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Mortals! awake, with angels join... Medley 35
My dear Redeemer, and my Lord!. Watts 60
My drowsy powers! why sleep ye so ?..... Watts 196
My faith looks up to thee....

Palmer 81
My former hopes are fled..

.Couper 134
My God! how endless is thy love... Watts 310
My God! my life, my love..

Watts 14
My God! my portion and my love. Watts 23
My God! permit me not to be..

Watts 20
My God! the spring of all my joys.. .. Watts 16
My God! thy service well demands... Doduridge 217
My God! whene'er my longing.

..Mrs. Steele 18
My Maker and my King !.... ..Mrs. Steele 17
My soul! be on thy guard...

Heath 214
My soul! come, meditate the day.. Watts 326
My times of sorrow and of joy..... Beddome 224
Nature with open volume stands., Watts 90
Naked, as from the earth we came.. .. Watts 191
No more, my God! I boast no more... Watts 205
Nor eye hath seen, nor ear hath heard..... Watts 356
Not all the blood of beasts..

Watts 78
Not all the outward forms on earth.. Watts 118
Not to condemn the sons of men..

Watts 45
Not to the terrors of the Lord..

Watts 214
Not with our mortal eyes.....

Watts 100
Now begin the heavenly theme.. ..Langford 171
Now be the gospel-banner... Hastings 275
Now for a tune of lofty praise.

Watts 82
Now om labor and from care..... Hastings 306
Now, gracious Lord! thine atm reveal... Newton 314
Now I resolve with all my heart. . ...Mrs. Steele 245
Now in the heat of youthful blood... Watts 131
Now is th' accepted time..

... Dobel 149
Now let my soul, eternal King.....Heginbotham 4
Now let our cheerful eyes survey..

Doddridge 103
Now let our drooping hearts revive... Doddridge 272
Now let our faith with joy survey.
Now let our souls, on wings sublime.... Gibhons 464
Now let our voices join.... Doddridge 163
Now living waters How...... Montgomery's Col. 293
Now to the Lord a noble song.

Watts 73
Now to the Lord who makes us know.... Watts 63
Now to the power of God supreme. Watts 173

.Kelly 276


O city of the Lord ! begin...

..Logan 297
O God of Abra'm ! hear..

. Hastings 243
O God of Bethel ! by whose hand. ..Doddridge 226
O God of sovereign grace...

Village Hymns 286
O Lord! another day is flown......H. K White 308
O Lord ! encouraged by thy grace....Mrs. Steele 240
O Lord ! in sorrow I resign..

..... Gems 223
O Lord ! my best desires fulfill..
O Lord! our God! arise.........

Couper 216

Wardlaw's Col. 284
O Lord ! thy work revive.

..Hastings 233
O my soul! what means this sadness... Fawcett 187
O Spirit of the living God!.. ..Montgomery 293
O Sun of righteousness! arise.... Village Hymns 233
O thou that hearest prayer !. ...... Pralt's Col. 100
O thou who givest all their food!... ..Conder 319
O thou! whose mercy guides my..... Edmeston 195
O thou! whose tender mercy hears ...Mrs. Steele 150
o Zion! tune thy voice..

Doddridge 236
Oh! could I speak the matchless... .Medley 49
Oh! could our thoughts and wishes..Mrs. Steele 177
Oh! for a closer walk with God... Cowper 211
Oh! for a glance of heavenly day......C. Wesley 202
Oh! for an overcoming faith..

Watts 330
Oh! for a sweet inspiring ray...

..Mrs. Steele 349
Oh! for a thousand tongues to sing...C. Wesley 46
Oh! for that tenderness of heart......C. Wesley 187
Oh! happy day that fixed my choice..Doddridge 244
Oh! how divine, how sweet the joy. ... Newton 168
Oh! if my soul was formed for wo........ Watts 157
Oh! let my trembling soul be still... ...... Gems 219
Oh! that I could for ever dwell... ..Reed 69
Oh! that I knew the secret place...

