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step alone; they are always like babes in their helplessness. I have been a child of God for eighteen years, but I do not grow stronger in myself, nor do I gain confidence in myself. On the contrary, I learn more and more how weak I am, and how I need to cling to Jesus moment by moment. My daily prayer is, “Lord, hold Thou me up, and I shall be safe."


LOUDS! These are some of God's pictures which He

shows us nearly every day. Of what are they &
picture? What does He mean us to see by them ?
Let the Word of God with the natural facts about

clouds light them up for us by His Spirit's teaching, God has likened sin to a cloud, a thick cloud (Isa. xliv. 22), dark and dense, and of such extent that it hid all heaven from us. We could not "see God” through it (Isa. lix, 2). It was beyond our reach to blot it out. Only One could reach it, and to do so He had to pass through the agony of the hiding of His Father's face (Matt. xxvii. 46). But it gives Him power to say “I have blotted out as a thick cloud thy transgressions, and as a cloud thy sins: return unto Me."

Then again God likens sorrow and trial to clouds (Job. xxxvii. 21), but these are “big with blessing" for His children. For the first cloud mentioned in Scripture has God's rainbow in it,” “ the cloud that seemed to quench the sun spells out upon the plain God's covenant” (Gen. ix. 12-17). The rainbow is called, “The appearance of the likeness of the glory of the Lord," for each colour is a picture of God's various attributes. So it is in the cloud that He reveals to us His covenant of peace, and His attributes of love and justice, and all that He is. “They looked toward the wilderness, and, behold, the Glory of the Lord appeared in the cloud(Ex, xvi. 10). “Just where we would think it was not to be seen!” And let us remember there can be no rainbow without clouds, and no rainbow or clouds without the sun : although the sun may be hid from our eyes, it is still shining.

Now men see not the bright light which is in the clouds, but the wind passeth and cleanseth them” (Job. xxxvii. 21).

Is there a dark cloud of trouble hanging over us, "Lo, I come unto thee in the thick cloud" (Ex. xix. 9). God uses clouds as

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His chariot " (Psa. civ. 3). How often trouble has been His “chariot” into hearts which have never yielded to Him before, and afterwards His means of coming closer. Clouds are the sign of His presence (1 Ki. viii. 10-12), and in the midst of them we may have communion with God, and may hear our Father's voice (Ex. xxiv. 15-18; Matt. xvii. 5). “ It is only in the clouds that we can form any idea of His faithfulness and truth” (Psa. xxxvi. 5; lvii. 10).

Clouds are of every variety in shape and height, and colour. But they are all under God's immediate and perfect control (Job xxxvii. 12; Psa. lxxviii. 23). He weighs and numbers them, and binds

up in each its right contents (Job. xxxvii, 16; xxxviii. 37 ; xxvi. 8). This is also true about all our clouds of sorrow (1 Pet. i. 6; 1 Cor. x. 13). Clouds are a shelter from the heat of the sun (Ps. cv. 39; Isa. iv. 5, 6). This fact, and that they are storehouses of rain, is especially valued in Bible lands, where the sun has immense power, and where clouds and rain are eagerly looked for, as the harvests quite depend upon “the early and the later rain." (We hope another time to see more of the blessings clouds are, in the rain they send down upon us.)

It was in a cloud that the Lord Jesus ascended up to heaven (Acts i. 9). It is in the clouds that His people will meet Him (1 Th. iv. 17). It is seated on a cloud that He will come to earth again (Rev. xiv. 14 ; i. 7).



1 CHRONICLES XIX. TO 2 CHRONICLES XVII. EBRUARY 1.-1 Chronicles xix. 2. David reaped the

reward of his kindness to Hanun for his father's sake, both in the victory which followed and personally (See 2 Sam. xvii. 27). Even a cup of cold water given for Christ's

sake to one of His children “ shall in no wise lose its reward” (Matt. xxv. 45; Matt. x. 42; Eccles. xi. 1; Gal. vi. 7-9).

Feb. 2.–Ch. xx. 2. This crown was won for David ; Christ has won His crown, the Church (Cant. iii. 11), through the suffering of death. Each precious stone in it cost Him “all that He had.”

" He took our crownless place (Lam. v. 16) that He might offer us the throne of many diadems” (Rev. xix. 7 ; Rev. iii. 21).

