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to the world of literature, they, in most cases, lion miles off in winter, instead of 90. And as the heat escape detection. I need not speak of the ex is inversely as the square of the distance, reckoning from

absolute zero, of no sun at all, which is probably 4900 travagances of Vallancey, but there is actually in a

below our zero, it follows that the average winter cold of translation of the Four Masters, by John O'Don- Europe was - 330, or 72° lower than it is now. Then ovan, published so late as 1856, an attempt to was the glacial period, when all Europe was covered with identify the names of places in Ireland with the ice, which the heat of summer had not time to melt, and followers of one Ceasair, who came to that country

which slid and scraped down our valleys like the glaciers

in the Alps, and as icebergs slide into the Arctic seas. forty days before the Deluge!! Nor is the derivation of Sahagum from an Irish source, as at- months, and Tyndall On Heat, p. 79.",

See Croll in The Reader, Octr. 1865, and following tempted at page 431 by J. L., less extraordinary.

T. J. BUCKTON. I am sure that I need scarcely say here that Sahagum, or Sahagun — for it is spelled both

PALINDROMIC (OR SOTADIC) VERSE (3rd S. xi. ways—is the name of a small village in Spain, 504.)- A correspondent, under the signature of well known as a place of eminence in the his- | H. K., observes that he has never yet seen any tory of Spanish sword-cutlery; and it was doubt- palindromic verse in any language which deserves less a nursery for the more famed and more

to be called good. I think a few specimens may modern manufacture of Toledo, as the affix of be found which are really good. For instance, “de Sahagum” frequently occurs to the names

the Greek line from the great Church of Sancta of Toledo sword manufacturers of the sixteenth Sophia at Constantinople, which is occasionally and seventeenth centuries. While the mere word seen in other places on baptismal fonts or holySahagum itself, without any maker's name added water vessels : to it, is well known to the collectors of early

Νίψον ανομήματα, μή μόνων ύψιν. sword-blades. WILLIAM PINKERTON.

The following has the advantage of every word BOURBON SPRIG (3rd S. xi. 461.)—This may be reading both ways, without the necessity of runthe English name of the chinaware manufactured ning one word into another to complete the sense : from the French model, as we have been told by “Odo tenet mulum, mappam madidam tenet Anna." F. C. H. (p. 299), but the original is well known to collectors as the Angouleme porcelain, It ambassador to this country at the peace of 1802,

A variation appeared, when M. Otto was French was manufactured at Paris by Dihl and Guerhard, which is a more perfect palindrome: in the Rue de Bondy, under the patronage of the

“Otto tenet mappam, madidam mappam tenet Otto.” Duc d'Angouleme. I have a tea and coffee set, with plates, sugar-basin, &c. nearly all complete. I never could find that it had any application to The mark is an A with a crown in red, as de- the ambassador; but as compositions in this style, scribed by F. C. H., and some of my pieces also I venture to think this and the other two good. have the following:

F. C. H. “ Manufre

THE HINDOO TRINITY (3rd S. xii. 8.)-

“The deities are only three, whose places are the earth, ANGOULEME,

the intermediate region, and the heaven; namely, fire, Paris."

air, and the sun. They are pronounced to be deities of One or two of my pieces want the red mark, the mysterious names (Bhur, bhuvah, swar) severally, and the china appears to be of a coarser descrip- and (Prajapati) the lord of creatures the deity of them tion. It may then be of English manufacture; belongs to him who dwells in the supreme abode ; it ap

collectively. The syllable on intends every deity; it and I would beg F. C. H. to tell me whether the pertains to (Brahma) the vast one; to God, to the super, red mark was copied on the English pieces made intending soul. Other deities belonging to those several from the cup and saucer brought to England by regions are portions of the [three) gods; for they are the Rev. T. Deterville, and append my address, variously named and described, on account of their difhoping that he may honour me with a line on

ferent operations; but in fact there is only one deity, the

Great Soul. He is called the sun, for he is the soul of all the subject. WILLIAM PINKERTON.

beings, and that is declared by the sage: • the sun is the Hounslow.

soul of what moves, and of that which is fixed. Other L'HOMME FOSSILE EN EUROPE (3rd S. xi. 456, clared by the sage.” —Colebroke, On the Vedas, Asiat.

