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7, 1890

BRYANT, WALDO C. Manager and Treasurer, The Bryant

Electric Co., Bridgeport, Conn. May 16, 1893 BUBERT, J. F.

Electrical Engineer, The Mather Elec

tric Co., 116 Bedford St., Boston,

June 7, 1892 BUCKINGHAM, Chas. L. Patent Attorney, Western Union Tele

graph Co., 195 Broadway, P. O.
Box 856, New York City.

April 15, 1884 BUNCE, THEODORE D. The Storage Battery Supply Co., cor.

23d St. and ist Ave., New York City. May 20, 1890 BURKE, JAMES

Electrical Engineer, General Electric

Co, 24 Front St., Schenectady,
N. Y.

May 16, 1893
BURNETT, DOUGLAS, B. S. 42 Livingston, St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Feb. 21, 1893
BURNS, ELMER Z. Consulting Electrical Engineer, Niag-
ara Falls, N. Y.

BURTON, Geo. D. Electrician and President, Electrical

Forging Co., 194 Washington St.,
Boston, Mass.

April 21, 1891 BURTON, WILLIAM C. Edison Illuminating Co., 238 Twenty

seventh St., Milwaukee, Wis. Sept. 20, 1893 BUTLER, WILLIAM C. Monte Cristo Mining Co., Everett, Washington.

Mar. 21, 1893 Buys, ALBERT

Electrician, Rutherford B. S. & C.
Elec. Co., Rutherford, N. J.


7, 1890 Cabot, John ALFRED City Electrician, 123 W. 8th St., Cincinnati, O.

May 16, 1893 CALDWELL, EDWARD Editor, Street Railway Gasette, 1432–3

Monadnock Block, Chicago, Ill. Jan. 20, 1891 CALDWELL, FORDYCE S. Proprietor Western Electric Construc

tion Co., 503 Delaware St., Kansas
City, Mo., and 151 Henry St.,
Brooklyn, N. Y.

Sept. 22, 1891 CALLENDER, ROMAINE Electrician, Brantford Electrical Laboratory, Brantford, Canada.

Sept. 27, 1892 CANFIELD, MILTON C. Electrical Engineer, 18 Clinton St., Cleveland, O.

Feb. 21, 1893 CAPUCCIO, MARIO Electrical Engineer, Piazza Statuto 15, Corino, Italy.

Dec. 20, 1893 CARSON, DAVID I. Secy. and Gen. Supt., The Southern

Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co.,

18 Cortlandt St., New York City. Dec. 21, 1892 CARTWRIGHT, FRED'k G. Electrical Engineer and Agent, Fort

Wayne Electric Co., 41 and 43

Stevenson St., San Francisco, Cal. Sept. 22, 1891 Carty, J. J.

(Manager) Electrician, Metropolitan

Telephone and Telegraph Co., cor.
Spring and Wooster Sts., New York

April 15, 1890 CASE, WILLARD E. 6 Fort St., Auburn, N. Y.


Contracting Electrician,

Electrician, Sheridan,

April 21, 1891

7, 1888 4, 1888

CHAMBERLAIN, F. H. Electrician, Metropolitan R. R. Co.,

2411 P St., N. W. Washington,
D. C.

June 17, 1890 CHENEY, FREDERICK A. Secretary, Treasurer, and General

Manager, The Elmira Illuminating
Co., Elmira, N. Y.


I, 1889 CHENEY, W. C.

Superintendent and Electrical' Engi-
neer, Portland General Electric Co.,
Portland, Ore.

Sept. 22, 1891
CHERMONT, ANTONIO LEITE 7 Rue da Matriz, Rio Janeiro, U.
S. Brazil.

Mar. 18, 1890 CHILDS, W. H.

Bookkeeper for The Estey Organ Co.,
Brattleboro, Vt.

