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PURE, in duabus partibus; Pars I. Prolego-
mena de Matheseos Ratione, Partibus atque
Methodo : Pars II. Elementa Arithmeticæ
Puræ-2 thick vols. 8vo. (pub. at £1. 10s)
bds. 16s
Traj. ad Rhen. 1831-34

SYLLABUS of the Differential and Integral Cal-
culus, part 1, 8vo. second edition, bds. 2s 6d
Cambridge, 1826
vol.-Physik,2vols.-Chemie,4 vols.-Poppe's
Geschichte der Erfindungen, 4 vols.-Lüde-
mann's Geschichte der Kupferstech-Kunst,
Malerey und Zeichen-Kunst, 2 vols.-together
13 vols. 12mo. plates, hf. bd. calf, full gilt, £1. 6s
Dresden, 1828-29
TAYLER'S (Ch.) Elements of Algebra, compiled
from Garnier's French Translation of Euler,
8vo. bds. 3s
TAYLOR'S (Brook) Methodus Incrementorum,
Directa et Inversa, 1715-Maclaurin, Geo-
metria Organica, sive Descriptio Linearum, 12
plates, 1720-Epistola de Cotesii Inventis
Curvarum ratione, cum appendice, 1722-in
1 vol. 4to. old calf, £1. 5s

A work of great depth: in much esteem abroad. 'SIMPSON'S Miscellaneous Tracts on Mechanics,

Physical-Astronomy, and Speculative Mathematics, 3 plates, 1757-Landen's Mathematical Lucubrations, 5 plates, 1775-Landen's Residual Analysis, 1758-Hoadly and Wilson's Electrical Experiments, 1756-in 1 vol. 4to. calf, 14s

Doctrine and Application of Fluxions; second edition, 2 vols. 8vo. cuts, neat, 7s 6d 1776


Treatise on Algebra, 8vo. neat,
SIMSON (R.) Sectionum Conicarum Libri V.;
editio secunda, auctior, 4to. 39 plates, neat, 5s
Edinb. 1750
· Opera Reliqua (Geometrica,) cura J. Clow,
4to. portrait, thick paper, fine copy in calf gilt,
marbled edges, scarce, £1. Is Glasg. Foulis, 1776
SMITH'S (G.) LABORATORY; or School of Arts;
containing a large collection of valuable Secrets,
Experiments, and Manual Operations in Arts
and Manufactures, 2 vols. 8vo. with 41 plates,
calf, neat, 10s 6d
SMITH'S (Dr. R.) Compleat System of Opticks,
2 vols. 4to. plates, neat, 18s
Camb. 1738
Cours Complet d'Optique, traduit de l'Ang-
lois, avec des Additions considérables sur
toutes les nouvelles Découvertes, par Pezenas,
2 vols. 4to. very neat in calf, with a 4to. atlas of
73 plates, hf. bd. 12s
Avignon, 1767
OPTICKS, Elementary Parts of, for the Use of
Students, royal 4to. 17 plates, sewed, 3s
Camb. 1778

SOMERSET'S (Duke of) Treatise, in which the
Elementary Properties of the Ellipse are de-
duced from the Properties of the Circle, 8vo.
with diagrams, (pub. at 9s 6d) cloth bds. 5s 1842
the same, 12mo. cloth bds. 3s


HEAVENS, thick 8vo. bds. scarce, £2. 1831 the same, 8vo. cloth boards, Presentation copy of the Author to the Duke of Sussex, with her Autograph, £2. 2s

1831 Connexion of the Physical Sciences, 12mo. cloth boards, 7s 1835

the same, seventh edition, 12mo. plates, cloth bds. 10s 6d 1846 SPRAT'S (Bp.) History of the Royal Society of London, third edition, sm. 4to. neat, 4s 1722 SQUIRES' (T.) Popular Grammar of the Elements

of Astronomy, 18mo. 37 plates, neat, 3s 1820 STEVENSON'S (R.) Newton's Lunar Theory, exhibited Analytically, 8vo. plate sewed, 1s 6d Camb. 1834

STURMII PHYSICA ELECTIVA, sive Hypothetica, cum pref. Chr. Wolfii, 2 thick vols. 4to. plates, hf. bd. vellum, uncut, with the autograph of Wyttenbach on the title page, 14s

