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6122 HOWARD's (John) Appendix to his State of Prisons'; 4to, plates, bds. scarce, 6s. Warrington, 1780


the same; 4to, Presentation copy, with autograph of HOWARD, boards, 8s. ib. 1780 6124 HOWARD'S (Sir Robert) History of Religion; 8vo, neat, 4s. 1694 6125 HOWARD's (Henry Charles) Historical Anecdotes of some of the Howard Family; 8vo, neat, 10s.



Another copy; 8vo, LARGE PAPER, illustrated with portraits and plates, half-bound russia, uncut, 15s. 1769 6127 HOWARD'S (G.) Wolsey, the Cardinal, and his Times; courtly, political, and ecclesiastical; 8vo, portrait and cuts (pub. at 16s.) bds. 8s.


6128 HOWARTH's (Rev. II.) Hulsean Lectures (on Revealed Religion) crown 8vo. bds. 5s. Cambridge, 1836 6129 Howe's (John) Works, with his Funeral Sermon, and Life by E. Calamy, D.D. 2 vols. folio, portrait, calf, 2l. 16s. 1724 the same, complete in one volume, imperial 8vo (pub. at 21. 2s.) portrait, cloth, 17. 11s. 6d.





Works, with Life by the Rev. John Hunt; 8 vols. royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, bds. 47. 10s.

Posthumous Works; 4 vols. 8vo, bds. 18s.

1810-22 1822

6133 HOWEL'S (L.) History of the Holy Bible; 3 vols. 8vo, with 150 Bible plates by Sturt, neat, 15s.

1718 6134 HOWEL'S (Dr. Wm.) Institution of General History, or the History of the World, from the Creation to the Conquest of England by William the Conqueror; 4 vols. in 3, folio, slightly stained, neat, 11. 4s.


A work highly commended by Dr. Johnson and Gibbon. 6135 HOWELL'S (T. B. AND T. J.) COMPLETE COLLECTION OF STATE TRIALS, from the earliest Period to the Reign of George IV, with Index by D. Jardine; 34 vols. royal 8vo (pub. at 617. 10s.) half-bound russia, 147. 14s.


6136 HOWELL's (James) Epistolæ Ho-Eliana: Familiar Letters, Domestic and Foreign, divided into Four Books; partly historical, political, and philosophical, upon emergent Occasions; 8vo, neat, 10s.





Familiar Letters on Important Subjects, wrote from the
Year 1618 to 1650; 12mo, neat, 8s. Aberdeen, 1753

"The familiar letters of Howell will probably outlive all his other publi cations. They are amusing and instructive, and have deservedly gone through half a score of editions. The account in them of the assassination of Henry IV of France is minutely curious."—Dibdin. ΔΕΝΔΡΟΛΟΓΙΑ. Dodona's Grove, or the Vocall Forrest, with a MS. Key; small folio, LARGE PAPER, brilliant impressions of the plates by Merian, the master of Hollar, very neat, 14s.

Instructions for Forren Travell; 12mo, neat, 4s.



"Well worth the perusal of any one who may chance to meet with the original."-Retrospective Review.

6140 HowGILL's (Francis) True Rule, Judge, and Guide of the True Church of God; small 4to, last leaf deficient, 2s. 6d. 1665 6141 HOWGRAVE'S (Francis) Essay of the Ancient and Present State

of Stamford; 4to, neat, 9s.

Stamford, 1726

6142 HowISON's (John) Sketches of Upper Canada, Domestic, Local, and Characteristic; to which are added, Practical Details for the Information of Emigrants of every Class, and some Recollections of the United States of America; 8vo, bds. 10s. 6d.


"Mr. Howisou passed two years and a half in Upper Canada; and what ever he communicates is derived from personal inquiry and observation, and is obviously quite candid and impartial, and free from the exaggeration and flattering colouring of the interested land-jobbing speculator.-His descriptions of the wild and picturesque scenery of the wilderness he traversed are given with very considerable spirit and effect."—Edinburgh Review.

