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Dr. John L. Ludlow,

Edward W. Watson,
Thomas Betts,
Samuel S. Stryker,
William G. Porter,
George A. Rex,
William H. Ford,
James Markoe,
Elliott Richardson,

W. C. Perkins,

T. J. Yarrow,
George Hale,
Charles A. McCall,
James C. Wilson,
A. C. W. Beecher,
Edward Wallace,

Dr. Wm. T. Taylor,

C. R. Prall,
* W. H. Parish,
Richard Thomas,
M. B. Musser,
F. Ashhurst,
H. Lenox Hodge,
Reuel Stewart,
J. S. Hough,
D. Bray,

John Ashhurst, Jr.,
J. B. Walker,
W. H. Wallace,

J. V. Kelly,

E. L. Parks.

"SEC. 2. The Associate Members shall consist of practitioners of medicine, residing in the State of Pennsylvania, but not in the city of Philadelphia; who will, by their active co-operation, further the objects of this Society. They shall be entitled to all the privileges of the Society but that of voting, and, on the payment of $2.00 per annum, shall receive the Society's Transactions."

Jacob Price,

Traill Green,
Hiram Corson,

Wm. Savery,

West Chester.


Bryn Mawr.

"SEC. 3. The Corresponding Members shall not exceed twenty in number. They shall consist of residents of the United States of America, but not of the State of Pennsylvania, who are distinguished either as authors, teachers, or practitioners of Obstetrics, or of the Diseases of Women and Children."

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"SEC. 4. The Honorary Members shall not exceed twelve in number, and shall be chosen from distinguished foreign practitioners of Obstetrics, or of Diseases of Women and Children."

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Medico-Chirurgical Society of Philadelphia.



The objects of this Association are to encourage the ties of social and fraternal fellowship, to protect the interests of its members, to promote the study and foster the cultivation and improvement of medical science and literature.

Any graduate of a regular school, in good standing in the profession, is eligible for membership.

The Association meets the 2d and 4th Mondays in the months of October, November, December, January, February, March, and April, for the reading of scientific papers, and discussion upon the same, and to report subjects of interest generally.

[blocks in formation]

Councillors-JAS. COLLINS, A. G. REED, P. D. KEYSER, C. R.


The Pathological Society of Philadelphia. This Society was organized in 1857. Its objects are "the cultivation and promotion of the study of Pathology, by the exhibition and description of speci

mens, drawings, and other representations of morbid parts." (Constitution, Art. II.) It holds its meetings on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month, except July and August, and except when they happen to be public holidays or Christmas Eve, in the lower hall of the College of Physicians, at 8 P. M.

Its membership, to which any respectable physician is eligible, is composed of residents, non-residents, and correspondents. The resident members pay an initiation fee of five dollars and an annual contribution of four dollars.

At the ordinary meetings of the Society each member may introduce a visitor, who must, however, retire on the Society going into its private business.

A Committee on Pathological Research, consisting of five members, together with the Treasurer, is elected annually in October; it is their duty to examine all claims for assistance made upon them by any member of the Society engaged in pathological research, and upon their being satisfied that the said research is in actual progress, and that it is so conducted and of such a nature as to benefit the science of pathology, they have it in their power to aid his purpose by the grant of such a sum of money from the funds of the Society as they may consider to be needed. Provided, always, that the result of such inquiries be contributed to the Proceedings of the Pathological Society; but in no case may they thus expend during the year more than a sum to be fixed annually, in advance, at the first stated meeting in October by the Society. The money drawn by the Committee is paid by the Treasurer on an order

signed by the President, upon the written recommendation of the Committee.

There is also appointed at the first meeting in October of each year a "Committee on Morbid Growths," to whom are referred the specimens exhibited at the meetings of the Society.

The officers of the Society are as follows:

[blocks in formation]

Committee on Pathological Research.-Drs. J. M. DA COSTA, F. F. MAURY, JNO. ASHHURST, JR., MORRIS LONGSTRETH, WHARTON SINKLER (ex officio).

Committee on Publication.-Drs. S. WEIR MITCHELL, JNO. H. BRINTON, J. H. HUTCHINSON, S. ASHHURST, JAMES TYSON (ex officio).

Committee on Morbid Growths.-Drs. R. M. BERTOLET, W. H. FORD, J. G. RICHARDSON, W. F. JENKS, W. B. CORBIT, J. C. WILSON, DE F. WILLARD.

Dr. D. Hayes Agnew,

R. H. Alison,

Harrison Allen,
Oscar H. Allis,
Thos. H. Andrews,

Wm. Ashbridge,

Francis Ashhurst,
Jno. Ashhurst, Jr.

Resident Members.

Dr. Samuel Ashhurst,
W. L. Atlee, Jr.,
T. Hewson Bache,
W. H. Bartles,
J. M. Barton,

A. C. W. Beecher,

J. R. F. Bell,

Wm. H. Bennett,

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