Norimberger, 1697

Principles of Linear Perspective, by Colson, 13 plates, 1749-Hugenii de Terris Cœlestibus Conjectura, 5 plates, Hag. 1669-Priestley's Familiar Introduction to Electricity, 5 plates, 1769-Simpson's Trigonometry, 1765 --in 1 vol. 8vo. half bound, 4s

(M.) Tables of Logarithms of all Numbers from 1 to 101,000; and of the Sines and Tangents to every Second of the Quadrant; with a Preface and Precepts for the Explanation and Use of the same by N. Maskelyne, impl. 4to. very neat in calf, scarce, £2. 10s 1792 TAYLOR'S (Thos.) Theoretic Arithmetic, in 3 books, 8vo. cloth bds. 3s 6d

TANDI, 4to. woodcut title, by Holbein, old red
morocco, £1. 11s 6d
London, Punson, 1522
From the Library of the Duke of Sussex.
Relating wholly or in part to subjects of Natura

- ACTA ERUDITORUM (publicata Lipsie), ab anno 1682 ad an. 1731, 50 vols.; Nova Acta, 1732 ad 1776, 43 vols.; Supplementa, 1692-1734, 10 vols.; Nova Supplementa, 1735-57, 8 vols. Indices (ab initio ad 1741) 6 vols.; in all 117 vols. bound in 115, THE COMPLETE SET, in elà calf, £25.

the same, (publicata Lipsia), from the commencement in 1682 to 1694, 14 vols. 4to. neat, 14s Lipsia. - ACTA (NOVA) REGIE SOCIETATIS SCIENTIARUM UPSALIENSIS, 6 vols. 4to. 52 plates, bds. £1. 10s Upsal. 1795-99 Containing many valuable papers on subjects of Mathematics, Astronomy, Philology, Natural History, &c. ASIATIC RESEARCHES; or Transactions of

the Society instituted in Bengal, for inquiring into the History and Antiquities, the Arts, Sciences, and Literature, of Asia, 11 vols. 4to. plates, russia, £4. 14s 6d Lond. 1799-1812 the same, vols. 12, 15 and 16, royal 4to. plates, bds. £4. 14s 6d Calcutta, 1816-25-28 Asiatic Society's Transactions-See Oriental Literature.

ATTI DELLA REALE ACCADEMIA DELLE SCIENZE; Sezione della Società Reale Borbonica, vol. 1, royal 4to. plates of Mathematics, Natural History, &c. sd. 10s 6d Napoli, 181S



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· BONONIENSIS SCIENTIARUM et Artium Instituti atque Academiæ Commentarii, 7 vols. in 10, 4to. complete, plates, very neat, £4. 4s Bononia, 1731-91


LONDON, 8 vols. 4to. plates, (pub. at £15. 15s)
the first three vols. neatly hf. bd. calf, the re-
mainder sewed, £5. 5s

L'INDUSTRIE NATIONALE, 1802 à 1821, 20 vols.
4to. with upwards of 200 plates, half bound russia,
£3. 3s
Paris, 1802-21
BULLETIN (NOUVEAU) des Sciences, par la Société
Philomatique de Paris, année 1826, 4to. plates,
3s 6d


- GOTTINGEN TRANSACTIONS, viz. Novi Commentarii Societatis Regiæ Scientiarum Gottingensis, 1769-1777, 8 vols.-Commentationes, 1778-1808, 16 vols. (vol. 4 wanting)— Commentationes Recentiores, 1808-1811-together 24 vols. 4to. plates, uncut, £5.

