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V. 45.


Munsey indians. ii. 6.

Namauskeag river. iii. 169.
Munster, city. iv. 15.

Names variously spelled. i. 164.
Murdock, john, of plymouth, his be- Nanahumas neck." iii. 33.

quest to the poor and schools there. Nanamesset. iii. 75. 76.
jii. 193. iv, 87. 89.

Nanda quees indians, their residence
Murdock, thomas. iii. 194.

and number. ji. 24.
iv. 277.

Nanepashemet, king of massachusetts
Murdock’s ponds. iii. 181.

indians, his hut and forts. ix. 58.
i. 138.

Nanohigganset. See narraganset in-
Murray, general. ii. 237. quoted. dians.
x. 139.

Nanrantsouak, or norridgewock. viii.
Muscle shoals. ij. 15.

Muscogees, or middle creek indians, Nantasket. iy. 282.

a trading house
their language. ii. 18. 19.

established there by plymouth peo-
Musconogees indians. ii. 11.

ple. v. 102. its tax. vii. P. 31.
Musick, sacred, anecdote about. iv. a plantation and fort ordered to be

begun there.

P. 84. which is
Muskeget. ii. 19. 34. island, its given over on examination ; suffer-
meaning. iii. 182.

ings of gov. winthrop and others at.
Musketaquid, or concord, settled. P. 84.

Nanton, sir robert, chief secretary of
Muskoutings indians. viii. 251. state, intended for plymouth colo-
Museum, anatomical. i. 117.

Musquomacuck. 'vii. 75.

Nantucket, notes on. iji. 19.
Muzzey, isaac. viii. 46.

ty of, how composed. 19. island
Muzzy, joseph. viii. 106.

of; light house and bearings; ponds
Myantonemo. See miantonemo. and wells. 21. climate compared
Myoxeo, an indian. vi. 657.658. with that of salem. 21. 22. soil.
Mystick. See mistick.

23. productions, plants, fruits,

trees. 24. has no fire wood; cat-

tle and sheep; common lands; di-

visions. 25. fish of superiour qual-
Nabadachies indians, their residence ity ; town, dwelling houses, stores,
and number. ii. 24.

&c. windmills. 26. buildings, ma-
Nagadoches. ii. 25.

sonick hall, museum. 27. streets,
Nahant. See nehant.

price of house lots, number of in-
Nahigganset, why so called. vii. 75. habitants. 28. commerce and
See narraganset.

shipping. 28. 29.

whale fishery
Nails manufactured at bridgewater. crews, how paid. 29. manufac-
vii. 176.

tures. 31. diseases and longevity
Nain, on the coast of labrador, mora- at. 31. 32. religious denomina-

vian establishment at. ii. 44.' tions; mostly quakers; manners,
Namakaus indians, their residence, customs, &c. 32. historical dates;

number, language, and warriours. settlement of. 33. patent, confir-
ii. 29.

mation of. 37. former descriptions
Namaschet, submits to king of eng- of, noticed. 37. 88.

granted to
land. ix. 68. kingdom of, in new duke of york ; purchased of earl of
england. 27. visited by plymouth stirling. 85. indians.

34. only
people. 52.

8 remaining; attempts to convert;
Namascheucks, an indian. ix. 52. anecdotes and fables of. 34. 36.
Namasket, or namaschet, its indian Nantucket shoals. iv. 232.

relicks. iii. 178. iv. 268. 204. vii. Narlow, lieut. viji. 156.
142. 172.

Narponset indians. v.32.
Namasket river, source of. x. 35. Narraganset bay. iii. 163. iv. 281.
Namassachusett. vii. 137.

visited very early by frenchmen. ix.
Namassakeese river. iv. 227.

50. charter of. vii. 99. 100. Vide
Namaus, its meaning. iii. 169.

rhode island.

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v. 172.


Narraganset hill, tradition about. iii. and their sachem, miantonimo, put

to death. 202. forced to make
Narranganset; indians, mission to ; peace by united colonies.

their school. ii. 47. or niantick ina

country, settlement begun. 198.
dians. 66. iy. 28. number of their place of residence of the narragan-
warriours. 42. are powerful. sets. 235. indians, preparations
vi. 67. at war with the pequods ; made to war with. x. 59. 60.
waylay the commissioners of the at the mouth of connecticut
pequods. 176. make peace with river.

v. 33.

their government.
massachusetts. 254. conspire 33.
against massachusetts. 446. their Narraganset river, no such river
plot against the english discovered. known. vii. 107.
449. inake peace with massachu. Narrative of old planters. i. (xxix.)
setts. 453. and others; account by j. scottow. iv. 104.
of the proceedings of the english Narrowbiggonset submits to king of
against, published by order of the england. ix. 68.
commissioners. 454. sachems com- Narrohiggonsetts, or narragansets. ix.
plain of the english. vii. 81. and 27.
mohiggans, battle between. 47. Narrow gansits. See narraganset in.
why called nahiganset. 75. make dians.
peace with massachusetts. 76. Narrows at wareham. iv. 287.
sometimes called king's province. Nash, samuel, his deposition. vii.
92. 99. 100. 102. 105. 110.

