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ing meal. Calling upon some one to blow up the fire and make it blaze, and begging all to be silent, a senior member of the family would pray aloud as follows:

" "This light is for you, O king,* and gods superior and inferior! this light is for you all. Be propitious to this family: give life to all; and may your presence be prosperity. Let our children be blessed and multiplied. Re. more far from us fines and sickuesses. Regard our poverty; and send us food to eat, and cloth to keep us warm. Keep away from us sailing gods; lest they come and cause disease and death. Protect this family by

your presence; and may health and long life be given to us all.'

" Among the rubbish of Samoan superstition, there was much to prepare the heathen mind for the pure and holy doctrines which the Christian Missionary came to make known much calculated to facilitate his labours. To give thanks before meals, to unite in prayer, and to be qniet and orderly during religious services, did not seem at all strange or unnatural. Now, the evening meal is commenced by thanking the one living and true God for his goodness, and is generally followed by family worship, in conducting which, they praise God, read the Scriptures, and unite in prayer.”

" * The principal god of the family.”


Trevor CHAPEL.

dresses by the Revs. J. SHERMAN, S. Mc All, Rev. J. J. FREEMAN presided. Addresses J. ROWLAND, A, TYLER, J. BODINGTON, J. by the Revs. J. SPENCE, W. ROBERTS, and Branch, and T. DAVIS. J. Morison.


Rev. T. ADKINS presided. Addresses by
Rev. Dr. ALEXANDER presided. Addresses the Revs. E. MANNERING, S. THODEY, R.
W. P. Lyon, John KENNEDY, and J. E.


Rev. T. BINNEY presided. Addresses by HANOVER CHAPEL, PECKHAM.

the Revs. J. Nunn, J. C. HARRISON, E. Rev. Dr. COLLYER presided. Addresses PROUT, and J. L. POORE. by the Revs. G. CLAYTON, J. BURNET, H. J. OLD GRAVEL-PIT CHAPEL, HOMERTON. GAMBLE, G. Rogers, J. S. PEARSALL, and Rev. Dr. ARCHER presided. Addresses H. ADDISCOTT.


BUZACOTT, E. STALLYBRASS, and G. THOMRev. R. FLETCHER presided. Addresses SON. by the Revs. J. WOODWARK, T. SMITH, J.

ECCLESTON CHAPEL, DALGLIESI, E. CORNWALL, and J. W. Richi. Rev. Dr. Harris presided. Addresses ARDSON.

by the Revs. J. Davis, J. KENNEDY, T. KixgSLAND CHAPEL.

GREENFIELD, Dr. HEWLETT, and S. MARTIN. Rev. J. Pridie presided. Addresses by

GREENWICH ROAD CHAPEL. the Revs. T. AVELING, J. JEFFERSON, and Rev. E. Jones presided. Addresses by the C. DUKES.


GOGERLY, S. NOBLE, and J. STEER. Rev. J. A. JAMES presided. Addresses

Sion CHAPEL. by the Revs. B. S. Hollis and H. ALLON. Rev. John ALEXANDER presided. SURREY CHAPEL.

STOCKWELL CHAPEL, Hon. and Rev. B. W. Noel presided. Ad- Rev. John KELLY presided.

ACKNOWLEDGMENTS. The thanks of the Directors are respectfully pre- Party, per Mrs. Philip-For a Case of Useful sented to the followin! :

and Fancy Articles. To Mrs. DicNeil and For Mrs. Lege's Female School. Hong-Kong. To Friends, Elgin ---For a Box of Cottons and Use

the Maberley Juvenile Missionary Working ful Articles.


Por Mrs. Young, Amoy. To Mrs. Luke and

Friends-For a Box of Useful and Ornamental
Work. To Friends at Leith, per Miss Sturrock
-- For a Box of Clothing and Useful Articles.
To Miss Heudebourck, Hackney-For a Box of

For Rev. W. Muirhead, Shanghae. To Friends at

Commercial street Chapel, Northampton-For a

Box of Useful and Ornamental Articles. For Dr. Lockhart's Medical Mission. To Mrs.

