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Catechism Racovian, with Notes and Illustrations, translated from the Latin by Rees,

Lond. 1818

Cantab. 1712

Chrysostomus (J.) De Sacerdotio, a Hughes: et
Gregorius Nazianzenus, Gr. et Lat., a Thirlby,
Clericus (J.) Ars Critica, 3 t.

Crito Cantabrigiensis, A Vindication of the Literary
Character of the late Professor Porson,

Amst. 1712

Camb. 1827

Criticus, (Orme) Memoir of the Controversy respecting
the Three Heavenly Witnesses,

Courayer (P. F. le) Defence of the Validity of the
English Ordinations, translated from the French by
Williams, 3 v.

Courayer (P. F. le) Traité de la Divinité de Jesus Christ,
Crellius (J.) Initium Evangelii S. Joannis Apostoli,
Curcellæus Quarternio Dissertationum Theologicarum,

Ellys (Sir R.) Fortuita Sacra,

Elsley (H.) Annotations on the Four Gospels, 2 v.
Emlyn (T.) Works, 3 v.

Lond. 1830

1725 1810 Amst. 1726 1659

Rott. 1727

Lond. 1799



Lipsia 1809

Enquiry into the Authenticity of the 1st and 2nd
Chapters of the Gospel according to St. Matthew,
Ernestus (J. A.) Institutio Interpretis Novi Testamenti,
curâ Ammon,

Facundus (Hermianensis) cum Notis Sirmondi,

Parisiis 1629

Grabius (J. E.) Spicelegium Patrum, ut et Hæreticorum,

2 t.

Griesbachius (J. J.) Commentarius Criticus in Textum
Græcum Novi Testamenti, Partic. I. II.

Henderson (E.) The Great Mystery of Godliness

Huyshe (F.) An Examination of the first Six Pages of
Porson's Fourth Letter to Travis on the M.S.S. used
by R. Stephens,

Huyshe (F.) A Vindication of the Early Parisian Greek
Press on St. John, c. i, v. 7, 8,

Ittigius de Bibliothecis et Catenis Patrum,

Oxon. 1714

Jenæ 1798

Lond. 1830


V. Y.

Lipsia 1707

Junius (J.) Examen Responsionis Fausti Socini,
Jones (J.) Illustrations of the Four Gospels,

Knatchbull (N.) Animadversiones in Libros Novi Testamenti,

Amst. 1628

Lond. 1808

Oxon. 1677

Knittel (F. A.) New Criticisms on 1 Ep. of St. John, c. 5, v. 7, translated from the German by Evanson, Lond. 1829

Lactantius (L. C.) Opera,

Laurence (R.) Tracts, Theological and Critical, 2 v.

Lindsey (T.) Vindicia Priestleianæ : An Address to
Students of Oxford and Cambridge, 2 v.


Lindsey (T.) An Apology on resigning the Vicarage of

Lugduni 1594
Oxford 1819

Lond. 1788



Leipzig 1795

Martin (D.) Deux Dissertations Critiques, sur 1 Epist. de S. Jean, c. 5, v. 7, &c.

Lindsey (T.) A Sequel to his Apology,

Marsh (H.) Letters to Travis,

Utrecht 1717

Martin (D.) A Critical Dissertation on 1 Ep. of St. John, c. 5, v. 7, translated from the French by Jebb, 3 v.

in 2,

Michaelis (J. D.) in Lowth Prælectiones de sacrâ Poesi

Minucius Felix, Octavius, cum Notis Davisii,

Lond. 1719

Oxon. 1763

Cantab. 1712

Nolan (F.) An Inquiry into the Integrity of the Greek
Vulgate, with Supplement, 2 v.

Novum Testamentum, Græcè, R. Stephani,

Lond. 1815-30
Lutetiæ 1546

Novum Testamentum, Græcè, R. Stephani,
Novum Testamentum, Græcè, H. Stephani,
Novum Testamentum, Græcè, Curcellæi, 2 t.
New Testament, translated by Wakefield, 2 v.
New Testament, Greek and English, 2 v.
New Testament, in an improved Version,



Amst. 1675

Lond. 1795



Newton (Sir I.) Two Letters to Le Clerc, on 1 Ep. of St.
John, c. 5, v. 7, and 1 Timothy, c. 3, v. 16,


With an exact copy of De Missy's Notes in M.S.

Pappelbaum (G. G.) Codicis Manuscripti Novi Testamenti Græci, Raviani, Examen,

Porson (R.) Letters to Travis, &c. 2 v.

