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55 coloured plates, etc. in portfolios, 2 vol., Berlin, 1889-90,
imperial folio (591)

Edwards, 52 35. 5748 Thompson (W.) Natural History of Ireland, portrait, 4 vol., 1849-56, 8vo. (402)

Edivarıls, £1 198. 5749 Tissot (1. J.) Life of Christ, 365 coloured and other illustra

tions, 2 vol., half vellum gilt, g. t., Sampson, Low and Co.,
1897-8, folio (601)

Maggs, £5 25. 6d. 5750 Turner and Ruskin. The Harbours of England, 12 plates by Lupton, 1856, folio (608)

Maggs, £1 5s. 5751 Walton and Cotton. The Compleat Angler, by Moses Browne, calf extra by Zaehnsdorf, 1750, 8vo. (297)

Pickering, £1 6s. 5752 Waring and Macquoid. Examples of Architectural Art, plates, McLean, 1850, imperial folio (621)

Bates, 195. 5753 Wells (C.) Joseph and his Brethren, with Introduction by

A. C. Swinburne, first edition, portrait on title, original
cloth, uncut, 1876, 8vo. (248)

Thorp, ki 3s. 5754 Wickes (C.) Spires and Towers of the Mediæval Churches,

plates, 2 vol., 1853-5, imperial folio (613) J. Grant, 18s. 5755 Wilkins (John, Bishop of Chester). Discovery of a New

World, frontispiece by W. Marshall, 2 vol. in 1, calf,

J. Norton for ). Maynard, 1640, 8vo. (333) Bloomfield, 18s. 5756 Wilson (S. B.) and Evans (A. H.) Aves Hawaiienses. The

Birds of the Sandwich Islands, map and coloured plates,
the 8 parts complete as issued, 1890-99, royal 4to. (530)

Quaritch, £3 55. 5757 Woodville (W.) Medical Botany, with Supplement, coloured plates, 4 vol., half bound, uncut, 1790-94, 4to. (536)

Quaritch, 18s. 5758 Wouvermans (P.) (Euvres de, portrait (mounted) and 100

engravings, half russia, Paris, 1737, etc imperial folio

Rimell, £8 55.

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The following were sold by Messrs. Chesterton & Sons, by instruc

tions of the Executors of the late Mrs. Gertrude M. Dillon,

on Alarch 18th, 1908.
5759 Book of Hours and Calendar. An Early XVI. Century

Manuscript upon vellum, containing 11 large and 6 smaller
miniatures with a border to every leaf, illuminated in gold
and colours (8% by 64 inches), on the fly-leaf is an
inscription to the effect that the manuscript was presented
to Pope Leo X. by Philippe de Gueldres, Queen of Sicily,
in 1520, and that it was formerly in the Public Library
at Tours, velvet, with modern silver clasps, Sæc. rvi.,
4to. (422)

£170 5760 Byron (Lord). Childe Harold, letterpress printed on one

side of the paper, and inlaid with hundreds of proof
engraved poriraits and autograph letters of the poet and
other celebrities, original pencil and water-colour drawings
by Müller, Harding, etc., extending to 9 large folios, full

morocco, also MSS. index to the work by the late John Dillon, who formed this collection (426)

£80 5761 Cowper (William). A Memorial Volume bound in morocco

and gilt, with Sketch of the Life of Cowper and inlaid with numerous engravings, original water-colour drawings by Harding and others, engraved portraits and 15 autograph letters by Cowper, also autograph letters of other personages, also 2 poems by Wm. Cowper, in tract form, 1798, and a copy of the sermon preached on his decease in 1800 by Samuel Greathead, 4to. (427)

4,65 5762 Dickens (Charles). A Christmas Carol, first edition, 2 page

autograph letter from Chas. Dickens to John Dillon, Esq., 8th February, 1844, inserted, morocco gilt, 1843, 8vo. (374)

