARRON, C. A manual of natural history for the use of travellers; being a description of the families of the animal and vegetable kingdoms; with remarks on the practical study of geology and meteorology. 8vo. London, 1854.

ADAMS, George. An essay on vision, briefly explaining the fabric of the eye, and the nature of vision. 2nd edit. 8vo. London, 1792.

4to. London, 1807. 37 PP. 5th edit. 8vo.

ADAMS, George. Essays on the microscope; containing a practical description of the most improved microscopes, &c. 2nd edit. by F. Kanmacher. 32 Pl. 4to. London, 1798. ADAMS, J. Observations on morbid poisons, chronic and acute. 2nd edit. ADAMS, J. Answers to all the objections hitherto made against Cow-Pox. London, 1807. ADAMS, J. On the hereditary peculiarities of the human race. 2nd edit. 8vo. London, 1815. ADAMS, Robert. The narrative of Robert Adams, a sailor, who was wrecked on the Western Coast of Africa in the year 1810, was detained three years in slavery by the Arabs of the Great Desert, and resided several months in the city of Tombuctoo. Map, &c. 4to. London, 1816.

ADAMS, Robert. A treatise on rheumatic gout, or chronic rheumatic arthritis of all the joints. 8vo, and 4to Atlas of plates. London, 1857.

ADAMS, Sir William. Practical observations on ectropium, or eversion of the eyelids; and on the modes of forming an artificial pupil; and on cataract. With coloured Plates. 8vo. London, 1812. ADAMS, Sir William. A letter on the extermination of the Egyptian ophthalmia. 8vo. London,


ADAMS, Sir William. A practical inquiry into the causes of the frequent failure of the operations of depression and of the extraction of the cataract, as usually performed. 8vo. London, 1817. ADAMS, Sir William. A reply to the report from the London infirmary for curing diseases of the 8vo. London, 1818.


ADANSON. Histoire naturelle du Sénégal (coquillages): avec la relation abrégée d'un voyage fait en ce pays, 1749-1753. 19 Pl. 4to. Paris, 1757.

ADANSON. Familles des plantes; avec une préface istorik sur l'état ancien et actuel de la botanik, et une téorie de cette science. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1763.

ADDINGTON, A. An essay on the sea-scurvy. 8vo. Reading, 1753.

ADDISON, T. On the constitutional and local effects of disease of the supra-renal capsules. 11 Pl. 4to. London, 1855.

ADDISON, T. A collection of his published writings. Edited by Dr. Wilks and Dr. Daldy. 8vo. London (New Syd. Soc.), 1868.

ADDISON, T. and MORGAN, J. An essay on the operation of poisonous agents upon the living body. 8vo. London, 1829.

ADDISON, W. The actual process of nutrition in the living structure demonstrated by the microscope. 2 Pl. 8vo. London, 1843.


ADEE, S. Oratio Harveiana, 1769. 4to. London, 1770.


ADELSON, J. Dissertatio inauguralis sistens casum singularem morbi tuberosi in nosocomio medicochirurgico Gottingensi observatum. 2 Tab. 4to. Gottinga, 1822.


ADY, Thomas. A candle in the dark or, a treatise concerning the nature of witches and witchcraft. 4to. London, 1656.

AEBY, C. Eine neue Methode zur Bestimmung der Schädelform von Menschen und Säugethieren. 8 Tafeln. 4to. Braunschweig, 1862.

AEBY, C. Der Bau des menschlichen Körpers mit besonderer Rücksicht auf seine morphologische und physiologische Bedeutung. 8vo. Leipzig, 1871.

ÆGINETA, Paulus. Præcepta salubria, Lat.; interpr. G. Copo Basileiensi. 8vo. Paris, 1510.
ÆGINETA, Paulus. Opera medica, libri septem, Gr. fol. Ven. in Æd. Aldi, 1528.

ÆGINETA, Paulus. Opus de re medica, Lat. Ed. J. Guinterio. fol. Paris, 1532.

ÆGINETA, Paulus.

EGINETA, Paulus.
ÆGINETA, Paulus.

[blocks in formation]

His medical works, translated into English, with a copious commentary, by F. Adams. 8vo. London, 1834.

EGINETA, Paulus. The seven books of, translated from the Greek with a commentary embracing a complete view of the knowledge possessed by the Greeks, Romans, and Arabians on all subjects connected with medicine and surgery, by Francis Adams. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1844-47. ÆLIANUS. De natura animalium libri xvii. Gr. et Lat. Ed. J. G. Schneider. 8vo. Lipsia, 1784. Iterum; Gr. et Lat. Ed. F. Jacobs. 2 vols. 8vo. Jenæ, 1832.

EMILIANUS, Rutilius Taurus, v. GEORGIUS, Alexandrinus.

EMYLIANUS, Joannes. Naturalis de Ruminantibus historia. 4to. Venetiis, 1584.

ÆPLINIUS, G. F. Egrum, incubo laborantem sistens. 4to. Jenæ, 1678.