deities are portions of him: and that is expressly de530.)—The following passage from Mr. Beckett Res. viii. 395, &c.; compare Menu, xii. 123. Denison's Astronomy without Mathematics (p. 30), shows that the cold of the glacial period was not Hindoo commentators, composed of three let

The mysterious word om is, according to the due to the variation of the polar axis, but to the ters, A u M, representing the three gods of the variation of eccentricity of the earth’s orbit:

Trimurti or Hindoo Trinity. In the Institutes of “Moreover, it is calculated that the eccentricity of Menu the Brahmin is directed to mutter to himthe earth's orbit was .057 instead of .017, about 310,000 years ago”. [that is, the earth's orbit is now less elliptical self this holy syllable, both at the commencement and more circular];." and at the same time the northern and conclusion of all his lectures on the Vedas, winter was at aphelion. Therefore the sun was 97 mile without which nothing, it is asserted, will be long

retained. Previous to this, however, he is ex Method of treating Fractured Legs, by the former; and a pected to sit on the culms of kusa grass (Poa small one On the Yellow Fever of Jamaica (1772), by the


D. cynosuroides) with their points towards the east, and to suppress his breath thrice. The legisla JARVEY (3rd S. xi. 475; xii. 17.) — The writer tor then informs us that “Brahma milked out, as it of “ A Tale of the Derby,” in London Society for were, from the three Vedas the letter a, the letter the present month, mentions“ Jarvey” as applied r, and the letter , which form by their combina

to a Dublin carman. Is it known when the tion the triliteral monosyllable ; adding that word was first used ? this syllable "is a symbol of God, the Lord of Apropos of “Cabby," I would “note a pretty created beings” (ii. 74, 77, 84.)

little poem entitled “The Cabman’s Badge, There does not appear to be any authority for quoted in The Athenæum of May 4 last. appropriating one of the three letters to Bramah,

J. MANUEL. Vishnu, or Shiva, as HITOPADESH assumes. This

Newcastle-on-Tyne. Bramah must not be confounded with the one

DR. Wolcot (3rd S. xi. 450, 526.)—In the Gengod Brahm. His query as to the identity of Sri, tleman's Magazine for 1819, vol. i. p. 619, I find Siris, and Ceres, and of Horus and Eros, can only that “ John Wolcot, M.D., painter and poet, the be answered in the negative. (See The Hindoos, latter under the assumed name of Peter Pindar, L. E. K., i. 145.)


was born near Kingsbridge, Devon, 1738, and Streatham Place, S.

died Jan., 1819, at Camden Town.” Thus he was PASSAGE IN LORD BACON (3rd S. xi. 496; xii. 16.) credited with a medical doctor's degree at the C. A. W. is right. I ought to have given a reference time of his decease, even though MR. MACKENZIE to the work from which I quoted. It was from Walcott doubts his right to it. It is also within The Letters and the Life of Francis Bacon, including the bounds of possibility that he might have all his Occasional Works, Sc., with a Commentary, proceeded to some other degree in Divinity or Biographical and Historical, by James Spedding, Civil Law, for he was in Holy Orders, which i. 108-9. Of this most interesting and important seems to have escaped Mr. WALCOTT. I meet work the first volume was published in 1861, and almost daily a gentleman who knew Peter Pindar the second in 1862, bringing down the life of well, and only knew him by the name of Dr. Lord Bacon only to the end of his fortieth year

Wolcot. That I should have erred in spelling (1601); and I trust I may be allowed to express the Doctor's name, I suppose with two t's instead a hope that the publication of the remainder will of one, was an inadvertence. J. B. DAVIES. not be long deferred. Mr. Spedding is said to The Catalogue of the National Portrait Exhibihave deroted “the best years of an active and

tion of 1867 (No. 809) informs us that Dr. Wolcot learned manhood to the preliminary toil" (Dixon's “ took orders.” I have before me The Works of Personal History of Lord Bacon, p. 10), and there Peter Pindar, Esq., 4 vols. 12mo, 1809, with brief is little risk of error in asserting that no man memoirs of the author prefixed. It is here stated living knows more of Bacon and his works ; cer

that Dr. Wolcot, when in Jamaica, endeavoured tainly no one has written his life so far with so

to supply the place of a deceased rector" by readmuch ability and impartiality. It is true the ing prayers and preaching." seven volumes of Bacon's greater works, edited by