142. 138. 139. X. 57. 66. 69.
sons why narraganset should be a Nash,

vii. 123.
part of rhode island, and not of Nashaun island, account of. iii. 75.
plymouth colony. 103. 105. 107. 76. soil and productions. 76. cheese
111. indians request to be under and deer; owned by hon. james
the jurisdiction of rhode island. bowdoin. 76. 77. iv. 252.
108. claimed by connecticut. 110. Nashawenna island. ji. 77.
abandoned by inhabitants for fear Nashouohkamuck. iii. 83.
of indians. 111. indians submit Nashua river. vii. 66.
to king of england. 99. 105. and Nashville. iv. 68. sufferings of first
sell territory in narraganset. 99. settlers. vii. 65.
105. sachems of, address the king. Nasitt.
106. behaviour of the narragan- Nason, rev. reuben, his account of
sets toward rhode island; cause of freeport. iv. 176. ordained at free-
their war; provisions of charter

port. 181.
touching war with. 111. manu- Nassowanno, lawrence, an indian.
scripts relating to lands. 184. sell i. 180.
corn to massachusetts people. vii. Natardin, or catardin mount, descrip-
P. 5. quarrel at swoams. P. 58. tion of. viii. 112. 116.

indian su-
wars with the pequots; sometimes perstition about. 116.
called anygansets. P. 59. place Natasket, taxed £l out of £50 in mas-
of residence. viji. 122. an agent

sachusetts. vii. P. 1. See nantas-
sent to, who prevents their joining

the pequots.

123. indians join Natawanute, a great sachem of con-
capt. mason against the pequots. necticut river. vii. P. 95.
136. indians' sacrifices at. ix. 93. Natches, indian, language. ii. 18.
suffered less by disease than other Natchitoches. ii. 23. 24. indians. 26.
indians. 94. roger williams preach- 27.
es christianity to, every month, Natick indians, lecture to. ii. 108.
which is listened to. 203. have visited and described by j. dunton.
4000 fighting men at the time of the 108. 115. manner of living; de-
first pequot war; much influenced

scription of queen; government mo-
by roger williams. 177. 180. 181. narchical. 109. authority of king;
submit to charles i.; at war with , revenue, &c. nobility. 110. pún-
the mohegans. 201. are defeated,

ishments among.

111. religion.

v. 54.

V. 17.

V. 32.

V. 224.

111. 112. pay homage to certain Nepess lake. ii. 35.
creatures, in which they suppose Neponset river. vii. 117. 142.
some deity to be lodged. 112. Netop, an indian word, signifying
account of priests; notions of a fu- friend. ii. 119.
ture state. 113. squaws; much Newbury, walter. viii. 182. 183.
benefited by rev. j. eliot; cove- Newbury. i. (ix.) tenth church gath-
nant, as drawn by rev. j. eliot. 114. ered at, presbyterian. iii. 114.
conversion of; early had six church- number of inhabitants. 145.
es and eighteen assemblies of cate- indians at. 32. settled. 158. vii.
chumens. 115. manner of burial; 12. 126. petition to massachusetts
blacken their faces in time of general court against disloyalty,
mourning. 122. assist the english. and in favor of appeasing charles ii.,
vi. 634. many of them christians. and the names of the petitioners.

viii. 105. 106.
Nattawahunt. v. 61.

Newbury falls.
Natural history, lectures on. i. 118. Newburyport, humane society of. i.

professorship of, instituted at har- 121.
vard university. x. 165.

Newcastle, delaware. vi. 675.
Nauduwassies. See sioux. ii. 39. Newcomen, john, murdered. vii. P. 2.
Nauhaud, widow, indian. ii. 6. Newell, capt. eliphalet. ii. 175.
Nauhaut, deacon elisha. iii. 17. Newgate, john. x. 24.
Naumkeag, or naumkeek. i. (iv.) now Newichawannicke, assigned to capt.
salem. ii. 163. indians at.

V. 32.

saw mill at, set up
a few people early at. 102. plant- by capt. masun. 225.

ers arrive at; named salem. 112. Newington, new hampshire. iv. 71.
Nausamund, in virginia. ix. 119. Newman, francis, governour of new-
Nauset, kingdom of, in new england. haven. vi. 330. commissioner to
ix. 27. 53. submits to king of eng-

the dutch at new york.

vi. 547.
land. 68. iii. 220. visited by ply-

his death. 557. covenant signed in
mouth people. ix. 53.

his barn. vii. 129.
Naushon island. ii. 16. See nashaun Newman, rev. samuel. vii. 10. his

concordance. 187.
Navigation, english acts of, are observ- Newman, rev. noah, of rehoboth. iv.
ed in massachusetts for some time. 84. 245.
viii. 71.

