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5943 Hollis's (Ilon. Denzell) Speech at a Conference of both Houses, May 4th, 1611; small 4to, 2s.

1641 5944 Hollis's (Thomas) Memoirs ; 2 vols. imperial 4to, with nume

rous beautiful engravings by BARTolozzi, including portraits of Milton, Locke, Algernon Sydney, A. Marvell, Hutcheson, Hubert Languet (Author of the · Vindiciæ contra Tyrannos,' &c.) bus. Il. ls.

1780 5945 Holloway's (Benjamin) Originals, Physical and Theological,

Sacred and Profane (in which some hundreds of Hebrew
Words are traced to their first Themata). To which are
added Discourses on the Hidden Manna and the Tree of
Life; 2 vols. 8vo, calf, 12s.

Oxford, 1751 5946 HOLLOWAY's (James) Confession and Narrative of the Popish

Plot(at Bristol), with his Trial and Execution; folio, 4s. 1684 5946*Holloway's (W.) General Dictionary of English Provincialisms; 8vo (pub. at 12s.) cloth, 7s.

Lewes, 1839 5947 Holne's (Randle) ACADEMY OF ARMORY, or a Storehouse of

Armory and Blazon, with Index of Names of Persons, (first published from the original MS. in 1821); folio, complete, with all the plates, fine copy in russia, extra, gilt edges, scarce, 1ll. London, 1693 (i.e. Chester, 1688)

“ The author has contrived to amass in this storehouse a vast sund of curious information upon every branch of human knowledge, such as is not to be found in any other work, and of a nature peculiarly adapted to the illustration of the manners and customs of our predecessors, from the highest rank to the lowest menial. It is considered to be one of the most scarce of heraldic books, and that not more than fifty copics are to be found in the

kingdom."-Moule. See also Ormerod's History of Cheshire. 5948 Index to ; folio, bds. 15s.

1821 5949 Holmes' (Samuel) Journal of Lord Macartney's Embassy to China ; 8vo, uncut, 10s. 6d.

Bulmer, 1798 Published at 11. 1s. and only a few copies printed. 5950 Holmes' (J.) Art of Rhetoric, in two Books; I the Principles;

II the Substance of Longinus; 8vo, neat, 5s. 1755 5951 Holmes' (Rev. Dr. Abiel) American Annals; or a Chronological

History of America from 1492 to 1806; 2 vols. 8vo, maps, (pub. at Il. ls.) sewed 10s.

1813 5951*. the same, 2 vols. in 1, 8vo, calf gilt, 14s.

1813 5952 Holmes' (J. H. H.) Treatise on the Coal Mines of Durham and

Northumberland, with Information relative to the Stratifications of the two Counties, &c. Svo, plates (published 10s. 6d.) bds. Os.

1816 5953 Holmes' (John) Historical Sketches of the Missions of the

United Brethren (Moravians); 8vo,calf neat,5s. Dublin, 1818 5953* Holt's (Joseph, General of the Irish Rebels in 1798) Memoirs,

written by himself, edited from his original MSS. in the Possession of Sir Wm. Betham, by T. Crofton Croker;

2 vols. 8vo, portrait (pub. at 11. 8s.) cloth, 14s. 1838 5954 Holwell's (J. Z.) Dissertations on the Origin, Nature, and

Pursuits of Intelligent Beings, and on Divine Providence, Religion, and Religious Worship; 8vo, half-bound, scarce, 5s.

Bath, 1786 5955 HOLYROOD House, History of the Abbey, Palace, and ChapelRoyal of; 8vo, with 8 plates, bds. 4s. Edinburgh, 1819

5956 Home's Select Views in Mysore, the Country of Tippoo Sultan,

from Drawings made on the Spot, with Historical Descrip-
tions; imperial 4to, ORIGINAL EDITION, LARGE PAPER, with
27 beautiful engravings by Fitler, first impressions, red
morocco, gilt edges, 1l. 16s.

5957 the same; Second Edition; 4to, fair impressions,bds.7s. 1808
5958 Home's (Sir Everard) Lectures on COMPARATIVE Anatomy,

with Supplements and GENERAL INDEX; 6 vols. royal
4to, portrait, and 361 fine plates (pub. at 181, 18s.) cloth,
61. 6s.

