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thor concludes, by a summary retrospect land language. The merits of Linnæus, the remains of this sect, which yet exist in Celsius, and other learned Swedes, is well Persia and Syria, though unable to realise known. Kellgren now holds the first rank a. their horrible system of politics.

mong the poets. Lidner is in great esteem Norway and Sweden. -- In the “ Annals for his lyrical productions, and Bellman for of Literature," published at Vienna, by M. his anacreontics. The metrical translation Gerold, is a notice relative to the Norwegi. of Horace and Virgil, by the Baron Adlaran, Swedish, and Iceland language and lite- beth, is considered as a master-piece. . rature. The Norwegians both speak and The Iceland tongue is the true Scandinawrite the same language as the Danes ; but vian, and forms the principal basis of the in both countries the people have retained Danish and Swedish languages. The inwords of the ancient Scandinavian language, habitants speak it in a degree of purity, both more or less. These words are not in use in conversation, and in their public acts. in the politer classes, which, in both king. In Denmark and Sweden, a few Runic in. doms, speak the Danish language, just as it scriptions are the only monuments remain. is written. Since the Reformation, the Nor. ing of the ancient primitive language, but wegians have not been without their men of in Norway, certain ancient codes of law are letters. The first great Danish literateur, yet extant, written in the pure Icelandic Baron Holberg, the dramatic poet, was a language, before it underwent any changes. native of Bergen, in Norway, and the names The grammar of this language is not at all of Pram and Steffens are advantageously complicated ; simplicity and precision mark known as living authors. To these may be the syntax; the rules are easily known and added, that of Heilberg, who has resided in observed, the slightest solecism will detect Paris the last 20 years, and has been styled, a stranger. The Sagas, which recount the the Aristophanes of the North.

historical facts of Iceland, are the favourite The Swedish language, in its construction reading of the inhabitants. They have now and inflections, bears affinity to the ancient a distinguished author in that kind of literScandinavian, though it has adopted many ature, M. Espolia, whose sagas have brought foreign words. The pronunciation is some down the Icelandic history to our own times. what like that of the German, while that of Its poetry has, in all times, been held in the Danes more strongly resembles the Ice, great esteem.


LONDON. PREPARING for publication, a new edition, A new edition of the Pocket Natural His. revised, corrected, and enlarged, of the Rev. tory, entitled, The British Museum, hand. T. H. Horne's Introduction to the Critical somely printed in five volumes, with plates Study and Knowledge of the Holy Scrip- coloured after nature. tures, in four volumes octavo.

The Legend of St Loy, in four cantos ; The Outlaw of Taurus, a poem, with by MrJ. A. Heraud, author of Tottenham, Translations from Sophocles; by the author a poem. of the Widow of Nain.

A Supplement to Wilkinson's Londina The Mona Melodies; being a Collection of Illustrata ; consisting of several plates of Ancient and Original Airs of the Isle of Man. Bermondsey Abbey, and of other Edifices,

Immortality, a poem ; to which is added, with letter-press descriptions. the Pastor.

An Account of a three months residence Nearly ready, The Parlour Portfolio, or in the Mountainous Country east of Rome; Post-Chaise Companion.

by Maria Graham : with engravings of the Observations during a two years residence Banditti and Peasantry. in Italy; by Lady Morgan.

Ariconensia ; or, Archæological Sketches In small octavo, Letters written for the of Ross and its Vicinity ; by the Rev. T. Post and not for the Press.

Fosbrooke. A Historical and Critical Account of Mr A Map of the Thames from London to Mudie's Grand Series of National Medals, Margate, printed from English stone. embellished with Outlines of the entire Se Julia Alpinula, the Captive of Stambol, ries; by Artists of Eminence.

and other Poems; by T. H. Wiffen. Memoirs of the Rev. Mark Wilks, late Letters from Mrs Delany, widow of Dr of Norwich; by his Daughter.

