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910 THACKERAY's (W. M.) Miscellanies, prose and verse, FIRST EDITION, 4 vols, cr. 8vo, original cloth, 8s 6d 1855-57 911 THACKERAY.-Character Sketches from Thackeray, from drawings by F. Barnard, Col. Newcome, Major Pendennis, Becky Sharp, Major Dobbin, the Little Sister, and Capt. Costegan, large folio, in portfolio, 78 6d 1886 912 THEOCRITUS, The Idylliums of, translated from the Greek, with notes by F. Fawkes, front., 8vo, bds., UNCUT, foxed, 38

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1767 913 THOMPSON's (G.) A Sentimental Tour | 923 from Newbiggin, near Penrith, Cumberland, to London, by way of Cambridge, and from London to Newbiggin by way of Oxford, 12mo, bds., UNCUT, fine copy. scarce, 4s 6d Penrith, 1798 914 THOMPSON's (D'Arcy W.) Ancient Leaves, or translations and paraphrases from poets of Greece and Rome, front 12mo, cloth, nice copy, 2s 6d 1862 915 THOMPSON (Ed. Maunde, Editor) Chronicon Adæ de Usk, A.D. 1377-1404, with a translation and notes, roy. 8vo, cloth, 33 1876 916 THUCYDIDES, translated into English, with an essay on inscriptions and a note on the geography of Thucydides, by B. Jowett, SECOND EDITION, revised, 2 vols, 8vo, cloth, nice copy, 8s 6d (pub. 15s)

Oxford, Claredon Press, 1900 917 TOBACCO.-An Appeal to the Land holders concerning the Reasonableness and benefit of an Excise upon Tobacco and Wine, 8vo, half calf, pp. 32, 3s 1733 918 TOPOGRAPHY.-Malcolm's (J. P.) First Impressions, or sketches from art and nature, animate and inanimate, plates, 8vo, half calf, engraved title, slightly foxed, 3s 1807 London, Rochester, Canterbury, Dover, Hereford, Gloucester and Bristol Cathedrals, Bath, &c. 919 TRACTS.-Pycroft's (S.) Enquiry into Free-thinking, Cambridge, 1713-Keble's (Joseph) An Essay of Human Actions, 1710-Cheyne's (Geo.) Essay on the Gout, 1721-Mead's (R.) Discourse concerning Pestilential Contagion, 1720, and several other tracts-in one vol, 8vo, half vellum, all uncut, 3s 6d 920 TRADE.-SCOTT'S (William) AN ESSAY OF DRAPERY, or the compleate citizen, trading justly, pleasingly, profitably, front. engraved by Droeshout, 12mo, half calf, slightly cut in fore margins, £2 28 1635 An extremely rare and very interesting little book. 921 TREES.-Strutt's (J. G.) Sylva Britannica, or portraits of forest trees distinguished for their antiquity, magnitude, or beauty, 40 fine etched plates; Sylva Scotica, 8 fine etched plates, large folio, half morocco neat, fine copy, 10s 6d 1826 922 TRIALS.—Fairburn's Edition of the whole Proceedings of the Trial of Jas. Watson, Senr., for High Treason, &c., plates, 1817-Verbatim Report of the Speeches of Hunt, Watson, Thistlewood, Preston,


Clark, and others, July 31, 1817, at a Dinner given to celebrate the Acquittal of the State Prisoners, with interesting particulars relative to Watson, Junr., by Dr. Watson, 1817-Trial of Roger O'Connor, the Irish Patriot, on a charge of Robbing the Galway Mail Coach, taken in shorthand by T. Finnerty, Fairburn, N.D.-The Affecting Case of Mary Ashford, including the trial of A. Thornton for rape and murder, plan and view, 1817-and others, in one vol, 8vo, bds., UNCUT, a curious collection, 10s 6d

TROTTER's (Catherine) Fatal Friendship: a tragedy, sm. 4to, sewn, stained and headlines cut into, 28 1698 TRUTH, Christmas numbers, coloured caricatures and numerous illustrations, 6 in 1 vol, folio, half morocco, 10s 6d 1891-96 Includes the famous Baccarat number.

