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3918. OLIVER CROMWELL; his character illustrated by himself. A review of Thurloe's State papers. Quar. rev. 162:414-42.

3919. PALGRAVE, SIR REGINALD FRANCIS DOUCE. Oliver Cromwell; H. H. the Lord Protector and the royalist insurrection against his government of March, 1655. A relation of the part taken therein by the Protector, of the way in which his subjects regarded him and the insurrection, and of the causes and consequences thereof. London, 1903. 13, 106 p.

3920. PATERSON, ARTHUR HENRY. Oliver Cromwell; his life and character London, 1899. 8, 315 p. front., port.


3921. PAULI, REINHOLD. Oliver Cromwell ... Tr. from the German. London, 1888. 171 p.

Bohn's select library.

3922. PAULI, REINHOLD. Oliver Cromwell.

Histor. zeit. 8:289-334.

3923. PAYN, F. W. Cromwell on foreign affairs, together with four essays on international matters. London, 1901. 7, 167 p.

CONTENTS.-Cromwell on foreign affairs.-Neutral trade in arms and ships.-Interven. tion among states.-The burning of Boer farms and the bombardment of coast towns.-The extent of territorial waters.-Nelson and the admiralty.

3924. PICTON, JAMES ALLANSON. Oliver Cromwell: the man and his mission. London, 1882. 11, 516 p. front. (port.)

3925. THE POLITICAL BEACON; or, The life and character of Oliver Cromwell, inpartially illustrated. Containing an historical account of his political transactions and connections, which carried on, and at length effected the great revolution. In a series of letters. Together with a parallel, in the manner of Plutarch, between the acting political characters of that time and those of the last nine years. London, 1770. 7, 7, 560, 5 p. front. (port.)

The "Parallel," referred to in the title, was never published.

3926. ROOSEVELT, THEODORE. Oliver Cromwell ...

New York, 1900.

II, 260 p. front., plates, ports., double facsims. 3927. RUSSELL, MICHAEL. Life of Oliver Cromwell... New York, 1864.

2 v. front. port.

3928. STRAETER, B. T. M. Oliver Cromwell. Ein essay über die englische revolution des 17. jahrhunderts. Leipzig, 1871. 621 p.

3929. TANGYE, SIR RICHARD. The two protectors: Oliver and Richard Cromwell. With thirty-eight illustrations. London, 1899. 5, [15]-302 p. incl. I illus., plates, ports., map, facsims. front.

3930. VILLEMAIN, ABEL FRANÇOIS. Geschichte Cromwells. Nach den gleichzeitigen denkschriften und parlamentarischen sammlungen. Aus dem Französischen übersetzt von C. P. Berly. Leipzig, 1830. 22,

3931. WALLER, EDMUND. A panegyrick on Oliver Cromwell and his victories. by Edmund Waller ... With three poems on his death written by Mr. Dryden, Mr. Sprat and Mr. Waller. London, 1709. 24 P. 3932. WARRE-CORNISH, FRANCIS. Life of Oliver Cromwell ... With maps and plans. London, 1884. 7, 426 p. maps, plans.

Historical biographies.

3933. WAYLEN, JAMES. The house of Cromwell, a genealogical history of the family and descendants of the Protector. New ed., rev. by J. G. Cromwell. London, 1897. 12, 286 p.

3934. WEYMAN, STANLEY JOHN. Oliver Cromwell's kinsfolk.

Eng. hist. rev. 6:48-60.

Davenant, John, bp. of Salisbury

3935. FULLER, MORRIS [JOSEPH] The life, letters & writings of John Davenant, D.D., 1572-1641, lord bishop of Salisbury. London, 1897. 12, 561, [1] p. front. (port.)

Deane, Richard

3936. DEANE, JOHN BATHURST. The life of Richard Deane, major-general and general-at-sea in the service of the commonwealth, and one of the commissioners of the High court of justice appointed for the trial of King Charles the First. London, 1870. 12, 718 p. pl., 3 port. (incl. front.) fold. tab.

Denbigh, William Feilding, 1st earl

Denbigh, Basil Feilding, 2nd earl

3937. Denbigh, CECILIA MARY (CLIFFORD) FEILDING, countess of. Royalist father and Roundhead son; being the memoirs of the first and second earls of Denbigh, 1600-1675, by Cecilia, countess of Denbigh, with twelve illustrations. London, [1915] 11, 323, [1] p. front., ports., facsim.

