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one of the most majestic erections of subject of Missions in general,having, pagan power. When the destruction of of late years, turned my attention, with Paganism took place in the Roman em the deepest interest, to the exertions made pire, this vast temple was doomed to by the Wesleyan community in that destruction. In the centre of the temple great cause, --having elsewhere testiwas their god, with arms reaching from fied, in a public manner, the anxiety I one side to the other. Priestly legends entertain on this question,,I have felt proclaimed that whoever should venture that it would not be improper to come to injure that god would cause the earth forward on this occasion, and express my and the heavens to return to their primeval deep sense of the inestimable services chaos. An intrepid Roman soldier as which have been rendered by the Wescended a ladder, with an axe in one hand, leyan body to the cause of Missions. while the multitude stood by in conster Who, indeed, can be indifferent to the nation. He raised his arm, and struck a recital of those dangers to which your vigorous blow, and part of the statue fell Missionaries have been exposed ? or who to the ground; but the thunder was silent, can be ignorant of the manner in which and nature was unmoved. He struck they go forth as the pioneers of the meragain, and again, until the mighty idol chant and of the civilian ? Have not they was broken in pieces, the limbs were encountered dangers which the spirit of dragged through the streets, and the frag- gain never tempted man to brave ? They ments were buried in the dust; but the have not only prepared the way for comempire was not destroyed. So, with the mon temporal civilization, but they have weapons of the Gospel they had broken attained a still higher object, in having into the great temple of idolatry. Its opened the minds of the Heathen to an empire had been shaken ; its mystic rites, anxiety for the eternal salvation of their venerable for their antiquity, were losing souls. If I had doubted the propriety their influence ; but they must on, they of coming here to-day, I should have had must strike again and again, and ere that doubt fully removed by a trifling long an angel would be seen crying circumstance which occurred to me on in the midst of heaven, proclaiming to Saturday last. In the pursuit of necesthe inhabitants, “Babylon is fallen_is sary recreation, I passed into an exhibi. fallen.” He felt unable, from indispo. tion of objects, collected by a spirited sition, to proceed at much greater length, Society which has lately pursued discoman indisposition which had been in veries in South Africa ; and I observed, duced by his exertions on behalf of the round the walls, a series of pictures of Society on Friday morning; but he could great and striking interest. At one monot withhold the expression of his fraternal ment, I found a representation of the attachment to that institution, amongst the savage tribes of South Africa, engaged supporters of which he numbered many of in their heathen ceremonies and dances, his best private and public friends; and he more resembling brutes than human prayed that the blessing of the Lord God beings. By the side of that was another of heaven might be with the Society, picture, representing men of the same and make them ten thousand times as tribe collected together, decently clothed, many more as they were. Ile had great and in a well-constructed chapel, listenpleasure in seconding the Resolution. ing to the exhortations of the Wesleyan

Lord VISCOUNT SANDON, who sup- Missionaries. Was it possible to have a ported this Resolution, was greeted with more affecting or striking appeal made to great applause. He said, -Mr. Chair. the feelings of any man? To see from man, ladies, and gentlemen, perhaps what state the condition of human nature you will allow me, (I hope there is had been raised by the labours and exerno impropriety in doing it,) a devoted tions of Missionaries, was sufficient to • son, however unworthy, of the national induce any one to come forward in their

Church of England,to come forward support. Several points have been aland congratulate a sister religious com luded to in the course of the Report, in munity upon the success with which she which I, as having the honour of holdhas prosecuted the great work which we ing a seat in the Legislature of the counall have at heart. I hope there is no try, must express a peculiar interest. I impropriety in thus following the dic- have no hesitation in stating, that I shall tates of my own feelings; and, having offer my earnest and zealous co-operation listened to the suggestions of my excel. to a noble friend of mine who has given lent and valued friend Dr. Bunting, who notice of his intention to press upon the coinmunicated to me the occasion on Government of the country, and espewhich you were to be assembled to-day cially those who have authority in our - liaving long had a deep interest on the East Indian possessions, the abolition