Watts 211
Oh! the delights, the heavenly joys.. Watts 74
Oh! what amazing words of grace.......

.Medley 143
Oh! weep not for the joys that fade.....Knowles 351
Oh! where shall rest be found...... Mon'gomery 350
O'er the gloomy hills of darkness...P. Williams 295
O'er the realms of pagan darkness....... Cotteril 294
On Jordan's stormy banks I stand.....S. Stennett 359
On thee, each morning, O my God!..Gent. Mag. 311
On the mountain's top appearing..

Kelly 278
Once I thought my mountain strong.....Newton 197
Once more, my soul! the rising day.. Watts 303
Our heavenly Father! hear... Montgomery 21
Our helper, God! we bless thy name.. Doudridge 314
Palms of glory, raiment bright.. Montgomery 366
Parting soul! the flood awaits thee....Edmeston 32
Peace! 't is the Lord Jehovah's.. ..Doddridge 328
People of the living God!.. ..Montgomery 161
Permit me, Lord ! to seek thy face...Mrs. Steele 15
Pleasing spring again is here.

Coliyer 317
Plunged in a gulf of dark despair. Watts 53
Pour out thy Spirit from on high....Montgomery 272
Praise, everlasting praise be paid.. Watts 5
Praise to God! immortal praise. .Mrs. Barbauld 10
Praise to the Lord on high.. Doddridge 78
Prayer is the soul's sincere desire... Montgomery 22
Prostrate, dear Jesus! at thy feet.....S. Šlennett 154
Raise thee, my soul! fly up and run...... Watts 360
Raise your triumphant songs....

Watts 89
Rejoice, the Lord is King.. Whitefield's Col. 67
Repent! the voice celestial cries..... Doddridge 127
Rest from thy labour, rest... .Montgomery 23
Return, my roving heart! return......

Doddridge 198
Return, Owanderer! now return.. .Collyer 146
Return to the guide of thy yonth.

Reed 191
Rise, glorious sun! supremely bright...Beddome 50
Rise, gracious God! and shine... Pratt's Col. 275
Rise, my soul! and stretch thy wings... Cennick 174
Rise, O my soul! pursue the path......Needham 173
Rock of ages! cleft for me... . Toplady 82

thou mighty ocean!.. .Pratt's Col. 278
Safely through another week.

Neroton 265
Saints with pious zeal attending:

Taylor 19
Salvation ! Oh! the joyful sound.. Watis 163
Saviour! visit thy plantation..

Newton 237
Say, sinner! hath a voice within. Hyde 135
See, from Zion's sacred mountain.........
See Israel's gentle Shepherd stand.. ..Doddridge 239
See th' eternal Judge....

..........Cleland's Hymns 346
See the ransomed millions stand.. ...... Conder 300
Servant of God! well done........, Montgomery 273
Shall the vile race of flesh and blood...... Watts 25
Shall we go on to sin........

.. Watts 2013

Roll on,

Kelly 239

Shepherds ! hail the wondrous.. Church Psalmist 40
Shout, for the great Redeemer reigns...Beddome 299
Since all the varying scenes of time...... Hervey 195
Sing, all ye ransomed of the Lord !....Doddridge 164
Sing-hallelujah! praise the Lord...... Sweetner 125
Sing to the Lord, y, heavenly hosts !. Watts 340
Sinner! art thou still secure..... Neuton 128
Sinner! Oh! why so thoughtless grown... Watts 126
Sinner ! stop, Oh! stop and think.. .. Neuoton 125
Sinners! the voice of God regard. Fauncelt 144
Sinners ! turn, why will ye die!.. .C. Wesley 144
Sinners! will you scorn the message..

.. Allen 147
So fades the lovely blooming flower..Mrs. Steele 326
So let our lips and lives express......

Watts 218
Softly now, the light of day.