5959 the same; 6 vols. imperial 4to, LARGE PAPER, with proof

impressions (published at 271. 6s.) cloth, 81. 8s. 1814-28
5960 Various Tracts collected from the Philosophical Transac-

tions : on the Structure of Muscles : Account of the Bay-
reuth Caves, and Observations on Fossil Bones : on the
Generation of the Kangaroo : Anatomy of the Sea-Otter:
Dissection of an Hermaphrodite Dog : on the Teeth of
Graminivorous Quadrupeds : on the Ornithorhynchus Pa-
radoxus: on the Teeth of the Wild Boar, &c. and various

others, 4to, numerous plates, uncut, 18s. 1790-1802
5961 Practical Observations on the Treatment of Ulcers on the
Legs; 8vo, bds. 3s.

5961*Home's (Dr. F.) Experiments on Bleaching, to which are added

Ferguson on Leys and Sours, and Black on Alkaline Salts;
small 8vo, uncut, 5s.

Dublin, 1771
5962 Home's (James) Scripture History of the Jews and their Re-

publick; 2 vols. 8vo, very neat, scarce, 21. 2s. 1737

Recommended by Bp. Tomline, in his Elements of Christian Theology.
5963 Home's (John) Works (Douglas and other Dramatic Works,

History of the Rebellion, &c.) Prefixed is an Account of
his Life and Writings by H. Mackenzie; 3 vols. 8vo, por-
trait (pub. at 11. 11s. 6d.) bds. 12s. Edinburgh, 1822

David Hume, in dedicating his Four Dissertations to the author of Douglas,
bestows the highest possible praise on him; observing, that he possessed

" the true theatric genius of Shakespeare and Otway."
5964 History of the Rebellion in the Year 1745; 4to, portrait

of the Pretender and plans, uncut, scarce, 1l. 7s. 1802
5965 the same; 4to, calf gilt, 11. 8s.

5966 Homer's Iliads and Odysses, translated out of Greek into English

Verse, by Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury. With a large
Preface concerning the Vertues of an Heroick Poem,
written by the Translator ; 2 vols. in 1, 12mo, fine fron-
tispiece, neat, 10s. 6d.

5967 Iliad and Odyssey, translated by Alexander Pope. A

new Edition, with additional Notes, Critical and Illustra-
tive; 9 vols. 8vo; calf gilt, 21. 2s.

For other editions, see Pope's Iliad and Odyssey.
5968 Iliads translated, adorn'd with Sculpture, and illustrated

with Annotations, by John Ogilby; royal folio, FIRST
EDITION, fine impressions of the numerous plates, by Hol-
LAR and FAITHORNE, 11. 1s.

5969 Iliad and Odyssey, in English Prose, with Explanatory

Notes by a Graduate; 2 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 1l.8s.1823-33

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5970 Homer's Iliad, in English Prose, with Explanatory Notes by a

Graduate; 2 vols. 8vo (pub. at 24s.) bds. 18s. Oxford, 1821 5971 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 11. 4s.

ib. 1821 5972 Odyssey, literally translated into English Prose, with Ex

planatory Notes, by a Member of the University of Oxford; 2 vols. 8vo (pub. at 1l. 1s.) bds. 12s.

1823 5973 the same ; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 16s.

1823 5974 Odysses, translated into English Verse by Thomas Hobbes,

with a large Preface concerning the Vertues of an Heroique Poem; 12mo, call gilt, 5s.

1675 5975 Hymns and Batrachomyomachia, and Two Original Poetical

Hymns by George Chapman : with an Introductory Pre

face by S. W. Singer; 12mo; port. bds. 8s. Chiswick, 1818 5976 Homer, Burlesqued, in Versc, by Thos. Brydges ; 2 vols. 8vo,

with 25 highly humorous engravings, boards, 12s. 1797 5977 Homilies, or certain Sermons appointed to be read in Churches

in the Time of Queen Elizabeth; 12mo, neat, 3s. 1687 5978 the same; 8vo, bds. 8s. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1840 5979 the same; 8vo, calf extra, 12s.

ib. 1840 5980 Hone's (Wm.) Every Day Book, Table Book, and Year Book, or

Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, &c.; 4 vols.

8vo, 730 woodcuts (pub. at 21. 16s.) bds. 11. 11s.6d. 1837-39 5981 -- on Ancient Mysteries and Religious Shows; 8vo, plates, (pub. at 10s. 6d.) boards, 6s.

