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4542 Clarendon (Earl of). History of the Rebellion, 8 vol., morocco extra, g. e., Oxford, 1826, royal 8vo. (115) Maggs, £5 17s. 6d. 4543 Coney (J.) Ecclesiastical Edifices of the Olden Times, about 200 engravings (some proofs), no title, 2 vol., half bound (1842), royal folio (313) Quaritch, £2 10s. 4544 Connoisseur (The), vol. i.-xii., original wrappers, 1901-5, 4to. (60) Andrews, 175. 4545 Cook (Captain). Catalogue of Cloth made by the Inhabitants of the South Sea Islands, specimens of the cloth, 1787Gianetti (M.) Elegy of Captain James Cook, with an English Translation, morocco, gauffred edges, Florence, 1785, together 2 vol., 4to. (255) Maggs, £10 5s. 4546 Cook (Captain). Second Voyage. The Series of Plates, printed on large size folio paper, proofs before the engraver's numbers or lettering, with several duplicates of the engravings in other states, proofs before the letters, and etchings in curious and rare states, half russia, g. e., 1776-77, atlas folio (322) Quaritch, £38

[Not more than six sets were printed in this size, for official persons connected with the Admiralty.-Catalogue.] 4547 Cooke (G.) London and its Vicinity, LARGE PAPER, 50 proof plates, russia gilt, 1826-28, folio (301) Rimell, £1 2s. 4548 Cotman (J. S.) Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, LARGE PAPER, India proof plates, 2 vol., half bound, 1820-22, folio (305) Bull, 15s. 4549 Davies (Sir John). A Discoverie of the true causes why Ireland was never subdued, second edition, old calf, stained, J. Jaggard, 1613, 4to. (50) Tregaskis, 1 IIS. 4550 Donovan (E.) Natural History of British Insects, coloured plates, 10 vol. in 5, half bound, not uniform, 1792-1801, 8vo. (17) Lewine, 12s.

[Should be 16 vol., 1792-1813.—ED.]

4551 Edwards (G.) Natural History of Birds, portrait (inlaid) and coloured plates, 7 vol., morocco extra, 1743-64, 4to. (225) Ames, £75s. 4552 Egypt Exploration Fund. The Temple of Deir el Bahari, by E. Naville, part ii., plates xxv.-lv., 1896-Newton (C. T.) Discoveries at Halicarnassus, Cnidus and Branchidiæ, 97 plates, vol. i., 1862, together 2 vol., folio (362)

4553 Erasmus.

Ames, 14 10s. Adagiorum chiliades tres, ac Centuriae fere totidem, first Aldine edition, half calf, title mended (wormholes), Venet. in aedibus Aldi, 1508, folio (374)

Maggs, £111S.

4554 Fergusson (J.) Handbook of Architecture, numerous illustrations, 2 vol., 1855-History of Modern Styles of Architecture, 312 illustrations, 1862, together 3 vol., 8vo. (132) Edwards, 11s.

4555 Flaxman (J.) Illustrations to Homer, Eschylus and Hesiod, in 1 vol., morocco gilt, 1805-17, folio (330)

Rimell, i

4556 Freeman (E. A.) Norman Conquest, 6 vol., including the Index (wanting vol. ii.), Oxford, 1867-76, 8vo. (113) Edwards, £3 15s. 4557 Froude (J. A.) History of England, 12 vol., original cloth, 1858-70, 8vo. (105) Grote, £3 4558 Galleria dell' I. e Reale Accademia delle belle Arti di Firenze, India proofs, vellum gilt, g. e., Firenze, 1845, imperial folio (372) Bull, 9s. 4559 Gell (Sir W.) Pompeiana, both series, LARGE PAPER, plates in duplicate, India proofs and etchings, 3 vol. in 4, half morocco, uncut, 1817-19-32, 4to. (223) Maggs, £3 4560 Goldsmith (O.) The Deserted Village, by the Etching Club, 40 plates, India proofs, vellum gilt, g. e., 1842 (368)

Walpole, £2 2s. 4561 Grenville (Rt. Hon. Thomas). Bibliotheca Grenvilliana, LARGE PAPER (one of 30 copies), presentation copy, four autograph notes inserted, 3 vol., half morocco, uncut, 1842-48, imperial 8vo. (149) H. Stevens, £ 16s. 4562 Grose (F.) Antiquities of England and Wales, 5 vol. in 6— Ireland, 2 vol.-Scotland, 2 vol., together 10 vol., old russia, 1773-91, 4to. (219) Walpole, £2 25.