Charles and other Ladies--For a Box of Useful

Articles. For the Trevandrum Mission. To Friends at Sher

borne-For Three Pounds for a Communion Service. To the Young Ladies of the Rey. J. Hyatt's Congregation, Gloucester--For some

Useful Articles,
For Mrs. Porter, Madras. To the Young Ladies of

Miss Blyth's establishment, Clarence House,
Richmond-For a Parcel of Useful and Orna-
mental Articies. To the Great George Street
Ladies' Working Society, Liverpool-For a Case

of Usefui and Fancy Articles. For Mrs. Lewis, Nagercoil. To the Ladies'

Missionary Working Association, Mayer's. -green
Chapel, West Bromwich-For a Box of Cloth-

ing, &c. For Mrs. Porter, Cuddapah. To Mrs. Oughton,

Poplar-For a Parcel of Fancy Articles. For Mrs. Whitehouse, Nagercoil. For a Parcel of

Clothing and Useful Articles. For Rev. J. S. and Mrs. Wardlaw, Bellary. To the

Ladies of the Nottingham Missionary Working Party - for a Box of Useful and Fancy

Articies. For Rev. A. Corbold, Dewan. To Friends at Wal

lingford-For a Box of Useful Articles. For Fanny Pullen, in Mrs. Addis's School.

Mrs. Chick's Bible Class, Bristol-For a Box of

Useful Articles.
For Rev. James Read, Kat River. To Mrs.

Mc Neil and Friensis in Elgin-For a Box of
Clothing. To the Working Association at Pad-
dington Chapel-For a Box and Parcel of
Clothing and Useful Articles, To a Friend at
the New Tabernacle-For a Parcel of Clothing.
To the Dowager Lady Buxton-For a valuable
Box of Clothing and Useful Articles. To the
Rev. T. Wildbore and Friends, Falmouth-For
a Box of Clothing and Useful Articles. To the
Surrey Chapel Ladies' Working Association-
For a Box of Clothing. To Mr. Lovis llenry-
For a Parcel of Clothing. To the Mile End New
Town Sunday School--For a Parcel of Clothing.
To Mrs. Metcalfe, Roxton-For a Parcel of
Clothing. To Miss Bulley and Friends, of Dr.
Raffles's Congregation, Liverpool-For a Box

of Useful Articles of Clothing.
For Rev. R. Moffat, Kuruman. To the Rev.

John Ross and Friends, Woodbridge-For a
Box of Clothing. To Miss Pritchett's Young

Ladies' School - For a Parcel of Clothing.
For Rev. N. Smith, G aham's Town. To Miss

Hislop and Pupils, Ashtead Park, Epsom-For

a Box of Cl thing and Useful Articles. For Rev, G. Barker, Paarl. To Mrs. Barnes and

a few Friends at Saffron Walden-For a Box of

Drapery, &c.
For the Native Teacher, “Gasebonie Moffat," Ma-

To Mr. S. McMillan and Friends,
Moffat-For a Box of clothing, &c.
For Rev. R. Birt, King William's Town, To the

Sunday School Children in connexion with the
Independent Chapel, St. Albans-For a Parcel

of Clothing
For Rev. J. 11. Hughes, Demerara. To the Ladies

connected with the Welsh Cougregational
Churches, Liverpool - For a Box of Checks,

Calicoes, and other Useful Articles.
For Rev. E. A. Wollbridge. To the Weigh House

Juvenile Missionary Society--For a Case of

Clothing and Useful Articles.
For Rev. J. Andrews, Morant Bay. To Friends at

the Old Meeting, Norwich-For a Box of Use-
fui Articles. To the Norwood Juvenile Mis-
sionary Working Association — For a Box of

Clothing and Useful Articles.
For Schools in the West Indies. To Mr. Smithies,

Holloway-For 500 copies of the “Band of
Hope Review." To Friends at llersham, per

Miss Beil-For a Parcel of Cloihing.
For Rev. G. Gill. To J.S., Poultry Schools-For

Two Boxes of School Materials.
For Rev. W. Gill, Rarotonga. To the Argyle Chapel

Missionary Dorcas Society, Bath-For a Bundle

of Clothing For Rev. H. and Mrs. Nisbet, Savaii. To the

Ladies' Missionary Society in connexion with
the Presbyterian Congregation, Oakville, Cana.
da West-For a Box of clothing and other Use-
ful Articles. To the Missionary Sewing Society,
Belgrave Chapel, Darwen, per Mrs. Potter-

For a Case of Clothing, &c.
For Rev. Henry Royle, Aitutaki. To the Ladies of

the Coventry Missionary Clothing Society, For
a Box of Children's Frocks. To the Ladies of
the Missionary Working Party, Grosvenor
Street Chapel, Manchester -- For a Box of
Clothing; and to the Juvenile Missionary
Working Party-For a Parcel of Clothing. To
the Young People of the Missionary Working
Class, Congeshail, per Mrs. Beard-For a Box of

