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264. FULLER, THOMAS. The church history of Britain, from the birth of Jesus Christ until the year MDCXLVIII 3d. ed. ... With a preface


and notes by James Nichols ... London, 1842. 3 v. fronts., plates. 265. GLOUCESTER. A calendar of wills proved in the Consistory court of the bishop of Gloucester, 1541-[1800]. With an appendix of dispersed wills and wills proved in the Peculiar courts of Bibury and Bishop's Cleeve. With indices nominum et locorum. Ed. by W. P. W. Phillimore ... and L. L. Duncan ... London, 1895-1907. 2 v. British record soc. The Index library. v. 12, 34.

CONTENTS.-V. 1. 1541-1650; ed. by W. P. W. Phillimore and L. L. Duncan. V. 2. 1660-1800; ed. by E. A. Fry and W. P. W. Phillimore.

266. GORDON, DELAHAY. A general history of the lives, trials, and executions of all the royal and noble personages, that have suffered in GreatBritain and Ireland for high treason, or other crimes, from the accession of Henry VIII. to the throne of England, down to the present time; with a circumstantial narrative of their behaviour during confinement, and at the place of execution: to which is added, a particular account of the rebellions in England, Scotland and Ireland, for the two last centuries. Comp. ... by Delahay Gordon, esq. ... London, 1760. 3 v. ports.

A fourth volume of the work, to contain "a particular account of the rebellions in England, Scotland, and Ireland, for the two last centuries," is announced at the end of v. 3, but was not published.

v. 3. wanting.

267. GOSSE, EDMUND WILLIAM, ed. The life and letters of John Donne, dean of St. Paul's, now for the first time revised and collected by Edmund Gosse ... New York, 1899. New York, 1899. 2 v. front., pl., port., facsim. 268. GRAHAM, JOHN MURRAY. Annals and correspondence of the Viscount and the first and second earls of Stair; by John Murray Graham. Edinburgh, 1875. 2 v. illus., 2 col. pl., 4 port. (incl. fronts.) facsims. 269. GUMBLE, THOMAS. The life of General Monck, duke of Albemarle, &c. with remarks upon his actions ... London, 1671. 18, 486 p. front. (port.).

270. GUTHRY, HENRY, bp. of Dunkeld. Memoirs of Henry Guthry


wherein the conspiracies and rebellion against king Charles I. of blessed memory, to the time of the murther of that monarch, are briefly and faithfully related. London, 1702. 7 p. l., 255 p.

270a. HADDINGTON, THOMAS HAMILTON, Ist earl. State papers and miscellaneous correspondence of Thomas, earl of Melros. Edinburgh, 1837. 2 v.

Edited by James Maidment. Abbotsford club.

270b. HALE, SIR MATTHEW. The jurisdiction of the Lords house, or Parliament, considered according to antient records. By Lord Chief Justice Hale. To which is prefixed, by the editor, Francis Hargrave, esq.


an introductory preface, including a narrative of the same jurisdiction, from the accession of James the First. London, 1796. 6, 230, 208 p. 270C. HALE, SIR MATTHEW. Historia placitorum coronae. The history of the pleas of the crown, by Sir Matthew Hale, knt. First pub. from his lordship's original manuscript, and the several references to the records examined by the originals, with notes by Sollom Emlyn With a table of the principal matters. Ist American ed. With notes and references to later cases by W. A. Stokes and E. Ingersoll. ... Philadelphia, 1847. 2 v.



270d. HALE, SIR MATTHEW. The history of the common law of England by Sir Matthew Hale 3d ed., cor. [London], 1739. 3 p. 1., 261, [11] p. pl.


270e. HALE, SIR MATTHEW. The history of the common law. By Sir Matthew Hale ... 4th ed. cor.; with notes, references, and some ac

count of the life of the author. By Charles Runnington ... Dublin, 1792. 2 p. 1., xl, [2] p., I 1., 305 p. front.

271. HALKETT, LADY ANNE. The autobiography of Anne, Lady Halkett. Ed. by John Gough Nichols .. London, 1875. 21, 118 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 13.

272. HALLIWELL-PHILLIPPS, JAMES ORCHARD, ed. Letters of the kings of England, now first collected from royal archives, and other authentic sources, private as well as public. Ed., with an historical introduction and notes, by James Orchard Halliwell ... London, 1848. 2 v. fronts. (ports.)

273. HAMILTON, Alexander HENRY ABERCROMBY. Quarter sessions from Queen Elizabeth to Queen Anne; illustrations of local government and history, drawn from original records (chiefly of the county of Devon) by A. H. A. Hamilton London, 1878. xi, 364 p.