6143 HOWITT'S (Samuel) Field Sports; oblong royal folio, with 20 FINELY COLOURED PLATES (pub. at 107.10s.) bds. 2l. 1807 6143 HOWITT'S (S.) British Preserve, containing Representations of 47 different Quadrupeds and Birds, usually hunted and shot in Great Britain, in a Series of 36 beautiful Etchings, complete in 9 Nos. 4to (pub. at 37.3s.) 1. 7s. 1824 6144 HOWITT's (W.) Book of the Seasons, fscap 8vo, cloth, 7s.6d. 1836 Visit to Remarkable Places; 2 vols. 8vo, with upwards of 80 beautiful woodcuts, cloth, 17. 18s. 1840-41 Student Life in Germany; 8vo, 24 woodcuts and 7 steel engravings, cloth, 17. 1s.







Rural and Domestic Life in Germany; 8vo, woodcuts, cloth, 17.1s.


Popular History of Priestcraft in all Ages and Nations; fourth Edition, enlarged; foolscap 8vo, bds. 5s. 1834 Rural Life of England; 8vo, beautifully illustrated with woodcuts by Bewick and S. Williams, bds. 17. 1s. 1841 6150 Colonization and Christianity; small 8vo, bds. 10s. 1838 6151 HOWLEY'S (Archbp. Wm.) Charge to the Clergy as Bishop of London; 8vo, 2s.

6152 HowSHIP (John) on Stricture in the Colon; 8vo, presentation copy, bds. 3s.



6153 HOYLAND's (John) Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, and present State of the Gypsies; 8vo, hf-bd. 4s. York, 1816 6154 HOYLE'S Games, improved by C. Jones; 12mo, 2s.

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6156 HUBBARD'S (W.) Narrative of the Troubles with the Indians in New England, and Warre with the Pequods in 1637; small 4to, map, neat, scarce, 18s.

Boston, 1677

6157 HUARTE'S (Juan) Tryals of Wits, translated by Bellamy; 8vo, neat, 5s.

1698 "This work was at one time extremely popular, and was translated into almost every European language."-Renouard.

6158 HUCKELL's (Rev.J.) Avon, a Poem,8vo, 4s. Stratford-on-Avon,n.d. 6159 HUDDART's (Sir Joseph) Memoir of his Father, Captain Joseph Huddart; 4to, portrait, presentation copy to R. C. Plowden, Esq. calf extra, 17. 1s. Privately printed, 1821 6160 HUDDESFORD'S (Dr. George, Vice-Chancellor) Proper Reply to a Pamphlet, entitled A Defence of the Rector and Fellows of Exeter College, &c. 4to, 4s.

Oxford, 1755

6161 HUG's (J. L.) Introduction to the Writings of the New Testament. Translated from the German by D. G. Wait; 2 vols. 8vo (pub. at 17. 12s.) bds. 18s.


6162 HUGHES' (George) Analytical Exposition of the whole Book of Genesis, and of xxIII Chap. of Exodus; folio, neat, scarce,

11. 1s.

1672 6163 HUGHES' (Rev. Griffith) Natural History of Barbadoes; folio, LARGE PAPER, map, and 29 plates, those of Plants FINELY COLOURED, in old morocco, gilt edges, scarce, 17. 10s. 1750 6164 HUGHES' (John) Poems, with Essays in Prose; 2 vols. 8vo, portrait and plates, neat, 7s. 1735 6165 HUGHES' (Rev. John) Itinerary of Provence and the Rhone, made in 1819; 8vo, 12 Etchings, hf-bd. calf, 8s. Views in Provence and on the Rhone, engraved by W. B. Cooke, G. Cooke, and J. C. Allen; 6 parts, folio, complete, PROOF IMPRESSIONS ON INDIA PAPER (pub. at 37. 15s.) 21. 2s.





the same; folio, INDIA PROOFS, half-bound morocco, top edge gilt, 21. 88.


6168 HUGHES' (T. S.) Travels in Sicily, Greece, and Albania; 2 vols. 4to, numerous plates (pub. at 5l. 5s.) bds. 17.4s. 1820 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, numerous plates (pub. at 17. 4s.) bds. 15s.





"Classical, antiquarian, and descriptive of the state of society, political, civil, religious, and domestic; bearing marks of much information and enquiry, a sound judgment, and good education."—Stevenson. Continuation of Hume and Smollet's History of England, from 1760 to 1836; 7 vols. 8vo, bds. 3!. 38. the same; 8 vols. 12mo, cloth, 27.