“ As, however, he was aware that this irregularity Mr. Spedding and two coadjutors, are done ; but could not long be tolerated, he returned to England to if the letters, life, and occasional works” obtain orders, and, if possible, the vacant living; but, left unfinished, the loss will be great to all who notwithstanding the powerful recommendations he preare interested—and who is not ?-in the lesser

sented to the Bishop of London, that prelate refused him works and the later years of the illustrious philo- ordination; and the living being soon filled up by a re

gular clergyman, Mr. Wolcott [sic] declined applying sopher.


in any other quarter for admission to the church.' WILLIAM SHARP, SURGEON (3rd S. xi. 497.) What authority have the compilers of the CaIn Wadd's Nuge Chirurgicæ ; or, a Biographi- talogue for their statement ?

E. S. D. cal Miscellany, illustrative of a Collection of Pro

THE VALLEY OF Mont-CENIS (3rd S. xii. 9.) fessional Portraits, 1824, is the following:

By altering the first sud-est into sud-ouest, S.H.M. "Sharpe, William. G. Dance del, 1794. W. Daniels sc.

will obtain the true reading. There is no copy Born 1729. Died 1810. Sharpe was many years assistantsurgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, and was eminent

of Saussure's great work-credite posteri !—in the in his profession during the time he practised; but he British Museum, but only a short abridgement, as retired upwards of twenty years before his death, and was if intended for a railway library. My knowledge succeeded in his residence and practice by the late Sir is derived from the maps of the Useful Knowledge Charles Blicke, who was also his fortunate successor at Society, which appear to have got into hands that the hospital, of which he soon became principal surgeona post he held to the last hour of his life. They were

have a motive for suppressing them for the purboth good practical surgeons, but their literary labours pose of issuing their own rubbish at a higher consist of a small pamphlet On Paper Splints ; or, a New price.



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chindrane," 27 guineas ; “ Anne of Geierstein," 121

guineas; “Waverley,” “Ivanhoe," "The Bridal of TreNOTES ON BOOKS, ETC.

maine," and other papers, with autograph, 130 guineas ;

“ Tales of a Grandfather" (portion of the original manuThe Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D., containing a Series script, with autograph), 145 guineas ; “ Castle Dan

of his Epistolary Correspondence and Conversations with gerous, 32 guineas; “ Count Robert of Paris" (a portion
many eminent Persons, and various original Pieces of his only), 23 guineas. The sale realised 1,255 guineas. Mr.
Composition. With a Chronological Account of his Hope Scott, Q.C., was amongst the principal bidders.
Studies and Numerous Works, fc. By James Boswell,
Esq. A new Edition, elucidated with copious Notes.

Macaulay characterised Boswell's Johnson “ as a great,

WANTED TO PURCHASE. a very great work”; adding very justly : “ Boswell is the first of biographers. He has no second. He has

CAUTION. distanced all his competitors so decidedly, that it is not When last week we warned our book-buying friends to be cautious

* how they remit money before they receive the books, to other than well worth while to place them. Eclipse is first, and the rest

known respectable booksellers," re were not aware of the extent to which nowhere.” Of this wonderful book, we have now before " ingenious" speculators were turning our Books Wanted department.

A gentleman, icho advertised in our columns of June 15 for a scarce us, a wonderfully cheap and wonderfully well printed volume, received the offer of a copy for Bs. 6d. and 10d. postage, to be edition; and we are glad to see that, in selecting the forwarded in postage stamps to we will say - Mr. Á. B. 31, South

Audley Street, but the offer was too tempting: and on consulting Ithe edition from which to make their reprint, the publishers

Post Office Directory, 31, South Audley Street, proved to be a post office. have taken care to use that which is unquestionably the Another gentleman, not so cautious, remitted the price of a book to--say

Mr. B. C. 4, George Street, Richmond, Surrey, but, as the book has not best, the sixth, the last published under the judicious

been received, he fears he has been done. We agree with him, for the superintendence of Malone. We hope for the sake of all letters of Mr. A. B. and Mr. B. C. are in the same hand writing. An offer

from Mr. B. C. to another gentleman was very tempting, but the worldparties, readers and publishers, that the work will be

be purchaser declined to pay till the books were seni. They have not yet widely circulated,


Particulars of Price, &c., of the following Books, to be sent direct The Romish Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception traced to the gentlemen by whom they are required, whose names and ad

dresses are given for that purpose: from its Source. By Dr. Edward Preuss. Translated

HAZLITT'S LECTURES ON THE ELIZADETKAN AGE. by Geo. Gladstone. (Edinburgh, T. & T. Clark, 1867.)