Patrick Delany, to Mrs Frances Hamilton, Sketches, illustrative of the Manners and from 1779 to 1788, comprising many unCustoms of Italy, Switzerland, and France ; published and interesting Anecdotes of their by Mr Bridgens. The plates will be co- late Majesties and the Royal Family; now loured, and accompanied by an appropriate first printed from the original MSS. description : to be published in 12 Num- A Memoir of the Life of Major Topham, bers, royal 4to.

written by himself; containing many singular Anecdotes of the circle in which he ment of his Bees, for every month in the formerly moved.

year, both on the Suffocating and Depriving A Comic Poem on the Coronation Claims; System ; by Robert Huish, author of the by J. Bisset, Esq.

Treatise on the Management of Bees ; Se Travels in Europe during the Pontificate cretary to the Apiarian Society, &c. &c. of Leo X.; edited by Mr Mills, author of Going to School will be ready in the the History of the Crusades.

course of the month, a new edition of Mrs A History of Intolerance ; by Thomas Sargant's Letters to a Daughter going to Clarke.

School; pointing ont the Duties toward her The Constitution, Order, and Discipline Maker, Governess, School-fellozs, and her. of a New Testament Church ; by John self-This little work has been highly no Chamberlain, Missionary in India.

ticed and recommended by the following Historic Notices in reference to Fotherin- respectable Journalists :-Gentleman's Ma. gay ; by the Rev. H. K. Bonney.

gazine, Literary Gazette, Morning Herald, Shortly will be published, The Brothers, and the Literary Chronicle. In box with a monody; and other Poems; by C. A. gilt edges, or bound 3s. with a presentation Elton, Esq.

leaf. • The One Pound Note, a tale of Mid-Lo. Margarita and Yackoot, an Egyptian thian ; by Francis Lathom.

Historical Tale; by Mr A. Salamé, &c. 2 Popular Observations on Regimen and vols crown 8vo. Diet; by Jolin Tweed, surgeon.

Life of William Sancroft, Archbishop of Medical and Surgical Remarks on Wens, Canterbury; compiled principally from oriby T. W. W. English, surgeon.

ginal and scarce Documents, with an Apo Shortly will appear, Letters written dur. pendix, containing the Diary of the learned ing a Tour through the Duchies of Nor- Henry Wharton. Now first published from mandy and Bretagne; by Mrs Charles a Manuscript in the Lambeth Library : by Stodhard; illustrated with Views, Costumes, the Rev. George D'Oyly, B.D. Domestie

Chaplain to his Grace the Archbishop of · A volume of Sermons, by the Rev. W. Canterbury: with a portrait, from an oriSnowden, perpetual curate of Horbury. ginal Picture, by Luttrell, in Lambeth

Outlines of Midwifery ; by Dr Conquest. Palace. 2 vols Svo.

Eminent Men. The Second Part of Se- Lectures on the Philosophy of Modern lect Biography, containing the Life of Ber. History ; by George Miller, D.D. late or nard Gilpin, with a Portrait, and that of Trin. Coll. Dublin. Vols 3 and 4, Sro. Bishop Latimer, will be ready in the course These volumes bring the subject down to of the month of July. 18mo. 2s.6d. the Reformation.

The Cottager's Manual, for the manage.

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EDINBURGH. A FOURTH, edition, with numerous addi. author of the Cherrie and the Slae : with a tions, will speedily be published, of Cuvier's Prefatory Memoir and a Glossary. Essay on the Theory of the Earth ; with New Observations on the Natural HisMineralogical Notes, and an Account of tory of Bees; by Francis Huber. Third Cuvier's Geological Discoveries, by Profes edition, considerably enlarged. sor Jameson. 8vo. with plates."

The Elenients of Algebra in Theory and Lectures on the Philosophy of the Hu- Practice ; containing all the most useful man Mind; by the late Dr Thomas Brown, modern improvements in the Science ; by Professor of Moral Philosophy in the Uni Robert Sharp, Teacher of Mathematics in versity of Edinburgh. 4 vols 8vo.