£14 5763 Faulkner (T.) History and Antiquities of Kensington, extra

illustrated and inlaid to 2 quarto volumes, morocco, also a large folio' half-bound in morocco, and containing a quantity of rare engraved portraits of celebrities, old maps of Kensington, etc., 1820, 8vo. (418)

£60 5764 Gray (T.) Poems, proof plates and duplicate set inlaid, also

an autograph, letter from the author (unsigned), morocco gilt, 1800, 8vo. (376)

4,10 5765 Taylor (J.) Holy Living, 19th edition, inlaid with engraved

portrait and folding plate, also autograph letter to John Evelyn, dated June 9th, 1657, with a draft of his reply, calf gilt, 1703, 8vo. (377)


(APRIL 8TH AND OTH, 1908.]



(No. of Lots, 653; amount realised, £1,585 18s.)

5766 A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic Histories of England and Rome,

édition de luxe, 3 vol., cloth, n. d., imperial 8vo. (56) £1 25. 5767 Aben-Ezra. Abraham Judei de Nativitatibus, black letter.

woodcut capitals and diagrams (No. 21 in Hain), oak boards, Erhard Ratdolt, 1485, small 4to. (516)

Leighton, £3 35. 5768 Ackermann (R.) University of Oxford, coloured plates, por

traits of the founders and plates of academical costume, 2 vol., half russia, entirely uncut, 1814, 410. (567)

£u 5769 Ackermann (R.) Cambridge University, coloured plates,

portraits of the founders and plates of academical costume, 2 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., 1815, 4to. (568) Bain, £15 1os. 5770 Ackermann (R.) History of Westminster Abbey, coloured and aquatint plates, 2 vol., old half russia, 1812, 4to. (569) 5787 Bacon (F.) Resuscitatio, first edition (blank margin of title

G. H. Brown, £3 7s. 6d. 5771 Acosta (J.) Historie of the East and West Indies, translated

into English by E. G. (probably Edward Grimstone), sound copy, with the first blank leaf A, vellum, Edward Blount and William Aspley, 1604, small 4to. (497)

H. Stevens, £8 ios. 5772 Ainsworth (W. H.) Works, plates by G. Cruikshank and others, 29 vol., half calf, 1878-80, 8vo. (41)

£3 5s. 5773 Alken (H.) British Proverbs, 25 subjects on 6 plates

(coloured), original wrapper, uncut, E. and C. M'Lean, 1824, oblong folio (482)

Myers, 65 1os. 5774 Alken (H.) Shakespeare's Seven Ages, 7 coloured plates

and one page of text, original buff wrapper, uncut, M'Lean, 1824, oblong folio (483)

Pickering, £2 Ss. 5775 (Alken (H.)] Indispensable Accomplishments, 4 coloured

plates, original wrapper, uncut (the margins soiled), E. Orme, 1824, oblong folio (480)

Edwards, £7 155. 5776 Alpine. Stephen (L.) The Playground of Europe, first

edition, cloth, and 2 others, 1871, 8vo. (296) Hill, Li 145. 5777 Anglo-Saxon Review, 10 vol., facsimile bindings, t.e.g., 1899-1901, imperial 8vo. (66)

Sotheran, £3 5s. 5778 Annals of Sporting and Fancy Gazette, plates and woodcuts,

the plates by Alken and others in the early volumes coloured, 13 vol., with the rare last number (No. 78) for June, 1828 (wanted a plate in vol. iv., vii. and viii.), half bound, 1822-28, 8vo. (476)

Hornstein, £32 5779 Annual of the British School at Athens, illustrations, vol. viii. to xii., boards, 1901-6, 4to. (78)

Barrard, £r . 5780 [Apperley (C. J.)] Life of Mytton, fourth edition, 18 coloured

plates by Alken and Rawlins, cloth (loose in cover), 1869,

8vo. (479) 5781 Archæological Journal (The), vol. i. to lii. (vol. vii. no title or

contents, and vol. xlix. and l. missing), Index to the first

25 vol., in 30 vol., half roan (6 cloth), 1846-94, 8vo. (89) £4 5782 Atkinson (J. A.) Poet, Miser, Virtuoso and Hypochondriac,

by Atkinson, 4 coloured plates, buff wrapper, G. S. Tregear, 1824, folio (481)

