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Nature's ack


Assist cums.

Electricity. by the Leading_Physicians as the Best, Safest, and most Effectual Remedy for Spinal Complaints, Incipient Consumption, Diarrhea, Pleurisy, Whma, Bronchitis, Epilepsy, Lumbago, Debility, Dropsy, Paralysis, Loss of Voice, Hysteria, Cutaneous Diseases, Nervousness, Indigestion,

i pitation, &c., and has Cured some of the most Obstinate and Distressing Cases, after all other Remedies (so called) have Failed. lote Sole Proprietors' Address-Pall Mall Electric Association, Limited, 21 Holborn Viaduct, London, RTANT

THE necessarily limited space at our Asine raison d'etre of the


lishing a tithe of the innumerable testiPALL MALL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION,

monials we have received, and from such REQUIRED

an imposing array as we possess-we LIMITED,

have literally cupboards full of them-it 21 HOL BORN VIADUCT.


would be invidious to make a restricted LONDON, E.C.,

selection. Wetherefore r rain from pub

FOR is, primarily, to develop Curative Elec


lishing any in this advertisement, but will

YEARS. tricity, and thus to popularise a safe,

send printed copies, post-free, to anycertain and agreeable remedy for the

body applying for them, or will permit multifarious ills that flesh is heir to, and

any applicant to inspect the originals at

21 Holborn Viaduct. We believe that in not to accumulate wealth at the expense of the afflicted, as is too much the cus

adopting this course

we are acting in consonance

with the wishes and intentions tom now-a-days. The Pall Mall Electric Association, Ltd., hereby undertake to

of those ladies and gentlemen who have

favoured us with their experience of the allow a liberal discount to Hospitals and

THE PALL MALE ELECTRIC ASSOEN Charitable Institutions, and to ministers

ELECTROPATHIC BELT, and who, notof all denominations who desire to assist

withstanding their earnest desire to make

ELECTRIC ASSOC poor members of their congregations to

their experience as widely known as pos.

sible for the benefit of other sufferers, obtain these celebrated appliances.

find it absolutely impossible to give due attention to the voluminous correspond

ence which the publication of their names A PRAISEWORTHY EFFORT

and addresses entails upon them. SeveIS NOW BEING MADE BY THE

ral have written us to that effect, and one

gentleman, whose world-wide fame as a PALL MALL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION,

scholar and scientist would doubtless LIMITED, FOR GENTLEMEN

account for his statements attracting so

much attention, assured us that he had 21 HOLBORN VIADUCT, LONDON, E.C..

received during one week opwards of five

hundred letters, some of them from reto rescue from qua kery the important

mote quarters of theglobe. The majority subject of Curative Execiricity which has been too long the sport of ignorant


of his correspondents merely desired an

assurance that the testimonial, as pubquacks and itinerant vendors of, so


lished was genuine. We would ask incalled, galvanic chains and worthless

tending purchasers to accept the fact of belts, made up of pieces of old crinoline


names and addresses being attached as steel temporarily magnetised, which

sufficient evidence of the genuineness of speedily lose any power they ever pos.


the testimonials we will send to anyone sessed, and thus disappoint the expecta

applying for them, and not to put the tions of those who are induced to pur


writers of them to the unnecessary trouchase them. The Pall Mall Flectric

ble of replying to such superfluous interAssociation. Ltd., numbers amongst its

rogatories. We cannot consent to the members some of the leading Electri. of day, that all BEWARE OF FRAUDULENT IMITATIONS, WORTHLESS CHAINS, &c.

infliction of such a tax on the time of

those who desire to make known their ductions may be relied upon as scientifi- PLEASE FORWARD THE EXACT SIZE ROUND THE WAIST WHEN ORDERING THE "ELECTROPATHIC BELT."

experience; and therefore we refrain cally correct and thoroughly genuine, Mr. Kelly, M.E., the Consulting Electrician of the Association,

attends daily
for consultation (free)

from 10 to r, and from 3 to 5, at the Private from publishing their testimonials otherLondon Illustrated Paper, July 7, 1882. Consulting Rooms of the Pall Mall Electric Association, Ltd., 21 Holborn Viadrut, E.C. An experiencer lady is also in attendance daily. wise than in pamphlet form.