Edinburgh. Elements of Geometry and Plane Trigo In the press, and to be published in a few nometry; by John Leslie, Esq. formerly weeks, An Arabic Vocabulary and Index Professor of Mathematics, and now of Na- for Richardson's Arabic Grammar, in which turat Philosophy, in the University of E. the words are explained according to the dinburgh. 4th edit., enlarged and improved. parts of speech, and the Derivatives are

Geometrical Analysis, and the Geometry traced to their originals in the Hebrew, of Curve Lines; by Professor Leslie. One Chaldee, and Syriac Languages: with Ta. large vol. 8vo.

bles of Oriental Alphabets, Points, and AFElements of Natural Philosophy; by fixes; by James Noble, teacher of Lan. Professor Leslie. 3 vols 8vo.

guages in Edinburgh. A Treatise on Heat, Theoretical and N. B.-By means of an Alphabetical He Practical ; by Professor Leslie. Second edi. brew List given at the end, and which cantion, greatly enlarged.

tains almost every Root that occurs in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Old Testament Scriptures, this work will be Edinburgh, Vol. IX. Part I. 4to.

found useful in serving at the same time as Life of James Crichton of Cluny, com- a Vocabulary of the Hebrew, Chaldee, and monly called the Admirable Crichton ; by Syriac Languages. P. F. Tytler, Esq. Second edition.

Geologia Hialtlandica, being a Memoir The Poems of Alexander Montgomerie, of the Distribution of the Rocks of Shet

land, illustrated by a Geological Map and 120 pages close print, 8yo, in boards, other engravings, to which is prefixed, an with elegant engraved figures of the Cycles Essay on Stratification ; by Samuel Hib. of the Winds, and several Tables, from bert, M.D.F.R.S.E. M.M.S. &c. 4to. which are derived the prognostics of each

Mr John Mackenzie of Glasgow will pub. year and season of that part of the Cycle of lish, in the course of the winter, a Treatise the Weather not yet observed, by which an on the Diseases of the Eye.

may know the entire machinery of the Wea. To be published in November, 1820, by ther. The price to Subscribers will be at subscription, a Plain Account of the recent the moderate rate of Sir Shillings, and to ly discovered System or Cycle of the Wea. Non-Subscribers, at Seven Shillings a copy. ther. The book will contain upwards of



illustration of the Outlines, and printed uni. REMAINS of a Roman Villa at Bignor in form with them. 6s. Large paper, 88. Sussex; by the late Sam. Lysons, Esq. 34 Abdallah ; or, the Arabian Martyr; á plates, Atlas, folio. £12, 12s.

Christian Drama, in three acts. Is. 6d.

Boosey and Son's Catalogue of French The Ladies' Arithmetic; by Morrison.
Books, for 1820, at very reduced prices, in. 18mo. 38. 6d.
cluding Cazin and Stereotype editions. 8vo. A New Method of Studying the French
Is. 6d.

Language, without a master. 2 vols 12mo. Boosey and Son's Catalogue of Italian 10s. sewed. Books, for 1820-gratis.

A Father's Second Present. 48. Boosey and Son's Catalogue of Spanish Dialogues, intended to assist in forming and Portuguese Books, for 1820-gratis. the Morals and Taste of Young Persons in

Boosey and Son's Modern Greek Books. the middle ranks of life ; by the Rev. J.

Boosey and Son's Linguist's Guide, or Bowden. 12mo. 58. Catalogue of about 500 Grammars and Dic. Eight Familiar Lectures on Astronomy, tionaries. 60.

intended as an Introduction to the Science; BIOGRAPHY.

by William Phillips, F.L. S. Second edi. Portraits of Eminent Foreign Composers, tion, corrected. 12mo. 78. accompanied with Biographical Notices. 75.

FINE ARTS. Biographia Curiosa ; or, Memoirs of Re- Views, illustrating the route of the Simpmarkable Characters of the reign of George lon; drawn from Nature by Major Cock. III. 2s.6d.

burn, and on Stone by C. Hullmandell; The Authentic Life of Augustus Von Part I. super-royal folio. 88. To be comKotzebue, from the German, containing pleted in 12 Parts. many interesting Anecdotes illustrative of The same of the route of Mont Cenis; by his Character, the influence of his writings the same Artists ; Part I. 88. in Germany, its consequences, &c. &c. Twenty-four Views of Italy; drawn from 12mo. 7s. bds.

Nature and on Stone, by C. Hullmandell.

Medium folio. £1, 10s.' Hortus Suburbanus Londinensis; or, a Views of the Remains of Ancient BuildCatalogue of Plants cultivated in the neigh. ings in Rome and its Vicinity, with Plates, bourhood of London ; by R. Sweet, F.L.S. beautifully coloured to imitate Drawings. 18s.


