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3 God of Jacob, high and glorious !

Let thy people see thy power;
Let the gospel be victorious,

Through the world for evermore;
Then shall idols
Perish, while thy saints adore.

HYMN 571, L. M. 571

Success anticipated. 1 EHOLD th' expected time draw near,

' Behold the wilderness assume dol The beauteous tints of Eden's bloom !

2 Events with prophecies conspire,

To raise our faith, our zeal to fire:
The ripening fields, already white,

Present a harvest to the sight.

3 The untaught heathen waits to know mf The joy the gospel will bestow;

The exiled captive, to receive mf The freedom Jesus has to give.

4 Come, let us, with a grateful heart,

In the blest labor share a part;
Our prayers and offerings gladly bring,
To aid the triumphs of our King.

HYMN 572, C. M. 572

The Victories of Christ. f" 1 HOSANNA to our conquering King! 1

Ten thousand songs and glories wait,

To crown thy head above.
2 Thy victries and thy deathless fame,

Through the wide world, shall run;
And everlasting ages sing
The triumph thou hast won.

HYMN 573, H. M. 573

The general Jubilee. mf 1

FAIR shines the morning star;

The silver trumpets sound, 33 Their notes re-echoing far,

While dawns the day around: f Joy to the earth the earth is free;

It is the year of jubilee.



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mp 2 Pris'ners of hope, in gloom

And silence, left to die!

With Christ's unfolding tomb, mf Your portals open fly:

Rise with your Lord-he sets you free;

It is the year of jubilee.
3 Ye, who yourselves have sold

For debts to justice due,
Ransomed—but not with gold !

He gave himself for you:
The blood of Christ hath made you free;

It is the year of jubilee.
4 Captives of sin and shame!

O'er earth and ocean, hear mf An angel's voice proclaim

The Lord's accepted year:
Let Jacob rise-be Israel free;
It is the year of jubilee.

HYMN 574, L. M. 574

The Reign of Christ established. f 1

Through distant lands his triumphs spread; Sinners, now freed from Satan's chains,

Own him their Saviour and their Head.
2 Oh! may his conquests still increase ;

Let every foe lis power subdue ;
While angels celebrate his praise,

Saints shall liis rising glories show.
Ñ 3 Loud hallelujahs to the Lamb,

From all below and all above;
In lofty songs, exalt his name, -
In songs as lasting as his love,

HYMN 575, 78. 575

The Reign of Christ.
t" i WAKE the song of jubilee,

Let !
Now hath come the promised hoor;

Jesus reigns with sovereign power.
2 All ye nations ! join and sing,

“ Christ, of lords and kings, is King !"
Let it sound from shore to shore
“Jesus reigns for evermore !"

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3 Now the desert lands rejoice,

And the islands join their voice;
Yea, the whole creation sings,
" Jesus is the King of kings !"

HYMN 576, 7s. 576

The triumphant Reign of Christ.
f" 1 !

EE the ransomed millions stand,
This before the throne their strain,-

“Hell is vanquished-death is slain !2 “Blessing, honor, glory, might,

Are the Conqueror's native right;
Thrones and powers before lim fall, –

Lamb of God, and Lord of all I"
8 Hasten, Lord! the promised hour;

Come in glory and in power;
Still thy toes are unsubdued-

Nature sighs to be renewed :
4 Time has nearly reached its sum;

All things with the bride, say, “Come!"
Jesus! whom all worlds adore,
Come,--and reign for evermore.



HYMN 577, 78. 577

Morning тр IN this calm impressive hour;

Let my prayer ascend on high ; mt God of mercy! God of power !

Hear me, when to thee I cry:
Hear me from thy lofty throne,

For the sake of Christ, thy Son.
2 With the morning's early ray,

While the shades of night depart,
Let thy beams of light convey

Joy and gladness to my heart;
Now o'er all my steps preside,
And for all my wants provide.

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3 Oh! what joy that word affords,–

“ Thou shalt reign o'er all the earth ;" King of kings, and Lord of lords!

Send thy gospel lieralds forth : f Now begin thy boundless sway, Usher in the glorious day.

HYMN 578, S. M. 578

Prayer for spiritual Light.

mf i W Elift, our hearts to thee,

Thou Day Star from on high!
The sun itself is but thy shade,

Yet cheers both earth and sky.
2 Oh! let thy rising beams

Dispel the shades of night;
And let the glories of thy love

Come, like the morning light.

3 How beauteous nature now! P

How dark and sad before ! mf With joy we view the pleasing change,

And nature's God adore.

4 May we this life improve,

To mourn for errors past;
And live, this short revolving day,
As if it were our last.

HYMN 579, 78.

Morning Thanks. 1

that dost my life prolong!
Kindly aid my morning song ;
Thankful, from my couch I rise,

To the God that rules the skies.
2 Thou didst hear my evening cry;

Thy preserving hand was nigh;

Peaceful slumbers thou hast shed,

Grateful to my weary head.
3 Thou hast kept me through the night,

'T was thy hand restored the light;
Lord! thy mercies still are new,

Plenteous, as the morning dew.

4 Still my feet are prone to stray, -
Oh! preserve me through the day;
Dangers every where abound,
Sins and snares beset me round.



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mp 5 Gently, with the dawning ray,

On my soul, thy beams display;
Sweeter than the smiling morn,
Let thy cheering light return.

HYMN 580, S. M. 580

Morning Prayer Meeting.
1 HOW.sweet the melting lay,

That breaks upon the ear,
When, at the hour of rising day,

Christians unite in prayer! тр 2 The breezes waft their cries,

Up to Jehovah's throne;
He listens to their bursting sighs,

And sends his blessings down.
3 So Jesus rose to pray,

Before the morning light; тр Once on the chilling mount did stay,

And wrestle all the night. f 4 Glory to God on high,

Who sends his blessings down,
To rescue souls condemned to die,

And make his people one.

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HYMN 581, s. M. 581

Morning Meditations. f


A WAKE, my drowsy soul!
Awake, my active powers renewed !

To run the heavenly race.
2 See-how the rising sun

Pursues his shining way;
And wide proclaims his Maker's praise,

With every brightening ray!
8 Thus would my rising soul

Her heavenly Parent sing;
And to her great Original

Her humble tribute bring.
P 4 Serene, I laid ine down

Beneath his guardian care;
I slept, and woke; and still I found

My kind Preserver near.

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