Clothing and Useful Articles.
For Rev. T. Powell, Pago Pago. To the Castle-

Gate Sabbath School Missionary Working Party,
Nottingham--Por Two Boxes of Clothing and

Useful Articles.
For Rev. A. W. Murray, Tutuila. To the Park

Crescent Chapel Sunday School. Clapham-For
a Parcel of Clothing, To the Children of the
Atherstone British Day School, per Miss Camp-
bell--For a Box of Clothing. To the Ladies'
Working Society, Surrey Chapel -- For a Box of
Clothing To the Juvenile Working Party,
Chatham-For a Box of Clothing and Useful

Por Rev. Wm. and Mrs. Mills, Savaii. To Friends

at Stranraer-For Three Boxes of Clothing,
Cutlery, &c. To the Ladies of George Street

Chapel, Ryde-For a Box of Clothing.
For Rev. G. and Mrs. Turner, Upolu. To Larlies

at Andover and Salisbury, per Miss Dowling-
For a Box of Clothing and Useful Articles. To
dirs. Bullen and Friends-For a Box and a

Bundle of Clothing, &c.
For Rev. W. Harbutt. To Mrs. Somervell and

Ladies in Kendal-For a valuable Bale of Use.
ful Articles. To Mr. Bailiff, and Friends in

Dumfries-For a Box of Useful Articles.
For Rev. J. P. Suderiand, Upolu. To the Ladies'

Working Society in connexion with Union
Street Charel, Brighton-For a Box of Clothing

and Useful Articles.
For ihe Native Teacher, " Benjamin.” To the Long

Sutton Ladies' Working Party-For a Parcel of

For Rev. C. Pitman, Rarotonga. To the Sunday

School Children in connexion with King Street

Chapel, Portsea-For a Box of Clothing, &c.
For Rev. A. and Mrs. Buzacott, Rarotonga. To

Mrs. Stenner and Friends, Dartmouth-For a
Parcel of Clothing. To Mrs. Dyer and Friends,
South Molton-For a Parcel of Clothing. To
Mirs. Clapson and Friends, Exmouih-For a
Parcel of Clothing. To Rev. Wm. Gregory
and Friends, Clifton-For a Box of Useful
Articles. To the Young Ladies of Clarence
ilouse, Richmond-For a Parcel of Clothing.
To the Juvenile issid Working ociet
Ramsgate--For a Box of Clothing. To the
Ladies of Rev. J. Barter's Congregation,
Weston-super-Vare--For a Case of clothing.
To Mrs. Crane's Working Party, Finchley-
For a Parcel of Useful Articles. To the Rev.
W. B. Woodman-For a copy of the “Imperial
Dictionary," and a Farcel of other valuable

Books, for the Institution at Rarotonga. To tures.” To Mr. S. R. Whitty, Axminster-For a
the Teachers and Children of the Sunday Parcel of Books and Magazines. To Mrs. Ben-
School, Banbury-For Two American Clocks. nett. Bath; To the Committee of St. Martin's
To Mr. Walford's School, North Newton- for Chapel Sabbath School, Chichester; To Mrs.
Two American Clocks. To Rev. Mr. Parker's May, Marlborough ; To Mr. J. R. Pritchett, York;
Schools, Deddington and Hempden-For Two To Mr. W. Bennett, Bath; To S. Potter, Esq.,
American Clocks.

Kennington; To Mrs. Smith, Brixton; To Miss
For Rev. C. Hardie, Upolu. To Mrs. Marsh and

Torrington-square; To Mrs. E. Thom. Friends, Chester-For a Box and Parcel of son, Hammersinith; To Mr. J. Harvey; To Mr. Useful Articles.

Orchard, Chicester; To T. H.; To Miss Hall, To Mr. Alfred Bird, Birmingham-For a "Water Bromley ; To Mr. R. Claxton, Hoxton; To Mrs. Purifer" for the John Williams. To the Com Crewdson, Ardwick; To Mrs. J. R. Pimm, Deptmittee of the British and Foreign School Society ford; To J. Moore, Esg.; To Mr. and Miss Smith, For Various Cases of School Materials. To Mrs. Waltham, near Great Grimsby-For Volumes and Watson--For a Parcel of Clothing and Books. To Numbers of the Evangelical Magazines, Christian Mr. W. Syckelmore, Maidstone - For Two Hundred Witness, Christian Penny Magazines, Annual Copies of his Edition of " Todd's Teacher and Lec. Reports, and other Publications.