1823 5982 Honest ANSWER to the late published Apologie for Private

Preaching, with an Argument against Round Heads, Levit. xix. 27. by T. J. small 4to, 2s.6d.

n. d. 5983 Hood's (Thomas) Plea of the Midsummer Fairies, Hero and

Leander, and other Poems; 8vo, bds (pub. at 8s.) 5s. 1827 5984 Whims and Oddities ; 2 vols. 8vo, numerous woodcuts, (pub. at Il. ls.) bds. 10s. 6d.

1827-29 5985 Hook's (Rev. Walter Farquhar, D.D.) Attempt to demonstrate

the Catholicism of the Church of England; 4to, 2s.6d. 1825 5986 Call to Union; 8vo, sewed, 2s.

1838 5987 Book of Family Prayer; 18mo, bds. 2s.

1840 5988 Sermons on various Subjects; 8vo, bds. 10s. 1841 5989 Church Dictionary; 12mo, boards, 2s. 9d.

1842 5990 Hooke's (N.) Roman History, from the Building of Rome to the

Ruin of the Commonwealth ; 4 vols. 4to, FIRST EDITION, maps and plates, neat, 21.

1738-71 5991 the same; 4 vols. 4to, BEST EDITION, maps and plates, neat, 31.

1757-71 5992 the same; 6 vols. 8vo, last genuine Edition (pub. at 31. 3s.) boards, 21. 10s.

1830 5993 the same; 6 vols 8vo, calf gilt, 31.

1830 5994 Hooke's (Col.) Secret History of his Negotiations in Scotland

in Favour of the Pretender in 1707, including the original Letters and Papers between the Scotch and Irish Lords, &c. 8vo, calf, scarce, 7s.

1760 5995 Hooke's (Robert) Micrographia: or some Physiological De

scriptions of Minute Bodies made by Magnifying Glasses, with Observations and Inquiries thereupon; folio, plates, very neat, 18s.


5996 Hooke's (Robert) Micrographia Restaurata, or the Copper-plates

of Dr. Hooke's Wonderful Discoveries by the Microscope,

fully explained; folio, 33 plates, uncut, 12s. 1745 5997 Posthumous Works, containing his Cutlerian Lectures and

other Discourses, read at the Meetings of the Royal Society,
published by R. Waller; folio, plates, fine copy, in old gilt
calf, ul.

1705 5998 Lectiones Cutlerianæ, and Miscellaneous Discourses ; 4to, plates, 6s.

1679 5999 Hooker's (Richard) Ecclesiastical Polity, and other Works, with

a General Index : also Isaac Walton's Life of the Author,
edited by the Rev. W. S. Dobson; 2 vols. 8vo, calf extra,
11. 8s.

1825 6000 Ecclesiastical Polity and other Works, with Life by Walton,

Notes, and Additions, arranged by the Rev. John Keble;

3 vols. 8vo, bds. 11. 11s. 6d. Oxford, Clarendon Press, 1841 6001 the same; 3 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 21. 2s.

ib. 1841 6002 Works, without Keble's Notes; 2 vols. 8vo, bds.13s. ib.1841

· Amongst those," says Adelung, “ who in this age (that of Elisabeth) car. ried the English language to the greatest perfection, Richard Hooker, a celobrated divine, deserves particularly to be noticed. He exhibited a fine model of the reasoning style in bis famous Ecclesiastical Polity, a work that reflects high credit on his powers of reasoning, and the extent of his learning. In this admirable production he set a noble example to his successors, an example successfully followed by a Chillingworth, a Locke, and a Hoadley."

“ TAB ADAMANTINB AND IMPERISHABLE WORK OF HOOKER IS HIS ECCLESIASTICAL POLITY. Bishop Lowth, in the preface to his English Grammar, has bestowed the highest praise upon the purity of Hooker's style. Bishop Warburton, in his book on the Alliance between the Church and the State, often quotes bim, and calls him the excellent, the admirable, the best good man of our order.'"- Dr. Parr.

“ This work is superior to all praise for profound learning, compass of information, and accurate fidelity. His Preface, addressed to them that seek (as they term it) the Reformation of the Laws and Orders Ecclesiastical in the Church of England; and bis Seventh Book, describing the Constitution and Maintenance of the Primitive Church; and vindicating the Discipline of the Church of England; for close, temperate, inasterly, and exhaustive reasoning, are unrivalled, and well deserve to be reprinted separately." —Dr. W. Hales.