925 TURNER.-Liber Fluviorum, or river scenery of France, descriptive letter press by L. Ritchie, and a biographical sketch by A. Watts, 61 plates by J. M. W. Turner, roy. 8vo, cloth, 10s 6d 1853 TUSSER's (Thomas) Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry; together with a book of housewifery, with notes, a glossary, &c., by Wm. Mavor, 8vo, cloth, binding broken, 3s 6d 1812 TWAIN's (Mark) Library of Humour, 197 illustrations by E. W. Kemble, cr. 8vo, cloth, 2s 1906



TYPOGRAPHY.-Johnson's (J.) Typographia, or the printer's instructor: an account of the origin of printing, with biographical notices of the printers of England, from Caxton to the close of the XVI. century, &c., portrait of Caxton, and cuts, 2 vols, 18mo, bds., nice copy, 6s 6d 1824

929 TYPOGRAPHICAL GAZETTEER (A), attempted by Rev. H. Cotton, 8vo, half morocco, 3s 6d




UNION (The), or select Scots and English Poems, first edition, Edinb., 1753-Moor's. (J.) Essays read to a Literary Society, Glasgow, 1759-Locke's (J.) Observations. on Vines and Olives, Silk, Fruits, &c.,. 1766-in 1 vol, 12mo, old calf. 3s

UNTON FAMILY.-The Unton Inven-. tories, relating to Wadley and Faringdon, Co. Berks, in 1596 and 1620, with a. memoir of the Family of Unton, by J. G. Nichols, portrait of Sir Henry Unton inserted, sm. 4to, cloth, 4s 6d

1841 931* VANITY FAIR: a weekly show off political, social and weekly wares, Jan. 6, 1877 to June 25, 1887, numerous coloured' caricature portraits, Vols 17 to 37, 21 vols,. folio, cloth, Vols 17 to 22 lacks title and contents, £2 2s 1877-1887: VAUGHAN's (Henry, Silurist) Secular Poems, including a few pieces by his twin-brother, Thomas ("Eugenius Philalethes"), edited, with notes and bibliography, by J. R. Tutin, fcap. 8vo, cloth, only 500 copies printed, 58 Hull, 1893:


933 VAUGHAN's (R. A.) Hours with the | 946 WARD's (A. W.) History of English Mystics: a contribution to the history of religious opinion, FOURTH EDITION, 2 vols, cr. 8vo, cloth, 5s


934 VENUTI's (Marquis) A Description of the first Discoveries of the Ancient City of Heraclea, found near Portici, 1750-A Dissertation upon Earthquakes, 1750—A Sure Guide to Hell-The Torments after Death, 1740 and one other, bound in 1 vol, 8vo, calf, with bookplate of the Rev. John Ord, 4s 6d

935 VERITAS: Revelation of Mysteries: biblical, historical and social, by means of the Median and Persian laws, by H. Melville, edited by F. Tennyson and A. Tuder, illustrated, oblong 4to, cloth, 78 6d 1874

936 VICTORIA (Queen), by R. R. Holmes, coloured front. and numerous plates and illustrations, JAPANESE PAPER COPY, WITH DUPLICATE SERIES OF THE LARGER PLATES, 4to, wrappers, in cloth case, fine copy, 15s Goupil, 1897 937 VILLON SOCIETY.-THE DECAMERON OF GIOVANNI BOCCACCI, now first completely done into English prose and verse, by John Payne, LARGE PAPER COPY, 3 vols, sm. 4to, original vellum gilt, nice copy, scarce, £4 158 Villon Society, 1886 938 VINCENT (Augustine) Memoir of, Windsor Herald, by H. N. Nicolas, woodcut of coat of arms, post 8vo, bds., 18 6d 1827 939 VIRGIN MARY.-The Life and Death of