Sept. 6, 1887 CHINNOCK, C. E. 137 Sixth Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. April 15, 1884 CHRISTMAS, ADOLPH FREDERICK Manager Electrical Depart

ment, Johnson Co., Johnstown, Pa. May 16, 1893 CHUBBUCK, H. EUGENE Secretary and Treasurer, The New

Omaha Thomson-Houston Electric
Co., Omaha, Neb.

CLAFLIN, ADAMS D. General Manager, The Mather Elec-

tric Co., 116 Bedford St., Boston,

June 7, 1892
CLEMENT, Lewis M. 1013 Central Ave., Oakland, Cal. April 21, 1891
CLEVELAND, WM. B. Electrical Engineer, 309 Perry-Payne
Building, Cleveland, O.

April 15, 1884 COBB, JOHN S. [Address unknown.]

June 17, 1890 COFFIN, CHAS. A. General Electric Co., 620 Atlantic Ave., Boston, Mass.

Dec. 6, 1887 COGSWELL, A. R. Electrician and Superintendent, Hali

fax Illuminating and Motor Co.,

Ltd , 34 Bishop St., Halifax, N. S. April 21, 1891 COLGATE, GEO. L. Electrical Engineer, 136 Liberty St., New York City.

June 17, 1890 COLLEY, BENJAMIN W. First Ass't. Superintendent. The

Commercial Cable Co., Hazel Hill,
N. S.

Oct. 21, 1890
COLVILLE, FRANK C. Electrician and Inventor, 1503 Seventh
Ave., Oakland, Cal.

May 19, 1891 COMPTON, ALFRED G. (Manager.) Professor of Physics,

College of the City of New York,

17 Lexington Ave., New York City. Nov. I, 1887 COMSTOCK, Louis K. Contracting and Consulting Engineer,

Monadnock Building, Chicago, Ill. Dec. 20, 1893 Coolidge, CHARLES A. Supt. and Electrician, Northern Im

provement Co, Centralia, Washing

April 19, 1892 Corey, Fred. B. Electrical Engineer, A. B. See Manu.

facturing Co., 442 Henry St., Brook-
lyn, N. Y.

Dec. 20, 1893 CORNELL, Chas. L. Electrical Engineer, Cornell Engineering Co., Hamilton, 0.

Feb. 7, 1890 Jan. 17, 1893

CORSON, WILLIAM R. C. Assistant Electrician, The Eddy Elec

tric Mfg. Co., Windsor, Conn. CORY, CLARENCE L. Professor of Electrical Engineering,

University of California, Berkeley,

Cowles, JOSEPH W. Electrical Engineer, General Electric

Co., 620 Atlantic Ave., Boston,

April 19, 1892

Feb. 21, 1893

May 16, 1893

June 6, 1893

CRAIG, J. HALLY Cumner, Craig & Co., 69 Broad St.,

Boston, Mass.
CRAIGIN, HENRY A. Engineer, Westinghouse Electric and

Mfg. Co., 15 Charles St., Boston,

CRANDALL, CHESTER D. Assistant Treasurer, Western Elec-

tric Co., 227 South Clinton St.,
Residence, 4438 Ellis Ave. Chi-

cago, Ill.
CRANDALL, JOSEPH Edwin Electrician, C. & P. Telephone Co.,

619 Fourteenth St., N. W. Wash

ington, D. C. CRANE, W. F. D. Manager Electrical Department H. W. Johns Manufacturing Co.,

87 Maiden Lane, New York City, and 24 Halstead Pl., East Orange,

Sept. 27, 1892

April 18, 1892

N. J.

[blocks in formation]

CREAGHEAD, THOMAS J. President and General Manager,

Creaghead Engineering Co., 296

Plum St., Cincinnati, O.
CREHORE, ALBERT C., Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Physics,

Dartmouth College, Hanover,

N. H.
Crosby, Oscar T. (Vice-President) General Manager

Railway Dept. General Electric Co.,

44 Broad St., New York City. CUNTZ, JOHANNES H. Assistant to President Henry Morton,

Stevens Institute of Technology,

325 Hudson St., Huboken, N. J. Curtis, Chas. G. President, Curtis Electric Mfg. Co.,

Pacific Ave., Jersey City, N. J. CUSHING, F. W.

