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30. At Edinburgh, Mrs Linning, widow of the of the deceased William Charles Little Gilmour, late Rev. Tho. Linning, minister of Lesmahagow. Esq. of Craigmillar.

31. At Glasgow, aged 71, Miss Jean Crawfurd, - At Melville-place, Stirling, Dug. Forbes, Esq. daughter of the deceased William Crawfurd, Esq. William T. Taylor, Esq. of Turnham-greenof Possil.

terrace, deputy inspector of hospitals in the British - At his house, High-terrace, Edinburgh, Mr army. George Ross, auctioneer.

10. At Dalkeith, Mr Thomas Wood, merchant. At Cromarty, Mrs Janet Munro, daughter of 11. At Ford, the Rev. John Blair, minister of the late Alexander Munro of Kiltearn, and relict the Associate Congregation of Colmonell, in the of Lieut. William Weddel of the 44th regiment 67th year of his age, and 40th of his ministry. of foot.

At Tilbister-lodge, Joanna, daughter of Alex. Jan. 1. At Edinburgh, Mrs Elizabeth M‘Dermeit, Macleay, Esq. in her 17th year. relict of Mr Andrew Bannatyne, merchant in Edin- Mrs Margaret Dudgeon, widow of John Ma. burgh.

son, late shoemaker, Canongate. At Over Kinfauns, Mrs Margaret Robertson, At Newbridge, Mr Alex. Lawson, aged 81. aged 78, wife of Mr William Shaw, late of Dalna- At Exeter, in her 77th year, Mary, Dowager glar.

Countess of Rothes, relict of Bennet Langton, Esq. At his house, at Lauriston, J. Forrest, Esq. of Langton, county of Lincoln. 2. At Bongate, Jedburgh, Mr James Davidson, 13. Åt Moness-house, James Robertson, Esq. of date of Hindlee. Few passed this good man's door Killichangie, aged 96. He outlived all his own fawithout a kind invitation and hearty welcome to mily (the male part of which honourably bled and his sheltering cot and friendly board. This bene- died in the service of their country). We have frevolent individual is supposed to have been in the quently observed the death of the last of Prince eye of the author of Guy Mannering, when he drew Charles Edward's followers announced, and now the character of Dandy Dinmont.

venture to assert, without fear of contradiction, 2. At Brechin, the Rev. Mr Straton, of the Eng- that this is the last of the officers who fought unlish Episcopal-chapel.

der him, at the battle of Culloden, in 1746. He At Belmaduthy-house, Colin, third son of commanded a company of the Athole Highlanders Colin Mackenzie, Esq. of Kilcoy.

upon that memorable day, and being perfectly - At Chessel's-court, Canongate, Edinburgh, Mr collected in his senses to the last moment, his enGeorge Lind, aged 81.

thusiastic account of the deeds of other years was 3. At Edinburgh, aged 97, Mr Robert Clark, truly interesting formerly cabinet-maker in Airth.

14. At Grants-braes, near Haddington, Agnes - At Stirling, Mrs Helen Littlejohn, widow of Brown, the mother of Burns the poet, in her 88th Provost John Gilchrist, aged 70.

4. At Laurencekirk, Mr Charles Robb, surgeon. 16. At Edinburgh, in her 32d year, Mrs Jean

5. At her house in Duke-street, Edinburgh, in Wilson, relict of the late Mr George Wilson, mer-
her 80th year, Mrs Helen Gray, relict of William chant, Dundee.
Hay, Esq. of Newhall.

At London, Mrs Brenton, widow of the late
At Bedford, John Mary, the only son of the Admiral Brenton.
Rev. David Wauchope, rector of Warkton, Nor- 18. At Edinburgh, in his 82d year, Mr William

M'Cleish, printer.
- At Dundee, George Wilkie, Esq. of Auch- Mrs Linley, aged about 92, widow of the late
lishie, aged 66.

Mr Linley, formerly of Drury-Lane Theatre, who
- At Beaumont-place, Edinburgh, Wil. Bowie, was the father of the first Mrs Sheridan.
second son of John Bowie, South Bridge-street. 19. At Edinburgh, Miss Elizabeth Janet Russell,

6. At Beverley, in her 77th year, Mrs Sinclair, youngest daughter of the late Colonel Russell of
widow of the Rev. George Sinclair, A.M. rector of Ashiesteel.
Wilford, near Nottingham, and vicar of Melbourn, Lately-At Bath, suddenly, Vice-Admiral Fayer-
in Derbyshire.

man, aged 65.
- At Frederick-street, Edinburgh, Mrs Carlyle - At Leith, the infant son of Mr James H. Kin.

caid, South Forth-street. At Merton, aged 31, Mrs Isabella Brockie, - At her house in St James's-square, Edinburgh, wife of Mr George Pennie, teacher.

in the 40th year of her age, Mrs Helen Wood, re7. At Muirton, Lady Nairne, widow of Sir Wil- lict of the late Mr Mitchell, surgeon, Ayr. liam Nairne of Dunsinane, bart. in her 75th year.

