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Zufüge über Ableitung der Namen und Bemerkungen über die Wappen der Familien für eine zweite Ausgabe, die aber nicht erschienen ist. Das erschienene Werk ist sehr sel ten und enthält auch wol schon hieher Gehörendes.

1346 d. The gentleman's monitor; or a sober inspection into the virtues, vices, and ordinary means of the rise and decay of men and families. With the author's apology and application to the nobles and gentry of England seasonable for these times. By Edw. Waterhous. Lond. 1665. 8. (M. 177).

1347 a. On the nobility of the British gentry, or the political ranks and dignities of the British empire, compared with those of on the continent: for the use of foreigners in Great Britain and of Eritons abroad etc. By James Lawrence. 2 edit enlarged. Paris 1815. 12. 3 edit. Paris 1828. 12. (4 Fr. Quer. IV, 645).

1248 a. W. Harris's history and antiquities of the city of Dublin. Dublin 1766. 8., w. plans and pl. (9 11 S. Bo.)

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1348 b. Altes Wappen der Stadt Gloucester auf dem Titelblatte von: a collection of coats of arms borne by the nobility and gentry of the county of Gloucester. London 1792. 4. (Nr. 3013 g.) und das alte und neue Siegel der Stadt, eben daselbst vor der Einleitung.


1348 c. History and antiquities of the city and cathedral church of Hereford, (by Rawlinson). Lond. 1717. 8. (2 Sh. 6 D. bei Bo.)

1349 a. Ralph Thoresby's Ducatus Leodiensis; or, topography of the ancient and populous town and parish of Leedes, and parts adjacent, London 1715. f. w. plales. 1814. Lo. IV, 1 L. 16 S. 2 L. — 3 L. — 8 L. u. s. w. Longm. 1 L. 10 S.) to which is added an account of Loidis and Elmete. with the supplement, by Thom. Dunham Whitaker. Lond. 1816. roy. f. 2 voll. (15 L. 15 S. bei B. 4 L. 14 S. 6 D; Lo, 5 L.


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1349 b. Thom. Harwood's history and antiquities of the church and city of Lichfield. Gloucester 1806. 4. w. pl. (1 L. 15 S. bei B. 18 S).

1351 a. Londinium redivivum, or an ancient history and modern description of London. By James Peller Malcolm. Lond. 1803.-1807. 4. 4 voll. numer. plates. (Lo. III 1199. 2 L. 5. S. 4 L. 16 S.) ist hier auch nicht zu übers gehen. So auch:

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1351 b. The history and antiquities of Scarborough, and the vicinity with views and plans. By Thomas Hinderwell. York 1798. 4. (10 S. 6 D.-16 S. Lo. II, 933). Mit dem Siegel der Stadt auf der 2ten Kupfertafel.

1351 c. Worcester.


Valentini Green's history and antiquities of
Lond. 1796. 4. 2 voll. m. Kpft. (1 L. 1 S.

1353 a. Succinct genealogies of the noble and ancient houses of Alno, or de Alneto, Broc of Shephale, Latimer of Duntish, Drayton of Drayton, Maudait of Werminster Greene of Drayton, Vere of Addington, Fits-Lewes of West-Hornedon, Howard of Effingham, and Mordaunt of Turvey. Justified by public records, ancient and extant charters etc, histories, and other authentick proofs, and enriched with divers sculptures of tombs, images, seals, and other curiosities. By Rob. Halstead. Lond. 1685. f. 651 . (M. 288. Lo. II, 862). Sehr selten und mit 15-63 -100 L. bezahlt.

1353 b. Proceedings, precedents and arguments, on claims and controversies, concerning baronies by writ, and other honours. With the arguments of Sir Francis Bacon, S. Henry Montagu, the lord chief justice Crew, the lord chief justice Brampston, judge Dodderidge, judge Rolles, Mr. Selden, Sir Heneage Finch, Mr. Montagu (afterwards lord chief Baron). S. William Jones, S. William Dugdale, Mr. Offlei, S. Edward Northey, S. Thom. Powis, and others. Published from the manuscript collections of Robert Glower, Esq. Somerset herald. S. Willlam Dugdale, Garter King of arms, Gregory King, Esq. Lancaster herald; Samuel Stebbing. Esq. Somerset herald; Peter Le Neve, Esq. Norroy King of arms, and others. By Arthur Collins. With an appendix containing several papers copied from the Bodleian and Ashmoleian libraries at Oxford etc. Lond. 1734

f. 415 S. (M. 343). Enthält wahrscheinlich hieher Gehö riges. Eben so:

1353 c. Topographical miscellanies, containing ancient histories and modern descriptions of mansions, churches, monuments, and families (by E. Brydges). Lond. 1792. 4 plates. (14 S. B. large paper 1 L. 5 S).

1353 d. Lives of lord Balmerino, William earl of Kilmarnock, George earl of Cromartie, Jenny Cameron and lord Lovat. 1746. m. Bildnissen, wobei wahrscheinlich die Wappen (Lo. III, 1144. 1 L. 10 S.

1353 e. Landscape-portrait- and heraldic illustrations of the new edition of the poëtical works of S. Walter Scott. Lond. 1833. ff. 4. enthält auch Wappen und wappenlehrliche Dinge, Personen betreffend, die in W. Scott's Werken vorkommen. Jede Lieferung 2 S. 6 D.