Containing many valuable Physical, Mathematical, Philological, Historical, and Archæological Tracts, by Haller, M. Gesner, Meiners, Gatterer, Haller, and


vols. 4to. plates, hf. bd. £3. 13s 6d
Berlin, 1745-64
tural History.
des Sciences et des Arts, viz. ANCIEN IN-
STITUT: Sciences Physiques et Mathématiques,
jusqu'en 1815, 19 vols.; Sciences Morales
et Politiques, 5 vols.; Littérature et Beaux
Arts, 5 vols.; Savans Etrangers, Sciences
Physiques et Mathématiques, 2 vols.; Base
du Systême Métrique Décimal, par Delam-
bre, 3 vols. (this portion is often deficient in
sets; Recueil d'Observations Géodésiques,
Astronomiques et Physiques, faisant suite
au troisième volume de la Base du Système
Métrique, par Biot et Arago, 1 vol.; Rap-
ports sur les Progrès des Sciences Na-
turelles et Mathématiques et sur les Progrès
de l'Histoire et de la Littérature Ancienne,
depuis 1789, par Cuvier, Delambre
Dacier, 3 vols.; Rapport sur le Concours pour
les Prix Décennaux, 1 vol.; NOUVELLE DI-
Academie Royale des
années 1816 à 1832, 11 vols.; Savans
Etrangers, Académie des Sciences, 2 vols.
Histoire et Littérature Ancienne sous ce titre
jusqu'au 4e vol. et depuis sous le titre d'Académie
des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, années 1815
à 1827, 8 vols.-together 60 vols. 4to. plates,
(pub. at upwards of £80.) bds, uncut, (from
the Duke of Sussex's Library) £25.


Paris, 1798-1832 another set, viz. Sciences Physiques et Mathématiques, 18 vols.; Sciences Morales et Politiques, 5 vols.; Littérature et Beaux Arts, 5 vols.; Savans Etrangers, 2 vols.; Base du Système Métrique décimale, par Delambre, 3 vols.; Histoire et Littérature Ancienne, 2 vols. ; in all 35 vols. 4to. bds. £12. 12s ib. 1798-1815 another set, viz. Sciences Mathématiques et Physiques, 18 vols; Savans Etrangers, 2 vols. -together 20 vols. 4to. plates, hf. bd. calf, il. 1798-1824 £7.73

1822-35 DAS


Sciencias de Lisboa, 11 vols. folio, sewed, £7. 17s 6d Lisboa, 1797-1831 -PHILOSOPHICAL MAGAZINE,from its commencement in June 1798, to December 1820, comprehending the various branches of Science, the liberal and fine Arts, Geology, Agriculture, Manufactures, and Commerce, by Alex. Tilloch, 56 vols. 8vo. plates, neatly hf. bd. £6. 6s


the same, from the commencement in June 1798, to June 1825, together 65 vols. 8vo. plates, hf. 1798-1820 bd. calf, £8. 8s

- PHILOSOPHICAL TRANSACTIONS of the ROYAL SOCIETY OF LONDON, from the commencement in 1665 to 1750, abridged by Lowthorp, Jones, and others; with the Trans. actions at Large, from 1751, (vol. 47) to 1803, (vol. 94) and Maty's Index to the first 70 vols. -in all 67 vols. 4to. plates, uniform in calf, £25. 1722-1803

the same, from 1804 to 1838 inclusive, bound in 33 vols. 4to. plates, neat in calf, £21. 1804-1838

This series happens to be exactly the continuation of the preceding, and together they would form the set complete to 1838.

- the same, for 1818 to 1840 inclusive, 24 vols. 1818-1840 4to. plates, hf. bd. calf, £15.

the same, from 1793 to 1803, in 22 parts, 4to. plates, sewed, £4. 4s

the same, for 1788, pt. 2; 1789, pt. 1; 1791 pt. 2; 1794, pt. 2; 1798; 1800, pt. 1; 4to. plates, bds. £1. 5s

the same, for 1808 and 1809, 2 vols. 4to. plates, russia extra, £1. 1s

-the same, for 1821 to 1827, pt. 1, inclusive; 1836, pt. 1; 1837, pt. 1; 1838, pt. 2; 1842, pts. 1, £5.5s


SOCIETY of LONDON, from the commencement
in 1665 to 1800, abridged, with Notes and
Biographical Illustrations, by Drs. Hutton,
Shaw, and Pearson, 18 vols. 4to.
PAPER, many plutes, (pub. at £42. 10s in bds.)
very neat in brown calf, £8. 18s 6d
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society
of London, from its Institution in 1665 to
1735, abridged by Baddam, 10 vols. 8vo. plates,
hds 15s