At Chichester, Vice-Admiral Thomas Sur- At his father's house in Leith, Benjamin Wa ridge, aged 72. ters, jun. aged 21.

Off Scilly Islands, on his passage to the Con-
At his house in Lauriston, Mr J. Spalden, tinent for the recovery of his health, Lieut. and

Adj. Barry, 44th foot.
8. At Wharton-place, Edinburgh, Mrs James At Newbigging, in the parish of Kingoldrum,
Shiells, widow of Mr James Shiells, late extractor, Thomas Macinnes, late tenant in Longdrum, in

the parish of Lentrethen, aged 103.
At Leith, Elizabeth Williamson, wife of Mr At Chacewater, Elizabeth, the daughter of
James Henderson, shipmaster there.

Joseph Ralph. Though she had reached her 21st --- At Tinian, Patrick Begbie, Esq. late of Cas- year, her height was only two feet ten inches-she tlehill.

was not at all deformed, but rather well propor- At Edinburgh, Mrs Jean M'George, relict of tioned. During her life she was never known to the Rev. William Moncrieff, minister of the As- laugh or cry, or utter any sound whatever, though sociate Congregation, Alloa.

it was evident she both saw and heard. Her weight 9. At Edinburgh, Miss Little Gilmour, daughter never exceeded twenty pounds.

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The number of eminent persons, natives, or closely connected with Scotland, who have died within these twelve months, is rather extraordinary, and greater than we ever remember within the same period. Among these were the representatives of seven of the most ancient and noble families in this kingdom, viz.- The Dukes of Hamilton, Buccleuch, and Lennox ; the Earls of Errol and Eglinton ; the Countess of Rothes and Lord Somerville ; the Right Hon. Robert Dundas, Lord Chief Baron ; Adam Rolland, Esq. of Gask, Professor Playfair, Professor Rutherford, Principal Hill, Principal Playfair

, and Mr Watt, the celebrated inventor of the great improvements upon steam, the steam en. gine, &c.

Oliver & Boyd, Printers, Edinburgh.



MARCH 1820.



man ib.

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INTELLIGENCEmmamumumana. 709 fessor John Millar.

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of Architecture in Englandcamman.660 | Appointments, Promotions, &c.n.722 Recollections. No. III. Mark Macra. Meteorological Reportaamamanan

bin's Account of the Buchanite...mm663 Births, Marriages, and Deathsanum.725


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To whom Communications (post paid) may be addressed.

(OLIVER & Boyd, Printers, Edinburgh.]

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Mr Egan, our good friend, what can waist, and thus to whirl her about you possibly mean by publishing no for a quarter of an hour in his arms, fewer than three several sporting till both parties are blind, and that works, without sending us presenta- too in presence of three hundred spection copies? Have we offended you in tators. A waltzing match is, we any way? If so, believe that it was humbly suggested, à more indecent unintentionally, and see that


exhibition than a boxing match. What transmit to Messrs Cadell and Davies, can be more so, than to step, ready on or before the 8th of April—in tiine stripped, into the ring, and hug in for our Coach parcel your book upon succession a long series of military Bath-that inimitable panoramic view men, occasionally relieved by civilians? of “ Going to a Fight"—and your The amazon dismisses from her Magnum Opus on Gymnastics. We embrace captain, and colonel, and shall make an amusing, Article on knight at arms, all panting and pereach of them ;-and be pleased to re- spiring and reeling-while she stands collect, that we are the only Editor of victorious and unexhausted in the a literary journal who has yet sported ring. And who compose the ring ? his canvass in the ring.

Judges, senators, soldiers, grand-moWe have extreme pleasure in writ- thers, matrons, maids, and among ing the series “ Boxiana”—and we them our own shrivelled correspond know that it is excessively popular! ent. Go, Tabitha, to Moulsey Hurst, It is true, that one elderly maiden when Turner fights young Cabbage, lady has written us an expostulatory and then, on your conscience, tell the epistle on the subject, and expressed Editor of Blackwood's Magazine,