the B. Virgin: giving an account of the miracles ascrib'd to her by Romish writers, with the grounds of the worship paid to her, sm. 4to, half calf, 3s 6d 1688 940 WALES.-Plâs Newydd and Vale Crucis Abbey, vignette and 6 views drawn and engraved by S. and G. Nicholson, 4to, bds., 4s 6d R. Ackermann, 1824 941 WALES.-Roscoe's (T.) Wanderings and Excursions in North and South Wales, numerous fine steel engravings by Radclyffe after Cattermole, Cox, Creswick, Harding, Fielding, &c., 2 vols, roy. 8vo, half morocco, gilt edges, 5s 6d 1836

942 WALLER's (Edmond) Poems, &c., written upon several occasions and to several persons, portraits, 8vo, calf, joints cracked, 12s 6d



943 WALPOLE's (Horace) Historic Doubts on the Life and Reign of Richard III., 8vo, half calf, 2s 944 WALPOLE (Horace) The Last Journals of, during the reign of George III., from 1771-1783, with notes by Dr. Doran, edited with introduction by A. Francis Stuart, numerous portraits reproduced from contemporary pictures, &c., 2 vols, 8vo, as 1910 new, 88 6d 945 WALTON's (Izaak) Life of Dr. Sanderson, late Bishop of Lincoln, fine portrait engraved by White, 8vo, large copy in the original calf, slightly water-stained, £2 2s








Dramatic Literature, to the Death of Queen Anne, NEW AND REVISED EDITION, 3 vols, 8vo, cloth, fine clean copy, £1 188 1899 From the library of Sir Henry Irving, with his bookplate.

WARNER's (William) ALBION'S ENGLAND (IN VERSE), now revised and newly enlarged; whereunto is also newly added an Epitome of the whole History of England (the latter in prose), sm. 4to, brown morocco extra, gilt edges, the title-page and first four leaves slightly defective and mended, bound by Riviere, £2 23

Edm. Bollifant for George Potter, 1602 WATERHOUS' (Edward) A Discourse and Defence of Arms and Armory, shewing the nature and rises of arms and honour in England, front., 8vo, original calf, FINE COPY, scarce, 10s 6d 1660

WATSON's (Wm.) Ode on the Coronation of King Edward VII., FIRST EDITION, 8m. 1902 4to, bds., 2s 6d WATSON's (Wm.) For England, poems written during estrangement, FIRST EDITION, fcap. 8vo, cloth, 3s 6d WEDMORE


PARISH REGISTERS, Marriages, 1561-1839, front., sm. 4to, cloth, nice copy, 3s 6d Wells, 1888 WELSH.-Rowlands (Rev. Wm.) and Evans (Rev. D. S.) Cambrian Bibliography: an account of books printed in the Welsh language or relating to Wales, from 1546 to the end of the XVIIIth century, with biographical notices, thk. 8vo, cloth, WESLEY (John) Bi-Centenary of, 170378 6d Llanidloes, 1869 1903: a collection of newspaper cuttings, neatly mounted, roy. 8vo, wrappers, 3s 954 WHITTIER's (J. G.) The Tent on the Beach, and other poems, EARLY EDITION, fcap. 8vo, cloth, covers soiled, 28




Boston (U.S.), 1868 WHITWORTH's (Chas.) List of the English, Scots and Irish Nobility, &c., specifying the dates in which they were severally created, sm., 8vo, calf, with some MS. additions, 3s 6d


956 WHYTE's (S.) A Collection of Poems on various subjects, including the Theatre, a Didactic Essay, with notes, Original Letters and Anecdotes, SECOND EDITION, revised and edited by Ed. A. Whyte, engraved title, plates and vignettes, 8vo, calf, 4s 6d Dublin, 1793 WILDE's (Oscar) The Happy Prince, and other tales, illustrated by Walter Crane and J. Hood, 4to, parchment bds., 5s 6d 1902 958 WILDE (Oscar) Some Reminiscences, by L. C. Ingleby, illustrated, 12mo, cloth, 28 959 WILKES.-English Liberty, or the British lion roused, containing the sufferings of John Wilkes, &c., cr. 8vo, sewn, uncut, scarce, 2s 6d (1762)