4563 Grote (G.) History of Greece, portrait and maps, 12 vol., 1846-57, 8vo. (101)

4564 Harris (J.) Voyages and Travels, 2 vol.,

Quaritch, £4 russia, g. e., by Quaritch, £2

Hering, 1744-8, folio (279) 4565 Headlam (C.) Oxford and its Story, 24 lithographs, etc. by Railton, buckram, uncut, t. e. g., 1904, 4to. (18) Godfrey, 6s. 4566 Hippocrates. Opera omnia, Græce, cura F. Asulani, old morocco, Venetiis in ædibus Aldi et Andrea Asulani Soceri, 1526, folio (289) Maggs, £4 16s. 4567 Hogg (J.) Jacobite Relics of Scotland, both series, 2 vol., calf gilt, g. e., Edinburgh, 1819-21, 8vo.


Quaritch, £1 5s. 4568 Holbein. Les Simulachres et Historiées Faces de la Mort, frontispiece (mounted) and 41 engravings, large woodcut at the end, mounted (margins cut into), limp vellum, Á Lyon, 1538, 4to. (274) Leighton, £7 10s. 4569 Hook (Dean). Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury, both series, and Index, presentation copy from the author, 12 vol., 1861-76, 8vo. (112) Grote, £2 8s.

4570 Hooker (Sir W. J.) Century of Ferns, 1854-Second Century of Ferns, 1861, 200 coloured plates, 2 vol., half bound, uncut, 1854-61, imperial 8vo. (74) Thin, £1 6s. Transactions, vol. i.-vii., 1812-30, 4to. (226) Maggs, £3 45.

4571 Horticultural Society of London.

7 vol., morocco extra, g. e., by Lewis,

4572 Houbraken (J.) Heads of Illustrious Persons, Nos. i.-xxii., in the original wrappers as issued, 88 portraits, 1743, royal folio (333) Tregaskis, £6 2s. 6d. 4573 Hutchinson (J. H.) Commercial Restraints of Ireland, first edition, suppressed and burnt by the hangman, calf, Dublin, 1779, 8vo. (33) Tregaskis, £1 105.

4574 Jones (Inigo). Designs for Publick and Private Buildings, 2 vol. in 1, calf gilt, 1727, folio (291) Sotheran, £4 4575 Jones (Sir W.) Works, by Lord Teignmouth, LARGE PAPER, portraits and plates, 7 vol., morocco, g. e., 1799-1801, royal 4to. (224) Walpole, £2 4576 Kipling (Rudyard). The Jungle Book, 1894-The Second Jungle Book, 1895, first editions, illustrations by J. L. Kipling, etc., original cloth, 1894-95, 8vo. (167) Ames, 125. 4577 Lavater (J. C.) Physiognomy, by Hunter, 800 engravings, 3 vol. in 5, old russia, 1789, etc., royal 4to. (217) Maggs, £2 14s. 4578 Leech (John). Pictures of Life and Character, series i.-iv., illustrated boards, 1854-63, oblong folio (24)


Maggs, £110s. 4579 Meteyard (E.) Wedgwood and his Works, 2 vol., illustrations, 1865-6, royal 4to. (260) Hill, £ 5s.

4580 Mitford (J.) My Cousin in the Army, coloured plates, half morocco, n. d., 8vo. (64) Edwards, 1 128. 4581 Johnny Newcome in the Navy, coloured plates, half morocco, title and some leaves repaired, 1823, 8vo. (65)

Godfrey, £135. 4582 Neale (J. P.) History and Antiquities of Westminster Abbey, LARGE PAPER (one of 50 copies), plates in duplicate, India proofs and etchings, 2 vol., half russia, uncut, 1818-23, folio (285) Walford, 10s. 4583 Ottley (W. Y.) Inquiry concerning the Invention of Printing, 37 plates and woodcuts, 1863, 4to. (243) Walpole, £ 4s. 4584 Ottley (W. Y.) Paintings and Sculptures of the Early Florentine School, 54 engravings, proofs, original boards, 1826, imperial folio (325) Bull, 10s. 4585 Parker (J. H.) Domestic Architecture, by T. H. Turner, illustrations, 4 vol., Oxford, 1851-59, 8vo. (130)

Sotheran, £2 6s. 4586 Parker (J. H.) Glossary of Terms used in Architecture, fifth edition, illustrations, 3 vol., 1850, 8vo. (131)

Edwards, 16s.