Philosophical History and Memoirs of the Royal
Academy of Sciences at Paris; the Papers re-
lating to Natural Philosophy, translated and
abridged by Martyn and Chambers, 5 vols.
8vo. plates, bds. uncut, 15s


vols. 1 to 10, 4to. plates, very neat in russia,
marbled edges (from the Duke of Sussex's
Library) £5.
Dublin, 1787-1806
the same, royal 4to. Vol. 12, plates, bds. 15s
ib. 1815

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TRANSACTIONS OF THE CAMBRIDGE PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY, vols. 1 to 8, part 2 (all published) 4to. plates, some coloured, (pub. at £14. 14s) in parts, £8. 8s Camb. 1822-45 TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF LITERATURE-See English Books.

- TRANSACTIONS OF THE SOCIETY OF ARTS, MANUFACTURES, AND COMMERCE, from the commencement in 1783 to 1836, 51 vols. 8vo. many 1783-1837 plates, hf. bd. russia, £7. 17s 6d

the same, from 1783 to 1836, 51 vols. in 26, 8vo. new and very neatly hf. bd. calf, £6. 16s 6d


- TRANSACTIONS OF THE ROYAL SOCIETY of EDINBURGH, 13 vols. 4to. plates, (pub. at £21.) hf. bd. uncut, £9. 9s Edinburgh, 1788-1836 -TRANSACTIONS OF THE LITERARY SOCIETY OF BOMBAY-See Oriental Books.

-TRANSACTIONS of the MILAN ACADEMY: Opus. coli scelti sulle Scienze e sulle Arti, 21 vols. 4to. plates, hf. bd. russia, uncut, (from the Library of the Duke of Susser) £5. 5s

Milano, 1778-1801 - TRANSACTIONS OF THE BATAVIAN SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY, at Haarlem: Natuurkundige Verhandelingen van de Bataafsche Maatschappy der Weten schappen, 5 vols. 8vo. with 62 folding plates, cloth bds. £1.10s Amst. 1799-1809 - TRANSACTIONS OF THE NORWAY ASSOCIATION, at Drontheim Schriften der Drontheimischen Gesellschaft, 4 vols. in 3, 8vo. with 47 plates, chiefly of Natural History, hf. bd. calf, 10s 6d Kopenhagen, 1765-70 TURNER'S (E.) Elements of Chemistry, thick 8vo. cuts, (pub. at l. 1s) hf. bd. calf, 9s 1831 TYCHONIS BRAHE Astronomiæ instauratæ Mechanica, folio,plates, calf, 10s 6d Noribergia, 1602 URE'S Philosophy of Manufactures, being an Exposition of the Scientific, Moral, and Commercial Economy of Great Britain, second edition, enlarged, 8vo. with wood-cuts and steel plates, (pub. at 10s 6d) extra cloth bds. 7s 1835

Cotton Manufacture of Great Britain, Systematically investigated and illustrated by 150 original Figures on wood and steel; with an Introductory View of its comparative state in Foreign Countries, drawn chiefly from personal survey, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £1. 1s) extra cloth bds. 12s 1836

Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures, and Mines, containing a clear exposition of their principles and practice, thick 8vo. illustrated with 1240 engravings on wood, cloth bds. £2.10s 1843 VETERUM MATHEMATICORUM, (Athenæi, Apollodori, Philonis, Bitonis, Heronis, et aliorum) Opera, Gr. et Lat. (studio Boivin, Thevenot, et De la Hire), folio, neat, £1. 11s 6d Paris, 1693 VIETE Opera Mathematica, studio Schooten, fol. old calf, 78 6a L. Bat. Elzevirii, 1646

Canon Mathematicus, seu, ad Triangula, cum Appendicibus. Item Canonion Triangulorum Laterum Rationalium, unà cum Universalium Inspectionum ad Canonem Mathematicum libro singulari, folio, neat, £2. 5s Lutet. Par. 1579

Very rare. Dr. Hatton says that " the copies of this work are so rare, that he never saw one besides that which was in his own possession, nor ever met with any other person at all acquainted with such a book."

