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332. PARR, RICHARD. The life of ... James Usher, late Lord Arch-bishop of Armagh ... With a collection of three hundred letters, between the said Lord primate and most of the eminentest persons for piety and learning in his time ... Collected and pub. from original copies London, 1686. v. p. front. (port.)


333. PETYT, WILLIAM. Jus parliamentarium: or, The ancient power, jurisdiction, rights and liberties, of the most high court of Parliament, revived and asserted. In two parts. London, 1739. II, 24, 400 p. 334. POEMS on affairs of state Written by the greatest wits of the age London, 1697-1707. 4 v. fold. plates.




CONTENTS.-V. 1. From the time of Oliver Cromwell, to the abdication of K. James the Second. V. I, pt. 2. Written during the reign of K. James the II against popery and slavery and his arbitrary proceedings. v. 2. From the reign of K. James the First to this present year, 1703. v. 3. From 1640 to this present year, 1704. v. 4. From 1620 to this present year, 1707. to which is added, a collection of some satyrical prints against the French King, Elector of Bavaria, &c. curiously ingraven on copper-plates.

V. 2. is a new ed. of v. 1, pt. 2, much enlarged and rehandled. The 1st ed. is more akin to State-poems continued. Cf. Cambridge history of English literature, v. 8. p. 467. 335. PRIVY COUNCIL. Acts of the Privy council of England. Colonial sev. 1-6. 1613-1783. Hereford, 1908-12. 6 v.



Ed. by W. L. Grant and James Munro.

336. PRYNNE, WILLIAM, comp. ... Briefe register, kalender and survey of the several kinds, forms of all parliamentary writs ... London, 1659-64. 4 v.

t.-p. varies.

337. RADCLIFFE, SIR GEORGE. The life and original correspondence of Sir George Radcliffe by Thomas Dunham Whitaker ... London, 1810. 7, 296, 7 p. 2 facsims., 2 fold. geneal. tab.


338. [RAGUENET, FRANÇOIS.] Histoire d'Olivier Cromwel. Paris, 1691. 11, 395, [13] P. front. (port.) pl.

338a. RAYMOND, THOMAS. Autobiography of Thomas Raymond and memoirs of the family of Guise of Elmore, Gloucestershire; ed. for the Royal historical society by G. Davies ... London, 1917. 184 p. Camden soc. 3 ser. v. 28.

"Printed from Rawlinson ms. in the Bodleian library, D. 1150."-Pref.

339. READING, ENG. The churchwardens' accounts of the parish of St. Mary's, Reading, Berks, 1550-1662. Transcribed by Francis N. A. Garry... and A. G. Garry. Preface by the Lord Bishop of Oxford. Reading, 1893. 15, 198 p. front. (facsim.)

340. ROCHDALE. The registers of the parish church of Rochdale, in the county of Lancaster Ed. by Henry Fishwick ... Rochdale,

1888-89. I v.

On t.-p. of [v. 2]: Privately printed for subscribers.
CONTENTS.-[v. 1] Rochdale registers, from October, 1582, to March, 1616.
Rochdale registers, from 30th March, 1617, to 25th March, 1641. Todmorden registers,
1624 [to] 1633.

[v. 2]

341. Row, JOHN. The history of the Kirk of Scotland, from the year 1558 to August 1637, by John Row ... with a continuation to July 1639, by his son, John Row Edinburgh, 1842. 79, 566 p. pl., facsims. Wodrow soc. 2.

Ed. by David Laing.



342. RUDYERD, SIR BENJAMIN. Memoirs of Sir Benjamin Rudyerd containing his speeches and poems ... To which are added the letters of his great-great-grandson Benjamin Rudyerd ... Ed. by James Alexander Manning London, 1841. 13, 346, 50 p. front. (port.)




APPENDIX: The poems of Sir Benjamin Rudyerd with those which were written in conjunction with him by William, third earl of Pembroke.

343. RUMP: or, An exact collection of the choycest poems and songs relating to the late times. By the most eminent wits, from anno 1639 to anno 1661. London, 1662. Reprinted, 1874. 2 v. front. (v. 1) pl.

344. RUSHWORTH, JOHN. Historical collections of private passages of state, weighty matters in law, remarkable proceedings ... Beginning the sixteenth year of King James, anno 1618. and ending... [with the death of King Charles the First, 1648] Digested in order of time. And now published by John Rushworth London, 1721-22. 8 v.

I fold. pl.

Many errors and irregularities in paging.

v. 6 dated 1722; v. 7: 2d ed.


Title varies. v. 8 has no general title; appeared as an independent work in 1680.
1st edition, 1659-1701.