4587 Paxton (J.) Magazine of Botany, coloured plates, vol. i.-v., half morocco, g.e., 1834-38-Loddiges (C.) Botanical Cabinet, vol. x.-xiii., coloured plates, 4 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., 1824-27, together 9 vol., 4to. (227) Walpole, £3 35. 4588 Pennant (T.) Tours in Wales, portraits and plates, 3 vol., 1810-Some Account of London, portraits and plates, 1813 - Journey from Chester to London, portraits, 1811British Zoology, plates, 4 vol., 1812, together 9 vol., morocco, g. e., 1810-13, royal 8vo. (152) Maggs, £2 6s. 4589 Pine (J.) Tapestry Hangings of the House of Lords, 10 plates and to double-page engravings, half russia, 1739, royal folio (335) Sotheran, £5 4590 Poets. Works of the English Poets, prefaces by Dr. Johnson, additional Lives by A. Chalmers, 21 vol., half bound, uncut, 1810, royal folio (121) Sotheran, £5 7s. 6d. 4591 Prescott (W. H.) History of Philip the Second, 3 vol.—



Ferdinand and Isabella, 2 vol.-Conquest of Mexico, 2 vol. -Conquest of Peru, 2 vol., portraits, etc., together 9 vol., 1845-59, 8vo. (118) Zaehnsdorf, £5 7s. 6d. 4592 Pugin (A.) Architectural Antiquities of Normandy, India proofs, russia extra, g.e., by Clarke, text inlaid, 1828, royal 4to. (261) Quaritch, £1 125. 4593 Racing Calendar (Weatherby's), from the commencement in 1773 to 1905 (wanted 1903), 132 vol.-Races to Come, 1847 to 1906 (wanted 30 vol.)-Steeple Chases Past, 1866 to 1904, 38 vol., together 200 vol., calf (3 vol. cloth), 17731906, 8vo. (67) Hutt, £10 4594 Racing Calendar (Weatherby's), from 1777 to 1902 (wanted 20 vol.), 104 vol.-Races to Come, 1847 to 1859 (wanted 3 vol.), and 1897, 1898 and 1901, together 117 vol., calf, 17771902, 8vo. (68) Hutt, LI 4595 Raffaelle. Loggie nel Vaticano, the three series, 43 engravings by Volpato and others, with the general view, plan of the gallery, etc., coloured by hand throughout, mounted on double sheets, 2 vol., size of the volumes 3 feet 11 inches by 2 feet 10 inches, half morocco, g. e., 1772-77, double elephant folio (282) Quaritch, £30 4596 Rapin (M.) History of England, by N. Tindal, portraits by Houbraken and Vertue, plates, vignettes, etc., 5 vol., vol. i. and ii. printed on writing paper, old morocco, richly gilt, the remainder in russia, g. e. (a little worn), 1743-47, folio (280) Dobell, £2 4597 Recueil d'Estampes d'après les plus beaux Tableaux dans le Cabinet du Roy (Crozat), tome premier, 165 engravings, 2 vol., old half calf, Paris, 1729-42, atlas folio (345)

Leighton, £4 6s. 4598 Recueil d'Estampes d'après les plus célèbres Tableaux de la Galerie Royale de Dresde, 2 portraits, engravings by Folkema, Houbraken, etc., vol. i.-ii. (should be 3 vol.), Dresde, 1753-57, atlas folio (319) Quaritch, £5 5s. 4599 Rhodes (E.) Peak Scenery, 2 vol., LARGE PAPER, India proofs, half morocco, 1818-22, 4to. (250) Bloomfield, L 4600 Richardson (W.) Monastic Ruins of Yorkshire, tinted engravings (slightly spotted), 2 vol., russia extra, by F. Bedford, York, 1843-52, imperial folio (317)