I am

of all those practices which give en for me to intrude long upon your notice. couragement and sanction to idolatry. You have before you gentlemen who will I am not inclined to interfere, by force, be able not only to deal in generalities, with the exercise of those idolatrous which alone are open to individuals cir. practices which have taken a deep root cumstanced as I am, but who will be in the minds and feelings of the natives; able to inform you what they have seen I do not think it consistent with policy, and done, and who will move your symor the right principles of toleration, to pathies, and excite your feelings, in this do so; but I do think it inconsistent noble and glorious work. But one cir. with the spirit of a Christian Gover cumstance in the Report has singularly ment to lend, in any degree, its sanction struck me. In the enumeration of the to idolatry. Whether, therefore, by the contributions which is there given, I obabolition of the tax upon the pilgrims, served, with singular satisfaction, a paror by abandoning the practice of com ticular branch of your resources. pelling the British soldiery-even to the glad to see subjoined to the magnificent neglect of the observance of the Sabbath, contributions which issue from our native on frequent occasions—to interfere in country, the practical proof that some regulating and countenancing some of harvest is now gathering in from the seed their religious ceremonies, it will be my you have scattered yourselves in foreign duty to press upon the Government to and colonial lands. I am glad to see carry into effect, as early as possible, their contributions, not only from our own own decisions. If any doubt can be civilized colonies, but to behold them entertained upon the safety or the Chris- coming back from those among whom you tian wisdom of such a proceeding, I have been the instruments, under Provi. think we have an answer in the success dence, of dispersing the light of truth ; which followed upon that bold, manly, who, having received these blessings and Christian resolution of Lord Wils themselves, are anxious to communicate liam Bentinck, which he brought for them to other and more uncultivated ward in spite of the remonstrances and countries. I will not intrude further upon forebodings of those who pretended deep your time. I was only anxious to express acquaintance with the state of India, to to you, as a citizen, as a man, and as a abolish at once the institution of the Christian, the gratification I feel in coming suttee. The perfect fety and acquies- before you, and declaring the pleasure cence with which it was met, and the les- afforded to me from hearing the accounts son which was read to the natives of of your labours,—the labours of those India as to the abhorrence, by Christians, single-minded men, who, with a sole view of such practices, guarantee our success to the spiritual interest of their fellowon this subject, if we pursue a bold and creatures, brave dangers, and incur sacriunshrinking course. The other point is fices, which by ordinary human nature, in regard to West Indian marriages. I unsupported by that only stimulus which regret that the intentions of the Govern is equal to such exertions, it would be ment have not yet been carried into ex impossible to overcome. ecution; by which not only will a legal The Rev. John HawTREY, Minisvalidity be given to the past marriages of ter of St. John's chapel, London-road, Negroes, which have been celebrated by proposed the next Resolution :Missionaries of various denominations, " That the encouraging measure of but a proper sanction will be provided for success with which it has pleased Alall such marriages in future. I have mighty God to bless the efforts of this reason to hope, from the answer given in and other kindred Societies demands our Parliament by the Under-Secretary of humble and devout acknowledgments to State for the Colonies, in answer to ques Him who alone worketh all in all; and that tions put by myself and by the honour in this incipient success, as well as in the able Member for Leeds, that the Go- deplorable condition of many nations of vernment has the matter seriously at the earth yet destitute of evangelical light heart, and will be able to overcome all the and privileges, and in the loud calls obstacles which are presented. The other which are constantly made for the enpoint, in which the Legislature is in some largement of existing Missions, and for degree concerned, is the establishing a title the commencement of new ones, this for the Indians in North America in their Meeting recognises the duty and necesreserved lands. If it should be necessary sity of more fervent prayer, and of aug. for the Legislature to interfere, though mented effort and liberality, for the conwe are assured by the Government it will version of the whole world to the fuith of not, I humbly offer my poor services, for Christ.the attainment of this object.