Berolini 1796

Lond. 1790-1803

Priestley (Jos.) Tracts in Controversy with Horsley, Priestley (Jos.) A History of the Corruptions of Christianity, 2 v.

Roberts (W. H.) Corrections of the Version of the Old

Rosenmüllerus (J. G.) Scholia in Novum Testamentum,
5 t.

Sandius (C.) Nucleus Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ,




Norimberga 1792

Cosmopoli 1669

Sandius (C.) Interpretationes Paradoxæ quatuor Evan-

Semlerus (J. S.) Paraphrasis in primam S. Joannis

Semlerus (J. S.) Apparatus ad Liberalem Novi Testa-
menti Interpretationem,

Smith (T.) Miscellanea,

Amst. 1670

Riga 1792

Hale 1767

Lond. 1690

Lipsia 1752-3

Stockius (C.) Clavis Linguæ Veteris et Novi Testamenti, curâ Fisheri, 2 t.

Taylor (H.) The Apology of Ben Mordecai for embracing
Christianity, 2 t.

Taylor (R.) A Vindication of the Manifesto of the Chris-
tian Evidence Society; J. Pye Smith's Answer to it;
Oxlee's Two Letters to Bishop Burgess; and Huyshe's
Vindication of Stephens against Oxlee-1 v.

Taylor (A.) The True Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity,
Tittmannus (C. C.) de Vestigiis Gnosticorum in Novo
Testamento frustra quæsitis,

Travis (G.) Letters to Gibbon,

Twells (L.) A Critical Examination of Mace's New

Valkenarius (L. C.) Selecta e Scholis in libros quosdam
Novi Testamenti, a Wassenbergh, 2 t.

Lond. 1784

V. Y. 1727

Lips. 1773

Lond. 1794


Amst. 1815-17

Vindication, A, of the Introductory Chapters of the Gospel according to St. Matthew and St. Luke,

Lond. 1822

Wardlaw (R.) A Discourse on the Socinian Controversy, Lond. 1819 Wardlaw (R.) A Reply to Yates' Vindication of Unita


Wetstenius (J.J.) Prolegomena in Novum Testamentum, a Semler,


Hale 1764

Wheatly (C.) On the Nicene and Athanasian Creed,
Whiston (W.) Primitive Christianity revived, 5 v.
Whiston (W.) and Opponents, Tracts,

Lond. 1738



Whiston (W.) Three Essays,


Whiston (W.) Letters to the Earl of Nottingham, and the Earl's Reply, 1st and 2nd editions, 2 v.


Whitaker (J.) The Origin of Arianism disclosed,


Whitby (D.) Dissertatio de S. Scripturarum Interpretatione,


Whitby (D.) Disquisitiones in Bull defensionem Fidei


Whitby (D.) The Last Thoughts of,


Wordsworth (C.) Six Letters to Granville Sharp, 1802, and Bp. Burgess' Charge, 1804, in 1 v.


Yates (Jas.) A Vindication of Unitarianism, in Reply to
Wardlaw's Discourses,

Glasgow 1818



ABERCROMBIE (J.) The Philosophy of the Moral
Feelings, 8vo.

Edin. 1834


Abercrombie (J.) Inquiries concerning the Intellectual
Powers, 8vo.

Aikin (J.) Letters from a Father to his Son, 2 v. 8vo. Lond. 1803
Alison (A.) Essays on the Nature and Principles of
Taste, 2 v. 8vo.

Aristoteles, Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat., a Buhle, 5 t.

Edin. 1812

Biponti 1791

+Aristoteles, Opera Omnia, Gr. et Lat., ex recensione Bekkeri, 4 t. 4to.

Berolini 1831

*Aristoteles, The Metaphysics of, translated from the Greek, with a Dissertation by Taylor, 4to.

Aristoteles, Ethics and Politics, translated from the Greek by Gillies, with Notes, 2 v. 8vo.

Lond. 1801


* Bacon (Lord) Works, 10 v. 8vo.

Beattie (Jas.) An Essay on Truth, 8vo.


Edin. 1770

Bell (A.) Elements of Tuition, 2 parts in 1, 8vo.

Belsham (T.) Elements of the Philosophy of the Mind, 8vo.

Berkeley (Bp.) Works, 2 v. 4to.

Lond. 1813



Brown (T.) An Inquiry into the Relation of Cause and
Effect, 8vo.

Edin. 1818

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