Feb. 3.—Ch. xxi. 22, 26. Ornan's full surrender of all that he had to David is a beautiful lesson to us. David asked the price of the threshing-floor (Prov. xxiii. 26; Ps. cxxxii. 13, 14), and bought it for



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the full price (Eph. v. 25; Acts xx. 28; 1 Cor. vi. 20). Ornan said, “I give it all." Contrast Matt. xix. 22. Feb. 4.-Ch. xxii. 9. Solomon


Peace; » he was also called “ Jedidiah," or Beloved of the Lord ;" here he is the

man of rest." How blessedly all these titles remind us of the “Greater than Solomon "—and of our share in them (Is. ix. 6; Matt. xvii. 5; Jer. 1. 6; Eph. ii. 14; Deut. xxxiii. 12; Matt. xi. 28).

Feb. 5.—Ch. xxiii. Notice how every distinct service was divinely apportioned. Let us each seek to know our own place in the Church of God (Eph. iv. 11, 12; 1 Cor. xii. 27, 28).

Feb. 6. —Ch. xxiv. 19. Observe the words “Under their father,” and compare with Heb. v. 8; Phil. ii. 8; Heb. x. 7. 66 The obedience of Christ” is to be the standard of ours (2 Cor. x. 5). Independence is altogether opposed to God's Word,

Feb. 7.—Ch. xxv. Remark the prominence given to praise in the services of the Temple. It is equally enjoined upon God's “ Holy " and

Royal ” Priesthood now (see 1 Pet. ii. 5 ; Heb. xiii. 15; 1 Pet. ii. 9; Jno. iv. 24 ; Eph. v. 19; Ps. xl. 3). Only the Redeemed can sing the “ New Song."

Feb. 8.—Ch. xxvi. 30-32. Let us see that the business of the Lord,” and the “service of the King,” is given the first place in our lives. We are to do all in His name, The command and promise in Matt. vi. 33, are very definite.

Feb. 9.-Ch. xxvii. What account shall each of us have to render of our stewardship? The sphere through which the influence of our daily lives extends is a solemn responsibility.

Feb. 10.-Ch. xxviii, 19. Let us be sure that we have Divine guidance as to every detail of our work. The weight of gold to be used in even the smallest vessel was given “ by the Spirit.” (Isa. lviii. 11; Ps. xxv. 9 ; Ps. xxxii. 8; Ps. lxxiii. 24; Jno. xvi. 13.)

Feb. 11.—Ch. xxix. 9. There is no joy like that of a yielded life. It finds its relief in praise. The King also rejoiced with them (see Prov. xxiii. 15; Heb. ii. 12.) Shall we not give this joy to Christ?

Feb. 12.—2 Chronicles i. 10, 11. The wisdom Solomon asked for was in order that he might serve the Lord better, and not for his own glory. If we desire Christ the “wisdom of God,” God will freely with Him give us "all things" (1 Cor. i. 24; Rom. viii. 32).

Feb. 13.—Ch. ii. 6. Observe Solomon's beautiful humility. It is always the humblest, and those willing to be nothing, whom God exalts, and uses most in His service. A cake of barley meal (Jud. vii. 13); jaw-bone of an ass (Jud. xv. 13); a shepherd's sling (1 Sam. xvii. 40).

Feb. 14.-Ch. iii. 4. As the temple was overlaid within and without with pure gold, type of the Divine nature, so, whether as the whole Church, or as individuals, His Holy Temple is now both enclosed in (Cant iv. 12; Zech. ii. 5) and indwelt by Christ (1 Cor. iii. 16; Eph. iii. 17).

Feb. 15,-Ch, iv. 6. Christ, who has given Himself for the Church,



also sanctifies and purifies it (Eph. v. 26 : Titus iii. 5, 6). Confession is of the highest importance, cleansing follows upon it (1 Jno. i. 9; 2 Sam. xii. 13 ; Isa. vi. 5.7 ; Dan. ix, 20, 21, 22); and communion cannot be maintained without it.

Feb. 16.–Ch. v. 10. Some of us have taken for our motto, “All for Jesus." Shall we not seek to be cleansed from everything which hinders its practical fulfilment ? It could be said of Christ alone that there was nothing in His heart but the “law” of God (Heb. x. 7; Ps. xl. 8; John iv. 34).

Feb. 17.—Ch. vi. 18. It was God's purpose to dwell with man upon the earth (Prov. viii. 31). He walked with Adam in Eden.

He commanded a sanctuary to be made that He might dwell among His people in the wilderness (Ex. xxv. 8, xxix. 45,46). He permitted Solomon to build Him an house (2 Chron. vii. 2). Ezekiel describes in vision His departure (Ez. x. 18, xi. 22,23). He returned in the person of Christ (2 Cor. v. 19; John i. 14; Gal. iv. 4), in the person of the Holy Ghost (John xiv. 16; Acts ii. 1-5), to abide for ever-Final reign (Rev. vii. 15-17).

Feb. 18.—Ch. vii. 15,16. The Lord sees and hears everything we say or do. What a comfort it is to know that He “knows all, but loves us better than He knows” (Ps. xciv. 11; Heb. iv. 12).