It is not He said,--Mr. Chairman, and most


respected Christian friends, when I was ward.” We, as friends of the Redeemer, introduced to my seat on the platform, pledge ourselves, by appearing here from my eye was attracted by a slip of paper time to time, that we never will relax our appended to the rail, where I read the efforts so long as it is pleasing to God to awful intimation, “Front seats for speak- continue us in this state of probation. ers only.” But, Sir, did I feel a wish And surely, Sir, greater motives for our to retreat ? If I did, it was not that I perseverance in this glorious cause we felt no zeal, no love, for this great cause, cannot have, than the success with which in which so many hundreds and even it has pleased God for the past to bless thousands now present are so deeply I have listened to the Report with interested. No, Sir, if I did feel any unmixed and unfeigned delight; and one desire to abdicate that seat, it was from thing which struck me during its reading considering the awfulness of addressing was its peculiar modesty ; it contains so such an assembly as that now before me. little in the way of exaggeration ; so little But why should I not speak ? If we of attempts to set the Society's operations were to be silent on this occasion, the in the most prominent and advantageous very stones would speak out. Is not this point of view. I say this, because I have the cause of the living God? Is not this recently read the interesting and luminous a cause in which all who love the Re- work of that excellent Missionary of the deemer have one common and united London Missionary Society, the Rev. interest ? The field before us is the Mr. Williams, who makes most honourworld ; and what a field !

able mention of this Society's labours

and success in the Pacific. He particu“Where wilds, immeasurably spread,

larly mentions some remarkable converSeem lengthening as we go."

sions effected through the agency of your There can be no jealousy, no rivalry, in Society; and one of the most extraordisuch a cause as this, among the friends nary is that of a Chief, possessing great of kindred institutions. The Church of influence and great wisdom, and who is England rejoices in the prosperity of now, with the utmost zeal and energy, Wesleyan Missions, as I am confidently acting in the laborious character of a bold in affirming, having recognised Wesleyan Local Preacher. Having reseveral of my excellent brother Clergy- cently paid a visit to the city of Bath, to men on the platform, since I have occu- assist at the Anniversary of the Church pied this place; and the Wesleyan of England Missionary Society, I had Missionary Society rejoices also in the an opportunity of meeting some of my prosperity of the Church of England's dear friends in your Connexion, who are Missions. Of this there can be no related to the wife of one of your Misdoubt; and why ? Christ is sincerely, sionaries ; from whom I heard the most and faithfully, and not with any conten- cheering accounts, and had presented to tion, preached by both. But though my eyes indisputable proof that civilizathe combined forces of the great Captain tion is the handmaid of Christianity. of our salvation have been called into There were in the possession of my this field of labour and of contest against friends specimens of work executed by the powers of darkness, comparatively the native females, since, in the provilittle, even with the united success dence of God, the excellent lady to which God has been pleased to grant to whom I have alluded, Mrs. Tucker, has the exertions of all Missionary Societies, resided among them. One object exhihas, up to the present time, been done. bited to me was a specimen of strawWe have yet but approached the con- plaiting. I do not pretend to be a fines of the enemy's territory. It is judge of the plaiting of straw; but those but little we know of the interior of who are judges have told me, that even Africa; it is little we know of the in Dunstable the art of straw-plaiting empire of China ; it is little we know of could not be carried to greater perfeceven our own immense colonial posses. tion. Yes, Christianity produces civilisions in the eastern world. Hence, zation; and when I call to mind that therefore, so far from relaxing our efforts Appeal which has lately appeared in the and our energies, we may apply that public prints on behalf of the inhabitants which was spoken to the Israelites by of the Fejee Islands, now one of your the Almighty God, when on either side Missionary stations, and look to that were the rocks of Pihahiroth, when picture and to this, I cannot trust myself behind them were the armies of Pha- to repeat in the ears of this auditory what raoh, and before them were the waters of many of us doubtless have read in that the Red Sea ; He said, “Speak unto affecting but horrific statement. But the children of Israel that they go for- from the dreadful, prostrate, debased,

