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He freely and faithfully gives More blessings than we can conceive: Yea, down to old age he will keep, Nor will he forsake us at last; He knows, and is known by, his sheep; They're his, and he will hold them fast.


The Fulfilment of God's Promise sure.-Hab. ii. 3. My soul shall with wonder proclaim The love of my Father and God, Whose promises ever remain,

And each in its course is made good:
They're great, and exceeding great too;
More precious than rubies by far;
Like streams from the fountain they flow,
And Zion preserve from despair.
2 Like Abra'm and Sarah have I

Endeavour'd, with reason and wit,
Some blessing to get and enjoy,

Much sooner than God promised it;
Like them, too, l've proved in the end,
My labour brought bondage and pain;
And yet (O how faithful's my Friend),
In due time the true blessing came.

Christ, the Beggar's Friend.-Ps. cxxxii. 15.
The Lord will feed the poor,
Nor shall their fare be mean;
Rich blessings are in store,

In grace's magazine:
From which rich treasure Christ will feed
The hungry soul that feels his need.


2 Poor trembling sinner, come,

And knock at mercy's door; Though ruin'd and undone, The Lord relieves the poor; He knows and loves the beggar's knock,

Nor will he send them empty back. 3 He came to save the lost,

Nor will he change his mind;
The souls that in him trust

He will not leave behind;
With him they shall for ever reign,
And glorify the Lamb once slain.


“My soul, wait thou only upon God.”—Ps. lxii. 5.
What foolish worms are we!
How prone to start aside,
And in our troubles flee

From Jesus' wounded side;
To wait on self, or something base,

Instead of trusting sovereign grace. 2 O that our souls could wait

At all times on the Lord;
And watch at wisdom's gate,

will afford
A constant flow of every good,

To souls that trust alone in God. 3 The Lord is rich indeed,

And richly will supply
The waiting sinner's need,
With blessings from on high:

C. N.

My expectation is from God;

Then wait, my soul, upon the Lord. 4 If darkness him surround,

His mercy's still the same;
He never will confound

The soul that waits on him;
He is my All; of him I'll boast;
On him I'll wait, and in him trust.

“The Lord be with you all."-2 Thess. iii. 16.
THE Lord himself be with you all,

To teach you his own will;
And guide you safe from every thrall,

To Zion's heavenly hill.
2 Be with you to unfold his grace,

And prove his truth divine;
Unveil the glories of his face,

And make his counsels shine. 3 Whatever be your state or case,

The Lord himsełf be near;
Support, protect, defend, embrace,

And make your passage clear. 4 Thus may you prove his promise true,

And glorify his name;
And every day your songs renew,

While life and breath remain.
5 The Lord be with you to the end,
And land


safe above;
A long eternity to spend,
In singing, “God is love!"



The Believer in Christ, secure.-John X. 28.
WHOEVER in Jesus believes,
The blessing is sure to obtain!
A full and free pardon Christ gives,
To all that confide in his name:
Nor Moses, nor Satan, nor sin,
Can sentence believers to hell;
No evil, without or within,
Shail ever against them prevail.
2 Till He who immensity fills,

Whose name is Jehovah, I AM,
Who governs the sun, moon, and stars,
And measures the earth with a span;
Till this God can fall from his throne,
His promise and faithfulness fail;
Omnipotence weakness become,

And hell against heaven prevail; 3 Till then the believer's secure,

Though devils against him unite;
His faith stands in Jesus's power,
And Christ all his battles will fight:
The feeble shall all be made strong;
Then let them rejoice in their King:
The warfare will cease before long,
And they a sweet victory sing.

633, “Having loved his own which were in the world."-John xiii. 1. The love of Christ is rich and free; Fix'd on his own eternity; Nor earth, nor hell, can it remove; Long as he lives, his own he'll love.

L. M.

2 His loving heart engaged to be

Their everlasting Surety: 'Twas love that took their cause in hand,

And love maintains it to the end.
3 Love cannot from its post withdraw,

Nor death, nor hell, nor sin, nor law,
Can turn the Surety's heart away;

He'll love his own to endless day. 4 Love has redeem'd his sheep with blood;

And love will bring them safe to God;
Love calls them all from death to life;

Aud love will finish all their strife.
5 He loves through every changing scene,

Nor aught can him from Zion wean:
Not all the wanderings of her heart,

Can make his love from her depart.
6 At death, beyond the grave, he'll love!

In endless bliss, his own shall prove
The blazing glory of that love,
Which never could from them remove!

Saints safe in Christ.-John X. 29.
WHEN saints together meet,
God's goodness to declare,
The season will be sweet,

If Jesus be but there:
Of Christ they speak; of Christ they boast;

While Jesus lives, they can't be lost. 2 What though their house with God,

Be not as they could wish;


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