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pp. 101–4. 'Oratio habita in Academia Marpurgensi...Dixi Joh. Martinus Portius, Mano-Francf.'

pp. 104–119. 'Oratio habita a Magistro South in Templo B. Mariæ dic Saturni Comitiorum... Dixi Robertus South, A. M. ex æde X', 1657Printed in Op. Posth. Lat. pp. 21–45.

pp. 120—3. Oratio habita a Domino South pro Magistri gradu in Schol. Oxon. Quæstio erat, An Alexander navigaret mare Indicum.'

pp. 124–142. 'Oratio habita Oxonii in Comitiis.' This contains more than what is printed in Opp. Posth. Lat pp. 46–63, but is incomplete.

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Dd. VI. 31. A small quarto, on paper, of 31 leaves, about 24 lines in a page, of the xvirth century.

1. ff. 1-12.

'An Doctrina Trinitatis sit mysterium a seculis absconditum quod divini verbi patefactione hominibus innotescere debuit.' Auctore Thoma Pisecio. Anno 1605.

f. 1b contains the dedication to his brother Martin Pisecius a Martowic.
Begins, f. 2a:

Progrediamur tandem ab humanis.
Ends, f. 12 b (in an extract from Luther):

si Deus potius quam Trinitas dicatur. Finis.
It is an extract from a larger work of his, De origine Trinitatis, written
1605, which perished by fire. See Sandius, Bibliotheca Antitrinitariorum,
Freistadii, 1684, p. 107; and Bock, Hist. Antitrin. Regiomonti, 1776, Tom. 1.
pp. 636—642.

2. ff. 31 b_18b. On the Gloria Patri.'
Begins :

Here very fitt occasion is offered....

... the greatest reverence that we may.

The two tracts begin at opposite ends of the volume. 349

D. VI. 32.

See Catalogue of Oriental MSS. 350

Dd. VI. 33.
An octavo, on paper, of 185 leaves.

Sermons and notes of Sermon preached at Redgrave in Suffolk and elsewhere between 1670 and 1680. Probably by Samuel Foster, S.T.B., previously Fellow of Caius College, who died in 1680, after being Rector of Redgrave for 32 years. His tombstone is in the chancel of the church.

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Dd. VI. 34.
A thin, oblong paper book, in folio, bound up with No. 352,
consisting of 12 pages besides the title.

It begins :

A statesman when he is to deliberate must observe three things... These are stated in a tabular form, and subdivided into Revenue, Warr, Peace, Provision, Laws, The Heads or Cheife Topics handled in Deliberation, and The Method or Artifice, which are treated of in seven analytical tables, of which the work consists.



Dd. VI. 35.
A long quarto, on paper, 190 pages. Dated in the colophon

A Dutch translation of the above work, to which is added a translation
of a tract de Morbo Gallico, by the same author.

There is a table of contents, by the translator, in Latin and Dutch.




Dd. VI. 36.
An octavo, on paper, handwriting of the xviith century.

A collection of ChargeS, INSTRUCTIONS, PRESENTATIONS, WARRANTS, &c., relating to the Court of Waltham Forest, in the time of Jas. I. and Chas I.

It contains also copies of Charta de Foresta, Edita Anno 9 Hen. III. ;' and of the Ordinatio Forestæ, 34 Edw. II.'

(1306). 354

D. VI. 37.
See Catalogue of Oriental MSS.

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Dd. VI. 38. A quarto, on paper, handwriting of the xv th century. • An account of the Possessions of the Crown :' imperfect.

Also (at p. 5), ' De Libertate Ecclesiæ et totius Angliæ observandæ, Leges Henrici primi, filii Conquestoris.'

Iste tractatus transcriptus est ex libro rubeo Scaccarii, existente in
Custodia Remuneratoris reginæ et incipit ibidem. Fol. 41.
Pages between 8 and 15 are wanting, and all after p. 112.

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A quarto, on paper, neatly written, in the reign of Elizabeth. Contains :

1. Extracts from the YEAR Books of Hen. III. : years 1 to 47. 38 ff.

2. Law Cases abridged and arranged under several titles ; no dates or references. 112 ff.

3. •Modus cirographandi.' 10 ff.
4. Vetera placita que placitantur in itinere.' 10 ff.