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and horrifying condition described in that Where did that poor unenlightened man Appeal, we expect to see them, by the obtain that idea ? From the Missionlabours of your Missionaries, entirely aries of the devil,-from those characters reclaimed, abandoning their inhuman mentioned by Mr. Marsden, who, having feasts, their barbarous and cruel rites, come over from Botany-bay, and other “ clothed and in their right mind, sitting places where they have been confined for at the feet of Jesus.” In the Report, their crimes, have introduced deleterious mention is made of New Zealand, a por- poison, and death the most awful, even tion of the world in which all of us must where before it so awfully prevailed. I feel deeply interested. [The Rev. am happy to introduce this poor man to speaker then read an extract of a letter you to-day, I cannot say as a converted from the Rev. Mr. Marsden, the founder Christian, in our sense of the word, but of the Church-of-England Missions in he no longer looks upon the Missionary New Zealand, who, having recently re volume as a bad book. [At the request visited the scene of his former labours, of Mr. Hawtrey, the New-Zealander stood gave a distressing account of the immo up, and was warmly applauded.] Mr. rality induced amongst the natives by Hawtrey, addressing him, said, “Now, the establishment of public-houses by Niki, is Missionary book a bad book ? European settlers, while he bore honour "No," replied the man; “very good." able testimony to the efforts of the Wes “ Now, Niki,” continued Mr. Hawtrey, leyan Missionaries. ) Yes, while your addressing the man, “when you go back Missionaries and our Missionaries are to your own country, tell them of these actively employed in labouring to promote thousands you have seen to-day, who all this great cause, Satan also has his Mis- love New-Zealand ; tell them they are sionaries, who are endeavouring by every praying for the conversion of your father, possible art to pull down what we are a Chief in the southern part of the building up. I am accompanied this northern island, a man of great influmorning by a New Zealander; I believe ence and power; tell them that they him to be the only New-Zealander at love you, and were met together for the present in this country. I will take leave purpose of introducing into your country to mention to you how I became acquaint- that Christianity which has raised Great ed with him. Some months ago, I occu Britain to its present station.” Now, pied a place in an omnibus in this metro what is the inference to which we come polis, on my way to my own house. On from all this? Why, most assuredly, our road the omnibus stopped, and this that God designs, ere long, and by the New Zealander, attired as

instrumentality of Missionary exertions, sailor, and followed by a young man, an to recompense his Son for those sufferEnglishman, entered the vehicle. At- ings which he endured for our salvation tracted by his tattooed face, I addressed on mount Calvary. And what is the him : « Are you a New Zealander ?” conclusion to which we come ? I beHis knowledge of English being imper- lieve I speak the sentiments of every one fect, he did not quite understand me, but here present when I say, our resolution is the young man who accompanied him to “work while it is day, for the night answered me in the affirmative. Why, cometh when no man can work.” I Sir, I could, after the New Zealand look around me on this platform, and in fashion of salutation, have

6 rubbed vain I seek for the venerable Joseph noses” with him. I felt every kindly Benson, the learned and laborious Adam affection of my heart drawn out by the Clarke, the affectionate, kind-hearted, sight of him. I found that he resided in and benevolent Butterworth, for Walter the vicinity of my own dwelling. I soon Griffith, Valentine Ward, MỘNicoll, made his acquaintance; and one of the first Townley, James, Stanley, and the lathings I did was to open before him the mented Watson, with many more whose Bible,-the word of God. It was with con record is on high. They are gone to siderable difficulty I made him understand their habitation in the heavens ; and what book it was, and what were the these grey hairs, and the altered countecontents and subject of the volume. At nances of many whom I behold around length, however, he seized my meaning. me, and who were my companions in O what a change was in his counte youthful days, remind me that we must nance! From the friendly, open aspect soon follow. Then I would again affecthat beamed on me with kindness the tionately impress it upon the minds of minute before, his brow contracted into a this large assembly, to a work while it is frown, and he turned with apparent day ;” and especially I would appeal to loathing from the volume, exclaiming, the young. Can we forget that affecting “ Missionary book ! no good book !" letter which has been read from him who