"List of authorities": p. II.

Digby, Sir Everard

3938. [LONGUEVILLE, THOMAS.] The life of a conspirator; being a biography of Sir Everard Digby, by one of his descendants; by the author of "A life of Archbishop Laud" by a Romanish recusant. London, 1895. 9, 306 p. front. (port) plates.

Digby, Sir Kenelm

3939. DIGBY, H. M. Sir Kenelm Digby and George Digby, earl of Bristol, by H. M. Digby. London, 1912. 286 p. front., 3 port.

Dundee, John Graham, of Claverhouse, 1st viscount 3940. BARBÉ LOUIS A. Viscount Dundee. Edinburgh [1903] 159 P. Famous Scots series.

3941. BARRINGTON, MICHAEL. Grahame of Claverhouse, viscount Dundee. London, 1911. 20, 447 p.

3942. FIRTH, CHARLES HARDING. Two ballads on Viscount Dundee.

Scottish hist. rev. 8:361-65.


Claverhouse, by Mowbray Morris.

London, 1888. 6, 222 p.

English worthies.

Bibliography. p. v-vi.


3944. NAPIER, MARK. Memorials and letters illustrative of the life and times of John Graham of Claverhouse, viscount Dundee. burgh, 1859-62. 3 v. fronts., plates, ports., facsims.

Eliot, Sir John


3945. FORSTER, JOHN. Sir John Eliot: a biography. 1590-1632. By John Forster... London, 1864. 2 v. fronts. (ports.)

Elizabeth, Queen of Bohemia

3946. BENGER, ELIZABETH OGILVY. Memoirs of Elizabeth Stuart, queen of Bohemia, daughter of King James the First. Including sketches of the state of society in Holland and Germany, in the 17th century. By Miss Benger ... London, 1825. 2 v.

Elizabeth, countess palatine, abbess of Herford

3947. [BEDFORD, JESSIE.] A sister of Prince Rupert, Elizabeth princess palatine and abbess of Herford, by Elizabeth Godfrey [pseud.] With a photogravure portrait and 16 other illustrations reproduced from portraits, etc. London, 1909. 18, 362 p. front., plates, ports. 3948. WARD, ADOLPHUS WILLIAM. Elisabeth, Princess Palatine.

Historical essays


in commemoration of the jubilee of the Owens

college, Manchester. p. 325-54.

Fairfax, Robert

3949. MARKHAM, SIR CLEMENTS ROBERT. Life of Robert Fairfax of Steeton, vice-admiral, alderman and member for York A. D. 1666-1725; compiled from original letters and other documents. London, 1885. 12, 336 p.

Fairfax, Thomas Fairfax, 3rd baron

3950. Markham, SIR CLEMENTS ROBERT. A life of the great Lord Fairfax, commander-in-chief of the army of the Parliament of England London, 1870. 12 p., 1 l., 480 p. front. (port.) illus., 2 maps, 5 plans.


Falkland, Lucius Cary, 2nd viscount

3951. MARRIOTT, JOHN ARTHUR RANSOME. The life and times of Lucius Cary, viscount Falkland ... New York, 1907. 11, 358 p., I 1. 7 pl., 13 port. (incl. front.) 3 maps.

Ferrar, Nicholas.

3952. PECKARD, PETER. Memoirs of the life of Mr. Nicholas Ferrar ... Cambridge, 1790. 16, 316 p. chart.

Fuller, Thomas

3953. BAILEY, JOHN EGLINGTON. The life of Thomas Fuller, D.D., with notices of his books, his kinsmen, and his friends ... London, 1874. 26, 800 p. front., plates, ports., plain, geneal. tables. "Bibliography," p. 713-62.

3954. FULLER, MORRIS JOSEPH. The life, times, and writings of Thomas Fuller, D.D., the church historian. ed. 2. London, 1886. 2 v.

Godolphin, Sidney Godolphin, Ist earl

3955. ELLIOT, HUGH FREDERICK HISLOP. The life of Sidney, earl of Godolphin, K. G., lord high treasurer of England, 1702 to 1710. London, 1888. 6, [2], 425 P.