Comic WRITERS. A complete and exhaustive manual on this subject

CARLYLE's FREDERICK TRE GREAT. Vols. III. V. VI. from the Protestant point of view; written in a conver COLERIDGE's LECTURES ON SHAKESPEARE. sational and lively style, but full of solid argument as Wanted by Mr. G. Cockhead, Bookseller, 73, Norfolk Terrace,

Westbourne Grove, W. well. Put it side by side with Bishop Ullathorne's book on the Immaculate Conception, and the ordinary reader

BIDDING OF PRAYERS BEFORE SERMON, by Charles Wheatley. London, will have, in the compass of two little 12mo volames, all 18, price 18. Reprinted by Leslie. London, 1845, price 28. that he need know respecting one of the most protracted Wanted by Mr. Geo. E. Frere, Roydon Hall, Diss, Norfolk. controversies of the Western Church.

NOTES AND QUERIES (First Series). Vol. XI. No. 283. Date of our Iliad and Odyssey. (Belfast : printed at the

XII. Nos. 288, 305, 307, 308.

Wanted by Mr. Walford, 27, Bouverie Street.
Advertiser Office.)

An ingenious little pamphlet devoted to an examina THE POETRY OF ANNA MATILDA. London: J. Bell, 1788. 12mo.
tion of the true date of the Iliad and Odyssey, which will Wanted by Mr. Bruce, 3, Upper Gloucester Street, Dorset Square, W.
well repay all students of Homer for the time spent in its


London, 1766. 8vo.


TRE ROYAL REGISTER. 9 Vols. 12mo. 1780.
Saturday last, by direction of the trustees of the late Mr. MEMOIRS OF J. T. SEARES, MARINE PAINTER TO His MAJESTY. 8vo.
Robert Cadell, of Edinburgh, Messrs. Christie and Man-

Wanted by Mr. W. Smith, 7, York Terrace, Charles Street, Albany son sold at their rooms, in King Street, St. James's, the

Road, Camberwell, S. original manuscripts of Sir Walter Scott's celebrated poems, and several of his novels and prose works. Amongst them was a portion of “Ivanhoe,” which is

Actices ta Correspondents. believed to be the only remnant of that romance, which Sir Walter Scott wrote with his own hand, as the late The INDEX TO OUR ELEVENTK VOLUME, THIRD SERIES, will be ready

on Saturday the 20th instant. Mr. John Ballantyne acted as his amanuensis for a con

J. B. It was Mr. Coblen who compared The Times with Thucydides. siderable part of it, owing to the author having recently

A CONSTANT READER will find the Barmecide's Feast in the Arabian recovered from a severe illness. The manuscript of the Nights. “ Lay of the Last Minstrel” was not preserved. All Joux Piogor Jon. The inscription in Haworth church is noticed in

“N. & Q." 2nd S. iii. 311. these interesting literary relics are in a perfect state of

ABHBA. The author of An Essay for Catholic Communion was preservation, and uniformly bound in russia with uncut

Joshua Bassett: see our last volume, p. 479. edges. They are remarkable for the fluency with which

H. CLEMENT. A list of the Presidents of Mexico appeared in they were written, and the very few alterations or correc "N.& Q." 3rd S. X. 378. tions which occur in them ; and thus show the facility A Reading Case for holding the weekly Nos. of "N. & Q." is now with which Sir Walter sketched out the productions of ready, and may be had of all Booksellers and Newsmen, price is. 6d.

