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Dec. 3. sey ; to whom was committed the THE

ties from Bermondsey, Surrey, letters patents of King Edward III. which are sent for your acceptance, saving to the King the advowsons of are the joint efforts of two very Churches. In the year 1380, the young Artists. Plate I. North View fourth of Richard II. this Priory was of part of the remains of the Abbey made a Denizer (or free English) Buildings *, taken 1809; since de for the fine of 200 marks, paid to the stroyed. Plate II. Four capitals, King's Hanaper in the Chancery. two pieces of architraves, a head of lu the year 1399, Attelborough, Prior the fantastic kind, once serving as a of Bermondsey, was made the first blocking to an entablature ; aud Abbot of that house, by Pope Bonia female head, ouce serving as a face the Ninth, at the suit of King console, with part of the column Richard II. In the year 1417, Thoit supported. These examples, with mas Thetford, Abbot of Bermondsey, others of the like sort, were found held a plea in Chancery against the in taking down the above remains, King, for the Maonors of Preston, which are now levelled with the Bermondsey, and Stoue in the county grouud, for making a road, erecting of Sonierset, in the which suit the new houses, &c. on the site thereof.

Abbot prevailed, and recovered The following short account of the against the King. In the year 1539, Monastery is extracted from Stow : this Abbey was valued to dispend by

s Peter, Richard, Obsterte, and Um- the year, £474. 148. 4d. ob.; and was balde, Monkes de Charitate, came to surrendered to Henry VIII, the 31st Bermondsey, the year 1089; and Peter of his reign. The Abbey Church was was made first Prior there, by ap- then pulled down by Sir Thomas pointinent of the Prior of the house Pope, kuight; and, in place thereof, called Charitie, in France; by which a goodly house builded of stone and means this Priory of Bermondsey timber, since pertaining to the Earls (being a cell to that in France) was of Sussex. There are buried in that accounted a Priory of Aliens. In the Church, Loufstone, Provost, Shrive, year 1094, deceased Ailewin Childe, or Domesinan, of London, 1115; Sir founder of this house ; then William William Bowes, knight, and Dame Rufus gave to the Monks his Mannor Elizabeth, his wife; Sir Thomas of Bermondsey, with the appurte- Pikeworth, knight; Dame Anne nances, and builded for them there a Audley ; George, son to John Lord new great Church. Robert Blewit, Audiey; Johr. Winkefield, esq. ; Sir Bishop of Lincoln (King William's Nicholas Blonket, knight ; Dame Chancellor) gave them the Mannor of Bridget, wise to William Trussell; Charleton, with the appartenances. Holgrave, Baron of the Exchequer, &e. Also Geffrey Martell, by the grant of The Borough of Southwark, at a Geffrey Magnaville, gave them the subsidy to the King, yielded about land of Halingbury, and the tithe of 1000 marks, or £300. ; which is Alferton, &c. More in the year inore than any one City in England Thomas of Arderne 1122, and Thomas payeth, except London; and also the his son, gave the monks of Bermond's muster of men in this Borough doth Eye, the Church of St. George, in likewise, in number, surpass all other Southwark. In the year 1165, King Cities, except London, and thus Henry II. contirmed to them the hide much for the Borough of Southwark, or territory of Southwark, and Layg- one of the 26 wards of London, which ham, Waddam, with ihe land of hath an alderman, deputies 3, and a Coleman, &c. In the year 1371, the bailiff, constables 16, scavengers 0, Priories of Aliens (throughout Eng- wardmote inquest, 20; and is taxed land) being seised into the King's to the fifteen, at 17 pounds, 17 sbilhands, Richard Denton, an English- lings, and eight pence.” man, was made Prior of Bermond- Yours, Sóc.

J. C.

* Another View of these Remains will

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Mr. URBAN, Dover-street, Dec. 4. 'HERE never, perhaps, was

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in vol. LXXVIII, pp. 681. 977. EDIT.

GENT. MAG. December, 1810.

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