DEVOUR ALL LEARNING,"-POPE CLEMENT VIII. 6003 Keble's Selections from the Fifth Book of Hooker's Eccle

siastical Polity; foolscap 8vo, bds. 58. Oxford, 1839 6004 Hooker's (Wm.) Paradisus Londinensis : containing Plants cul

tivated in the Vicinity of London, with Descriptions by
Salisbury; 4to, containing 111 figures of plants, beautifully

coloured, half-bound morocco, marbled edges, 21. 2s. 1806 6005 Hooker's (Sir Wm. Jackson) British JunGERMANNIÆ, being

a History and Description, with coloured Figures of each
Species of the Genus, and Microscopical Analyses ; royal
4to, complete, containing 88 finely coloured plates (pub.
at 81. 9s. 6d.) half-bound, uncut, 41. 10s.

1816 6006 Exotic Flora, containing Figures and Descriptions of new,

rare, or otherwise interesting Exotic Plants; 8 parts, royal
8vo, containing 94 beautifully coloured plates (published
at 41. 10s.) sewed 21. 10s.

Edinburgh, 1812-24

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6007 Hooker's (Sir Wm. Jackson) Flora Scotica, or a Description of

Scottish Plants, arranged both according to the artificial

and natural Methods ; 8vo, boards, scarce, 14s. 1821 6008 Musci Exotici : containing Figures and Descriptions of

new or little known Foreign Mosses, and other Cryptogamic Plants ; 23 numbers, royal 4to, complete, with nu

merous finely coloured plates (pub. at 91. 4s.) 71.7s. 1818-20 6009 Journal of a Tour in Iceland in the Summer of 1809; 8vo,

plates, PrivATELY PRINTED, calf neat, 8s. Yarmouth, 1811 6010 Journal of a Tour in Iceland in the Summer of 1809.

Second Edition, with Additions ; 2 vols. 8vo, map and plates (pub. at 11. 6s.) boards, 9s.

1813 6011 the same, 2 vols. royal 8vo, LARGE PÁPER (pub. at 1l.16s.) boards, 188,

1813 “ Natural history, especially botany. The travels of this author, Mackenzie, and Henderson, would seern to leave nothing to be desired on the

subject of this extraordinary island and its inhabitants."—Stevenson. 6012 Icones Plantarum, or Figures, with brief Descriptive Cha

racters and Remarks, of new or rare Plants, selected from the Author's Herbarium; 2 vols. 8vo, plates (pub. at 21.16s.) cloth lettered, 21.

1837 6013 Hooper's (George, Bishop of Bath and Wells) Works, edited

by T. Hunt, D.D. folio, portrait, calf, 14s. Oxford, 1757 6014 Inquiry into the State of Ancient Measures, the Attick,

the Roman, and especially the Jewish; 8vo, neat, 7s. 1721

This work is highly praised by Gibbon (Miscellaneous Works, v. 123). 6015 HOOPER's (Jacob) Impartial History of the Rebellion and Civil

Wars in England during the Reign of Charles I; 2 vols. small 8vo, neat, 12s.

Cambridge, n.d. 6016 Booper's (John, Bishop of Gloucester) Declaracion of Christe

and of his Offyce; 16mo, blue morocco, gilt edges, scarce, 21. 12s. 6d.

Zurych, 1547 This and several others of Bishop Hooper's works are reprinted in the

fifth volume of The Fathers of the English Church. 6017 Hooper's (Dr. W.) Rational Recreations, in which the Princi

ples of Nuinbers and Natural Philosophy are clearly and copiously elucidated, by a Series of easy, entertaining, interesting Experiments, among which are all those commonly performed with the Cards ; 4 vols. 8vo. coloured plates, very neat, 11. 8s.

1774 6018 Hope's (Rev. F. W.) Coleopterist's Manual, Parts i and 11, con

taining the Lamellicorn Insects and Predaceous Beetles;

8vo, coloured plates, (pub. at 17s. 6d.) bds. 12s. 1837-38 6019 the same, Part 11, 8vo, (pub. at 10s. 6d.) bds. 5s. 1838 6020 Characters and Descriptions of several new Genera and

Species of Coleopterous Insects, 5 coloured plates, 1833.
-J. E. Gray's Spicilegia Zoologica, 11 plates, 1828-30.-
Lieut.-Col. W. H. Sykes's Account of the Kolisurra Silk-
Worm of the Deccan, coloured plate, 1834.-G. Dahlbom
Conspectus Tenthredinidum, Siricidum et Oryssinorum
Scandinaviæ ; Harniæ, 1835.-F. J. Pictet, Description
de Quelques Nouvelles Espèces de Névroptères du Musée
de Genève; plate, n.d.-In 1 vol. 4to, bds. 12s.

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