Epis. Col. 305
Songs of praise the angels sang..... Montgomery 32
Sons of men ! behold from far... ..C. Wesley 40
Sovereign of worlds ! display thy....Pratt's Col. 285
Sovereign Ruler, Lord of all!.... .Raffles 153
Spirit of holiness! look down... .. Bathurst 166
Spirit of power and might! behold..Montgomery 292
Stand up and bless the Lord.. ..Montgomery 24
Stand up, my soul! shake off thy fears.... Watis 179
Stay, thou insulted Spirit! stay.......C. Wesley 115
Stoop down, my thoughts ! that used to... Watts 336
Stretched on the cross, the Saviour... Mrs. Steele 88
Sure the blest Comforter is nigh. Mrs. Steele 115
Sweet is the last, the parting.. ...Pralt's Sel. 309
Sweet is the time of spring..

.Gems 317
Sweet peace of conscience, .Heginbotham 189
Sweet the moments, rich in blessing. . Batty 162
Sweet was the time, when first I felt..... Newton 210
Swell the anthem, raise the song......Pres. Col. 33
Tell us wand'rer, wildly roving.... Gems 140
That awful day will surely come..........

Watts 342
That day of wrath--that dreadful... Walter Scott 347
That once-loved form now cold and..Mrs. Sleele 325
Th’atoning work is done........
The God of love will sure indulge... ... Scott 337
The God of nature and of grace.....Montgomery 13
The head that once was crowned.. Urinick's Col. 99
The hours of evening close.. .Mrs. Conder 310
The law by Moses came.

Watts 63

Kelly 107
The Lord descending from above..... Watts 45
The Lord is risen indeed!..

... Kelly 92
The Lord Jehovah reigns...

Watig 8
The Lord of Sabbath let us praise.....8. Wesley 261
The Lord on high proclaims..

Watts 28
The Lord our God is full of might..H. K. White 29
The Lord shall come! the earth shall.. ... Heber 344
The mind was formed to mount.....Mrs. Steele 190
The morning dawns upon the......Montgomery 88
The promise of my Father's love.. Watts 248
The promises I sing..

Doddridge 27
The Saviour calls-- let every ear.....Mrs. Steele 137
The Saviour kindly calls..

Epis. Col. 241
The Saviour! Oh! what endless......

Mrs. Sipele 57
The Spirit like a peaceful dove.... Watts
The voice of free grace cries, -Escape.. Thornby 68
Thee we adore, eternal name..

Watis 320
There is a fountain filled with blood..... Cornper 49
There is a God, all nature speaks....Mrs. Steele

There is a glorious world of....Miss Jane Taylor 356
There is a house not made with hands..... Walls 333
There is a land of pure delight...

... Waits 348
There is an hour of hallowed peace... Union Col. 352
There is an hour of peaceful rest.

Tappan 352
These glorious minds,-how bright.. Watts 363
Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord ! we....Doddridge 259
This day the Lord hath called his own..Bathurst 262
This is the word of truth and love.... Watts 6
This place is holy ground... . Montgomery 339
This world is poor from shore to shore....Nelson 358
Thou art gone to the grave, but we will... Heber 329
Thou art the way, to thee alone....... ..Doane 83
Thou lovely source of true delight....Mrs. Steele 62
Thou only Sovereign of my heart !... Mrs. Steele 71
Thou very present Aid !..... ..C. Wesley 55
Thou that dost my life.. Church Psalmody 301
Thou! whom my soul admires above .. Watis 101
Thou, whose almighty Word........Pratt's Col. 121
Through sorrow's night, and.......H. K. While 338
Through the day thy love has spared us....

. Kelly 306
Thus far the Lord has led me on.......... Watts 309
Thy gracious presence, O my God!...Mrs. Steele 219
Thy life I read, my dearest Lord !.... S. Stennett 242
Thy mercy, my God! is the..... Whitefield's Cob 13

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