CONTENTS.-I. Proceedings in five Parliaments ... ending the fifth year of King Charles, anno 1629. II-III. The second part. Containing the principal matters from the dissolution of the Parliament, on the 10th of March, 4 Car. 1. 1628/9 until the summoning of another Parliament, which met ... April 13, 1640. With an account of the proceedings of that Parliament; and the transactions from that time, until the meeting of another Parliament. November the 3d following. IV-V. The third part Containing the principal from the meeting of the Parliament, November the 3d, 1640, to the end of the year 1644. Wherein is a particular account of the rise and progress of the civil war to that period. VI-VII. The fourth and last part... Containing the principal matters ... from the beginning of the year 1645, to the death of King Charles the First, 1648. Wherein is a particular account of the progress of the civil war to that period. VIII. The tryal of Thomas, earl of Strafford upon an impeachment of high treason by the commons then assembled in Parliament ... begun the 22th of March 1640. And continued ... until the 10th of May 1641



To which is added a short account of some other matters of fact transacted in both houses of Parliament, precedent, concomitant and subsequent to the said tryal. 345. RUTHERFORD, SAMUEL. Joshua redivivus; or, Mr. Rutherfoord's letters, divided in two parts. The first, containing these which were written from Aberdeen, where he was confined by a sentence of the High commission ... the second, containing some which were written from Anwoth & others upon diverse occasions afterward ... [Rotterdam?] 1664. 576 p.


Supposed ed.: Robert MacWard.

346. RUTHERFORD, SAMUEL. Letters of Samuel Rutherford, with a sketch of his life and biographical notices of his correspondents, by the Rev.

Andrew Bonnar
(port.) illus.


Edinburgh, etc. [1891 ?]

20, 746 p. front.

"The edition is the same as that of 1863, in two volumes, with but slight alterations." -Pref.

347. RYMER, THOMAS. Fœdera, conventiones, literæ, et cujuscunque generis acta publica, inter reges Angliæ et alios quosvis imperatores, reges, pontifices, principes, vel communitates, ab ineunte sæculo duodecimo, viz. ab anno 1101, ad nostra usque tempore habita aut tractata; ex autographis, infra secretiores Archivorum regiorum thesaurarias, per multa sæcula reconditis, fideliter exscripta ... Accurante Thoma Rymer ... Ed. 2. ... Londini, 1726-35. Londini, 1726-35. 20 v. front. (port.) fold. pl., facsims.

First pub. 1704-1735; v. 18-20 are first editions, t. 1-6, 8, 10-13, 16, 17 dated: 1727; t. 7, 14, 15: 1728; t. 9: 1729; t. 18: 1726; t. 19: 1732; t. 20: 1735.

t. 1-12, "Ad originales chartas in Turri Londinensi denuo summa fide collata & emendata, studio Georgii Holmes."

t. 15-16, "Ex schedis Thomae Rymer potissimum edidit Robertus Sanderson"; t. 17-20, "accurante Roberto Sanderson."

t. 18, p. 335-564 left out: cancelled by order of Parliament.

"Index nominum ad omnia septemdecim volumina" and "Index locorum omnium et rerum præcipuarum tomi primi[-decimi septimi]" [249] p. at end of v. 17.


[ocr errors]

"Syllabus seu index actorum manuscriptorum quae collegit ac descripsit Thomas Londini, 1728." 128 p. at end of v. 17.


348. Scor, SIR JOHN. The staggering state of Scottish statesmen. From 1550-1650. By Sir John Scot of Scotstarvet. With a memoir and historical illustrations by Rev. Charles Rogers.

Royal hist. soc. Trans. I ser. 1:278-429.

349. SCOT, WILLIAM. An apologetical narration of the state and government of the Kirk of Scotland since the reformation by William Scot Certaine records touching the estate of the Kirk in the years M.DC.V. & M.DC.VI. by John Forbes Edinburgh, 1846. 88, 578 p. Wodrow soc. 8.


Ed. by David Laing.


350. SELDEN, JOHN. A brief discourse touching the office of lord chancellor of England, written by the learned John Selden of the Inner Temple, esq.; and dedicated by him to Sir Francis Bacon, knight, then lord keeper of the great seal of England. Transcribed from a true copy thereof, found amongst the collections of that judicious antiquary St. Lo Kniveton, late of Grayes Inne, esq.; together with a true catalogue of lord chancellors, and keepers of the great seal of England, from the Norman conquest, untill this present year, 1671. By William Dugdale, esquire, Norry king of arms. London, 1671. 26 p.

With manuscript additions to the catalogue of lord chancellors for the period. 1672-1736.

351. SELDEN, JOHN. The history of tythes, that is, the practice of payment of them, the positive laws made for them, the opinions touching the right of them. A review of it is also annext, which both confirms it and directs in the use of it ... London (?) 1618. 22, 12, 491, 5 p.

352. SELDEN, JOHN. The table-talk of John Selden. With a biographical preface and notes by S. W. Singer Ed. 3. London, 1860. 270 p. front. (port.)

Library of old authors.


353. SELDEN, JOHN. ... Table-talk, 1689. Ed. by Edward Arber

Westminster, 1895. 120 p.

Arber's English reprints.



354. SEWEL, WILLIAM. The history of the rise, increase and progress of the Christian people called Quakers, intermixed with several remarkable occurences Written originally in Low Dutch, and tr. by Sewel, into English. To which is prefixed a brief memoir of the author, comp. from various sources. New York, 1844. 2 v.


