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Two cups or bowls, of wood, and one of bronze.
FRAGMENT of a porphyry patera.

LARGE vase, of terracotta, with four small handles.
VERY large vase, of bronze, with two handles.

MOUTH of a large stone vase.

FRAGMENTS of vases, of pottery of the Roman epoch.

VARIOUS fragments of pottery.

EIGHT lamps, of terracotta.

FIVE stands or pillows for the head, of wood.

CIRCULAR cake of bread, and various fragments.

HALF of a circular cake of agweh or conserve of dates, and fragments.

HEAD of a javelin.

UPPER part of a harp of seventeen strings.

SICKLE with a serrated blade.

FRAGMENT of the blade of a sickle.

WOODEN hook, suspended at both ends by a rope of palm leaves, belonging to an ancient well.

SPINDLE, and hank of thread.

CLOTH, with a small blue pattern on a light brown ground.

ROPE, of palm leaves.

Box, prior to the Arab invasion.

HANDLE of a flabellum.

PALETTE of a scribe, with cartouches of Rameses the great, two of which are formed by urai; with this are seven of the kash or reeds used for writing; in wood.

PALETTE of a scribe, for red paint, in sycamore wood.

SLAB, with nine small vases for holding colours, of glazed terracotta. SLAB for grinding colours, the well surrounded with a cartouche; with it is a muller.

STONE with a hieratic inscription.

Two pieces of stone with enchorial inscriptions.
PIECE of stone with a coptic inscription.

FRAGMENTS of pottery with enchorial inscriptions.

VERY small fragments of pottery with enchorial inscriptions.

CAPITAL of a column, with flowers of the lotus.

FOURTEEN fragments of painting in fresco, parts of ornaments, hieroglyphics, &c., from the tomb discovered by Belzoni, at Thebes.

CRAMP of wood, from the temple of Berenice.

CRAMP of lead, from the temple of Berenice.

PIECE of iron.

PIECES of stucco.

PIECE of mortar.

Two pieces of the ceiling of a tomb, of mud, painted.

PIECE of stucco, with sketches of hieroglyphics, from the tomb discovered by Belzoni at Thebes.

MUD brick, with the name of Thothmes III.

SIMILAR brick, with the prænomen of Rameses the great.
FOUR fragments of mud bricks.

REED from between the bricks of the wall of Sais.

MOULD, with the figure of a bird, in limestone.

MOUTH-PIECE for a pipe, of jade.

AWL, similar to those represented in the tombs at Thebes.

PYRAMID of baked clay.

FOUR dolls, of wood.

TOP, prior to the Arab invasion.

MUMMY of a cat.

PART of the mummy of a dog, unrolled.

MUMMY of a cat, unrolled.

SIX mummies of the ibis, in their bandages.

MUMMY of an ibis, unrolled.

MUMMY of a sparrow-hawk.

BONES of various animal mummies.

WRAPPERS of the same.

THREE small fragments of a wooden sarcophagus.

FRAGMENT of a sarcophagus, arm and wing of a divinity.

SEPULCHRAL wrappers, of painted cloth.

PORTION of the cartonage of a mummy.


FRAGMENT of the garland of the dead, from a Greek mummy.

SEPULCHRAL sandals for adults, of leather.

Two sepulchral sandals for children, of leather.

SET of sepulchral vases, in a white calcareous stone, with their respective covers, formed of the heads of a man, cynocephalus, jackal, and hawk.

SET of sepulchral vases, similar to the above, but smaller.

Two vases of a set, in wood, with the human and hawk's head.

THREE vases of a set, one without a cover, the other two each with a human head, of pottery.

SEPULCHRAL vase, oval, without a cover or inscription, of pottery.
SEPULCHRAL vase, surmounted by a human head, of pottery.
LINEN bag of sawdust.

SMALL cylindrical basket, of palm leaves, and linen bag containing the

sawdust used for absorbing the moisture of the entrails.

IBIS pot, of baked brick, from Saggara.

FOUR human heads, covers for sepulchral vases, of pottery.

SEPULCHRAL figure of Menephthah I., in wood, from the tomb discovered by Belzoni, at Thebes.

SEPULCHRAL figure of a sacred scribe, in glazed pottery.

SEPULCHRAL figures of a priest, priestesses, and functionaries attached to temples, in wood.

SEPULCHRAL figure of a priestess, in painted pottery.
SIMILAR figure of a private individual, in serpentine.
EIGHT sepulchral figures, of glazed pottery.

FOUR sepulchral figures, of wood.

HEAD of a large sepulchral figure, in serpentine. SMALL sarcophagus, of wood, containing a sepulchral figure of the same material.

EXTREMELY rude and small sarcophagus, of clay, containing a rudely sculptured figure, in wood, covered with a hieratic inscription. Top of a pyramid, with figures in bas-relief and inscriptions, in lime


FOUR sepulchral stêles or tablets, in wood.

Two sepulchral stêles, in white calcareous stone.

FRAGMENT of a tablet or stêle, in limestone.

NINE Sepulchral cones, and fragments of the same, in baked brick. TESSERA, of pentagonal shape, with two horizontal lines of enchorial


TESSERA, rectangular, with five lines of Coptic on each side.

FOURTEEN unburnt bricks, with hieroglyphic inscriptions. Presented by Lord Prudhoe.

MARBLE statue of Venus. Presented by his Majesty King William the Fourth.

SMALL bronze group of Hercules and Cupid, found in gravel at Bressingham, near Diss, Norfolk. Presented by William Chapman Oldham, Esq.