VINCE'S (Professor) Complete System of Astronomy, 3 vols. royal 4to. plates, (pub. at 6. 6s) half bound russia, fl. 18

Cambridge, 1797-1808 the same, 3 vols. in 4, 4to. plates, neat in calf, £1. 18s ib. 1797-1808 Elements of Astronomy, 8vo. bds. 4s ib. 1810 Elements of the Conic Sections, as preparatory to the Reading of Sir I. Newton's Principia, 8vo. 3 plates, sewed, 28 ib. 1781

Treatise on practical Astronomy, royal 4to. 8 plates, calf, 7s ib. 1790 WALLIS'S (John) English Works, viz. Treatise of Algebra; Cono-Cuneus, or the Shipwright's Circular Wedge; Treatise of Angular Sections; with Caswell's Doctrine of Trigonometry, folio, portrait, &c. old calf, 5s


WARING, MEDITATIONES ALGEBRAICE, Cant. 1782 -MEDITATIONES ANALYTICE, ib. 1785-Proprietates Algebraicarum Curvarum, ib. 1772— 3 vols. in 2, 4to. very neat in calf, rare, £1. 10s Meditationes Analyticæ, 4to. bds. 16s Cantab. 1785 Miscellanea Analytica, de Equationibus Algebraicis et Curvarum Proprietatibus, 4to. 3 plates, very neat in calf, 18s ib. 1762 WATSON'S (R. Bp. of Llandaff) Chemical Essays, 5 vols. 12mo. Etruscan calf, gilt edges, bound by Edwards of Halifax, fine set, 15s 1787-89 WESLEY'S Compendium of Natural Philosophy, 3 vols. 12mo. (Family Lib.) cloth boards, 10s 6d WHEWELL'S (Rev. W.) Astronomy and General 1836 Physics, considered with reference to Natural Theology, 8vo. (Bridgewater Treatise), cloth bds.

9s 6d

1833 History of the Inductive Sciences, from the earliest to the present Times, 3 vols. 8vo. bds. £1. 18s 1837 Philosophy of the Inductive Sciences founded upon their History, 2 vols. 8vo. boards, £1. 8s


Treatise of Dynamics: Vol. 1. On the Free Motion of Points, and on Universal Gravitation, including the principal Propositions of Books I. and III. of the Principia-Vol. II. On the Motion of Points Constrained and Resisted, and on the Motion of a Rigid Body2 vols. 8vo. 9 plates, new edition, (pub. at £1. 3s) bds. 15s Camb. 1832-34 Introduction to Dynamics, containing the Laws of Motion, 8vo. 2 plates, sewed, 2s 6d ib. 1832

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Elementary Treatise on Mechanics; 6th edition, with Improvements and Additions, 8vo. 9 plates, bds. 6s ib. 1841 First Principles of Mechanics, with Historical and Practical Illustrations, 8vo. bds. 4s 6d ib. 1832

Analytical Statics. A Supplement to the Fourth Edition of an Elementary Treatise on Machanics, 8vo. 3 plates, bds. 6s ib. 1833 Doctrine of Limits, with its Applications; namely, Conic Sections, the first three Sections of Newton, the Differential Calculus, 8vo. bds. 6s ib. 1833

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WOOD AND VINCE'S Complete Course of
Mathematics, and Natural Philosophy, viz.
Algebra, Fluxions, Mechanics, Optics, As-
tronomy, 5 vols. 8vo. cuts, fine set in calf,
Camb. 1795-99
uniform, £1. 1s
WOODHOUSE'S Treatise on Isoperimentical Pro-
blems and the Calculus of Variations, 8vo.
ib. 1810
hf. bd. scarce, 7s 6d
Elementary Treatise on Astronomy, 8vo. hf.
ib. 1812
bd. calf, 10s 6d

Treatise on Astronomy, Theoretical and Practical. Vol. I. in 2 parts. I. Theories of the Fixed Stars. II. Theories of the Sun, Planets, and Moon, 8vo. bds. scarce, £1. 8s ib. 1821-23 Elementary Treatise on Astronomy, Vol. II. containing Physical Astronomy, 8vo. bds. 1818 scarce, 10s 6d

Plane and Physical Astronomy, together
3 vols. 8vo. bds. scarce, £2. 10s
ib. 1822

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Treatise on Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, 8vo. (pub. at 12s) bds. 5s YOUNG'S (T.) COURSE OF LECTURES ON NATURAL PHILOSOPHY, and the Mechanical Arts, 2 vols. 4to. many plates, some coloured, boards, scarce, £4.4s


(J. R.) Elements of the Differential Calculus; comprehending the General Theory of Curve Surfaces, and of Curves of Double Curvature, 12mo. (pub. at 8s) cloth bds. 4s


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Moral Philosophy, Schoolmen, Cisionaries, Free-Thinkers, Mpstics.