Picturesque Illustrations of Buenos-Ayres Chronological Tables of Universal His. and Monte Video. Part II. 4to. 12s. tory, brought down to the end of the reign A Picturesque Tour of the English Lakes. of George III. ; by Major James Bell, royal Part II. 4to. 6s. folio. {1, 10s. half-bound.

Retsch's Series of 26 beautiful Outlines CLASSICS.

to Goethe's Tragedy of Faust. ; Engraved R. Porsoni Notæ in Aristophanem. Ap from the Originals, by Henry Moses. 4to, pend. adjecit P. P. Dobre. £2, 2s. imp. 8vo. 145. Imperial 4to, with proofs, £1, 1s. £1, 1s. med. 8vo.

A History of the Italian Schools of Paint. Scapulæ Lexicon, Gr. Lat. cum Indici. ing. By T. James, M.A. 8vo. 98. 6de bus, Gr. et Lat. consilio et cura J. Bailey, Roman Costumes, drawn from Nature by opere et studio J. R. Major A. B. editum. Pinelli, and on Stone by C. Hullmandell. royal 4to. £5, 5s.

No I. Super-royal folio, 68. Coloured, DRAMA.

12s. To be completed in four Numbers. Too late for Dinner. 2s.6d.

Picturesque Views of the Architectural An Analysis of the Tragedy of Faust. in Antiquities of Northumberland, from Ori.



3 N

ginal Pictures, painted expressly for the A Treatise on the Inflammation of the Work; by Wm. Dixon and Thos. M. Rich- Mucous Membrane of the Lungs. By ardson. Part I. Elephant 4to, 12s. At. Charles Hastings. 8vo. 10s. 6d. las 4to, 18s.

An Address to Persons afflicted with GEOGRAPHY.

Deafness; by W. Wright. 46. · Myers's New and Comprehensive System

MISCELLANIES. of Modern Geography. 4to. Part IV. The Italian Confectioner ; or Complete with Plates and Maps. 75.

Economy of Desserts ; by G. A. Jarrin. HISTORY.

8vo. 158. The History of Ancient Greece, its Co. An Essay on the Evils of Popular Ignor. lonies and Conquests.--Part I. From the ance; by John Foster. 8vo. 75. 6d. Earliest Accounts till the Division of the Pick's Annual Racing Calendar. 7s. Macedonian Empire in the East ; including Essays and Sketches of Life and Charac. the History of Literature, Philosophy, and ter ; by a Gentleman who has left his Lodg. the Fine Arts. Part II. Embracing the ings. 12mo. 98. History of the Ancient World, from the Annals of Oriental Literature. Part I. Dominion of Alexander to that of August. To be continued quarterly. 8vo. 6s. us, with a Survey of preceding Periods, and The Rector's Memorandum-Book ; being a Continuation of the History of Arts and Memoirs of a Family in the North. 7s. Letters ; by John Gillies, L.L.D. F.R.S. Classical Journal.' 6s. &c. &c. 8 vols 8vo.

s. bds.

The Vision ; & Jeu-d'esprit; by the late Memoirs of Gregor M.Gregor, and the Sir H. M. Eden. Plates. 4to. 318. od. other Revolutionary Chiefs; to which is ad. Journal of the Arts, No XVIII. 7s. 6d. ded, a Narrative of the Expeditions in South The Student's Common-place Book ; or America ; by Colonel Rafter. With Views, New Elegant Extracts. 7s. 6d. Portraits, and Map. 8vo. 146.

NATURAL HISTORY. Narrative of the Events illustrating the The Natural History of Ants; by P. vicissitudes and the Cession of Parga, sup. Huber. Translated from the French ; with ported by a Series of Authentic Documents. Notes. By J. R. Johnson, M.D. 12mo. 95. By Ugo Foscolo. 8vo.