Feb. 19.-Ch. viii. 13,14. God does not entrust us with more than to-day's strength (Deut. xxxiii. 25), food (Ex. xvi. 21 ; Luke xi. 3), and grace (2 Cor. iv. 16). And we are told not to anticipate to-morrow's. needs or trials (Matt. vi. 28—31).

Feb. 20.-Ch. ix. 4. Christ's “ Ascent" to His Father's house in glory, was Gethsemane, Calvary, the Resurrection, and Ascension. invites His people to share this ascent, and the secrets of it, with Him. Not merely to know it historically, but to enter with Him into the secret places of the stairs” (Cant. ii. 14; Phil. iii. 10).

Feb. 21.-Ch. x. 8. Rehoboam would have done better had he respected the advice of those far more experienced than himself, and better still had he taken God as his “ Counsellor” (Is. ix. 6; 2 Tim. iii. 1, 2; James i. 5). The result shows that God makes even the mistakes of man carry out His own designs.

Feb. 22.—Ch. xi. 14, 17. The presence of the faithful Priests and people cast out by Jeroboam from Israel, strengthened the kingdom of Judah. Let us seek to gather around us the Lord's people, for “the friendship of the world worketh death" (James iv. 4; 2 Cor. vi. 17; 2 Thess. ii. 7; Matt. v. 13, 14 ; Gen. xviii. 32; Jer. v. 1).

Feb. 23.-Ch. xii. 6,7,12. God was faithful to His promise (ch. vii. 14): So now He pledges His faithfulness and His justice to forgive and cleanse (1 Jno, i. 9; Job xxxiii. 27, 28; Prov. xxviii. 13; Ps. xxxii. 5) where there is humble confession. It is the key to all blessing. Feb. 24.-Ch. xiii. 12, 14, 15, 16.

“ God smote,”

" " God delivered.” With God Himself for our Captain we need not fear, though the battle is “ before and behind." " According to all that He did for you in



Egypt” was the measure of God's promised deliverance (Deut. i. 30). Let us not “limit the Holy One," Ps. lxxviii. 41. (See also Deut. i. 32, and Eph. iii. 20).

Feb. 25.—Ch. xiv. 11. Asa took the place of “ no power," therefore he could rest in the power of God, and then go. Let us work from this rest, and not in order to obtain it (Is. xxx. 15).

Feb. 26.–Ch. xv. Trace the Christian course exemplified in this chapter --ver. 4. Repentance (1 Thess. i. 9; Ps. xxvii. 8; Amos v. 4), ver. 8. Separation from Sin (1 Jno. iii. 3 ; 2 Cor. vii. 11). ver. 9. Practical Testimony (Luke xiv. 23; Luke viii. 39; 2 Kings vii. 9; Matt. xxviii. 19). ver. 10. Fellowship (Jno. xvii. 21, 22 ; Eph. iv. 3; 2 Chron. v. 13; Acts ii. 46). ver. 12. Consecration (Rom. xii. 1 ; 1 Kings xx. 4 ; Neh. iv. 29; Lev. xxvii. 28). ver. 14. Worship and Praise (Heb. xiii, 15; Ps. 1. 23; Ps. xlv. 15).

Feb. 27.-Ch. xvi: 12. In every disease spiritual and physical, the Lord is Himself the “Healer” (Ex. xv. 26), while we thankfully use the means He sends as instruments of blessing (Ps. ciii. 3 ; Eph. iv. 16; 1 Cor. iii. 6, 7.)

Feb. 28.--Ch. xvii. 10, 11. Jehoshaphat's upright walk commanded the respect of all Judah, and even of the nations around who brought him gifts. Even worldlings will involuntarily respect the consistent walk of a true Christian. We are to be “living epistles” (2 Cor. iii. 3; 1 Cor. xiv. 24, 25).


1. Every MEMBER reads dally the same Chapter of the Old Testament and a short Evening Portion

of the New ASSOCIATES read only the New Testament Portion, any time during the day.

2. Persons of all ages and all denominations may join.

All Readers of LIVING WATERS are invited to join this Union, either as Members or Associates, and to ask their friends to do so. They should send their full names and addresses (stating whether Rev., Esq., Mr., Mrs., or Miss) to the Rov. ERNEST BOYS, Boverley, Sidcup, Kent. One stamp must be enclosed, and a card of Membership will be forwarded.

Our increase during the month has been as follows :-Members, 955; and Associates, 826. This makes our registered total on January 10th to be 48,835 members, and 19,381 associates.

REQUEST FOR PRAYER FOR FEBRUARY. For all the Invalid Members of our Union.

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