355. SKINNER, THOMAS. The life of General Monk: duke of Albemarle, containing, 1. A faithful account of his unparallel'd conduct ... II. A particular relation of that most memorable march from Coldstream to London III. Many mistakes committed by our historians ... rectified. Publish'd from an original manuscript of Thomas Skinner. M.D. With a preface By William Webster ... 2d



ed., cor. London, 1724. 5, 67, 385, [7] p. front. (port.) 356. SLINGSBY, SIR HENRY. The diary of Sir Henry Slingsby, of Scriven, bart., now first published entire from the ms.; a reprint of Sir Henry Slingsby's trial, his rare tract, "A father's legacy" ... And extracts from family correspondence and papers, with notices, and a genealogical memoir. By the Rev. Daniel Parsons ... London, 1836. 23, 441 p. 3 facsim.

357. SLINGSBY, SIR HENRY. Original memoirs, written during the great civil war; being the life of Sir Henry Slingsby, and memoirs of Capt. Hodgson ... Edinburgh, 1806. 2 p. 1., 367 p. front. (port.)

Ed. by Sir Walter Scott.

CONTENTS.-Some account of Sir Henry Slingsby.-Memoirs of Sir Henry Slingsby.Memoirs of Captain John Hodgson.-Relations of the campaigns of Oliver Cromwell in Scotland, 1650.-The fight at Leith.-Proceedings of the English army, 22d July to 1st August, 1650.-Proceedings of the army in Scotland.-Letters from Scotland, read in Parliament, 1650.-Relation of the routing of the Scotish army near Dunbar, 3d September, 1650.-Letter from General Cromwell.-The Lord Generall Cromwell his march to Sterling, 1650.-Letters from the head-quarters of the army in Scotland, 1650.-A letter from Sir Arthur Hesilrige.— The articles of the rendition of Edinburgh castle.-The second victorie over the Scots at Hamilton.

357a. SMITH, DAVID NICHOL, ed. Characters from the histories & memoirs of the seventeenth century; with an essay on the character and historical notes by David Smith. Oxford, 1918. 52, 331 p.

Contemporary estimates.

358. SOME ACCOUNT of General Robert Venables, of Antrobus and Wincham, Cheshire (with an engraving from his portrait at Wincham); together with the autobiographical memoranda or diary of his widow,

Elizabeth Venables.
P. Townshend, Esq.
Chetham soc. 83.

From the original ms. in the possession of Lee 1871. 28 p.

358a. [SPARROW, ANTHONY.] A collection of articles, injunctions, canons, ordinances, and constitutions ecclesiastical; with other publick records of the Church of England, chiefly in the times of K. Edward vi, Q. Elizabeth, K. James & K. Charles I. The third impression with additions ... London, 1675. front.

Each part has separate t.-p.

10, 418 p.

359. [SPOTTISWOOD, JAMES], bp. of Clogher. A breefe memoriall of the lyfe and death of Doctor James Spottiswood, bishop of Clogher in Ireland; and of the labyrinth of troubles he fell into in that kingdom From a manuscript in the Auchinleck library. Edinburgh, etc., 1811. 6, 78 p.

Pref. signed: A[lexander] B[oswell].


"Bishop [Spottiswood] is believed to have been the author of [this] anonymous manuscript... The last few pages are in another hand."-Dict. of nat. biog.

360. [STACE, MACHELL,] comp. Cromwelliana. A chronological detail of events in which Oliver Cromwell was engaged; from the year 1642 to his death, 1658: with a continuation of other transactions to the restoration. Westminster, 1810. 2, 196 p. 4 pl., fold. facsim. 360a. STEELE, ROBERT. Tudor and Stuart proclamations, 1485-1714. Calendared by Robert Steele under the direction of the Earl of Crawford, K.T. Oxford, 1910. 2 v.

CONTENTS.-V. 1. England and Wales. v. 2. Scotland and Ireland.


361. TAUNTON. Calendar of wills and administrations in the court of the archdeacon of Taunton. v. I. ed. by Edward Alexander Fry. London, 1912. I V.

British record soc. The Index library. v. 45.

CONTENTS.-V. I, pt. 1 and 2, wills only, 1537-1799.

362. THOMPSON, SIR EDWARD MAUNDE, ed. Correspondence of the family of Hatton, being chiefly letters addressed to Christopher, first Viscount Hatton, A.D. 1601-1704. Ed. by Edward Maunde Thompson. London, 1878. 2 v.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 22-23.

Selections from the Hatton-Finch papers in the British museum.

363. THORNTON, MRS. ALICE (WANDESFORD). The autobiography of Mrs. Alice Thornton, of East Newton, co. York ... Durham, 1875. 15, 373 p. fold. tables.

Surtees soc. v. 62.


Appendix: Letters illustrating Mrs. Thornton's Autobiography. Notices of the families of Wandesford and Thornton. Ed. by Charles Jackson.

364. [TOLAND, JOHN.] Amyntor: or, A defence of Milton's Life. [i.e. of Toland's work on that subject.] Containing, 1. A general apology for all writings of that kind. II. A catalogue of books attributed in the

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