NOVELS. An Estimate of the Property abandoned The Life and Adventures of Robinson by the Parguinotes, in refutation of the Crusoe, with a Biographical and Critical Statements contained in No 45 of the Quar. Preface, written expressly for this edition ; terly Review. By a British Merchant. 1s.

illustrated with twenty-two engravings, by

illustrat Lectures on the Philosophy of History, Mr C. Heath, from a series of designs by T. accompanied with Notes and Illustrative Stothard. Esa. R. A. 2 vols 8vo. 12, 25 Engravings; by the late Rev. Ezekiel Royal Svo. £3, 135. 60.-Royal Svo, with Blomfield. 4to. 20s.

the plates on India paper. £5, 5s. Dodsley's Annual Register for 1819. 8vo.

Tales Founded upon Facts : by M. A.

Grant, author of “ Sketches of Life and A circumstantial Account of the Prepara

Manners, and Delineations of Scenery," & tions for the Coronation of His Majesty

12mo. King Charles II. and a minute Detail of Theban and Carthaginian Tales ; by John that splendid ceremony. From an Original

Hifford. 12mo. 6s. M.S. by Sir Edw. Walker, Knt. Royal

Gwelygordd ; or, the Child of Sin; a tale; 8vo. 14s. L.p. 28s.

by the Rev. Charles Lucas,' author of the A History of England, from the First In

Infernal Quixote. 3 vols. 16s. vasion by the Romans, to the Accession of

Tragic Tales, by Sir Egerton Brydges, Henry VIII. By the Rev. John Lingard.

Bart. 2 vols 12mo. 10s. 3 large vols 4to. £5, 5s.

The Crusaders; a historical romance of LAW.

the 12th century; by Louisa Sydney StanAn Abstract of the Laws of Jamaica, re. hope. 5 vols 12mo. 275. 6d. lating to Slaves, with the Slave Law at full Giovanni Sbogarro; a Venetian tale, length ; by John Lunan. 4to. 15s. taken from the French, by Percival GorT'he Attorney's Pocket Book. 18s. don. 2 vols 12mo. 12s. MATHEMATICS.

The One Pound Note; a tale of Mid An Essay on Involution and Evolution : Lothian, &c. By Francis Lathom. 2 vols containing a New Method of Ascertaining 12mo. 116. the Numerical Value of any Junction of an Unknown Quantity. By P. Nicholson. Lamia, Isabella; the Eve of St Agnes, 8vo. 6s.

and other poems; by John Keats, author of MEDICINE.

Endymion. 7s.6d. A Letter to Lord Palmerston, on the Sub- Fitz-Florian's Alphabet; or Lyrical Fa. ject of the Ophthalmic Institution for the bles; Tales for Children grown up. 5s 6d. Cure of Chelsea Pensioners. 28. 6d.

The Fudge Family in Edinburgh. 6s Advice and Maxims for Young Students The Poetical Works of Robert Anderson, " and Practitioners of Medicine ; by D. John. author of Cumberland Ballads, &c. 2 vols son. Is. 6d.

foolscap 8vo. 12s.


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- Ellen Fitz-Arthur, a metrical tale in five Creed, together with a series of Notes and cantos. 8vo. - 78. 6d.

Illustrations from the early Fathers of the • The Welcome of Isis ; a poem occasion. Christian Church, &c. ; by Thomas Harta ed by the Duke of Wellington's visit to the well Horne, M.A. of St John's College, University of Oxford; by the author of the Cambridge, Curate of the united parishes Oxford Spy. 2s.

of Christchurch, Newgate, and St Leonard, Poems, by one of the authors of Poems Foster-lane, 8vo. 5s. for youth, by a family circle. Foolsc. 8vo. A Course of Divinity Lectures. by Her35. 6d.

bert Marsh, 8vo, Part V. 2s. 6d. . Peter Faultless to his brother Simon ; The Athanasian Creed defended ; a Ser, Tales of Night, and other poems. 8vo. 6s. mon, preached at Frome, on Trinity Sun.

Dr Syntax's Tour, No 6. Part II. Ac day, May 29, 1820 ; by Rev. Stephen kermann. 2s. 6d.

Hyde Cossar, A.M. ls. 6d. Le Gesta d'Enrico IV. by G. Guazzar 'The Nature and Obligations of Personal oni. 12mo. 7s. 6d.

and Family Religion ; by Dan. Dewar, A Queen's Appeal. 8vo. 5s.