1353. The life of the most illustrious John duke of Argyll and Greenwich;containing an historical and genealogical account of his Grace's family and ancestors etc. By Robert Campbell. Lond. 1745. 8. (M. 369).


1353 g. The antiquities of Arundel: the peculiar privilege of its castle and lordship; with an abstract of the lives of the earls of Arundel, from the conquest to the present time. By the master of the grammar school at Arundel (Charles Carraccioli). Lond. 1766 .8. 276 S. (M. 406).

1354 a. An address to the peers of the united kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, from Mary, countess of Berkeley. Lond. 1811. 8. (3 S. 6 D. Lo. I, 155.

13546. Abstracts and extracts of Smyth's lives of the Berkeleys, illustrative of ancient manners, and the constitution including all the pedigrees in that ancient manuscript. To which are annexed, a copious history of the castle and parish of Berkeley, consisting of matter never before published. By Thomas Dudley Fosbrooke. M, A. F. R. S. Lond, 1820. 4. (Lo. I, 156).

1355 a. Memoirs of the lives and characters of the illustrious family of the Poyles, particularly of the late eminently learned Charles, earl of Orrery. In which is contained many curious pieces of English history not extant

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in any other author; extracted from original papers and manuscripts. With a particular account of the famous controversy between the honourable Mr. Boyle and the rev. Dr. Bentley, concerning the genuineness of Phalaris's epistles; also the same translated from the original Greek. By C. Budgell. With an appendix, containing the character of the honourable Robert Boyle, Esq. founder of annual lecture in defence of christianity, by bishop Burnet and others; likewise his last will and testament. The 3 edit. carefully corrected. Lond. 1737. 8. 258 S. (M. 353). Mit dem Wappen des John earl of Orrery, dem Bildnisse des Charles Boyle u. s. w. Die beiden ersten Ausgaben erschienen wahrscheinlich 1732, die zweite durch Mears. (M. 354). Nach Lo. I, 287 erschien die zweite Ausgabe 1732, die erste 17... (6 S). (6`S).

1355 b. An historical and genealogical essay upon the family of Buchanan, with an enquiry into the genealogy and present state of ancient Scotish surnames. By W. Buchanan. Glasgow 1723. 4. (M. 314. — 2 L. 12 S. 6D.)

An inquiry into the genealogy and ancient Scotish surnames, and the origin and descent of the highland clans and families of Buchanan. By William Buchanan. Edinb. 1755. 8. (M. 423).

1356 a. An account of the family of the Butlers, particularly of the late duke of Ormond. By — Butler. 1716. (M. 295).

1358 a. Life of Sir Julius Caesar, knt. judge of the high court of admirality etc. With memoirs of his family and descendants. Illustraded by seventeen portraits, after original pictures and other engravings. To which is added, „numerus infaustus" an historical work by Charles Caesar Esq. grandson of Sir Julius. Lond. 1810, 4. 111 S. (M. 518).

1358 b. History of the ancient and noble family of Carteret. 1756. kam nicht in den Buchhandel. (15 S. 2 L. 2 S. Lo. I, 460).

1358 c. Stemmata Chicheliana, or a genealogical account of some of the families derived from Thomas Chichele,

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of Higham Ferrars in the county of Northampton, all whose descendants are held to be entitled to fellowships in all souls college, Oxford; by virtue of their consanguinity to archbishop Chichele, the founder. (By Benjamin Buckler). Oxford 1765. 4. 156 S. (M. 404). A supplement to the stemmata Chicheliana containing corrections and very large additions to the tables of descents from Thom. Chichele of Higham Ferrars in the county of Northampton. (By B. Buckler). Oxford 1775. 4. 160 S. (M. 424) mit 2 Kup, fertaf. (16 S. 6 D. 1 L. 15 S. Lo. I, 286).

1360 a. A short genealogical view of the family of Oliver Cromwell; to which is prefixed a copious pedigree. (By Richard Gough). (Lond). 1785. 4. 64 S. (M. 451). mit dem Wappen S. 62.

1360 b. The lives of all the earls and dukes of Devonshire descended from the renowned Sir William Cavendish, ane of the privy consellors to king Henry VIII. Illustrated with reflections and observations on the most stri king passages in each life. Interspersed with some particulars of the lives, characters, and genealogies of several great and eminent men their contemporaries. To which is added, a short account of the rise, progress, and present state of the high court of chancery. By Mr. (Joseph) Grove. Lond. 1764. 8. (M. 402). Wahrscheinlich mit dem Wappen auf dem Bildnisse Wilhelms des 3. Herzogs von Devonshire, als Titelkupfer.

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1361 a. A funeral sermon preached the 26th day of November in the yeare of our lord 1576. by Richard bishoppe of Saint Davys, at the buriall honourable Walter earle of Essex and Ewe,

of the right

Earl Marshal

of Irelande, viscount Hereford and Bourgcher, lord Ferrers of Chartley, Bourgcher and Louein, of the most noble order of the Garter knight. Lond. by Henry Denham. 1577. 4. (M. 24). Mit Wappen, besonders von Ferrers Grafen von Derby, Bourchier Grafen von Essex.

1361 b. An historical and genealogical tree of the ancient and noble house of Elphinstone, from John de Elphinstone, who was a baron of Scotland, by tenure of the lords

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