16s. 5783 Audsley (G. A.) The Ornamental Arts of Japan, coloured

plates in 4 portfolios, cloth, 1882-4, folio (318) Quaritch, £4 5784 Augustin (St.) Opera Omnia, opera Ordinis Benedicti, II vol. in 15, vellum, Gaume, 1836-8, royal 8vo. (167)

Baker, £2 45. 5785 Bacon (F.) Advancement of Learning, by G. Wats, portrait

by Marshall, 1640–Sylva Sylvarum, 1639, in i vol., old calf, folio (637)

£1 5786 Bacon (F.) Of the Advancement of Learning, William

Washington, 1629 — Essayes, John Haviland, 1629 – Certaine Miscellany Works, first edition, J. Haviland, 1629, the three works in i vol., contemporary calf, small 4to. (431)

Dobell, Él 16s.

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defective), old calf, Sarah Griffin for W. Lee, 1657, folio (432)

145. 5788 Bacon (F.) Raigne of King Henry VII., first edition, portrait by John Payne, old calf, w. Stansby, 1622, folio (430)

£2 6s. 5789 Bacon (F.) Works, portraits and other illustrations (foxed

and one leaf cut), 17 vol., morocco, W. Pickering, 1825-34, 8vo. (159)

Harding, £3 ios. 5790 Balzac (H. de). Novels, edited by G. Saintsbury, 40 vol.,

cloth, t. e. g., J. M. Dent, 1900, etc., 8vo. (30) £3 25. 6d. 5791 Barbon (N.) A Discourse concerning Coining, in Answer to Mr. Locke's Considerations, boards, 1696, 12ino. (370)

Pickering, 42 2s. 5792 Baring-Gould (S.) Lives of the Saints, 15 vol., cloth, 1872-7, 8vo. (6)

Dickinson, £ 1 6s. 5793 Barlæus (Casp.) Rerum per Octennium in Brasilia Historia,

title, portrait and 55 folding plates, old vellum, Amst., 1647, folio (600)

Sabin, £6 55. 5794 Bartisch von Konigsbruck (G.) Augendienst. Newer und

Wolge gründter Bericht von ursachen und erkentnis aller Gebrechen Schäden und Mängel der Augen und des Gesichtes, first edition, gothic letter, coloured woodcuts (some with movable slips), (portrait of the author wanting and title repaired), half vellum, boards, Dresden, 1583, folio (598)

Stowe, £10 ios. 5795 Beaumont (F.) and Fletcher (J.) Works, by Dyce, il vol., three-quarter morocco, E. Moxon, 1843-6, 8vo. (202)

Shepherd, £8 75. 6d. 5796 Beckford (P.) Thoughts upon Hunting, fourth edition (name erased from title), boards, uncut, 1802, 8vo. (475)

G. H. Brown, £,2 8s. 5797 Bentham (J.) Works (no portrait), ii vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1843, 8vo. (180)

Sotheran, £6 5798 Bentley's Miscellany, edited by Charles Dickens, plates by

G. Cruikshank, Leech, “ Phiz" and others, from the commencement in 1837 to 1853, being vol. i. to xxxiii., balf

calf gilt, m. e. (50) 5799 Benzoni (H.) Novæ Novi Orbis Historiæ, gothic letter, half

vellum, Helmstadt, 1591, small 4to. (495) H. Stevens, £2 5800 Besant (W.) Novels, illustrations, 24 vol., cloth, 1893-1900, 8vo. (26)

Thistleton, ki 16s. 5801 Besant (W.) and Rice (James). Novels, Library edition, portraits, 12 vol., cloth, 1887-99, 8vo. (25)

fi 5802 (Beverley (R.)] Histoire de la Virginie, plates (one defective), old calf, Paris, 1707, 12mo. (504)

8s. 6d. 5803 Bewick (T.) British Birds, with the two Supplements,

LARGEST PAPER, woodcuts, 2 vol., half morocco, Newcastle, 1804-21, 8vo. (282)

£i 12s. 5804 Bibliographical Society's Monographs. Erhard Ratdolt,

Iconography of Don Quixote, etc., facsimile plates, 5 vol.,

4t0.— Transactions, vol. i. to v., part i.-Hand-Lists of XXII.


