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88, 89. Newton to Varignon. Draft. About August, 1722. 2 copies.

90. Fontenelle to Newton, Nov. 22, 1722.
91. Draft of a letter from Newton to Fontenelle. No date.
92. Newton to Varignon, Dec. 13, 1722. Draft.

93. Letter from Newton to some one at Paris about Varignon's picture after Varignon's death, which took place Dec. 23, 1722. Brewster, p. 295.

94. Joh. Bernouilli to Newton, Feb. 6, 1723. Brewster, ii. 507. 95. Philip Naudé to Newton, on the Calculus, Feb. 6, 1723–4.

96. De L'Isle to Newton, thanking him for his election to the Royal Society, April 2, 1724.

97. G. Cavelier to Newton, on the publication of his Chronology, May 11, 1724.

A. F. Marsili to Newton, Aug. 1724. 99. De L'Isle to Newton, Dec. 21, 1724. 100. A. F. Marsili to Newton, March 11, 1724—5.

101. G. Cavelier to Newton, March 20, 1724–5, about publication of his Chronology.

102. J. T. Desaguliers to Newton, April 29, 1725. 103. Jombert to Newton, Sept. 12, 1725. (2 copies.)

104. Draft of a letter from Newton to Daguesseau on Bernouilli's letter, complaining of being called eques errationis.'

105. Colin Maclaurin to Newton, Oct. 25, 1725. Brewster, ii. 385.

106. Fontenelle to Newton, acknowledging the receipt of the third edition of the Principia, July 14, 1726.

107. Thomas Mason to Conduitt, March 23, 1726–7.

108. J. Craig to Conduitt, April 7, 1727, partly printed by Brewster, ii. 315.

109. William Stukeley to Dr Mead, June 26, 1727—July 15, 1727, four sheets, written consecutively, but sent at intervals.

110. W. Stukeley to Conduitt, July 15, 1727. 111.

July 22, 1727. 112. Memorandums relating to Sir I. N. given to A. Demoivre by Conduitt, Nov. 1727.

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Newton to Collins Jan. 1669 Maccl. Corr. CCXXIV
Feb. 6, 1669

Feb. 23, 1668–9

and comment by Collins
Newton to Aston May 18, 1669

Collins Feb. 18, 1669–70 ,,

July 11, 1670

July 16, 1670

Sept. 27, 1670

July 20, 1671

Oldenburg Jan. 6, 1671-2

Jan. 18, 1671-2

Jan. 29, 1671-2

Feb. 10, 1671-2

Feb. 20, 1671-2

March 26, 1672 Phil. Trans. No. 82, p. 4032
March 30, 1672

No. 82, p. 4034 April 13, 1672

No. 83, p. 4059
May 4, 1672

No. 83, p. 4057
May 21, 1672 not in Phil. Trans.
Collins May 25, 1672

Maccl. Corr. CCXLI


July 6, 1672

July 11, 1672 Phil. Trans. No. 88, p. 5084
a long letter on Optics in reply to Mr Hook's “Con-

Collins July 13, 1672

Maccl. Corr. CCXLV

July 13, 1672
Collins July 30, 1672
Sept. 21, 1672

March 8, 1673

Oldenburg? April 3, 1673

CCLII in answer to Hugenius' letter of Jan. 14, 1673. Newton to Collins April 9, 1673

May 20, 1673


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June 19,

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Newton to Collins Sept. 17, 1673

Maccl. Corr. CCLV
Nov. 17, 1674

Oldenburg Dec. 9, 1674

[printed Dec. 5 in Macc. Corr.]
Dary Jan. 22, 1675 Maccl. Corr. CCLX
Collins July 24, 1675
Aug. 27, 1675

Oldenburg Dec. 14, 1675

Dec. 21, 1675
Jan. 10, 1675-6

Feb. 15, 1675-6
Feb. 19, 1676
June 13, 1676. Latin letter for Leibnitz.