960 WILKES.-Observations upon the Authority, Manner, &c., of the apprehension and confinement of Mr. Wilkes, 8vo, sewn, uncut, 28 6d 1763


961 WILKES.-Some Observations on the late | 969 WITTIE's (Robert) A Survey of the Determination for Discharging Mr. Wilkes Heavens; to which is added GoUT RAPfrom his Commitment to the Tower of TURES, in English, Latin and Greek lyrical London, for being the author of a seditious verse, 12mo, wants front cover, 4s 6d 1681 libel, called the North Briton, No. XLV., WOLFE (Rev. C.) Remains of, with a 1762-State of Facts relative to Mr. brief memoir of his life, by Rev. J. A. Wilkes, N.D.-The Three Conjurors, a Russell, front., fcap. 8vo, morocco, gilt political interlude, stolen from Shakeedges, 28 6d 1842 speare, dedicated to John Wilkes, &c., 1763-3 in 1 vol, 4to, half calf, from the Beaufoy collection, 68.


962 WILKES's (John) Letter to His Grace the Duke of Grafton, first commissioner of His Majesty's Treasury, 8vo, sewn, uncut, 28 1767 963 WILKES.-Letters between the Duke of Grafton, Chatham, and others, and John Wilkes, with notes, Vol. I., 12mo, calf, 38 964 WILKES's (John) The Life of, in the manner of Plutarch, front., containing 4 portraits, 8vo, sewn, uncut, 28 1773 965 WILKES.-The Question stated whether the Freeholders of Middlesex lost their right by voting for Mr. Wilkes at the last Election, 8vo, half bound, 1s 6d


966 [WITHER's (George)] THE GREAT ASSISES HOLDEN IN PARNASSUS BY APOLLO AND HIS ASSESSOURS, THE ORIGINAL EDITION, EXTREMELY RARE, sm. 4to, half calf, the border round title slightly cut, and numerals of one headline slightly cut, otherwise a good clean copy, £16 168 1645 967 WITT (John de) History of the Administration of Grand Pensionary of Holland, by J. Geddes, Vol. I. only, 1623-1654, portrait, 8vo, cloth, presentation copy, with Author's autograph inscription signed, 4s 6d 1879

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WORDSWORTH's (Wm.) The River Duddon: a series of sonnets, Vaudracour and Julia, and other poems, with a topographical description of the country of the lakes in the North of England, FIRST EDITION, 8vo, bds., UNCUT, 7s 6d 1820

972 WORDSWORTH's (Wm.) Yarrow Revisited, and other poems, FIRST EDITION, 1835 973 WORDSWORTH AND HIS CIRCLE, by 12mo, bds., 4s 6d

D. W. Rannie, illustrated, 8vo, cloth, nice 1907 copy, 5s (pub. 12s 6d net) 974 WOTTON's (Sir H.) Reliquiæ Wottonianæ, or collection of lives, letters, poems, with characters of sundry personages, FIRST EDITION, portraits, 12mo, calf, neatly rebacked, with contemporary MS. genealogical note on the Wotton family, 1651


975 WOTTON's (Dr. Wm.) Bart'lemy Fair, or
an Enquiry after wit, in which due respect
is had to a letter concerning Enthusiasm,
8vo, half calf, binding defective, 3s
976 WRATISLAW's (T.) Orchids, poems,
12mo, cloth, UNCUT, only 250 copies printed,



977 WRIGHT (Thos., Editor) Early Mysteries, and other Latin poems of the 12th and 13th Centuries, edited from the original manuscripts, 8vo, cloth, presentation copy, with the Editor's autograph inscription signed, 1838 978 YORKSHIRE, &c.-Garret's (Daniel) Designs and Estimates of Farm Houses, &c., for the County of York, Northumberland, Cumberland, &c., plates, folio, wrappers, 2s 6d 1759

FOREIGN BOOKS: chiefly French and Latin.

