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Lib. I.

several ways, and to several imployments, as their inclinations lead them, to entertain the time 'till Satan return. He passes on his journey to hell gates, finds them fhut, and who fat there to guard them, by whom at length they are open'd, and discover to him the great gulph between bell and heaven: with what dif ficulty he passes through, directed by Chaos, the Power of that place, to the fight of this new world which he fought.


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IGH on a throne of royal state, which far

Outlone the wealth of Ormus, and of Ind; Or where the gorgeous east with richest hand Show'rs on her Kings Barbaric fearl, and gold, Satan exalted sat, by merit rais'd

To that bad eminence : and from despair
Thus high uplifted beyond hope, aspires
Beyond thus high; insatiate to pursue
Vain war with heav'n; and by success untaught,
His proud imaginations thus display'd.

Powers, and Dominions, Deities of heav'n!
(For since no Deep within her gulph can hold
Immortal vigor, though oppress’d and fall’n,
I give not heav'n for loft: from this descent
Celestial virtues rising, will appear

More glorious and more dread than from no fall,
And trust themselves to fear no second fate.)
Me though just right, and the fix'd laws of heav'n
Did first create your Leader; next, free choice;
With what besides, in council or in fight,
Hath been atchiev'd of merit: yet this loss
Thus far at least recover'd, hath much more
Establish'd in a safe unenvied throne,
Yielded with full consent. The happier state
In heav'n, which follows dignity, might draw 25
Envy from each inferior : but who here
Will envy whom the highest place exposes
Foremost to stand against the Thunderer's aim,
Your bulwark; and condemns to greatest share


Of endless pain? Where there is then no good 30
For which to strive, no strife can grow up there
From faction: for none sure will claim in hell
Precedence; none, whose portion is so small
Of present pain, that with ambitious mind
Will covet more! With this advantage then 35
To union, and firm faith, and firm accord,
More than can be in heav'n, we now return
To claim our just inheritance of old,
Surer to prosper than profperity
Could have assur'd us: and by what best way, 40
Whether of open war, or covert guile,
We now debate: who can advise may speak.

He ceas'd; and next him Moloc, sceptred King,
Stood up, the strongest and the fiercest spirit
That fought in heav'n, now fiercer by despair: 45
His truft was with th'Eternal to be deem'd
Equal in strength; and rather than be less,
Car'd not to be at all; with that care lost
Went all his fear: of God, or hell, or worse,
He reck'd not; and thefe words thereafter fpake: 50

My sentence is for open war: of wiles, More unexpert, I boast not: them let those Contrive who need; or when they need, not now: For while they fit contriving, shall the rest, Millions that stand in arms, and longing wait 55 The signal to ascend, fit ling’ring here Heav'n's fugitives, and for their dwelling-place Accept this dark opprobrious den of Mame; The prison of His tyranny who igns


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