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nance in their Infancy. "Тis then they addres their Crie to the great Palm cxivi. о. Сreator, and he multiplies Food for them, accomodated to the exceeding Delicacy of their Техture. In a word, 'tis for them that he every where difperfes Worms and Caterpillars.

Соит. Тhelittle Birds,in Reality, don't forfake their Eggs, till the Their DuraFields are replenifhedwith Caterpil- "" lars; and thefe difappear when the Young, grown ftronger, have Осcafion for another Sort of Nourifhment, or can live without the Food they were firft accuftomed to. Веfore the Моnth of April there are no Caterpillars, nor Вroods of Birds. In the Month of Auguji or September, there are neither Вroods, nor Саrerpillars; the Earthis then covered with Grain, and other Provifions ofeverykind.

Рrior. Тill that Time the Birds have Сaterpillars affignedthem for their Support, and 'tis but juft that thefe thould likewife be furnithed with proper Food, and thisthey arefuppliedwith from the Plants. They have a Right, as well as ourfelves, to the Verdure of the Earth: They have a certain Title, founded in the Permiffon God originally gave to every Gen. - 29,3°. Сreature who lives and creeps upon the Earth, of receiving its Nourithment from the Рlants: And theirСharter is as authentick as ours, fince it is precifely the very fame.

Тhe Participation ofthe Herbs and Fruits of the Еarth, which Infects are permitted to enjoy in commonwith Маn, is fometimes very prejudicial to him, and, as fuch, was both forefeen and ordained. Маn wants to be inftructed, as well as fuftained. Нis Ingratitude is confounded, when thefe Infects deprive him of what God had dif

play’d to his View with to much Liberality ? and p 2 1 his

his Prideis no lefs humbled, when the Lordcommands his avenging Armies to march forth, and, inftead of Lions and Tygers, or other formidable Аnimals, fets Caterpillars, Flies and Locufts, in array againft him. Such inconfiderable Inftruments as Worms and Flies, are employed by the Аlmighty, to humble the Pride of Men, who are too apttoflatter themfelves, thatthey are rich, and great, and independent. Youfee my dearChevalier, that the fame Hand which created the Fly and the Сaterpillar, has alfo formed the Lion and the Туger. Не haspreparedaconvenientNourithment for them all, becaufe he knows the particular Ufes for which he has referved them. кcclef.iii.2. Every ibing be bas таae is good in its Sea/on; and when our weak } henfions cannot penetrate into the Мotives of his Works, fhould we, for that Reafon prefume to diminifh from them, or with any Addition to them ? Вut you will tell me I am preaching, and therefore we will return to our Нiftory of Caterpillars, and beg the Favour of the Count to give usa View of thefe Сreatures, as they are employd

in building theirТombs. Соитle/i. I find you don't expect much from me, and fo I am notafked any Queftions. Ноwever, I would willingly be offome Confequence in my Turn; and defire Leave to fend my Servantuptomy Clofet for a little Box that will peak for me, as well as a fine Оration. You will find in it what will entertain your Eyes тbei, топь». at leaft. In the mean time let us take a View of the Сaterpillars Fu


Соиті. Тоwardsthe End of Summer, andfometimes fooner, thefe Infects, when they are fatiated with Verdure, and have changed their Skin feveral м t1ППСЕ»

times, ceafe to eat, and employ themfelves in building a Retreat, wherein they are to quit the Life and Form of a Caterpillar, to give birth to the Butterfly they contain within them. А few Daysarefufficient to conduct fome into a new State of Exittence. Оthers continue whole Мonths and Years in their Sepulchres. Their are fome Species that plunge themfelvesto a fmallDepthin the Еarth, after they are fatiated with their Food. In that Situation they begin their Efforts, and rend their Robe, which, with the Неаd, the Рaws, and Entrails, fhrinks back like a Skin of dry Parchment ; and there remains a Subitance that refembles a fmall Bean, or a kind of Covering of a Brown Complexion, with an oval Form, the moft pointed Part of which terminates in feveral moving Rings whofe dimentions are gradually diminifhed. This isthe Chryfalisthat inclofes the Embrio of the Butterfly, with fuch Fluids as are propertonourith, and compleatits Growth. When the Creature hasacquireditsperfect Form, and is invited, by a genial Warmth, to quit the Scene of its Сonfinement, it burfts the large Еxtremity of its Inclofure, which always correfponds withits Нead, and is weak enough to be opened at the firft Effort. Some Сaterpillars, infteadoffinking themfelves into the Earth, prepare a Lodgment under the Projections of Roofs ; in the Сavities of Walls ; under the Bark of Trees, and even in the Heart of the Wood. Аll of them have fufficient Abilities to fecure themfelves a fafe Retreat, for the time they are to continue in the Form of Aurelias. Тhere are others who fulpendthemfelves, with great Dexterity, to the Roofs ofНoufes, or the firft Stake that occurs in their Way, and they proceed in the following Manner. The Сaterpillars extracts, from her ownSubitance, a glutinous