979 ALMANACH Parisien en faveur des
Etrangers et des personnes curieuses, &c.,
16mo, calf, 2s 6d
Paris, 1764
980 ALPINE.-Agassiz's (L.) Nouvelles Etudes
et Experiences sur les Glaciers Actuels,
leur structure, leur progression et leur
action physique sur le sol, avec un Atlas
de 3 cartes et 9 planches, 2 vols, 8vo, and
folio vol of plates, together 3 vols, half
calf, 78 6d
981 ALPINE.-Charpentier's (Jean de) Essai
sur les Glaciers et sur le Terrain erratique
du Bassin du Rhone, map, plates and vig-
nettes, 8vo, cloth, UNCUT, 38 Lausanne, 1841
982 ALPINE.-Gorret (M. l'Abbé Ame) et
Bich (M. le Baron C.) Guide de Vallée
d'Aoste, illustrated, post 8vo, half calf,
gilt top, 28 6d
Turin, 1876



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AMAZONS.-Petit's (Pierre) Traité Historique sur les Amazones, ou l'on trouve tout ce que les Auteurs, tant anciens que Modernes, ont écrit pour ou contre ces Heroines, front., map and cuts of medals, &c., 2 vols, sm. 8vo, bds., uncut, stamp on title, 4s 6d Leide, 1718 AMERICA. Jefferson (Thos.) Etude Historique sur la Démocratie Americaine, par Cornélis De Witt, portrait, 8vo, calf extra, presentation copy, with Author's autograph inscription, 7s 6d Paris, 1861 985 AMOURS DE HORACE, sm. 8vo, old calf, binding shabby, 28 6d Cologne, 1728 ANACREONTIS Odæ et Fragmenta, Græce et Latine, edente Joanne-Baptista Gail, LARGE PAPER COPY, 8vo, calf, 4s


Paris, Didot, 1799

1004 COLLINS's (A.) Discours sur la Liberté de Penser, traduit de l'Anglois et augmente d'une Lettre d'un Medecin Arabe, avec l'examen de ces deux ouvrages par M. De Crouzas, 2 vols in 1, sm. 8vo, calf, gilt edges, 4s 6d Londres, 1766 1005 COULON's (François) Essai de rénovation Théatrale: Euryalthès, drame in trois actes, cr. 8vo, sewn, 48 Paris, 1892 Presentation copy, with inscription, "A_ Mr. Oscar Wilde, admiration et sympathie, Francois Coulon."