BRONZE figure of Hercules, found at Bavay. Presented by C. W. A. Drummond Hay, Esq.

VOTIVE torso of a young man, the size of life, in terracotta.


by- Cocsvelt, Esq.

MARBLE bust of an infant. Presented by the Rev. Henry Crowe.
SQUARE bronze weight, with the head of Minerva, in relievo.
by J. Y. Akerman, Esq.

Six models in clay, of the Cromlechs at Mafra, Truethy, Plas Newydd,
Duffin, Lanyon, and Chun. Presented by Richard Tongue, Esq.
FOUR British stone implements, found in Norfolk. Presented by Goddard
Johnson, Esq.

BRITISH cinerary urn, containing burnt bones. Presented by Richard
Lloyd, Esq.

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LONG British canoe, found at North Stoke, in Sussex. Presented by the Earl of Egremont.

STYCA of Wlfhere, archbishop of York. Presented by Sir Henry Ellis, K.H.

PENNY of William I.

BRIHTPINE ON LIN: no inner circle. Presented by

J. D. Cuff, Esq.

HALF-GROAT of Edward VI., struck at Canterbury. Presented by Samuel

Farrow, Esq., Diss, Norfolk.

SHILLING of William III. Y. 1696.

HALF-CROWN of George III. 1817-1818.

SHILLING of George III. 1820.

HALP-CROWN of George IV. 1823: garnished


HALF-CROWN of George IV. 1823: plain shield,

with the collar of the garter.

SIXPENCES of George IV. 1826. 1828. 1829.
GOLD Copley medal, presented by the Royal Society to Mr. John Bel-
cher, 1737. Presented by the representatives of Mr. John Belcher.
Two silver, and one pewter token, struck by Mr. Till. Presented by
Mr. Till.

SILVER penny of Henry IV. King of Castile. Presented by J. D. Cuff, Esq.

HALF-FRANC of Belgium, silver. 1834.
DOUBLE centime of Belgium, copper.
PENNY of Henry, Archbishop of Cambray.
PENNY of Arnold, Count of Loos.
A SPANISH dollar. 1703.

1834 Presented by Sir Henry

Ellis, K.H.

Presented by Robert
Brown, Esq.

Presented by George Marshall, Esq. Birmingham.




Presented by Charles Crawley, Esq.

A MADRAS rupee.

Six silver coins, portions of the Arcot rupee. Presented by Richard

Penn, Esq.

SEVEN lithographic drawings of Egyptian Anti


LITHOGRAPHIC drawing of a Roman medallion of
Commodus; rev. Britannia.

Presented by John
Lee, D.C.L.


FIGURE of Djom, or Khons, in bronze.

FOUR figures of the same divinity, in glazed terracotta.
THREE figures of Ammon-re, in bronze.

Two figures of Ammon Chnouphis, in glazed terracotta.
FOUR figures of Phthah, in bronze.

FIVE figures of the same, in glazed terracotta.

THREE figures of Nophre Atmou, in bronze.

ONE of the same, in glazed terracotta.

TWENTY figures of the same divinity, in glazed terracotta.
FOUR figures of Merephthah, or Bubastis, in glazed terracotta.
FIGURE of Khons Pooh, in bronze.

PECULIAR figure of Athor, in bronze.
FIGURE of Athor, in terracotta.

Two figures of Re, or Phre, in glazed terracotta.
FORTY-FIVE figures of Meui, in glazed terracotta.
THIRTY-EIGHT figures of the second Thoth, in glazed terracotta.

FIFTY-ONE figures of Omt, in glazed terracotta.
THIRTY-THREE figures of Osiris, in bronze.
FOUR figures of Osiris, in glazed terracotta.
HEAD of Osiris, in limestone.

FIGURE of Isis, in bronze.

FIGURE of Isis, in lapis-lazuli.

EIGHT figures of the same, in glazed terracotta.

FOUR figures of Isis suckling the younger Horus, in bronze.
THIRTEEN smaller similar figures, in glazed terracotta.
THREE figures of Nephthys, in glazed terracotta.

NINE figures of Horus Har-si-esi, in glazed terracotta.
EIGHT figures of Horus Harpocrates, in bronze.

THREE figures of Horus between Isis and Nephthys, in glazed terracotta.

Six figures of Bubastis, in glazed terracotta.

FIGURE of Bubastis, in wood.

FIGURE of Anubis, in bronze.

THIRTY-TWO figures of the same, in glazed terracotta.

FIGURE of Typhon, in wood.

Two of the same, in glazed terracotta.

Two tablets of glazed terracotta, with Typhonic figures.

TWENTY-EIGHT figures of Amset, Hapee, Sioumautf, and Kebsnauf, the

four genii of the Amenti, in glazed terracotta.

UNCERTAIN divinities, in terracotta.

HEAD of Serapis, of the Greek period, in bronze.

VENUS, in bronze.

HEAD of a Bacchante, in bronze.

Two nymphs, in bronze.

SMALL Naos, with a divinity and symbols, in glazed terracotta.

FRAGMENT of an Androsphinx, in glazed terracotta.

UREUS, in glazed terracotta.

THREE Uræi, in bronze.

UREUS, in wood.

SEVEN hawks, symbolic of divinities, in wood.

THREE hawks, in glazed terracotta.

HAWK of Horus, in bronze.

HORSE, in bronze.

THE fish Lepidotus, in terracotta, painted.
Two jackals, emblems of Anubis, in wood.
JACKAL, in terracotta.

SISTRUM, in bronze.

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