274. HAMILTON, WILLIAM DOUGLAS. Original papers illustrative of the life and writings of John Milton, including sixteen letters of state written by him, now first published ... with an appendix of documents relating to his connection with the Powell family. Collected and edited... by W. Douglas Hamilton. ... London, 1859. 8, 139 p. Camden soc. v. 75.

275. [HARDWICKE, PHILIP YORKE, 2d earl] ed. Miscellaneous state papers. From 1501 to 1726 ... London, 1778. 2 v. front.

276. HARGRAVE, FRANCIS, ed. A collection of tracts relative to the law of England, from manuscripts, now first ed. by Francis Hargrave

v. I. ... Dublin, [etc.] 1787. 2 p. 1., li, 510 p., I 1., 511-578 p.

No more published.

1. A treatise in three parts. Pars prima. De jure maris et brachiorum ejusdem. Pars secunda. De portibus maris. Pars tertia. Concerning the custom of goods imported and exported. From a manuscript of Lord Chief-Justice Hale. 11. Considerations touching the amendment or alteration of lawes. By Lord Chief-Justice Hale.

III. A treatise of the maisters of the Chauncerie. IV. Two pieces touching suits in Chancery by subpoena. v. A discourse concerning the courts of King's bench and Common-pleas. By Lord Chief-Justice Hale. VI. A discourse against the jurisdiction of the King's bench over Wales by process of latitat. VII. The abuses and remedies of Chancery. By Mr. George Norburie. VIII. Concerning the effects of sentences of the courts ecclesiastical in cases of marriage, when pleaded or offered in evidence in the courts temporal. By the editor. IX. An argument in the Exchequer-chamber on giving judgment in the case of Perrin and another against Blake. By the Hon. Mr. Justice Blackstone. x. An argument by the editor, on the appeal from Chancery in the case of Messrs. Wicker and Sir Thomas and Lady Broughton against John Mitford, esquire, delivered at the bar of the House of lords in June, 1782. XI. Observations concerning the rule in Shelley's case; namely, that heirs of the body, or other inheritable words, after an estate for life, shall operate as words of limitation, not of purchase: chiefly with a view to the application of that rule to last wills. By the editor.

277. HARGRAVE, FRANCIS. A complete collection of state-trials, and proceedings for high-treason, and other crimes and misdemeanours; the fourth edition; commencing with the eleventh year of the reign of King Richard II. and ending with the reign of King George III. With two alphabetical tables to the whole, to which is prefixed a new preface by Francis Hargrave, esquire. II v. London, 1776-81.

v. 8 lacking.

278. HARINGTON, SIR JOHN. Nugæ antiquæ; being a miscellaneous collection of original papers, in prose and verse; written during the reigns of Henry VIII. Edward VI. Queen Mary, Elizabeth, and King James: by Sir John Harington Selected from authentic remains by the late Henry Harington, M.A. and newly arranged, with illustrative notes, by Thomas Park ... London, 1804. 2 v.


279. HARLEY, BRILLIANA (CONWAY) lady. Letters of the Lady Brilliana Harley, wife of Sir Robert Harley, of Brampton Bryan, knight of the Bath. With introductions and notes by Thomas Taylor Lewis ... London, 1854. 52, 275 p.

Camden soc. v. 58. no 58.

280. [HARRINGTON, JAMES.] The benefit of the ballot; with the nature and use thereof; particularly in the republic of Venice.

State tracts, Charles II. 443-446.

281. HARRIS, WILLIAM. An historical and critical account of the life of Oliver Cromwell, lord protector of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland. After the manner of Mr. Bayle. Drawn from original writers and state-papers. To which is added, an appendix of original papers. By William Harris ... 2d ed. London, 1772. 4, 543 P. 282. HARRIS, WILLIAM. An historical and critical account of the lives and writings of James I. and Charles I. and of the lives of Oliver Cromwell and Charles II. ... From original writers and state-papers. By William Harris. A new ed., with a life of the author... London, 1814. 5 v.

An historical and critical account of Hugh Peters: v. 1, p. [vii]-li.

Originally published (1751-66) as separate works. The life of Peters appeared without the author's name.

283. HARVEY, GIDEON. The city remembrancer: being historical narratives of the great plague at London, 1665; great fire, 1666; and great storm, 1703 ... with historical accounts of the most memorable plagues, fires, and hurricanes. Collected ... by Dr. Harvey ... and enlarged with authorities of a more recent date. London, 1769. 2 v. 284. HEATH, SIR ROBERT. Memoir of Sir Robert Heath. 1648. London,

1854. 24 P.

Philobiblion soc. misc. 1: no. 8.


285. HERBERT OF CHERBURY, Edward Herbert, Ist baron ... The life of Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury ... London, 1830. 171 p. front. (port.)

Autobiography v. 8.