ON RECEIPT OF POST OFFICE ORDER OR CHEQUE FOR 21/-, made payable to C. B. HARNESS, Managing Director, THE PALL MALL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, 21 HOLBORN VIADUCT, LONDON, E.C., will forward, post-free, to any part, the ELECTROPATHIC BELT, as represented above, for either a lady or a gentleman. If you are suffering from any slight derangement, with the cause of which you are acquainted, send at once for an ELECTROPATHIC BELT, and obtain relief; but if you have any reason to fear that your case is serious or complicated, you are recominended to write for a private "Advice Form," and a copy of Testimonials. which will be forwarded post-free on application to THE PALL MALL ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION, LTN, 21 HOLBORN VIADUCT. LONDON, E.C.; the Consulting Medical Electrician will then personally advise you, FREE OF CHARGE, as to what treatment will be most suitable to your case, and you will thus avoid the risk of disappointment which the indiscriminate self-selection of appliances often entails on those who are unacquainted alike with the cause of their sufferings and the nature of the remedy they desire to apply.

Mall Electric Association, Limited. Every possible improvement that ingenuity could suggest has been adopted, and it is now offered to sufferers as the most comfortable, the most efectual, and the Cheapest adaptation of Curative Electricity ever invented. Do not be misled by the advertisements of peripatetic vendors of rubbishing app iances in which there is nothing electric but the name. Bervare a unscrupulous and unprincipled imitators.

A Forty-eight Page Treatise, entitled " ELECTROPATHY; or, DR. SCOTT'S GUIDE TO HEALTH," post-free on application,

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76, 86, 98, 108, 120, 130, 142, 152, 162, How to Remove an Obstacle, 128 Fun's Condensed Library, 18

“Waity" Question (A), 40 172, 184, 194, 204, 214, 226, 238, 248, 258,

Water Torture (The), 14
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Gut it Himself this Time. 210

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Ireland and the Hounds, 30

Wouldn't do at all, 223
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J. B. in the Streets, 78
HAD! 141
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Harbinger of Spring (The), 235
Springs and the Book (The), 143

Jolly Little Fellow, 169
Hard on the Passenger, 93
Stage Realism and Modern Criticism, 33

Stalking-Horse (The), 157
Harmless, 107

KITCHEN Confidence (A), 31
Health of the Count and the Queen, 232
Sterling British Pluck, 148

BALANCING his Books, 15
Storm and Stress, 61
His Cherryshed Pastime, 150

MENTAL Derangement, 257

Bill Hatching, 241
Suitable Contribution (A), 94
How could He? 244

Mere Baby to Him (A), 173

Caught at Last, 90
" How the Rich Live," 264, 273
Sarfeit of Enjoyments (A), 222
Mixed, 74

Champion Runner (The), 165
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Conquering Hero (The), 25
INNOCENT Informer (The), 94

Coronation of the Czar, 230
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Easter Eggs for Brighton, 123
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Intelligent Foreigner in Parliament, 83. Trio (A), 192

“Home, Sweet Home," 68 87, 105, 109, 127. 131, 159, 163, 173, 185, Turf Cuttings, 21, 30, 43, 53, 72, 75, 106,

Idol of the Day (The), 176 200, 210, 233, 244, 249, 265, 267

109, 140, 170, 182, 205, 221, 234, 239, 255, NBARING the End, 75
Never Intended, 186

In Training, 207
JUSTIFIABLE Suspicions, 216

Nitro-Glycerine, 161

Like a Giant Refreshed, 101
UNACCOMPLISHED Toiler (The), 228
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March Past (The), 134
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Master and Pupil, 145
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Unveiling It, 153
Useful and Ornamental, 257

Not so "Green as his Nation, 127 New Year's Party (The), 5
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On View, 155,
Off to the Meet, 43

Riding their Hobbies, 218
VALUABLE Right (A), 88
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Old Salt (An), 255

River Mashers (The), 112 "Varsity Blues (The), 114 Latest Amenity (The), 138

On the Hire System, 94

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Vastly Improved, 44
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On the River, 116

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Opening of the Royal Academy, 195

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WAR? 239

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Little Too Much (A), 27
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Watering his Plants, 187
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Wildest Pantomime of 'em all, 18 Pleasures of Fishing in the Highlands, 160 1857 and 1883, 261

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