Newman, mrs. iv. 84.
Navy yard at charlestown. ii. 174. Newman, thomas. viii. 107.
Neal, captain, agent at pascata- Newman, ren. john, of edgartown. iii.

qua. v. 89. agent of sir f. gorges 71. 72.
and others, arrives in the ship war- Newmarch, john. viii. 107.
wick at pascataqua, to find out the Newmarch, elizabeth. x. 177.
great lake. 137. vii. P.7. 30.73.88. Newspapers at plymouth. iii. 177.
letter about pirates. v. 160. 216. in hillsborough county, new hamp-
searches for laconia and returns, shire, account of. vii. 71.
s non est inventa provincia.” 217. Newport, capt. comes out to vir-

ginia with people and provisions,
Neal, rev. daniel, his account of inde- who build jamestown. viii. 203.

pendants alluded to. i. 167. quot- 204. 208.

ed. iv. 233. mentioned. V. (v.) Newport, rhode island, church at, re-
Needham, topographical description fuse to receive messengers from bos-
of. i. 178. mills, meadows and ton church. vi. 340. vii. 103.

brooks. 179. hills, produce, etc. 180. rev. mr. clark's church at, sends
Neensquaes, its meaning. ix. 55. disputants to argue iu, favour of ana-
Nebant, (nahant,) shipwreck at. vii. baptists, at the publick dispute at
P. 20.

boston. viii. 112. planted. »x. 181.
Nelson, horatio, anecdote of. iii. 195. 182. a man tried and condemned
Nemausin indians. ii. 38.

to death at one of its town meet.
Nepeof, an indian sachem. 2.55. ings. 184.


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Newton pond. iii. 51. 58.
Newtown, long island. vi. 669.
Newtown, or nonantum, afterwards

cambridge. ii. 141. iii. 136. set-
tled. v. 136. 158. people of, pro-
pose to remove to connecticut with
rev, mr. hooker; debates and fast
about removal. 172. 175. quarrel
with watertown people about a
piece of meadow. 177. college
founded at, by rev. john harvard.
237. name changed to cambridge,
and harvard college established
there. vii. 27. made the seat of
government. P. 8. canal to, from
charles river. P. 31. governour,
deputy governour and assistants
agree to build a town there for a
seat of government. P. 8. 36. dif-
ficulties about building ; first minis-
ter, rev. mr. hooker. P. 36. a tax
laid in massachusetts for a palisado
at. P. 56. tax. P. 57. braintree
company reinoves to, by order of
general court. P. 66.

first meet-
ing house erected at, with a bell.
P. 75. tax. P. 85. tax. 230.

See cambridge.
New bedford, vaccination at. i. 125.

notes on jji. 18.
New boston, new hampshire, account

of ministers and churches. viii.

176. 177.
New chester pond. ii. 110.
New england, forefathers of, notions

of government. i. (viii.) firmness.
(xxix.) discipline of churches. 200.
description of, by capt. smith, al-
luded to. (xx.) first settlers of, at-
tached to military affairs. (xxix.)
church officers, how to act. ii. 54.
the cause of its settlement. 50. 52.
rules of conduct among first set.
tlers. 55. condemn prelacy. 58.
history of, by edward johnson. 49.
account of, in the life and errours of
john dunton. 100. first planters of,
well situated in england; embark
at southampton. 74. contempt of
worldly advantages. 75. farewell
of their friends in england. 75. 77.
prayers for old england; passage to
america costs £12,000. 77.
terials brought with them £18,000;
artillery, arms, and powder, &c.
£22,000 ; costs of their expedition
£192,000; whole costs as much

more. 78. preservation through
the ocean.

79. approach the coast
of new england. 80. discover land.
81. perils of voyage. 84. courage
of the women; children born during
the voyage. · 85. laws against im-
morality severe.

100. has prayers
on training days. 107. towns sup-
plied with ministers & schools. 193.
foundation of churches. iii. 128.
attacked by combined indians. 86.
sufferings of first settlers. 130. 132.
133. ships bring provisions to. 134.
first planting of. 123. relieved by
provisions from ireland. 138.
gagement with the french of cana-
da. 256. manner of living among
first settlers, and their sufferings.
124. 125. first settlers meet with
opposition. iv. 4. 20. government
and doctrine of churches. 19. 20.
civil government. 21. 22. the re-
sort of sick foreigners. 102. “new
england's jonas cast up at london.”
107. history of, by rev. william
hubbard, vols. 5 and 6; prefato-
ry notice of hubbard's history. v.
(iii.) discovery of. 8. named by
capt. smith. 13. originally a part
of virginia. 13. 17. situation,
bounds and rivers. 14. air and
climate. 19. winters. 20. indians
have no records. 26. difficulties
and opinions about their origin. 27.
language of new england indians
unlike any in the eastern world.
27. 28. dispositions are kind, but
revengeful ; treacherous, quick of
apprehension. 28. idle ; drudgery
performed by females; the several
nations of; their government abso-
lute. 30. food. 31. fertility of
soil. 22. indigenous fruits ; wild
grapes ; winter grain would not