6172 HUGHES' (Mary) Life of William Penn; 12mo, bds. 3s. 6173 HUGHES' (W.) Munster and Abingdon, or, the open Rebellion there, and the unhappy Tumult here, &c. 12mo, uncut, scarce, 10s. Oxford, 1656 6174 HUGHSON's (David) Walks through London (including Westminster, Southwark, and the Suburbs); 2 vols. 12mo, numerous plates (pub. at 17. 10s. bds.) calf gilt, 16s. 1817 the same; 2 vols. 8vo, LARGE PAPER, numerous plates, (pub. at 21. 8s.) bds. 16s. 1817



6176 HULL'S (Thos.) Select Letters between the Duchess of Somerset, Lady Luxborough, Messrs. Dodsley, Shenstone, and others; 2 vols. 8vo, very neat, 7s. 6177 HULL'S (Dr. John) British Flora: or, a Systematic Arrangement of British Plants, Vol. I, Monandria-Polygamia; 8vo, interleaved with writing-paper, half-bound russia, scarce, 10s. Manchester, 1808

6178 HULL'S (Wm. Winstanley) Inquiry concerning the Means and Expedience of proposing and making any Changes in the Canons, Articles, or Liturgy of the Church of England, &c. 8vo, bds. 5s.


6179 HULL. T. Thompson's Considerations on the Hull Poor Rates, and Workhouse, Hull, 1801.-Thompson's Short Account of the Improvements in the Maintenance of the Poor of Hull, with his further Observations, ib. 1800-1.-Rules for the Management of the Poor of Hull, ib. 1800.-Lists of those receiving Weekly Allowances, ib. 1 vol. 8vo, hf-bd. 7s. 6d.

6180 HULL. Frost's (Charles) Letter to Thomas Thompson, Esq. on the Propriety of Equalizing the Poor Rates at Hull, 1820. -Lord Sheffield, on the Navigation and Colonial System, 1804.-Strickland's Observations on the Corn Laws, Leeds, 1826.-Report from the Committee of the Hull Ship Owners, Hull, 1827.-Report of the Committee of the Hull Junction Dock, ib. 1825.-Evidence on the Hull Dock Bill, ib. 1825.—In 1 vol. 8vo, hf-bd. 8s.


6182 6183

Frost's Letter to Thompson, 1820.-Report of the Committee against building a new House of Correction, Hull, 1821.-J. Hill's Letter on the Hull Junction Dock, ib. 1818.-Thompson's Further Observations on the Hull Poor, ib. 1801.-Account of the Manner of proceeding at the Contested Election for Yorkshire in 1807, York, 1818. -G. Pryme's Syllabus of a Course of Lectures on Political Economy, Cambridge, 1816.-In 1 vol. 8vo, hf-bd. 7s. Exceeding Joyfull Newes from Hull; small 4to, 2s. 6d. 1642 Cogan's Charity-a broadside, 1787.-Tract relative to God's House Hospital, 1758.-Deed relative to St. John's Chapel, 1793.-Additions to Tickell's History of Hull, n.d.-Letter to Alderman Wilberforce from the Rev. Mr. Huntington, who was publicly rebuked by the Archbishop, 1764. J. Wray's Letter to Thomas Thompson, Esq. M.P. relative to the Junction Dock, Hull, 1814; and various Tracts relative to Agriculture, &c.-4to, 10s. 6184 HULLMANDEL'S (C.) Three Views, and a Plan of the Chateau des Rochers (the favourite Chateau of Madame de Sevigné); folio (pub. at 10s. 6d.) sewed, 5s.



Manual of Lithography. Translated from the French; 8vo, boards, 6s.


6185 HUMANE SOCIETY SERMONS, by J. Duché, S. Thompson, Bp. Horsley, Archdeacon Pott, Dr. S. Glasse, Dean Rennell, W. Hawtayne, Dr. G. Gregory, A. Thompson, Dr. T. Haweis, R. Harrison, Bishop Huntingford, and Dr. W. Langford. In 1 vol. 8vo, calf, 7s.



