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A Committee of Twenty-four, to consist equally of Members of the Church of England and protestant Dissenters, shall be annually chosen from among the Governors, at the annual. General Meeting, who shall meet the last Wednesday in every month for conducting the affairs of the Society. The President, Vice-Presidents, and Treasurer, shall be members of all Committees; and five members shall be a



A President, Vice-President, Treasurer, or Secretary, when a vacancy happens, by death or resignation, shall be poposed by the Committee for the approbation of the eneral Meeting.


No Governor shall vote at a General Meeting for any appointment to this Charity who has not been a Governor for twelve calendar months.


The Treasurer shall not pay any bills on account of this Charity without an order signed by three of the Committee.


Five Auditors shall be appointed annually by the General Meeting, to examine the bills and accounts of the Treasurer.


An account of the receipts and disbursements of this Charity, shall be annually printed for the inspection of the Governors.


The Secretary shall personally attend all the Meetings of this charity, unless prevented by indisposition; in which

case he is to send a deputy. He shall keep an accurate and methodical account of the proceedings, and do all the incidental business of this Charity. He shall apply for the annual subscriptions in London and its vicinity, and produce two or more securities, to be approved of by the Monthly Committee, who shall be bound with him in the amount of £500, in one or more bonds. He shall pay all the subscriptions to the Treasurer or Banker, and produce his account to the Committee every month, and not retain the amount of £100 at any time in his possession.


In all places where the Schools of this Society may be established, gentlemen of respectable character in the neighbourhood shall be requested to visit them every Sunday, receive subscriptions, correspond with the Society, and suggest any improvement in the plan they may think



The Society shall provide Spelling-Books and Testaments, for the use of the Scholars.


The Committee shall be at liberty to order lessons on working-days, where they shall think necessary.


All the Scholars shall attend some place of public worship every Sunday; but such as their parents may respectively approve.


All the executors or administrators of any Will, wherein is bequeathed to this Society a legacy of £100, or upwards, shall, on payment thereof, become Governors for life.





THE objects of this Charity shall be poor persons, of each sex, of any age, who shall be taught to read, at such times, and in such places, as the Committee by themselves, or other correspondents, shall appoint.


The Teachers, by direction of the Committee, or their correspondents, shall oblige all who are committed to their charge to attend public worship every Sunday, unless prevented by illness, or other sufficient cause.


The Teachers shall take care that the Scholars come clean to their respective Schools; and if any Scholars be guilty of lying, swearing, pilfering, talking in an indecent manner, or otherwise misbehaving themselves, the Teacher shall point out the evil of such conduct; and if, after repeated reproof, the Scholar shall not be reformed, he, or she, shall be excluded the School.


The religious observation of the Christian Sabbath being an essential object with the Society for the Support and Encouragement of Sunday Schools, the exercises of the Scholars on that day shall be restricted to reading in the Bible, and to spelling, as a preparative for it.


A printed copy of the above Rules shall be put up in the School-room, and read by the Teacher to the Scholars the first Sunday in every month.



Item, I A. B. do hereby give and bequeath the Sum

lawful Money of Great Britain, unto the Treasurer for the time being, of a Voluntary Society, commonly called or known by the name of The Society established in London for the Support and Encouragement of Sunday-Schools throughout the British Dominions; the same to be paid within

Months next after my Decease, out of the MONIES arising from my PERSONAL Estate, in Trust, to be applied to the Uses and Purposes of that Society.

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