987 ANAGRAMS. Sobre (A de) Sancta | 1003 COLE's (Gulielmo) De Secretione Animali Familia seu chronicum 1890, Anagramma- cogitata, 12mo, FINE COPY, in the original tum, &c., plates, thk. sm. 8vo, calf, 4s 6d calf, 4s 6d Oxon, 1674 Antverp, 1686 Presentation copy, with inscription, "Ex Dono 988 ANECDOTES, Secretes et Galantes de la Authoris, Thomæ Arundell." Cour d'Angleterre, 2 vols in 1, 12mo, old calf gilt, 4s 6d Amst. (a la Sphere), 1727-26 989 ANIMAL MAGNETISM.-Szapary's (Le Comtede) Magnetisme et Magnétothérapie, front. and vignette title, 8vo, half morocco, 3s Paris, 1854 990 ARGOT.-Rigaud's (L.) Dictionnaire d'Argot moderne, nouvelle éd., avec supplément, cr. 8vo, wrapps., uncut, 28 6d Paris, 1888 991 ART.-Collection de feu M. Vincent van Gogh de Princehage, tableau modernes dont la vente aura lieu à la Haye, illustrated, sm. 4to, parchment wrappers, UNCUT, 28 6d La Haye, 1889 992 BARBE.-Mémoires pour servir a l'Histoire de la Barbe de l'Homme, 8vo, calf, 48 6d Liege, 1774 993 BIBLIOGRAPHY.-Impresores y libros impresos en Aragon en el Siglo XVI. por Juan M. Sanchez, 8vo, wrappers, UNCUT, 28 6d Madrid, 1908 994 BOCCACCIO.-Tre Discorsi di Girolamo Ruscelli, A'M. Lodovico Dolco. L'uno intorno al Decamerone del Boccaccio, L'Altro all' Offeruationi della lingua volgare, et il terzo all tradottione del Ovidio, printer's device on title and woodcut initial letters, sm. 4to, bds., MS. notes on margins, 48 6d Venetia, per Plinio Pietrasanta, 1553 995 BONS CONTES et Bons Mots (Recueil de), 16mo, old calf, 28 Paris, 1693 996 BRETTUN (Rich.) Agatharchidis et Memnonis Historicorum, quæ supersunt, omnia, è Græco iam recèns in Latinum traducta, 12mo, original vellum wrapper, FINE COPY, RARE, 158 Oxoniæ, J. Barnes, 1597 With folding leaf containing a Thesis in several languages-The Syriac, Arabic and Ethiopic in manuscript.

997 CALDENBACH (C.) Lyricorum, Rhythmo-
rum, alterque Miscellaneorum, 12mo, calf,
scarce, 4s 6d
Brunsberga, 1651
998 CARMINA Quadragesimalia ab Edis
Christi Oxon. Alumnis composita et ab
ejusdem ædis Baccalaureis determinantibus
in Schola Naturalis Philosophiæ publice
recitata, 2 vols in 1, 8vo, russia, nice copy,
bookplate of Henry Edward Bunbury, 3s 6d
Oxonii, 1723-48
999 CASTALIONE (Seb.) Dialogorum Sacro-
rum, libri quatuor, 12mo, old calf, 3s
Londini, 1605
1000 CHANSONNIER.-Historique du XVIIIe
siècle, avec introduction, commentaire,
&c., par E. Raunié, portraits, tome I.
(Année 1715), cr. 8vo, half morocco neat,
uncut, gilt top, 3s
Quantin, 1879
Budae, 1473, typis similibus reimpressa,
folio, parchment wrappers, in cloth case,
78 6d
Budapestini, 1900
1002 COINS.-Vaillant's (J.) Numismata Im-
peratorum Romanorum, &c., tom. II., A
sm. 4to, sewn, 38

DIOGENIS LAERTII Clarissimi Historici de inta, & maribus philosophorum libri decem, nuper ad vetusti Græci codicis sidem accura tissime castigati . cum indice in omnes libros utilissimo, printer's device at end and initial letters, 8vo, bds., vellum back, small piece off corner of title and some leaves stained, 4s 6d Basilea, 1524 1007 DRUDONIS (H.) Practica artis Amandi et alia ejusdem materiæ, front., 12mo, old calf, very curious book, 38 6d Amst., 1652 1008 EICHLER's (G.) Historiæ et Allegoriæ, 200 fine emblematical plates, engraved by Hertel after Eichler, 4to, vellum, red edges, £1 58 Aug. Vind. 8. a. et l. Contains emblematical plates of America, Africa, poetry, science, music, medicine, mechanics, EMBLEMS.-Lust-und Artzeney-Garten astrology, &c. des Koniglichen Propheten Davids, with numerous emblematic engravings and music, thk. sm. 8vo, contemporary black morocco, with clasps, arms stamped in blind, and initials in gold "M. M. K., 1676" on the side, gilt edges, rebacked, £2 28


Regenspurg, 1675 1010 EMBLEMS. Francisci Pona cardiomorphoseos sive ex Corde desumpta Emblemata Sacra, engraved title and numerous curious engravings of Emblems of the Heart, sm. 4to, cloth, 7s 6d Verona, 1645 1011 EMBLEMS. Borgia (F.) Sanctorum Coelitum fastis ad scripto Encomia Emblemate, engraved title, portraits and emblematic engravings, sm. 4to, sewn, 4s 6d 1672

