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Countys to cause this proclamation to be published at all Churches Chappels and Court houses in their respective Countys. Given under my hand and the seal of the Colony at Williamsburgh the 12 h day of August 1713 in the twelfth year of her Majestys Rrign.




By her Majesty's Lieutenant Goo: 8. Commander Proclamati.

in Chief of this Dominion. on, permit ting the tak. A DOCLAMATION

** A PROCLAMATION enlarging the Liberty of tak. lands, within ing up Land on the Southern Frontiers of this the bounds Government. lately con. troverted WHEREAS the Surveyors of this Colony have been between Virginia and for some Years past prohibited by Sundry orders of North Caro- the Governmt. to receive Entry for any Lands which

they might judge to be within the bounds in dispute between this Colony and North Carolina; And more particularly by my proclamation of the 10th of June 1712, the said Surveyors were restrained from Enter. ing or Surveying any Lands to the Southward of the Maherine River: Yet for as much as the due West Line w'ch I have Lately caused to be run from the Mouth of Nottoway River till it intersects Roanoak River doth now Iscertain the Limits of the Contraverted Lands next to Virginia. I have therefore thought fitt by and with the Advice and Consent of Her Majesty's Council to Issue this proclamation Hereby notifying to all her Majesty's Subjects y't shall be desirous to take up Land to be held of her Majesty within this Governinent, That full Liberty is Giren thein to Enter for and take up after the usual manner any of the Lands not heretofore Entered to the North. ward of Roannake River aforesaid, and of the Line Lately run froin Chence to the Moth of Nottoway River: And the Surveyors of the Several Countys are to take notice hereof and confirm theinselves Accordingly. And I do Appoint this Proclamation to be read

and Published at the Courthouses of the respective Countys on the South side of James River: to the End that all her Majestys Subjects there may reap the benefite bereby intended. Given at the Council Chamber in Williamsburgh this 16th day of June 1714 in the Thirteenth Year of her Majesty's Reign.


[The foregoing documents are from a book in the office of

the General Cvürt, bound in Vellum, containing proclamations curing the reign of Queen tune, pl. 245, 246, 248, 249, 250, 251, 255, 256, 202, 264, 280, 286, 288, 517.]





Statutes at Large.

Costs allowed, on over-ruling |

pleas in 324. When suit shall
not abate by death 358.

May be proceeded against, tho

the principal felon be not con-
vict 272. Receiver's of stolen
goods, how punished 273.

Action of, given against execu-

tors or administrators of bailiff
or receiver, and by one joint
tenantor tenant in common, a-
gainst his companion 285.

ACTIONS. Process and proceedings in real 402.

ADMINISTRATION. What courts have jurisdiction,

in granting 12, 13, 23, 24. Ada ministration with the will an· nexed, when to be granted 13, 20. Heir at law, wben to be. summoned 13. Saving to in- | fants, &c. 14. Administration of intestate' estates, wlien and | low granted 14. Adininistra. tion de bonis non, when granted 14. Effect of 15.' Who en. !

titled to administration 15.Court inay grant to any person, after 30 days 15. Consequence of a will being afterwards produced 16. Court may compel production of a will 16. Probats and administrations, low signed 16. Executors and administrators to take an oath 17. Form of, 17. Bond,18,19. Form of,19. How prosecuted 20. Inventories, how returned 21. Appraisements 21. Servants and slaves to be continued on plantation of decedent 21. Their crops assets 22. When to be delivered to leir 22. Executor or administrator not liable, for slave dying 22. When no ap. praiscment necessary 22. How probats and administrations to issue, from general court 24.- When court liable for taking insufficient security 24. Specific debts, how paid 24, 25.--List of administrations, with names of executors, administrators, &c. to be returned to secretary's office 25.


Ilow'far appraisement binding
Sce Administration, Executors, 282. Goods distrainer for
and suministrators.

rent, how appraised 288.

or Quakers allowed to entitle Children, of parents, onable or
to the reward for killing

| neglecting to support thieni, to
wolves 354.

be bound apprentices 019.

Bound to serve out their time,
Certain lands, of his estate to be notwithstanding their infancy

soli, for payment of his debts 482.


Found in possession of slaves
Certain entailed lands vested in may be seized 131. Free ne.

groes, housekeepers, may car-

ry arms 131. Who may use
When it may issue 185.

arms 151.

When plaintiff may amend his See Burgesses' Elections.
bill 189.


When crops of decedents are
County, formed from Prince assets 99, 984.
George and Brunswick 467. ASSIGNMENT.
Court days 468.

of bonds and notes permitted

275. Assignee may sue in his
Fee simple estate of certains en own name 275. Discounts al.
tailed lands vested in 142. lowed 275.

In chancery, whien to be file Process of, to compel an appear-

189. How sworn t, 190-112- ance in the general court 185.
suilicient, proceedings on 190. Attached effects repleviable
Hearing, on bill and answer 185. May be issued by justi-

ces, for sums under 20 shil-

lings 194. If not repleried,
When grantable, to the general judgment for the whole debt
court 189.

191. Goods, bow sold 194.-

Against tenants removing 485.
Fers of regulatra 509, 510.- Against absconding debtors,

APPRAISEMENTS. I low executed 486.
or decedents'estatis, to be

made by executors and admin. | Fecs of, in the general court and
istrator's 2. Allowance ofap. county courts 59. When to
praiser 21. 1: le'nt not neces betare in the billof costs 59,
sary 22. Of impressed arti. 492, 507. Sheriff may take
cles, los made 199. Hou de engagement of, for appearance
cedents'estatcs apraised 282. in the general court 183. Pe.


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