medicinal springs,
trees and herbs. 24. animals and
birds. 25. first planting of; made
a colony separate from virginia ;
settled by patentees of west of eng.
land. 35. colony sent to, by sir
john popham. 36. indians carried
off by a pestilence just before the
arrival of plymouth colony. 51. 54.
indian chiefs acknowledge king
james. 60. 61. disappoints the
adventurers. 87.

first given
by prince charles to the cities of

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grow in. 23.




bristol, exeter, and town of ply- uncommon appearances of the sun.
mouth in the west of england. 84. 9. account of indian troubles by in-
new planters arrive. 111. patent. crease mather, referred to. 125. a
114. subscriptions made for send- brief relation of the discovery and
ing a colony to. 121. 122. paten- plantation of,” to the year 1622.
tees of, grant to plymouth people ix. 1. cause of publication. 2. 3.
sole liberty of trading at kenne- president and council of, in eng.
beck. 167. attempted division of, land, their dedication to the brief
defeated. 180. president and coun- relation," &c. 1. capt. challons
ril of, in england, grant parts aboạt sent on discovery to. 3. capt.
pascataqua to sir f. gorges and oth- popham and r. gilbert sent to begin

213. grand charter. 217.219. a plantation in. 3. 4. colony re-
sir f. gorges and capt, mason at- turns to england; project of plant-
tempt to divide it into twelve pro- ing relinquished. 4. french begin
vinces, under one general govern- a plantation, dislodged by sir s. ar-

227. 229. great city in, pro- gall; voyage of discovery under
posed by gorges and mason, to con- capt. hobson and others. 5. indians
tain 40,000 acres.

229. 230. peti- sold by hunt for slaves; indians
tion of patentees, about to relin- attempt to revenge the conduct of
quish their charter. 230. 231. hunt on capt. hobson's ship. 6.
agreement about capt.

capt. john smith, with capt. dar-
boundaries. 231. copy of a com- mer, sent on an unsuccessful voyage
mission for regulating, from lords of to lay the foundation of a plantation
council. 264. patent ordered to in. 7. capt. rocraft, sent to aid
be forthcoming in england. 268. capt. darmer, unsuccessful. 8. 9.
suspicions that it intended to throw capt. darmer,

with tasquantum,
off allegiance. 272. colonies form sent to new england, visits all the
a confederation. vi320. early coast, as far as virginia. 10. 11.
manner of ordaining in churches. 15. climate of. 17. produce,
409. advice to churches by assem. woods, fish, wild fowl, deer and
bly of divines at westminster. 409. moose. 18. indians are tractable,
reasons of confederation. 465.

unless abused. 18. method among
ticles of confederation. 467. plague, indians of taking moose ; commo-
or pestilential fever, prevails in. dities, furs, vines, hemp, flax, tim-
-531. 532. platform of discipline of ber, etc. 19. trade to.
churches. 5:37. epidemick cough posed form of government for. 21.
prevails through. 554. disputes 22. general laws to be passed by
about baptism, &c. 587. further the planters; to be divided into
disputes about baptism, church go- baronies, hundreds, &c.; to choose
vernment, &c. 601. 602. mode of deputies. 22. trade with virginia
settling difficulties in churches. colony. 116. good news from, or
608. 609. right to soil in, to be de. winslow's relation of things remark-
termined where the land lies. 620. able at the plantation of plymouth.
troubled by indians. 629.

74. climate and soil ; profits of
of the gospel among indians. 649. english, dutch and french trade to.
660. inortality among indians. 656. 100. 101. united colonies of, force
mildew in. 642. list of ships that the narragansets to make peace
arrive at, in 1630. vii. P. 10. uni. with the mohegins. 202. 203. in-
ted colonies of, send troops against dian nations in, at first settle-
canonicus's sons. viii. 2. 3. john- ment, names and number. 235.
son's poetry on, touching some of indian wars in, in 1675, 1676. X.
its sins, accidents, leading men, etc.

22, et post.; dress and habits of in- New england medical journal. i. 120.
dians. 27. 28. indians instructed New england courant, quoted. viii.
by rev. messrs. wilson, eliot, may- 257.
hew and leveridge. 29. new lights New england's memorial, by morton,
in, very early, produced by some quoted. i. 169.

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20. pro-


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