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"Where are those cans we put aboard?

Brave John, that's just the thing; no one

but you

Would thought of the like to grease the

track, That we might take a message through!"

The cans were brought and the rails were

oiled;. Their pursuers rushed onto the glistning

track, But instead of the prize they expected to get The wheels rolled round and the car went


Their car rolled on till a shot was fired,

And then they saw our boys in blue, They're safe beneath the stars and stripes,

They'd lived to take the message through!

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Lincoln's Gall for Groops.

HERE are the thousands—seventy-five

Whom Abram loudly first did call?
Say, were they mustered out with you,
Or were they covered with a pall?

Oh! where are they?

Again he said in sixty-one,

“Our blood bought land our fathers' won As sons we must defend ;

Some forty thousand stalwart ones Must lend a helping hand.”

Oh! where are they?

Again he said, with a troubled mind,

“The foe is on our track!

Three hundred thousand more I'll call,
To beat the oppressors back.”

Oh! where are they?

Again he said, in sixty-two,

"Our country must not fall! It grieves me sore to think I must Three hundred thousand call.”

Oh! where are they?

And yet he saw 'twas their intent
Our nation to destroy; and as he took his

Three hundred thousand more to call

He said, “my country, can it be That these brave boys must fall?"

Oh! where are they?

In four months more, with a weary frame,

And a heart that felt for all, He said, “five hundred thousand more must

come; Will they answer to my call?”

Oh! where are they?



Again he said, "we will be crushed

Without two hundred thousand more!” And then they rallied from the hills of Maine, And from the bleeding Kansas shore.

Oh! where are they?

Stout hearts recoiled from the bloody strife,

That traitorous sons brought on;
Five hundred thousand more must come
Before the victory's won.

Oh! where are they?

With throbbing heart and anxious brow,

Again our leader said: "The foe that's drenched our land with blood,

They cannot hold out long;-
So come and help the weary ones-
Three hundred thousand strong!"

Oh! where are they?

And so they went—two million men

And many thousand more,

To show to all the world around

That poisonous tree with deadly fruit, Was uprooted on our shore.

Oh! where are they?

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