286. HERBERT OF CHERBURY, Edward Herbert, Ist baron. ... Autobiography ... with introduction, notes, appendices and a continuation of the life by Sidney L. Lee. London, 1886. 6, 369 p. front., ports. 287. HEYLYN, PETER. Aerius redivivus: or, The history of the Presbyterians ... from the year 1536, to the year 1647 ... Oxford, 1670. 482 p.

Dedication signed: Henry Heylyn [ed.]

288. HEYLYN, P[ETER]. Cyprianvs anglicvs: or, The history of the life and death, of the most reverend and renowned prelate William by divine providence, lord archbishop of Canterbury ... Containing also the ecclesiastical history of the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland, from his first rising till his death. By P. Heylyn London, 1671. 2 p. 1., 511 p.


A defense of Laud against Prynne's "Canterburies doome." 289. HINC ILLAE LACHRYMAE: or, England's miseries set forth in their true light; being a brief history of the manifold difficulties this kingdom laboured under, in the reigns of K. James 1. and his unfortunate son; which brought on our bloody civil wars, and the death of K. Charles I. and at last caused the abdication of King James II. London, 1692. 16, 238 p.

290. HOBBES, THOMAS. Leviathan; or, The matter, form and power of a common-wealth ecclesiastical and civil. London, 1651. 394 p. front.


291. HOLLOND, JOHN. Two discourses of the navy, 1638 and 1659, by John Hollond; also a discourse of the navy, 1660, by Sir Robert Slyngesbie; ed. by J. R. Tanner ... [London] 1896. 83, 419 p.

Navy records soc. Publications. v. 7.

Each discourse has half-title, and Hollond's second discourse has in addition special t.-p.: The navy ript and ransackt; or, A brief discovery of some few (of the many) rents and leaks of the navy, principally occasioned by the default of some of the master caulkers ... humbly presented to be regulated, stopt & caulked, by John Holland [n. p., n. d.]


Half-title of Slyngesbie's discourse: A discourse upon the past and present state of His Majesty's navy ... 292. HOOPER, JACOB. An impartial history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, during the reign of King Charles the First. With the precedent passages and actions that contributed thereto, and the happy end and conclusion thereof by the restoration of King Charles II. Faithfully collected from Clarendon, Bishop Kennet, Echard, Rushworth, and other writers, by Jacob Hooper, esq. London, 1738. 5, 628 p. 26 pl. incl. front.

Irregular paging.

Present copy has 13 pl. only.

293. HOWELL, THOMAS BAYLY. A complete collection of state trials and proceedings for high treason and other crimes and misdemeanors from the earliest period to the year 1783, with notes and other illustrations ... London, 1816-26. 33 v.

V. 1-12, by William Cobbett.


V. 22-23 have subtitle: Continued from 1783 to the present time [1820] by Thomas Jones Howell.

Trials from 1603 to 1689 in vols. 2-12.

General index to the collection of state trials compiled by T. B. Howell, and T. J. by David Jardine ... London, 1828. 345 p.



294. INVERNESS. The commissariot record of Inverness. Register of testaments, 1630-1800. Ed. by F. J. Grant Ed. by F. J. Grant ... Edinburgh, 1897. 3 p. 1.,

32 p.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 20.

Added t.-p.: The commissariot record of Inverness, [Hamilton] and Campsie, 1564-1800.

295. IRELAND, CHANCERY. Inquisitionum in officio rotulorum cancellariae Hiberniae asservatarum, repertorium ... [London] 1826-29. 2 V.

Issued by the Record commission; ed. by James Hardiman.
CONTENTS.-V. 1. Leinster. v. 2. Ulster.

296. JOSSELIN, RALPH. The diary of the Rev. Ralph Josselin, 1616-1683;
ed. for the Royal historical society by E. Hockliffe, M.A. ...
.. Lon-
don, 1908. 10, 192 p.

Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 15.

297. [KIMBER, ISAAC.] The life of Oliver Cromwell, lord-protector of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Impartially collected from the best historians, and several original manuscripts. London, 1724. 16, 374 p.


"This work tho' usually ascribed to Dr. Gibson, bishop of London, was written by Isaac Kimber. It has likewise been attributed to Sir Thomas Pengelly."-Lowndes. 297a. LAW, ROBERT. Memorialls; or, The memorable things that fell out within this island of Britain from 1638 to 1684. Edited from the ms. by Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe, esq. Edinburgh, 1818. 114, 277 p. front.

Appendix contains reprint of Telfair, Alexander, A true relation of an apparition which infested the house of Andrew Mackie. Edinburgh, 1696.


298. THE STATUTES OF THE REALM [1235-1713]. Printed by command of His Majesty King George the Third ... from original records and

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