Godfrey, £3 7s. 6d. 4601 Roberts (David). Views in the Holy Land, Syria, etc., with descriptions by D. Croly and W. Brockedon, portrait and lithographic plates (a little spotted), 3 vol., 1842-49—Egypt, Nubia, etc., plates coloured in imitation of drawings and mounted, 3 vol., 1846-49, together 6 vol., russia gilt extra, g. e., by Clarke, atlas folio (318) Bloomfield, £10

4602 Robson (G. F.) Grampian Mountains, 41 coloured plates and a map, original binding (damaged and loose), 1819, folio (28) Barnard, 17s. 4603 Rosini (Giov.) Monumenta della Pittura Italiana, plates, 7 vol., 8vo.-Two Folio Volumes of Plates, vellum gilt, g. e., Pisa, 1839-47 (129) Maggs, £1 16s.

4604 Rossini (L.) Antichita di Roma, 73 engravings, half morocco extra, Roma, 1826, atlas folio (315)

£2 8s.

4605 Rossini (L.) Antichita di Roma, another edition, 101 engravings, no title, half morocco extra, g. e., Roma, 1823, atlas folio (316) Batsford, 112S. 4606 Russel (R.) Extracts on the Natural History of Bees, from Huber, Key, Bonner, etc., Elgin, 1822, 8vo. (201)

[This was translated by a youth which he cut the type, composed and then worked off the sheets.

Tregaskis, £2 18s. 15 years of age, for the forms of letter, Afterwards binding

up the volume, he presented it to W. Blackwood, the bookseller, who again presented it to Sir Francis Freeling.— Catalogue.] 4607 St. Victor (B. de). Album Calligraphique, 236 drawings of initial letters, etc., illuminated, morocco, n. d., 4to. (236)

Maggs, £4 12s. 4608 Scott (Sir W.) Lady of the Lake, first edition, portrait and autograph letter of the author inserted, Edinburgh, 1810, 4to. (238) Ames, £4 55. 4609 Selby (P. J.) History of British Forest Trees, nearly 200 engravings, 1842-Forbes (E.) History of British Starfishes, woodcuts, 1841, and others, together 14 vol., 8vo. (98) Quaritch, £1 45. 4610 Selby (P. J.) Illustrations of British Ornithology, 2 vol., calf, Edinburgh, 1825-33, 8vo.-Also folio containing about 80 coloured plates, half morocco (213) Bloomfield, £4 15s. 4611 Shorthouse (J. Henry). John Inglesant, first edition, parchment, uncut, t. e. g., autograph signature of the author, Birmingham, 1880, 8vo. (153) Young, £6 4612 Siniscalchus (L.) Vollstandiges Bell-und Les-Buch, frontispiece, old morocco, ornamented on sides in silver, repoussé, with silver clasp, Augsburg, 1773, 8vo. (174) Sotheran, £4 10s. 4613 Statius. Orthographia et Flexus dictionum Graecarum omnium, old morocco, gauffred edges, Venet., Aldi, 1502— Bembo (P.) Gli Asolani, old stamped binding, worm-holed, Vinegia, Aldi, 1515-Ciceronis Rhetoricorum ad Herennium libri IIII., half calf, Venet., P. Manutium, Aldi Filium, 1554, together 3 vol., 8vo. (199) Leighton, £3 17s. 6d.

4614 Stokes (W.) Early Christian Architecture in Ireland, frontispiece, 52 plates and woodcuts, 1878, imperial 8vo. Bain, £75.

Saxby, £3

(47) 4615 Stothard (C. A.) Monumental Effigies, russia gilt, g. e., 1817, royal 4to. (229) 4616 Strutt (J. G.) Sylva Britannica, India proofs, morocco gilt, g. e., 1826, imperial folio (326) Walpole, 148. 4617 Strype (John). Lives of Cranmer, Whitgift, Parker, etc., and General Index, portraits, together 12 vol., vellum, r. e., autograph letter of John Strype, Oxford, 1812-40, 8vo. (127) Tregaskis, Li 75.

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