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Fluid, which lengthens, and acquires a due Сonfiftency, in proportion as fhe advances her Head from one Place to another : Аnd when fhe has giewed and interlaced feveral Threads on fome fmooth Place, to which fhe intends to fix herfelf, fhe infinuates her hinder Pawsinto a Complication of the Tiffue, by means of the minute Сlaws in which they terminate. In this Маnner the accomplifhesher firft Faftening, after which herears her Неаd, and fixes a new Thread on the lateral Wood that correfponds with her fifth Ring, and then with a gentle Deflexion of her Неаd, fhe draws this Thread, in the Form of a Bow, around her Back, and then faftensit to the oppofite Side. She frequently repeatsthefe Мotions, in order to conduct the Thread from the Left to the Right, and from the Right to the Left. When this fecond Band, which fuftains the Animal above the Мiddle of herВody, has been fufficiently doubled and fortified, the reits upon it, and then agitates her Body till it is entirely covered with Sweat. She then burits her Skin, which gradually fhrinks to the Side where her Paws are implicated in the Wood. Thofe Paws are likewife difipated like the reftof her Spoils; but all this is not fufficient to difengage the Chryfalis, becaufe, infteadof the Рaws, by which it was detained, the Extremity of the Bean has (hot out a fet of little Points, whofe Нeads terminate like that of a Мufhroom or Xail; and as they are extended beyond the Тhreads, they are } with the Band that traverfes the Back, to faften the Bean till the proper Seafon, when the Papilio is to be difcharged from her Сonfinement. I have been told that fome Сaterpillars involve their Bodiesina Texture of Thread and Glew, and then roll themfelves over a Bed of Sand, by which means they collectan Incruftration offmall сий - 2П

and build themfelves in this Маnner, а Моnument ofStone. I have feen this Operation performed by other Infects. - Тhere are others who build in Wood, and crumble into fmall Particles the Subftance of a Willow, or fome other Plant to which they have habituatedthemfelves. Тhey afterwards pulverize the whole, and form it, with an intermixture of Glew, into a Pafte, in which they wrap themfelves up. This Сompofition dries over the Chryfalis it furrounds, and which affumes much the fame Figure; fothat it refembles a Мummy, which correiponds with the Form ofthe Bodyitinclofes, and to which it ferves as a Defence. I have fome Infects, in this torm of the Cryfalis, about me, and fancy the Chevalier will be pleafed with the Sight. Сbev, They are really very entertainingFigures, and one would be apt to take them for Pagodes, or Infants in Swadling Cloaths. Is it poffiblethere fhould be any Life within , and is a Butterfly to fpring out of the Ruin? The whole Маis feems to be quite dead. Соит. If you prefsthem a little, you will find fome Signs of Life. I could not give you a better Idea of their State of Aurelias or Nympbs, than by letting you feethefe little Тоmbs out of which as many Butterflies are to rife. Thofe who are Fenales will lay their Eggs, either upon the very Plant thatformerly nourifhed them, or upon one of thefame fort. They range their Eggs fometimes in a ftrait, or elfe in a circular Situation : Sometimes theyWindthem in a piralLine, round а fmall Branch, and always faften them with fuch abinding Glew, that the heavieit Rains can't wafh them away. You will find fome Сaterpillars who, in their Works, neither imitate the Маion or Carpenter;

but artificially ipinthemfelves a warm Robe to D 4 fecure

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