that herself shocked by the indecency their conduct is as indecent as that of of the spectacle of two enormous por. Cornet Sabretache and Miss Julia ters, (such were her very words) ex. Dyaway. hibiting themselves stripped before Weil, well Mr North, no more twenty thousand spectators. We an- about indecency, but think of the swered that letter privately—and as- cruelty of boxing. Mr Leigh Hunt sured the nun that Pugilists fight in thinks it cruel brutal--and unworflannel drawers—and that they are thy of the pages of the Examiner. No very little more exposed than young doubt, Mr Leigh Hunt would be enladies in a ball-room. We also ven- titled to complain of the cruelty of tured to state it as our opinion, that it is boxing, were Little Puss to tip hím a less indelicate in such a man as Tom stomacher while meditating a crisp Belcher to give Cropley a cross but sonnet in some farmy field, in front tock, than an officer of Hussars to put of Hampstead. But who would talk one hand on the bare neck of a virgin of the cruelty of giving a facer to the of eighteen years, another round her champion of England ? It would be VOL. VI.

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to the last degree cruel to force Mred than an assemblage of Englishmen Leigh Hunt out of his study into a at å fight. No seditious banners-no smithy-and insist upon his beating 'orators-no occasion afterwards for the on an anvil for an hour, with a prodi- grand inquest of the nation to inte gious sledge-hammer, instead of fing, fere every thing is left to the won ering away on the piano-forte. This pires and no Pope was ever so infa would be converting Apollo into Vul- lible as Mr John Jackson. How nobly

But Elias Spray, the copper- was this illustrated in the late disputsmith, who fought the Chicken, work- ed question respecting Belasco and the ed at his profession, without exciting Birmingham Youth! The Whigs morthe pity of the tender-hearted. Thated for a reference to the Jockey Club, game-pugilists enjoy intense pleasure for an inquiry into the behavior of in knocking and being knocked down, the Jew. But Egan, Kent, Cri), is obvious to the most careless obser- and Jackson, supported the ministay; ver-and there is not a sentiment of and, considering it altogether as a more universally acknowledged hu- party question, by which the opposimanity, than “ pleasure in the way tion expected to get a

“ turn out," we like it.”

all the most sound pugilists of the day Boxing, therefore, being both de- rallied round the established authori

. cent and humane, why call it brutal? ties, and by their firmness, and deaf, No brute animal of our acquaintance' ness to popular clamour, vindicated 'is a pugilist. Dogs do not box, and sustained the character of the Bricocks do not box-a bear is good at a tish ring all over the world. close-but he is a round hitter, and The last objection urged against putoo much of a ruffian for the ring. gilism is, that it is dangerous—the arMan, is in fact, distinguished from the gument of a coward. But, dangerous brute creation by nothing so much as as it may be, is it not true, that any one being a boxing animal. He shares doctor that ever administered a prethe faculty of speech with the bullscription, has killed more men than finch, the starling, the magpie, and all the pugilists that ever fought, eithe parrot—and in the art of cookery ther with cestus or naked fist? The he was excelled by Maculloch of the destruction of human life in the prize Royal Hotel—extinguish in his bosom ring has been trifling. You may write the love of pugilism, and you reduce all their names with a single drop of him to a level with the beasts that ink. Neither Jem Belcher, nor the perish.

Chicken, nor Crib, ever made a wiThe philosophic observer of human dow—but when the two former died nature perceives the connecting prin. But supposing that a dozen pugilists ciples by which that human nature, were killed per annum, would such an multiforin and multitudinous as it is, allowance prove fatal to this country is yet blended into one grand and har. Has not the population of Britain inmonious whole. There is a necessury creased greatly these last twenty years, connexion between all the fine arts. even in spite of the daily operation of Richmond, the black, gives lessons in many hundred stage-coaches? dancing every time he fights--Randal, This, we find, is likely to be a sort as a statuary, is superior to Chantrey, of rambling article, quite chitty-chatty Canova, and Thorvalsden. Crib is an and off-hand-the best sort of leading admirable artist in body colours. - article, perhaps, after all, now that there Pollux was in his day a Painter. The are so many magazines at work all over society for the suppression of vice has the island. One hates to see scores of done but little harm--but we do not editors all hammering away at one and like the idea of a society for the sup- the same thing-Living Authors

, No pression of virtue — and, therefore, I. Scott-No II. Wordsworth—On the hope, that the magistracy of England Cockney School of Poetry, 1, 2, 3, 4 will at all times allow Bill Gibbons to

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,-Letters from the form the ring undisturbed. We are Lakes Comparison between Kemble persuaded that the Manchester Magis- and Kean, &c. &c. There is really trates did their duty on the 16th of something quite shocking in this ever August---but may Pugilism flourish, lasting ringing of bells, and this taraand radicalism decay-s0 “ Let Dares beat Entellus black and blue.” has one editor started a subject from

tantararaing of trumpets. No sooner Nothing can be more good-humours some secret covert, than fixty others

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