6186 HUMBOLDT's (Alexander, Baron de) Political Essay on Mexico: including every Information relative to the Geography, Climate, Inhabitants, Productions, Commerce, and Mines of that Country. With Sections and Maps. Translated from the original French, by John Black; 4 vols. 8vo (pub. at 37. 13s. 6d. in bds.) hf-bd. calf, 17. 1814 the same; 4 vols. 8vo, Sections and Maps, bds. 11.10s. 1822 At a great public meeting, held June 21, 1824, it was declared by the exe. entive power of the Mexican government, that "Mr. Humboldt's Political Essay on New Spain contained the most complete and the most accurate picture of the natural riches of the country, and that the reading of this great work had not a little contributed to reanimate the active industry of the nation, and to inspire it with confidence in its own powers." the same; vol. 1 and 2, 8vo, bds. 18s. Researches concerning the Institutions and Monuments of the ancient Inhabitants of America, with Descriptions and Views of some of the most striking Scenes in the Cordilleras translated by H. M. Williams; 2 vols. 8vo, plates, bds. 11. 5s.

6188 6189




6190 HUMBOLDT's (Alexander, Baron de) Geognostical Essay on the Superposition of Rocks; 8vo (pub. at 14s.) bds. 7s. 1823 Personal Narrative of Travels in Colombia: embracing Details of the Geography, Climate, Population, Vegetable and Mineral Productions, &c. of that Country. Translated from the original French, by Helen Maria Williams; 7 vols. in 8, 8vo, maps, plans, &c. (published at 5l. 6s.) bds. 41. 1814-29 1814-29


the same; 7 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 51. 5s.

6193 HUME'S (DAVID) HISTORY OF ENGLAND, BOWYER'S SPLENDID EDITION; 10 vols. royal folio, fine improssions of the plates, russia, extra, gilt edges, backs full gilt, 281. 1806-7

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The book was published at 70 guineas; the binding cost at least 25 more. History of England; 8 vols. 1763.-Smollett's Continuation of Hume; 5 vols. 1790.-Together, 13 vols. 8vo, portraits, uncut, 27. 10s.

History of England; 8 vols. 1802.-Smollett's Continua-
tion of Hume; 5 vols. 1804.-De Moleville's Annals of
Great Britain, from the Ascension of George III to the
Peace of Amiens; 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1807.—Together, 16
vols. royal 8vo, LARGE PAPER, calf, marbled edges, 61. 6s.
History of England, with Smollett's Continuation.
ley's fine Edition; 16 vols. 8vo, embellished with upwards
of 150 portraits and historical wood-cut engravings from
Thurston's Designs, original impressions (pub. at 117. 4s.)
bds. 61. 6s.


History of England, with Smollett's Continuation; 13 vols. 8vo, genuine Edition (pub. at 47. 11s.) bds. 21. 10s. 1812 This copy belonged to Charles Richardson, who has marked in pencil the words used by him in his English Dictionary.

Cadell, 1841 Cadell, 1841

History of England, with Smollett's Continuation, a new
and genuine Edition, elegantly printed, complete in 10
vols. 8vo, portraits (pub. at 41.) bds. 31. 3s.
the same; 10 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 51
the same, with a Continuation to 1836, by the Rev. S. T.
Hughes; 17 vols. 8vo, calf extra, 8l. 18s. 6d. 1836-41
the same; 21 vols. 12mo, cloth, 5l.


History of Great Britain, from the Reign of James I to the Flight of James II; 2 vols. in 1, 4to, FIRST EDITION, calf, 7s. Edinburgh, 1754-57

Varying considerably from all subsequent editions.—See Hume's Life. History of England during the Reign of Charles I. royal folio, illustrated with numerous additional portraits, views, &c. russia, extra, joints, gilt edges, 21.12s. 6d. Bowyer, 1807 A Series of 196 engravings (in the line manner) by the first Artists in the Country, illustrative of the History of England (from Bowyer's splendid Edition); royal folio, hf-bd. russia, 31. 10s. ib. 1812

Essays and Treatises on several Subjects; 2 vols. 8vo, neat, 8s.


Essays and Treatises; 2 vols. 8vo, calf gilt, 14s.
Treatise of Human Nature; 3 vols. 8vo, neat, 15s.



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