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ΑΒΕL, slain by Cain, i. 428.
Αbomination, practised by the wicked,
ii. 528.
- of desolation, i. 438.
Αbraham, father of the Jews, i. 32.
God raises up children to him, 33.
Ηis seed, ii. 142. Who are his chil-
dren, 289. iii. 106. Canaan pro-
mised to him, ii. 393. Τhe pro-
mises made to him, iii. 316.
Αdoption, ii. 197.
Αduίteru, punishment of, among the
Jews, i. 9. Εorbidden, 79.354.
Wickedness of, ii. 551. 653.
, spiritual, punishment of, iii.
Αίfliction, the lot of the righteous, iii.
54. Works good to the believer, 143.
Αlmsgiving, enjoined, i. 83.
Αlpha and Omega, Christ, iii. 453.
Αltar of incense, ii. 4.
Αmen, i. 101.
Αndrευ, call of, i. 49.
Αngel, glorious appearance of, i. 516.
of the Lord, appearance of, ii.
Αngels, ministration of, i. 44. 46. 268.
332. iii. 238, 343. Το accompany
Christ at his second advent, i. 445.
Μultitude of, 489. ii. 28. iii. 473.
Μinistry of, in giving the law, ii.
407. iii. 246. Νot to be worship-
ped, 161. Μinister to Christ, 203.
Worship Christ, 238.
Αnger, sinless, i. 76.
Αnointing, funereal, i. 474.'
Αntioch, persecution of the apostles
there, iii. 221.
Αnriety, about worldly things to be
guarded against, i. 108. iii. 113.
Αpostacy, sin and danger of, i. 137.
iii. 298. Το precede the last day,
186. 203.
Αpostates, awful state ot, i. 239.
Αpostle, Christ so called, iii. 259.
Αpostles, called from secular employ-
ments, i. 49. Receive miraculous
powers, 170. 173. Sent to the Jews,

172. Νot to provide for their main-
tenance, 173. Το avoid persecution,

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Το bring forth fruit, ii. 333. Το
preach the Gospel, iii. 249. Wit-
nesses ofChrist, ii. 1. 188. Μinisters
of the word, 1. Τheir miraculous
powers derived from Christ, 374.
Τheir boldness in preaching the
Gospel, 381. iii. 73. Τheir joy in
the prosperity of the churches, ii.
513. Μanner of their preaching,
iii. 43. Ρlant Christian churches,
11. Sufferings of, 64. 66. Αm-
bassadors of Christ, 79.
Αpparitions, appearance of, i. 287.
Αrk of the coυεnant, iii. 344.
Αrmies of God, sent against the wick-
ed, i. 400.
Αrmour of God, to be put on, ii. 651.
Αsία, sufferings of the apostles there,
iii. 65.
Αssurance, connected with adoption,
iii. 168.
Αtonement, extent of Christ's, iii. 251.
Αttention, requisite in the affairs of
" salvation, iii. 245.
Αuthority, the disciples of Christ not
to exercise it over each other, i. 368,
Αυenger, God, of his saints, ii. 135.

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-, Judicial, of the wicked, i.
249. ii. 443.
Βlood, eating of, forbidden, ii. 449. Οf
men on their murderers, ί. 427. Τhe
tabernacle and vessels of the min-
istry sprinkled with, iii. 353.
of Christ, shed for sin, i. 572.
Justifies, ii. 581. -
of the covenant, i. 480.
Βoasting, excluded by the Gospel, ii.
Βoldness, enjoined, in approaching the
throne Ε 283,
Βook, written within and without, iii.
oflife, names in, ii. 93.
Βread, given by God, i.96.
Βrethren, Christ's disciples are, i. 418.
Christ's, 242.
Βridegroom, Christ the, ii. 234.
Βroken-hearted, comforted by Christ,
i. 226.
Βrother, seed to be raised unto him, i.
Βιιτnt offerings, consumed without the
camp, iii. 380.

Caiaphas,the Jewish High Priest, i.472.

Called of God, who are, ii.507.

Canaan, promised to Αbraham and his
seed, ii. 393.

Capernaum, the dwelling place of
Christ, i. 46.

Captives, delivered by Christ, ii. 44.

Captivitυ, Βabylonian, i. 6.

α" God over his people, ii. 93.

Caution, in religion urged, iii. 269.

Centurion, i. 142.

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Ηis divine mission attested by
a voice from heaven, i. 40;-by
his miraculous powers, ii. 223. 256.
Came down from heaven, ii.

Was with the Father before


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