The Essayists and subjects of Morals and Education, popularly treated, will in general be found in the Miscellaneous Classes.

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Paris, 1838

AHRENS, Cours de Philosophie; partie contenant la Psychologie, 2 vols. 8vo. sewed, 8s ALBERTI MAGNI Opera, edente Jammy, 21 vols. folio, neat, £15. 15s Lugd. 1651 ALCHEMY-See page 301.

ALES (Alex. de)-See Latin Miscellanies. ALISON'S Essays on the Nature and Principles of Taste, 2 vols. 8vo. (pub. at £1. 1s) calf extra, marbled edges, 16s Edinburgh, 1817 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. bds. 9s ib. 1817 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. neat in calf, 12s ib. 1817 the same, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo. neat in calf, 9s ib. 1817 the same, 2 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. calf gilt, 10s 6d ib. 1825

ANDRONICUS RHODIUS-See Gr. et Lat. Classics. ARISTOTLE'S WORKS and Commentaries thereonSee Classics.

ASTROLOGY-See page 302. AYLEWORTH (Guil. Anglus), Metaphysica Scholastica, in qua Philosophiæ et Theologiæ difficultates elucidantur, folio, vellum, 15s Colon. 1675

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BEATTIE'S Elements of Moral Science, 2 vols. 8vo. third edition, (pub. at £16s) cloth lettered, 68

1817 the same, and Essay on the Nature and Immutability of Truth, in opposition to Sophistry and Scepticism, ninth edition, 1820, 3 vols. 8vo. calf gilt, marbled edges, 18s

BEHMEN'S (Jacob) Works, to which is prefixed the Life of the Author, with Figures illustrating his Principles. Left by the Rev. W. Law, 4 vols. 4to. neut, £4. 14s 6d 1764-81 BENTHAM'S Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, 2 vols. 8vo. portrait, (pub. at £1. 1s) bds. 14s 1823 BERGIER, Examen du Materialisme ou Rétutation du Système de la Nature, 2 vols. 12mo. veau fauve, 12s Paris, 1772 BERKELEY'S (Bp.) Works-See English Books.




Alciphron, or, the Minute Philosopher, an Apology for the Christian Religion against Free-Thinkers, 8vo. neat, 3s BOSANQUET'S New System of Logic, 8vo. bds. BOYLE'S WORKS- See Physics. BROWN'S (John) Essays on the Characteristics of the Earl of Shaftesbury, 8vo. calf, 3s 6d 1751 BROWN'S (Dr. Thomas) Lectures on the Philosophy of the Human Mind, 4 vols. 8vo. bds. £2. Edinb. 1845 the same, complete in 1 vol. 8vo. with a Memoir by Welsh, fourteenth edition, bds. 16s

the same, 8vo. calf extra, £1.

ib. 1844 ib. 1830

"An inestimable book."-Dr. Parr. Inquiry into the Relation of Cause and Effect, 8vo. third edition, hf. bd. 128 1818

the same, 8vo. fourth edition, bds. 12s 1835 the same, 8vo. calf gilt, 15s 1835 "If ever there was a system which deserved the appellation of intelligible, compact, consistent, simple, this is the one."-N. A. Quarterly Review. BRUCKERI Historia Critica Philosophiæ, 6 vols. 4to. portrait, fine paper, very neat in Dutch vellum, £3. 13s 6d Lips. 1742-67 the same, 6 vols. 4to. hf. bd. old culf, £3.3s ib. 1767

Both these editions contain exactly the same." Miscellanea Historia Philosophica Literariæ Criticæ, 8vo. neat, 5s Aug. Vind. 1748 the same, vellum, 5s ib. 1748

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