5. Table of Reports from Hen. III. to Rich. II., wherein the cases which Fitzherbert has abridged under several titles, are placed according to the years in which they were treated

53 ff.

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Dd. VI. 40 42.

See Catalogue of Oriental MSS.


Dd. VI. 43.


A quarto, on paper, 39 pages (excluding blanks), of about 28 lines each ; handwriting of the xvuth century.

After a song of Cowley's, beginning Come, poetry, and with you bring along,' it contains

"THE HISTORY OF ÆNEAS AND Dipo's Love, translated out of ye fourth booke of Virgill, by Mr Sydny Godolphin.' Begins (p. 3):

Meanwhile the queene fanning a secret fire

In her owne breast revolves her deep desire.
Ends (p. 27):

Sends Iris doune to cutte the fatall haire,

Which done, her whole life vanisht into aire.
At p. 34 is 'Dr Donne's Farewell to the world,' not contained in Alford's
edition of his Works.
Begins (p. 34):

Farewell you gilded follyes, pleasing troubles
Ends (p. 36):
The dolefull eccho answers it is 1.

The last piece, which is unfinished, relates to the death of the Rev. Dr Raughleigh (Walter Raleigh), who desiring leave to preach was murdered in prison by his keeper.' See Walker's Sufferings of the Clergy, Part 11. p. 71, ed. 1714.

A fly-leaf at the beginning of the MS. contains the names of Wm Go-
dolphin' and `Hen. Savile,' with the following version of a well-known
epigram :

“The divell was sicke, the divell a monk would be.
The divel was well, the divell a monk was he.'



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A duodecimo, on paper, of 303 leaves.

ff. 45–55, 96—182, 211–277, and two or three more are

English Sermons preached chiefly between the years 1642
and 1644.
Begins, Ps. xix. v. 14:

O eternall and allseeing God...
Several sermons are written from the other end of the book, and among
them that contained in the last 26 leaves, which end with the words 'the
designs of his own kingdome.'



D. VI. 45.
An octavo, on paper, 190 leaves, many of which are blank,
handwriting of the xvith century.

Extracts from the Code and Digest of the CANON Law.
The following distich occurs in one page:

Some hornes doe weare and blowe them not,

Some cookowldes are and knowe yt not.'
In the beginning occurs the name ‘Thomas Everard.'


Dd. VI. 46.
A duodecimo, on paper, 116 pages.
Begins :

Physica incipientium. Sive Principia Cartesiana Tyronum Captui
The work is in three books. It appears not to be a work of Des Cartes,
but of Jonathan Comer, whose name is on the fly-leaf.

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A duodecimo, on paper, of 136 leaves.
Notes of Sermons, almost illegible. See Dd. vi. 70.
Inside the cover is the date, 3d October, 1635.


Dd. VI. 48. A small long quarto, on paper, in good condition : date the close of the xvith or beginning of the xviith century.

This MS. consists of 58 leaves, each page being ruled for 4 lines of Music. The first 19 and the last 26 leaves contain dance-tunes and 'ayres' written on staves of six lines; the remaining leaves are blank. The notes to be played are indicated by letters between the lines, the length of the notes is marked by minims, &c. above the staves.

The names ‘John Butler’and. John Mate' are written on the first page.


Dd. VI. 49. A small volume, on paper, of the same form as the preceding and bound up with it, 41 leaves, handwriting of the xvith century.

Dutch POETRY. The first part (fol. 1—fol. 27) consists of a number of rough pictorial capitals in the order of the alphabet, with five or six lines of letter-press appended to each. The title-page is grotesquely embellished and contains the following mark of ownership: 'Dit Boeck hoort toe Lyntgen Jacob dochter woonende an die coorenmart int jaer ons Heeren, 1562.'

The second part is entitled 'Chansons, anno mccccc, xcix. Among others are NIEN LIEDEKEN, relating to 'Wilhelmus van Nassau.'


D. VI. 50–53.
See Catalogue of Oriental MSS.


D. VI. 54.
A duodecimo, on paper, 36 leaves, about 30 lines in a page.
A LIFE OF HENRY NICHOLAS, the fanatic; v. Tanner, Bibl.

p. 544.

It appears never to have been printed The handwriting is of the xviith century. The latter half of the volume is blank.

. The title-page is as follows:

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