EPLINIUS, G. F. De catarrho suffocativo.

4to. Jenæ, 1681.

ESCH-MEZAREPH, or Purifying Fire, v. HERMETIC ART.

ESOPUS. Fabellæ, Græcè et Latinè cum aliis opusculis. 96 Tab. 12mo. Venetiis, 1593.

ESOPUS. Les fables et la vie d'Esope. 12mo. Anvers, 1593.


ESOPUS. Les fables d'Esope, et de plusieurs autres excellens mythologistes, accompagnées du sens moral et des reflexions de Monsr. le Chevalier Lestrange; trad. de l'Anglois. 135 Pl. Amsterdam, 1714.

ÆTIUS, Amidenus. Librorum medicinalium tomus primus, Gr. fol. Venetiis, 1534.







Icones algarum ineditæ. 20 Tab. 4to. Lundæ et Holmiæ, 1820-21.
Systema Algarum. 8vo. Lundæ, 1824.

Species algarum rite cognitæ. Vol. 1. et vol. 2di. sect. 1. 8vo. Gryphiswaldiæ,

Antiquitates Linnæanæ. Programma academicum. fol. Lundæ, 1826.
Icones algarum Europæarum, &c. Fasc. 1-3. 30 col. Tab. 8vo. Leipsic, 1828.

[blocks in formation]

AGARDH, C. A. Lehrbuch der Botanik. Erste Abtheilung: Organographie. 4 Tab. 8vo. Kopenhagen, 1831.

AGARDH, J. G. Algae maris Mediterranei et Adriatici: Observationes in diagnosin specierum et dispositionem generum. 8vo. Parisiis, 1842.

AGASSIZ, Alexander. North American Acalephæ. 8vo. Cambridge (U. S.), 1865.

AGASSIZ, Elizabeth C., and Alexander. Seaside studies in Natural History. Marine animals of Massachusett's Bay. Radiates. 8vo. Boston, 1865.

AGASSIZ, L. Recherches sur les Poissons fossiles. 5 vols. 4to, et Atlas de 397 Planches fol. Neuchatel, 1833–43.

AGASSIZ, L. Monographie des poissons fossiles du vieux grès rouge, ou système Dévonien (Old Red Sandstone) des Iles Britanniques et de Russie. 43 Pl. 4to et fol. Neuchatel, 1844-45.

AGASSIZ, L. Revue critique des poissons fossiles figurés dans l'ittiolitologia Veronese. 44 pp. 8vo. Neuchatel, 1835.

AGASSIZ, L. Rapport sur les poissons fossiles découverts en Angleterre.

8vo. Neuchatel, 1835.

AGASSIZ, L. Études sur les glaciers; ouvrage accompagné d'un Atlas de 32 planches (fol.). 8vo. Neuchatel, 1840.

AGASSIZ, L. Système glaciaire, ou recherches sur les glaciers 1ère partie: Nouvelles études et expériences sur les glaciers actuels, leur structure, leur progression et leur influence sur le sol. 8vo. 3 cartes et 9 Pl. fol. Paris, 1847.

AGASSIZ, L. Nomenclator Zoologicus, continens nomina systematica generum animalium tam viventium quam fossilium, et Index universalis. 2 vols. 4to. Soloduri, 1842-46.

AGASSIZ, L. Bibliographia Zoologiæ et Geologiæ. A general catalogue of all Books &c. on Zoology and Geology, edited by H. E. Strickland and Sir W. Jardine. 4 vols. 8vo. London (Ray Society), 1848-54.

AGASSIZ, L. Lake Superior; its physical character, vegetation, and animals, compared with those of other and similar regions; with a narrative of the tour by J. E. Cabot. 17 Pl. 8vo. Boston (U. S.), 1850.

AGASSIZ, L. Contributions to the natural history of the Acalephæ of North America—

Part I. On the naked-eyed medusæ of the shores of Massachusetts, in their perfect state of development. 8 Pl.

Part II. On the Beroid medusæ; from the same place. 8 Pl. 4to. Philadelphia (Mems. of Amer. Acad. 2nd. ser. Vol. IV.), 1850.

AGASSIZ, L. Contributions to the natural history of the United States of America. First monograph in three parts-1. Essay on Classification; II. North American Testudinata; III. Embryology of the Turtle, with 34 Pl. Second monograph-1. Acalephs in General; II. Ctenophoræ ; I. Discophoræ ; IV. Hydroidæ ; v. Homologies of the Radiata, with 46 Pl. 4 vols. 4to. Boston, 1857-62.

AGASSIZ, L. An essay on Classification. 8vo. London, 1859.

AGASSIZ, L. Methods of study in natural history. 8vo. Boston, 1864.

AGASSIZ, L. The structure of animal life. 8vo. London, 1866.


A Journey in Brazil. 8vo. Cambridge (U. S.), 1868.

AGASSIZ, L. Scientific results of a journey in Brazil. Geology and physical geography of Brazil by C. F. Hartt.

8vo. Cambridge (U. S.), 1870.

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