Comm. Epist. p. 131
Sept. 5, 1676

Maccl. Corr. CCLXIX
Oldenburg (1) Oct. 24, 1676
Oldenburg Nov. 18, 1676

Nov. 28, 1676

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*1. A Theological Common-place Book, written from both ends, in Newton's hand.

2. Four folio MS. volumes, bound in red morocco, and labelled “John Conduitt," entirely in Newton's hand.

(1) The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended. Horsley, v. pp. 28—263,

(2) i. A short chronicle from the first memory of things in Europe to the conquest of Persia by Alexander the Great. Printed twice by Horsley, v. pp. 3—27 and pp. 267—291.

ii. Another copy of the Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended.

(3) Observations on the Prophecies. Horsley, v. pp. 297—491.

(4) De motu Corporum Liber Secundus. This is the treatise De Mundi Systemate. Horsley, iii. pp. 180—242.

*3. A volume of extracts on Alchemical subjects, in Newton's hand.

4. (1) A copy of the 1st edition of the Principia, interleaved with notes in Newton's hand. Among the leaves inserted is the preface to the 3rd edition. In a miserable plight from damp and ill-treatment.

(2) A copy of the second edition of the Principia, interleaved with notes and additions in Newton's hand.

5. A MS. copy of a portion of the Arithmetica Universalis, apparently an early copy. 6. A copy

of Schooten's edition of Des Cartes' Geometry, Lugd. 1649, with a few notes in Newton's hand.

A short treatise on the beginning of Algebra, in Newton's hand : at the other end are extracts from Quintus Curtius, and a long prayer, and a sermon on Lev. xix. 18, not in N.'s hand. 8. A comma

mon-place book written from both ends, with “ Isaac Newton, Trin. Coll. Cant. 1661," in the beginning.

This contains, at one end, Definitions from Aristotle's Organon, an abridgement of the Phisiologia peripatetica of John Magirus, and some Astronomical notes by Newton : at the other, Sentences from Aristotle's Ethicks, Annotationes ex Eustachii Ethic., Axiomata,


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Epitome G. J. Vossii partionum oratoriarum, a note on the word Idea, Remarks on “Quæstiones quædam Philosophicæ,” details of

” the observation of the comet of 1664, of the effect of sunlight on the eyes, etc. *9. A

copy of “ Secrets revealed, or an open entrance to the shut palace of the King," &c., by W. C., London, 1669, with notes in Newton's hand.

*10. A bound MS. book containing at one end memoranda of Newton's expenses at College, and at the other a short outline of Trigonometry and Conic Sections in Newton's hand.

11, 12. Two MS. note books, bound, containing a Compendium of Elementary Mathematics, apparently made by St John Hare. In one of the volumes Abotesley is added to the name, and the following “Sibi, non aliis hæc.” To the other volume the date 1675 is given after the name.

13. Lettres de M. Leibnitz and M. le Chevalier Newton sur l'invention des Fluxions et du Calcul Differentiel.

This is a proof of part of the 1st edition of Desmaizeaux's Recueil, with corrections. (Several pages are wanting at the end.)

14. A college note-book, written from both ends, containing early exercises—extraction of the square and cube root, elementary Geometry, &c.—followed by annotations of Wallis's Arithmetica Infinitorum. This is preceded by a note of Newton's fixing by an entry in his account-book the date of the annotations as being in the winter 1664–5, at which time he says he found the method of infinite series. Also notes on music, chances, &c. .

c This is the note-book referred to in Brewster's Life of Newton, Vol. i. p. 22.

15. Proof sheets of the edition of Newton's Opticks, with a few MS. additions by Newton.

16. An early copy (MS.) of the Lectiones Opticæ, Jan. 1669.

17. A book, containing the commencement of a work on Hydrostatics, the greater part consisting of a dissertation partly metaphysical, partly theistic, on the constitution of matter, motion, the Cartesian philosophy, etc.

18. A common-place book, written originally by B. Smith, D.D., with calculations by Newton written in the blank spaces. This contains Newton's first idea of Fluxions.


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