0r, free by post, direct from the publisher, for Is. 8d. his most entertaining and lively imagination. A vast

*** Cases for binding the volumes of "N. & Q." may be had of the number of literary men were present. The following Publisher, and of all Booksellers and Newsmen. were the prices realised :-“ Marmion,” 191 guineas; "NOTES AND QUERIES" is published at noon on Friday, and also “ The Lady of the Lake,” 264 guineas; "The Vision of issues in MONTELY PARTE: The Subscription for STAMPED Copies for

ix Months forwarded direct from the Publisher (including the Hall Don Roderick,” 37 guineas; “Rokeby” (in detached yearly INDEX) is lis. Ad., which may be paid by Post Office Orders

payable at the Strand Post Office, in favour of WILLIAM G. SMITR, 43, pieces partly, bearing the post-mark of various districts),

WELLINGTON STREET, STRAND, W.C., where also all COMMUNICATIONS 130 guineas; “ Lord of the Isles,” 101 guineas; “Intro POR THE EDITOR should be addressed. ductory History of Ballad Poetry,” 54 guineas; “Au

“Notes & QUERIES" is registered for transmission abroad.


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WATSON'S OLD PALE SHERRY. Amontillado character, pure, very soft, and unbrandied, recommended with confidence. Per dozen, 348.; bottles and cases 3.s. per dozen extra (if not returned). Three dozen, railway carriage paid, to all England and Wales. Per Octave_14 galls. (cask included) equal to 7 dozen, 111. 4. A ka ring of 2s. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all Eng. land and Wales. Per Quarter Cask.-28 galls. (cask included), equal to 14 dozen, 211. 148. A saving of 38. per dozen. Railway carriage paid to all England and Wales. W.D. WATSON, Wine Importer, 72 and 73, Great Russell Street,

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This Day, crown 8vo, cloth, 48. THE FIRST NUMBER OF THE BROADWAY,

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London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square. tone of our periodical will be decidedly entertaining, recreative, and light; that is to say, we shall endeavour to

This day, Parts 1. to IV. (to be completed in ten) 8vo. closely printed in be sociable without being frivolous; and if we occasionally

double columns, 28. 60.; large paper, 58. aim at being instructive, we shall most scrupulously avoid BIBLIOGRAPHICAL HANDBOOK to being indigestible. Politics we shall eschew; politics the EARLY POPULAR, POETICAL, and DRAMATIC

LITERATURE OF GREAT BRITAIN to 1660. By W. CAREW being dull things, which few understand, and fewer still

HAZLITT. are any better for understanding.

*** A Prospectus, with a Catalogue of J. R. Smith's Published Books and Hemainders, forwarded on

receipt of a postage-label. An Amphytrion who rightly understands the laws of hospitality no

London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square. sooner sees his guests fairly seated round his board than he courteously circulates among them the bill of fare of the banquet which is to

Now ready, in one vol. 8vo, pp. 383, printed in double columns, cloth, come. There are some hosts, indeed, so complaisant as to slip & prettily 10s. 6d. containing more than 15,000 references, and forming a similar printed menu into the envelope which contains the invitation itself. work to Sims' Index of Pedigrees, in the MSS. in the British Mu

seum. What that is for Manuscripts, this is for Printed Books. Adopting this latter plan, we may give some inkling of our bill of fare here, although “ The Broadway" dinner-bell will not ring until next N INDEX TO PRINTED PEDIGREES conAugust. Our pièce de résistance will be supplied by the Author of tained in County and Local Histories, the Heralds' Visitations, “Guy Livingstone," who, in the first Number of "The Broadway," and in the more important Genealogical Collections. By CHARLES

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the Reign of Edward I. By JAMES OXCHARD HALLIWELL,

F.R.S., F.S.A., &c. lish cook, but whose viands have been as highly appreciated at City

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in ordinary Dictionaries and Books of Reference. appetites are too robust for "putty little tiny kickshaws;" Charles

London : JOHN RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.
Knight and John Oxenford will furnish some savoury side-dishes;
Samuel Lover is busy on a pretty piece of confectionery, representing a

“ Low-backed Car," adorned with "Four-leaved Shamrocks; " Profes-
sor Pepper will provide his popular condiment to seasou the frog which

A.D. 360; Anglo-Saxon, 995; Wycliffe, 1389; and Tyndale, 1526, in Thomas (the) Archer shot; W. H. Russell, LL.D., of the Times, has parallel columns, with Pretace, Notes, &c. By REV. DR. BOSpromixed us some Indian curry, some Russian caviar, a Hungarian

