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For AUGUST, 1807.




The Twenty-first Number.


LOUISA AUGUSTA WILHELMINA AMELIA, il tain transactions, and of certain connections of Queen of Prussia, was born on the 10th of March | the cabinet of Berlin ? Does it not seem as if 1776; she is the daughter of Duke Charles Louis every confidential attendant of the Prussian Queen Frederick, sovereign of the duchy of Mecklen- || was studying to degrade her, and every confidenburg-Strelitz, and niece of her Majesty the Queen lial counsellor of the Prussian King was a traitor of Great Britain. She was betrothed to her royal || conspiring against lawful sovereignty, or at least copsort in February, and married on the 24th a well paid pensioner of usurpation, or an artful December 1793. Handsome in her person, ac

intriguer in its pay, plotting against all ancient complished in her manners, with a mind equally

Il dynasties? elevated and noble, she possesses talents sufficient,

The day on which Prussia forsook the coaliif left unbiassed, to alleviate the burden of state tion by the treaty of Basle, she inclosed herself to her royal consort. Misled, or prejudiced, she, ll in a circle of dangers. She broke the obligation by a fatality belonging to our wretched time:, of her alliances without being able to form any, became an indirect instrument to support usurpa- | took umbrage at being reproached, resumed that tion in France, by forsaking her native dignity, national hatred, which the wisdom of the Emand condescending to put herself on a level with peror Leopold, and the patriotism of Frederick a revolutionary Empress, and by not dissuading William II. had abjured ; and forgot revolutionary her husband from forming those scandalous re France to dread Austria and Russia. Assisted lations, which united him with the most atrocious | by these fatal dissentions, Bonaparte and his of usurpers.

predecessors have pursued their disorganizations, Whether impolitic errors of courts may as plots and usurpations. justly be attributed to depraved and immoral Justice and impartiality require, however, that courtiers, as shameful and dangerous transactions it should also be remarked, that the lustre of the of cabinets are to ignorant or corrupted mini- || Prussian Monarchy was clouded before their Ma. sters, the sovereigns of the Prussian Monarchy i jesties began to reign. It was obscured, if not have certainly since 1795 been encompassed by | darkened, by its treaties with the regicide French every thing derogatory to greatness, undermining | republic. This was however not surprising. The rank, insulting virtue, humiliating loyalty, and late King, enervated by debauchery, and indestructive to social order. What can contem fluenced by corrupt or depraved mistresses, beporaries think, what must posterity judge of cer- came the easy dupe of seduction, and a prey to delusion. During his last years the reins of || tion and vanity, like an upstart sans-culotte; state were directed by revolutionary illuminati, they, like sovereigns, like princes and princesses, by political quacks, or by unprincipled women who saw that they had advanced tow far, but The errors and vices of his government, although who had not courage or disinterestedness enough reprehensible and complained of, were never to retreat, and instead of entertaining and feasttheless justly ascribed to others, not to himself. | ing this ill-bred vagabonil at Berlin, at Potsdam, But when, shortly after the accession of their | at Charlottenbourg, or at Sans Souci, to shut present Majesties, the ex-Abbé Sieyes, the most him up amongst his equals, at Magdebourg or at infamously notorious of regicides, was admitted Spandau. as an ambassador at Berlin, loyalty was dejected, i The King and Queen are fond of retirement.and rebellion reared its head in triumph. Not The winter of 1805 was passed by the royal withstanding any thing a Haugwitz, a Schoulem family, not in the palace, but in a private house bourg, or a Hardenberg, may have asserted to at Berlin, to save, as was reported, the expence the contrary, the assassin of one King could of many fires, wood being rather dear. Every never be a proper person to figure in the court of || day, about one o'clock in the afternoon, the King another. But many thought that even this humi took a walk, without any other suite than one liating act was merely a temporary though a de of his Majesty's aid-de-camps. The Queen at grading measure, commanded by imperious cir- || the same hour took an airing in a plain postcumstances.

chaise, so plain that not its equal is found in any In the year 1799, when the most artful as well || inn of Great Britain : behind the post-chaise as the most outrageous of usurpers had seized || stood two servants, and by her side was either her on the throne of the Bourbons, all truly loyal brother or some lady of her court. She was and religious men began to be alarmed at the li accompanied with no guards, or any attendants conduct of the Prussian cabinet. The manner in any other carriage. Among a people, whose in which Bonaparte's emissary Duroc was cajoled | religious ideas were shaken under Frederick the and caressed at the court of Berlin did not diminish Great; whose morals were corrupted under the their apprehensions. He was not only treated reign of his successor; and who, under the prewith the same ceremony as the representative sent reign, have listened with avidity to the reof a legitimale sovereign, but with a distinction volutionary doctrine of French emissaries, and unusual as well as unbecoming. Being one day who have seen their Sovereign by treaties descend permitted to be present at the parade of the to a level with che present as well as with former garrison of Berlin, he expressed some approba usurpers in France, all base as well as criminal, tion of the scarfs of the officers of the King's such an affected simplicity will certainly not body guards. No sooner was her Prussian Ma augment their loyalty. jesty informed of his condescension, than she, or Every day during the same winter, when the rather her courtiers, caused her to degrade her weather permitted, the young Prince Royal and rank and elevation, and to forget that this Duroc his cousin, nearly of his own age, son of the late was nothing but the valet of a mean adventurer, Prince Lewis, took a walk on a place called the who six years before could not have obtained the Linden, accompanied with no other person but commission of a subaltern in the Prussian service. their governor, a brother, and a son of a baker at The Queen is said to have knitted with her own Magdeburg. The children of tradesmen in hands a scarf ;-it is known that she presented good circumstances in England are much better one to Duroc with her own hand on the day he dressed than those two Princes were; and no took leave.

merchant's clerk in this country is so shabbily This impolitic step (which took place during accoutred, as was their governor, an honest man, the winter of 1799), to say no worse of it, en- / who would make an excellent usher in a charity couraged Bonaparte to send during the winter of school. 1800, his brother Louis to fraternize with the The Queen of Prussia is the tender mother of King, Queen, and royal family at Berlin. As six children : four Princes and two Princesses; might be expected, this Prince of Corsican of whom the eldest was born on the 15th of blood was brutal, they were enduring; he was | October 1795, and the youngest on the 13th of insolent and they were condescending; he be- January 1805. hared, from want of education, from presumpe ||

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