1012 EMBLEMS. Michaelis (Jo.) Apelles
Symbolicus, engraved title and emblematic
engravings, thk. 8vo, calf, 8s 6d Amst., 1699
1013 EPIGRAMS. Pauwels' (J.) Delectus
Epigrammatum, 12mo, cf., 2s Antverp, 1770
1014 EPITAPHS.-Basilea Sepulta retecta
continuata, &c., Monumenta Sepulchralia,
Templorum Omnium, &c., M. Johanne
Grossio, accessit Totius Orbis selectissi-
morum Monumentorum et Inscriptionum
opera J. Tonjolæ, sm. 4to, old calf, binding
worn, 38 6d
Basil, 1661
1015 ERASMUS.-L'Eloge de la Folie, par
Erasme, et traduit par Gueudeville, avec
les notes de Gerard Listre, et les belles
figures de Holbein, sm. 8vo, bds., engraved
title, cut down and mounted, 3s

Amsterdam, 1722

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1016 ERASMUS.-De Invloed vun Erasmus | 1031 LENÆRTS (F. Eng.) Trophæum Amoris, op de Engelsche Tooneelliteratuur der sive Jubileus Gaudii et exultationis XVI. en XVII. eeuwen, door H. de Vocht, eerste deel. Shakespeare Jest-Books Lyly, 8vo, sewn, 2s 6d

Gent, 1908

1017 EWALD's (Dr. F. C.) Abodah Sarah, 1
oder der Götzendienst ein traktat aus dem
Talmud, 8vo, half calf, 3s 6d
Nurnberg, 1856
1018 FENELON's (M.) Deux Dialogues sur la
Peinture, edited by S. W. Singer, 12mo,
bds., 3s 6d
Londres, 1811
One of only 10 copies printed on blue paper.
Presentation copy, with Editor's autograph

1019 FRANCE.-Relation de la Captivité de
S. A. S. M. le Duc de Montpensier,
pendant 1793-1796, écrite, par Lue Même,
8vo, wrappers, 38 6d Twickenham, 1816
1020 FRENCH PLAY.-L'Ecole de Village,
ou l'Enseignement Mutuel, comédie, par
MM. Brazier, Dumersan, et Poirson,
coloured character portrait of M. Odry,
8vo, half calf, 28
Paris, 1818
1021 GENEVA.-Description des beautés de
Génes et de ses environs, plan and nume-
rous folding plates, sm. 8vo, old calf, binding
worn, scarce, 3s
A Genes, 1773
1022 GIRARDIN's (M. Saint-Marc) La Fon-
baine et les Fabulistes, 2 vols, 8vo, half
calf, 35 6d
Paris, 1867
1023 GLAREANO (Scipio) La Grillaia Curio-
sita Erudite, thk. 12mo, vellum, 28 6d

Napoli, 1668
1024 GODWIN's (F.) De Præsulibus Angliæ
Commentarius, &c., thk. sm. 4to, calf,
58 6d
Londini, 1616
1025 GRAFFIGNY's (Madame De) Lettres
d'une Peruvienne, traduites du Français
en Italien, par M. Deodati, portrait de
l'auteur, gravé par M. Gaucher, et de six
gravures par les meilleurs artistes, d'après
les dessins de M. le Barbier l'aîné, roy. 8vo,
half red levant morocco, gilt edges, nice
copy, LARGE PAPER, £1 1s Paris, 1797
1026 GYP.-C'Est nous sont l'Histoire ! ! ! par
Gyp, cr. 8vo, half cloth, UNCUT, presenta-
tion copy from the Author to Mons.
Vaughan, with curious inscription, 3s 6d
Paris, 1891
1027 HENRI IV., 1553-1610, par M. de
Lescure, dix gravures sur acier d'après les
maitres par Léopold Flameng, fleurons et
culs-de-Lampe, imp. 8vo, wrappers, UNCUT,
78 6d
Paris, 1874
1028 HENRY LE GRAND, Histoire du Roy,
composée par Hardouin de Perefixe, 12mo,
vellum, curious bookplate (damaged), 38
Amsterdam, 1666
1029 JUVENALIS et Persius Satyræ, ad
vetustiss. scripta exemplaria emendatæ,
12mo, old calf, 4s 6d
Lutetia, Stephani, 1544
1030 LE CLERC's (M.) De l'Incredulité, ou
l'on examine les motifs et les raisons
generales qui portent les Incredules a
rejetter la Religion Chrétienne, 12mo,
calf, with bookplate of Philip, Earl Stan-
hope, 38
Amst., 1722