WORTH and G. WARING. 8vo, above 600 pages, cloth, 128. 6d. A

very low price has been fixed, to insure an extended sale among sturagout, and, perhaps, & few American oysters, and canvass-backed

dents and higher schools. ducks; G. A. Sala will oblige us with some Mr. Sala, when any of that kind of dish is asked for; Arthur Sketchley may be expected to contri EV. DR. BOSWORTH'S COMPENDIOUS þute some delightful tit-bits with “ Brown" sauce; and Edmund Yates will dish us up some rare roast mutton from a Black Sheep." printed in treble columns, 123. cloth. There will also be entrées by-Arthur W.A' Beckett, R. M. Ballantyne, EV. W. BARNES'S ANGLO-SAXON DERev. J. M. Bellew, Robert Buchanan, Leicester Buckingham, J. T. LECTUS; serving as a First Class-book to the Language. 12mo, Burgess, H. J. Byron, Savile Clarke, Stirling Coyne, Rev. J. E. Cox, 28. 6. cloth. Sidney Daryl, Percy Fitzgerald, W. W. Fenn, Dr. Fennell, Hain

J. VERNON'S GUIDE to ANGLO-SAXON; Friswell, W. S. Gilbert, Andrew Halliday, M. Laing Meason, Thomas

a GRAMMAR founded on Rask's; with Reading Lessons in Miller, " Nicholas," Dr. Peard, W. B. Rands, T. W. Robertson, Clark

Verse and Prose, &c. 12mo, 5s. cloth. Russell, William Sawyer, Clement Scott, Ashby Sterry, W. B. Tegetmeier, and W. Moy Thomas.


GRAMMAR, grounded upon English, and formed from a Com. Of lady cooks, all “ professed," we have enough to make Mrs. Glasse parison of more than Sixty Languages; being an Introduction to the envious. The names of Miss Amelia B. Edwards, Mrs. Riddell (the

Science of Grammar of all Languages, especially English, Latin, and

Greek. 8vo, 98. cloth. authoress of " George Geith "), and Miss Hesba Stretton may be taken as earnest of the array of feminine talent which will be found in “ The

) EV. W. BARNES'S VIEW of the ROOTS and Broadway;" while from the other side of the Atlantic will come, preserved in ice or in hermetically sealed cans, a variety of American

8vo, 58. cloth. dainties, the particulars of which will be disclosed at an early date.

London: J. RUSSELL SMITH, 86, Soho Square. Our patrons need not be in the least apprehensive that in this case“ too many cooks will spoil the broth." Every cook will attend to his own

A NEW and CHEAPER EDITION, in 2 thick vols. 870, cloth, 12 18. broth, and be responsible for its strength and flavour.

GLOSSARY; or, Collection of Words, Phrases, We have thus sketched out, as comprehensively as we are enabled

Customs, Proverbs, &c. Illustrating the Works of English to do, the plan of an undertaking which, energetically conducted,

Authors, particularly SHAKESPEARE and his Contemporaries. By

ROBERT NARES, Archdeacon of Stafford, &c. A New Edition, cannot fail, we hope, to achieve a legitimate success. The ultimate with considerable Additions, both of Words and Examples, by JAMES verdict resto, of course, with the public ; but our Way is very Broad

O. HALLIWELL, F.R.S. and THOMAS WRIGHT, M.A., F.S.A. &c. indeed. The world may enter in numbers as fast as ever they please

The Glossary of Archdeacon Nares is by far the best and most useful

work we possess for explaining and illustrating the obsolete language without fear of being jostled or crushed. There will be plenty to see and the customs and manners of the sixteenth and seventeenth cenon both sides of the way; and there shall be nothing narrow in our turies, and it is quite indispensable for the readers of the literature of proceedings save our price, which may be emphatically said to be “ as

the Elizabethan period. The additional words and examples are dis

tinguished from those in the original text by a 1 prefixed to each. The thin as a sixpence."

work contains between FIVE AND SIX TROUSAND additional examples,

the result of original research, not merely supplementary to Nares, but Offices-London: The Broadway, Ludgate Hill; New York : 416 to all other compilations of the kind. Broome Street.

London : JOHN RUSSELL SMITH, 36, Soho Square.

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Printed by GEORGE ANDREW SPOTTISWOODE, at 5 New Street Square, in the Parish of St. Bride, in the County of Middlesex;

and Published by WILLIAM GREIG SMITII, of 43 Wellington Street, Strand, in the said County.-Saturday, July 13, 1867.

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