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£4 55.


English Printers, etc., 6 parts, together 5 vol. half vellum, 2 vol. buckram and 7 parts sewed, 1893-1900, 8vo. (149)

Sotheran, £4 5805 Blome (R.) Britannia, plates of arms emblazoned and maps,

half calf, 1673--Baker's Chronicle, portrait of Charles II.

frontispiece, old calf, 1684, together 2 vol., folio (635) 145. 5806 Boaden (J.) Memoirs of Mrs. Siddons and J. P. Kemble,

portraits, 4 vol., half calf, 1831-25, 8vo. (226) 5807 Booke of Common Prayer (The) for the Use of the

Church of Scotland, first edition of Laud's book, Edinburgh, 1637- The Psalter (31 verses in Psalm cis., showing it to

be the second issue), 1636, old calf, folio (606) Bull, £4 6s. 5808 Book of Common Prayer, and Sternhold and Hopkins's

Psalms, ruled in red, old morocco, inlaid sides, silver

bosses and clasps, 1701-3, 8vo. (530) Leighton, £ 1 155. 5809 Borrow (G.) The Bible in Spain, 3 vol., half calf, 1843, 8vo.

(220) 5810 Boydell's Shakespeare Gallery, 100 plates (plate xxvi., vol. i.,

and plate xv., vol. ij. missing), 2 vol. in 1, original morocco,

J. and J. Boydell, 1803, folio (613) Brassington, £9 IOS. 5811 Boyle (R.) On Colours, New Experiments, Hydrostatical

Paradoxes, and others by the sanie, plates, 6 vol., old calf, 1662-91, 8vo. (362)

Maggs, £2.175. 5812 Bree (C. R.) Birds of Europe, coloured plates, 4 vol., cloth, 1863, royal 8vo. (290)

Harding, £ I. 145. 5813 Brighton. Illustrations of her Majesty's Palace at Brighton,

by E. W. Brayley, plates on India paper, with a duplicate set coloured and mounted as drawings, half morocco, 1838, royal folio (488)

£3 12s.6d. 5814 Brighton. Select Views of Brighton, by Mr. Bruce, 9 coloured

plates, original wrapper, Published by the artist (1829), oblong folio (489)

Maggs, 24 5815 Briscoe (J.) Discourse on the Late Funds, Lottery Act,

Bank of England, etc., presentation copy, “Ex dono
Authoris," 1696, etc., 4 vol., old calf, 8vo. (372)

Quaritch, £! 75. 5816 British Museum. Catalogue of Seals, by W. de G. Birch, plates, vol. i. to iii., 1887-93, royal 8vo. (155)

ti 8s. 5817 Brontë (The Sisters). Novels, Thornton edition, portrait, 12 vol., art canvas, g. t., 1899-1901, 8vo. (38)

LI 5818 Browne (T.) Certain Misce any Tracts (Hawks and

Falconry, etc.), first edition, portrait by Vanderbanc, 1684-Religio Medici, 1669, together 2 vol., old calf (356)

18s. 5819 Brunfels (0.) Herbarium vivæ Eicones ad Naturæ Imita.

tionem, woodcut title and woodcuts, boards, Argent., 1530, folio (594)

Stowe, £2 35. 5820 Brunschwick (Hieronymus). Das Buch zu Distillieren, gothic

letter, large and small woodcuts, coloured by an early hand, vellum, with clasps, Strassburg durch J. Gruninger, 1519, folio (597)

Leighton, £8 155.

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