DEATH OF THE REV. ROBERT THOMSON. The mournful intelligence has just arrived of the death of the Rev. Robert Thomson, of Tahiti. Mr. T. left that Island in a vessel bound for Melbourne, in December last, in a very impaired state of health, and is reported to have died on the passage, on the 1st of the following month; but no particulars of the solemn event have been received.

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The Rev. John Dalgliesh arrived in London, from Berbice, on the 8th of May.
The Rer. George Hall arrived at Kingston, Jamaica, on the 10th of May.


Anniversary Collec

£ s. d.
£ 8. d.

s. d.

Eccleston Chapel..... 12 ! o Fetter-lane .......... 9 14 10 New Broad-streel.... 12 7 8
Trinity Chupei, Poplar 6 17 4 Finchley ...

16 17 9 Neur-court....

5 3 6
May, 1851.

Finsbury Chapel..... 24 O 4 New Tottenham.cout 12 % 0
Collections, 18th May.
£ 8. d.
Greenwich, Maize-hill 12 0 0 Orange-street.

1900 Scotch Church, Re

Abnry Chapel.... 35 8 9. Greenwich, Tabernacle 11 4 3 Orendon-strert 10 11 1

Albany-road, Camberpent's--quare, Rev.

Hackney, St. Thomas'.

l'oultry ...

96 18 11 Dr. Hamilton ..... 21

6 6

6 5 6
22 0 8 Poplar ..


50 0 " oid Grare! Pil.... 41 5 0 Plaistou

5 16 Surrey Chapel........147 0 g Albany Chapel, ReTubernacle .........

23 42

gent's Park. 1000" l'embury Grove... 1414 3 Park-street Chapel,

18 10 10 * Hampde.......... 1 13 0 Ereler Hall.......... 84 9


Camden Town...... 25 0
Betrnul-green....... 13 1 1 Harerstock-lill...... 11 11 5 Robert-s/veel.

12 13 0 Finshury Chapel...... 22 4 1

8 46 Holyurell Mount.... 23 6 6 Spa Fields

IS 1
Poultry Chapel....... 19 13 6

3 15 0 Islington Chapel...... 28 14 0 Sion Chapel...

11 16 2 Missionary Communion.

50 10 5 4 Union
55 6 0 Slepney ...

17 15 6 Sinn Chapel.......... 12 10 Claytund:Chapel.... 15 00“ Barnróury ......., 23 O 2 Straitford.


10 0 0 Orange-street.... 127 Claremont Chapel.... 17 5 10 Kensington

39 12 0 Tabernacle

19 9 2 6 Falcon-square.. 8 9 Craven Chapel, (in

Kingsland... 22 12 0 Tottenham-court-road 19 3 10 9 Surrey Chapel. 35 8 cluding 15 23

5 0 0 Tolleridge....

14 16 8 6 Islington Chapel...... 28 16 Thank Offering to Juberly Chapel.. 21 6 Union-street

7 00 4 Old lirarel PT

... 11 11
God on behalf of

Mark's Gate...
2 2 0 Walthamstore

1900 Stockerell 13 1 60 the London Mis.

Marlborough Chapel,


12 00 Kingsland sionary Society.... 53 7 3 Old Kenl-road... 900 Weighhouse.

61 7 6 Tottenham court... 900, Croydon

12 12 0 Mile End, B, unnock Whulefield Chapel.... 10 3 8 Hanoper Chapel, Peck

9 0 0 Chapel.....
2 10 0 Wrat minuter

21 17 0 ham 18 2 6 Erld. 20 0 0 " New Tourn.......

5 0 0 Woolucich .......... Tretor Chapel, BrompEnfield Highway 0 18 2 " Lalimer Chapel.. 9 0 7 York-road.

31 ton ....... 19 8 * Esher-steel...

8 8 10 John-street JubileGreentrich ........... 5 18 8 Falcon-square... 28 01 streel...

9 3 10

41760 140

9 16 6

DEPARTURE OF THE “JOHN WILLIAMS." The equipment of the Missionary Ship being now complete, arrangements have been made for her leaving the Port of London on Tuesday the 15th inst., to proceed on her third voyage to the Islands of the Pacific.

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