Grenville, Sir Richard

3956. GRANVILLE, ROGER. The King's general in the West; the life of Sir Richard Granville, bart., 1600-1659, comp. from various sources by Rev. Roger Granville ... London, 1908. 6 p., 2 I., 216, [1] p. front., 4 pl., 2 port., 2 fold. plans

3957. CUNNINGHAM, PETER. Charles the Second.

Gwyn, Nell

The story of Nell Gwyn: and the sayings of Related and collected by Peter Cunningham, F. S. A. With a complete index to the personages mentioned now first published. New York, 1888. 7, 152 p. front., ports. "Originally published in the 'Gentleman's magazine' for Hampden, John



3958. NUGENT, GEORGE NUGENT GRENVILLE, baron. Some memorials of John Hampden, his party, and his times. By Lord Nugent ... London, 1832. 2 v. pl., 4 port. (incl. fronts.) 2 facsim.

Reviewed by Macaulay in the Edinburgh rev, 54:505-50, Dec. 1831. The following year, Issac Disraeli issued his pamphlet, "Elliot, Hampden and Pym" (no. 4224) in reply. Disraeli's Commentaries on the life and reign of Charles the First, (no. 4223) and his pamphlet were reviewed by Robert Southey in the Quarterly rev, 47:457-519, July, 1832. Following this, Lord Nugent issued his, "A letter to John Murray touching an article in the last Quarterly review. London, 1832. Southey replied with his "Letter to John Murray, esq., "touching" Lord Nugent. (no. 4277.) London, 1833.

3959. RIVES, WILLIAM CABELL. Discourse on the character and services of John Hampden, and the great struggle for popular and constitutional liberty in his time. By W. C. Rives... Delivered before the trustees, faculty and students of Hampden Sydney college, the 12th November, 1845. Richmond, 1845. 69 p.

Harrison, Thomas

3960. SIMPKINSON, C[HARLES] H[ARE] Thomas Harrison, regicide and London, 1905. 15, 304 p. pl., 6 port (incl. front.)




Temple biographies.

Appendix: The letters of Harrison: p. 281-99.

Hartlib, Samuel

3961. DIRCKS, HENRY. A biographical memoir of Samuel Hartlib, Milton's familiar friend; with bibliographical notices of works published by him; and a reprint of his pamphlet entitled: "An invention of engines of motion." ... London, [1865.] 10, 124 p.

Henrietta Maria

3962. HAYNES, HENRIETTA. Henrietta Maria. With twelve illustrations. London, [1912] 15, 335, [1] p. 3 pl., 10 port. on 9 pl. (incl. front.) 3963. TAYLOR, IDA ASHWORTH. The life of Queen Henrietta Maria; with 32 full page illustrations and 2 photogravure frontispieces. London, 1905. 2 v. fronts., plates.

Paged continuously; v. 1: xiv, 305 p.; v. 2: x, 307-591 p.
Hobbes, Thomas


243 P.

English men of letters.

[ocr errors]

... Hobbes. New York, London, 1904. 5,

Note at end signed: F. W. Maitland.

3965. TÖNNIES, FERDINAND. Hobbes leben und lehre...

13, 232 p.

Frommanns klassiker der philosophie.

Bibliography: p. ix-x.

Stuttgart, 1896.

3966. TÖNNIES, FERDINAND. Thomas Hobbes, der mann und der denker ... 2 erweiterte aufl. der schrift "Hobbes leben under lehre (Stuttgart, 1869) Osterwieck-Harz, etc., 1912. 16, 249 p.

Howard, Philip Thomas

3967. PALMER, CHARLES FERRERO RAYMUND. The life of Philip Thomas Howard, O.P., cardinal of Norfolk, grand almoner to Catherine of Braganza ... and restorer of the English province of friar-preachers or Dominicans. Comp. from original manuscripts with a sketch of the rise, missions and influence of the Dominican order, and of its early history in England ... London, 1867. 22, 237 p. front. (port.) Howe, John

3968. ROGERS, HENRY. The life and character of John Howe, M. A. with an analysis of his writings ... A new ed. London, 1863. 12, 454 P. front. (port)

Jefferies, Mrs. Joyce

3969. WEBB, JOHN. Some passages on the life and character of a lady [Mrs. Joyce Jefferies] resident in Herefordshire and Worcestershire during the Civil War.

Archaeologia 37:189-223.

Jeffreys, George Jeffreys, 1st baron

3970. IRVING, HENRY BRODRIBB. The life of Judge Jeffreys. New York, 1898. 5, 380 p. 3 port. (incl. front.) facsim.

"List of the principal authorities": p. [369]-370.

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