3 9015 07609 4542 morocco, rubbed, 4s 6d

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4to, 1739

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vo, hf. Paris, 1836 1033 MACARONÉANA, ou Mélanges de littérature Macaronique, des différents peuples de l'Europe, par O. Delepierre, 8vo, calf, gilt back, nice copy, 58 6d Paris, 1852 1034 MACARONEANA ANDRA, overum nouveaux mélanges de litterature Macaronique, par O. Delepierre, sm. 4to, roxburghe, only 250 copies printed, 38 Londres, 1862 1035 MARLBOROUGH (Duc de) Abregé de la vie du, et du Prince Eugene de Savoie, traduit de l'Anglois, portrait and plate, 12mo, calf, 2s 6d Amsterdam, 1714 1036 MEDICAL.-Henr. à Deventer Opera Chirurgica, quibus manifestatur artis Obstetricandi, many plates, sm. 4to, old calf, 4s 6d Lugd. Bat., 1701 1037 MILITARY. - Eliani de Militaribu ordinibus instituendis more Græcorum, &c., woodcut illustrations, sm. 4to, calf, very large copy, with contemporary MS. Potes on margins, £1 5s Venetiis, 1552 1038 MILITARY.-Della Fortificatione delle Citta, di Girolamo Maggi e del Capitan Jacomo Castriotto, numerous fine woodcuts, folio, half calf, a few leaves slightly cut into, scarce, £1 158 Venetia, 1583 1039 MILITARY.-Lipsius (Justi) De Militia Romana, commentarius ad Polybium, plates, sm. folio, half calf, binding broken, 10s 6d Antwerp, Plantin, 1614 1040 MILITARY.-Vegetius (F.) De Re Militari, libri quatuor, post omnes omnium editiones ope veterum librorum correcti a Godescalo Stewechio, accessit commentarius, numerous fine woodcut illustrations, thk. sm. 4to, calf, small piece torn of corner of title, £1 1s Antwerp, Plantin, 1585 1041 MILITARY.-Lydius (Jacob) Syntagma Sacrum de re Militari et dissertatio de Juramento, plates, 4to, calf, 88 6d Dordraci, 1698 1042 MILTONIANA.-Caspari Ziegleri Regicidium Anglorum exercitationes, accedit Jac. Schalleri ad loca quædam Miltoni, 12mo, calf, 4s 6d Lugd. Bat., 1653 1043 MILTONIANA.-Alex. Mori Fides Publica contra calumnias Joannis Miltoni, 16mo, vellum, 3s 6d Haga-Comit., 1654 1045 MOLIERE.-Larroumet's (G.) La Comédie de Moliere l'auteur et le Milieu, post 8vo, half calf, 38 6d Paris, 1887 1046 MOLINÆI (Petri) Poematium, libelli tres, Hymni in Symbolum Apostolorum, Ecclesiæ Gemitus, Sylva Variorum, sm. 8vo, old calf, 4s 6d Cantab., 1670 1048 MONTREUIL's (Mons. de) Œuvres, with portrait, thk. 12mo, calf, somewhat stained, 28 6d Paris, 1671

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