General Western Agent, Day's Kerite

Wire and Cables, 1106 The Rookery,

Chicago, Ill.
CUSHMAN, HOLBROOK Instructor in Physics, Columbia Col-

lege, 337 West 22d St., New York

DACUNHA, MANUEL IGNACIO Manager of the Electrical Section,

Emprera Industrial Gram-Para,

Para, U. S. of Brazıl.
DAME, FRANK L. Engineer, The Northwest General

Electric Co., Portland, Ore.

Agent, Washburn and Moen Mfg.

Co., 16 Cliff St., New York City.

April 15, 1884

Nov. 24, 1891

June 5, 1888

May 16, 1893

June 26, 1891

April 15, 1884 DANIELL, FRANCIS G. Electrical Engineer, State Street H.

R. R. Co., 528 State St., New
Haven, Conn.

Nov. 12, 1889 DAVENPORT, GEORGE W. 61 Ames Bldg., Boston, Mass.


4, 1889 DAVIDSON, Edw. C. Patent Lawyer, Room 179 Times Bldg., New York City.


7, 1890 Davis, DELAMORE L. Superintendent. Salem Electric Light

and Power Co., 299 Lincoln Ave.,
Salem, 0.

April 2, 1889 Davis, Joseph P. Consulting Engineer, care of Phoenix

Construction Co., 115 W. 38th St.,
New York City.

April 15, 1884 DECKER, DELBERT H. Solicitor of Patents, with H. C.

Townsend, 5 Beekman St., New
York City.

Sept. 20, 1893 DEKHOTINSKY, CAPT. ACHILLES, Superintendent, Germania Electric Co., Marlboro, Mass.

Oct. 27, 1891 DELAND, FRED

Editor, Electrical Engineering, 565
The Rookery, Chicago, Ill.

Feb. 16, 1892 DEMING, EDWARD General Manager, Deming Automatic

Electric Safety System, 522 Han-
cock St., Brooklyn, N. Y.

April 18, 1893 Denton, JAMES E. Professor of Experimental Mechanics,

Stevens Institute of Technology,
Hoboken, N. J.

July 12, 1887 DESMOND, JERE. A. Supt. Electrical Dept., Kingston

Electric Light Co., Kingston, N. Y. Jan. 19, 1892 DICKERSON, E. N. Attorney-at-Law, 64 E. 34th St., New York City.

April 15, 1884 DOANE, S. EVERETT 68 Park Pl., Newark, N. J.

Aug. 6, 1889 DOBBIE, ROBERT S. Electrical Engineer, 1014 Bergen Ave., Jersey City, N. J.


5, 1889 DODGE, OMENZO G. U. S. Navy, Washington, D. C. Sept. 20, 1893 DOOLITTLE, THOMAS B. Engineering Department, American

Bell Telephone Co., 125 Milk St.,
Boston, Mass.

May 16, 1893 DOREMUS, CHARLES A. M.D. Ph.D. Chemist and Physicist,

Bellevue Hospital Medical College,
College of the City of New York
and American Veterinary College,

59 W. 51st St., New York City. July 7, 1884 Dow, ALEXANDER Engineer, Public Lighting Commis

sion, 511 Hammond Bldg., Detroit,

Sept. 20, 1893 DRESSLER, CHARLES E. Maker of Scientific and Electrical

Apparatus, College of the City of
New York, 17 Lexington Ave.,
New York City.

Dec 16, 1890 DUNN, GANO S.

Electrical Engineer, of the Crocker

Wheeler Electric Co., Ampere, E.
Orange, N. J.; Residence, 223
Central Park, West, New York

April 21, 1891

[blocks in formation]

ELY, WM. GROSVENOR, JR., Edison General Electric Co., 226

Union St,, Schenectady, N. Y.

Mar. 21, 1893

[blocks in formation]
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