LL.D. 12mo. 3s. 6d. A Briton's Welcome to the Queen. 3s. Vindiciæ Geologicæ; or the Connexion The Round Table. 8vo. 45.

of Geology with Religion explained ; by The Stable Boy. 12mo. 58.

the Rev. W. Buckland, 4to. 46. POLITICAL ECONOMY.

A Supplement to the Historical and Cri. A Report made to the Workington Agri- tical Inquiry into the Interpretation of the cultural Society, by J. C. Curwen, Esq. Hebrew Scriptures, with remarks on' Mr M. P. the President. 8vo. 5$.

Bellamy's new Translation ; by Rev. J. The Improvement of English Roads Whitaker, M.A. urged. 28.

• The Works of the Rey. Thomas Zouch, A Letter to Earl Bathurst, on the condi. D.D. F.L.S. Rector of Semyngham, and tion of New South Wales and Van Die- Prebendary of Durham ; with a Memoir of man's Land; by Henry Grey Bennet, M.P. his Life; by the Rev. Francis Wrangham, 5s.

M.A. F.R.S. 8vo, 2 vols. 245.

Considerations on the Theory of Reli. Thoughts on the State of the Nation. 2s. gion ; by Edmund Law, D.D. late Bishop

An Inquiry into the Duties of Christians of Carlisle ; to which is prefixed, a Life of with respect to war. Svo. 6s.

the Author, by the late W. Paley, D.D.; An Address to his Fellow-Countrymen ; a new edition, by George Henry Law, D.D. by Verus. ls.

Lord Bishop of Chester, 8vo. 128. A Word to the King, and a Word to the An Abbreviated Synopsis of the Four Queen. 8vo. 2s.

Gospels ; wherein all the passages are colA Letter to the King, on the situation and lated, and every event or saying, recorded treatment of the Queen. 2s. 6d.

by any one or more of the Evangelists, is Fragments of a Civic Feast; being a key briefly noted. The whole is so arranged, to Volney's Ruins ; by a Reformer. 2s. as to lay before the eye, at one view, the

Reflections on the present difficulties of chapter and verse of the several Gospels' in the country, by an old Asiatic merchant. 38. whích any passage is contained. 8vo. 6s." • A Letter to S. Whitbread, Esq. M.P. Is. Sacred Literature, comprising a Review

Reflections on the nature and tendency of of the Principles of Composition laid down the present spirit of the times ; by the Rev. by the late Robert Lowth, D. D. Lord G. Burges, Vicar of Halvergate. 6s. Bishop of London, in his Prelections and

Brief Observations on the necessity of a Isaiah ; and an application of the Princi. Renewal of the Property Tax, under certain ples so reviewed to the Illustration of the modifications ; by T. S. Hubersty, Esq. of New Testament; in a series of Critical ObLincoln's Inn. 2s.

servations on the Style and Structure of Remarks on the Merchants' Petitions and that Sacred Volume; by the Rev. John Publications respecting restrictions on Fo. Jebb, A.M. Rector of Abington in the dioreign Commerce, &c. 1s.

cese of Cashell, 8vo. 128. Substance of the Speech of the Earl of

TOPOGRAPHY. Liverpool, May 20, 1820, on the motion of the Marquis of Lansdown for a committee

Historical and descriptive Sketches of the on the extension of our foreign commerce.

Town and Lake of Horncastle, in the counA few plain facts relative to the situation

ty of Lincoln, and of places adjacent; by of the country at the commencement of the

George Weir, plates ; royal Svo, 12s. ; year 1820, in regard to its finances, morals,

royal 4to, 21s. ; elephant 4to, 24s.

ro and religions. Is. 6d.

A brief History of Christ's Hospital ; THEOLOGY.

with a list of the Governors, 12mo. gs. The Scripture Doctrine of the Trinity

VOYAGES AND TRAVELS briefly stated and defended, and the Church Italy and its Inhabitants in the years of England vindicated from the charge of 1816 and 1817, with a view of the Man. Uncharitableness in retaining the Athana- ners, Customs, &c. ; by J. A. Galliffe, 8vo, sian Creed ; with an Appendix, containing 2 vols. a Critical History and Analysis of that A Voyage to Africa, with some account

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