was expected to occupy the chair this better in their worldly circumstances : morning ? The young may be called the converted Indians are settled in away as well as the aged. “ In due villages, and cultivate the earth : they time ye shall reap, if ye faint not : and are now much better off than they were: this Society has little cause to faint or before, they used to wander about in grow weary in their work; for they may the woods, and had no fixed habitation. with humble gratitude adopt the senti. I am happy to tell you, now we have ment of their dying Founder, which is schools: the Missionary Society supas applicable to them this day, as when ports schools at the Indian settlements, uttered by him, “The best of all is, and the Indian children are learning to God is with us."

read. We now have translations made The Rev. PETER JONES, (the In into our language : before the Gospel dian Chief Kahkewaquonaby, who ap came to us, we had not such a thing peared in his national costume,) after as a book, the language was not written. some introductory remarks, said,—I feel [Mr. Jones here exhibited the Gospel very thankful to the Great Spirit, who of St. Matthew, the Book of Genesis, is now looking down upon us, that I the Gospel of St. John, and some Wes. am enabled to tell you, as the friends leyan hymns, printed in the Chippewa of Missions, that the labours of your language.) Now, let me tell you, all these Missionaries in my country have been books of holy Scripture—these translaowned and blessed of God to the conver tions_have been printed and kindly given sion of many of my poor countrymen.

to the Christian Indians at the expense That Gospel which you sent into my

of the Bible Society. I am glad you country produces very good effects; it shake hands with that Bible Society. I see has already saved more than a thousand, great many ladies here this day. Now, I as you have been told this day. It has wish to tell the ladies of this Assembly, saved them from their former idolatries that the Gospel of God has done much and superstitions; and now, instead of for the Indian women. Before the Gos. worshipping the moon, and the stars, pel was preached to us, the Indian and other imaginary gods, they worship women had to do all the hard work, your God, and that Saviour who died for and the Indian men considered the woEnglishmen, and Indians, and all the men as inferior beings. So when the nations of the earth. They have become Indian men used to go visiting in other new creatures : their hearts are changed ; wigwams, the man would go great way their dispositions are changed ; their a-head, and the woman great way bepractices are changed; and instead of hind. They never walk arm in arm. offering sacrifices to those gods they I don't think the ladies here would worshipped before, they delight to bow agree to that. But now, since the Gos. the knee before the Great Spirit, and pel has been introduced among us, the pray as you do. Since Missionaries poor Indian woman has been much bethave been labouring in my country,

ter treated. (The speaker produced a great many Christian Indians have some specimens of the needle-work of already died happy in the Lord. I the Indian women,-a sampler, a retiwent once to visit a poor Indian woman. cule, &c. But I want to tell you, She was very faithful; and I said to your work in our country is not comher, as she was on her dying bed, “ Do pleted; it is but just begun. You must you feel, my sister, that Jesus is now not think, when you see me and John precious to your soul in this your dying Sunday come over to this country, that hour ? Do you feel you will go to hea- you have done your work. There are

She replied, “() yes ! I feel great many thousands of our native bre. that Jesus is round about my bed all the thren in the west who have not heard time ; I feel he is ready to take my soul one single word of the Gospel ; and if to himself in glory : I am not afraid to we had great inany more Missionaries, die." In this happy frame of mind she they might all be employed. Last left the world, and went home to glory. summer, a Chief, who came from Lake. I believe the object of your society is to Superior, told me his son visited a get souls safely landed in heaven ; and tribe on the north shore of that lake; you make them comfortable in this and they told him they had heard what world : if you give them the religion of had been done for their brethren tothe Gospel, it makes them happy. The wards the east ; and they said, “We converted people in my country are ad- wish some one would come and tell us vancing in religious knowledge; their these things; but we have sat, and sat, minds are growing and expanding more and they have not come : we do not and more. They are doing a great deal know what evil we have done, that


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