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William Brenchley Rye London, 1865. 132, 300 p. front., pl.,

port. 432. SCOTLAND. Laws. Regiam maiestatem Scotiae, veteres leges et con

stitvtiones, ex archivis pvblicis, et antiqvis libris manuscriptis collectae, recognitae, & notis iuris ciuilis, canonici, Nortmannici auctoritate confirmatis, illustratae, opera & studio Ioannis Skenaei ... Londini, 1613. 171, 127 1.

“The law-book Regiam Majestatem is a Scotch version of Glanvill, compiled in the 13th century."-Gross. Sources, 1915, p. 403. 433. SPOTTISWOOD, JOHN, abp. of St. Andrews. The history of the Church

of Scotland, beginning the year 203 and continued to the end of the reign of King James the vi ... together with great variety of other matters, both ecclesiasticall and political ... London, 1655. 20, 546,

10 p. front., ports. 434. STRYPE, JOHN. The life and acts of John Whitgift. The whole di

gested, compiled, and attested from records, registers, original letters, and other authentic mss. taken from the choicest libraries and collections of the kingdom. Together with a large appendix of the said

papers ... Oxford, 1822. 3 v. front. (port.) 435. SUFFOLK, THOMAS HOWARD, ist earl. (Letter book. The corres

pondence of Thomas Howard, first earl of Suffolk and Theophilus Howard, second earl, successively lords lieutenant of Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, written between 1624 and 1639.)

128 numb. l. manuscript. Written on both sides of the leaf. 436. Totness, George Carew, earl. Letters from George Lord Carew

to Sir Thomas Roe, ambassador to the court of the Great Mogul, 1615-1617. Ed. by John Maclean London, 1860. 14, 160 p.

Camden soc. v. 76. 437. Truth brought to light: or, The history of the first 14 years of King

James 1. In four parts. I. The happy state of England at His Majesty's entrance; the corruption of it afterwards ... II. The divorce betwixt the Lady Frances Howard and Robert, earl of Essex ... III. A declaration of His Majesty's revenue IV. The commissions and warrants for the burning of two hereticks London, 1692. 94, 136, 83, 21 p. port.

With engr. t.-p.: "Truth brought to light by time, or the most remarkable transactions of the first fourteen years of King James reigne."

pts. 2, 3, and 4 have each a special t.-p.
p. 121 of pt. 2 wrongly numbered 221.
p. 17-21 of pt. 4 wrongly numbered 19, 20, 21, 18, 19.

First published, 1651, under title: The narrative history of King James, for the first fourteen years.

Another copy, Somers 2:262-408. 438. TYTLER, PATRICK FRASER. Life of Sir Walter Raleigh: founded on

authentic and original documents, some of them never before pub

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lished: including a view of the most important transactions in the reigns of Elizabeth and James I ... with a vindication of his character from the attacks of Hume and other writers. By Patrick Fraser

Tytler ... Edinburgh, 1833. [5]-468 p. front. (port.) illus. 439. WELDON), Sir A[NTHONY). The court and character of King James,

written and taken by Sir A. W., being an eye and eare witnesse
London, 1650; Reprinted 1817. 4, 61 p. front. (port.)

Smeeton v. 1, no. 5. 440. WHITELOCKE, SIR JAMES. Liber famelicus of Sir James Whitelocke,

a judge of the Court of King's bench in the reigns of James 1. and Charles I. Now first published from the original manuscript. Ed. by John Bruce ... London, 1858. 20, 131 p.

Camden soc. v. 70. 441. (WILLIAMS, ROBERT FOLKESTONE.) The court and times of James the

First; illustrated by authentic and confidential letters, from various public and private collections. Ed. with an introduction and notes, by the author of "Memoirs of Sophia Dorothea," etc. London,

1849. 2 v. 442. WILSON, ARTHUR. The life of Arthur Wilson the historian [author

of a book, entitled. 'The history of Great Britain, being the life & reign of K. James 1. relating to what passed from his first access to the crown till his death.' London, M,DCLIII. fol.) which he calls, 'Observations of God's Providence, in the tract of my life.' Written by himself.

Peck, Desiderata 2:460-82. 443. WILSON, ARTHUR. The history of Great Britain, being the life and

reign of King James the First, relating to what passed from his first access to the crown, till his death ... London, 1653. 10, 292, 8 p.

front. (port.) 444. WINWOOD, SIR RALPH. Memorials of affairs of state in the reigns

of Q. Elizabeth and K. James I. Collected (chiefly) from the original papers of the Right Honourable Sir Ralph Winwood ... Comprehending likewise the negotiations of Sir Henry Neville ... and others, at the courts of France and Spain, and in Holland, Venice, &c. Wherein the principal transactions of those times are faithfully related, and the policies and intrigues of those courts at large discover'd. The whole digested in an exact series of time. To which are added two tables: one of the letters, the other of the principal matters ...

By Edmund Sawyer London, 1725. 3 v. front. (port.) 445. WOTTON, Sir Henry. Letters ... to King James i and others (1606

Archaeologia 40:257-84.

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445a. WOTTON, SIR HENRY. Letters and dispatches from Sir Henry Wot

ton to James the First and his ministers, in the years MDCXVII-XX.
Printed from the originals in the Library of Eton College. London,
1850. 5, 258 p.
Roxburghe club.

Edited by George Tomline. 446. YONGE, WALTER. Diary of Walter Yonge ... written at Colyton and

Axminster, Co. Devon, from 1604 to 1628. Ed. by George Roberts
... London, 1848. 32, 124 p.
Camden soc. V. 41.


1625-1649 447. ASHBURNHAM, John. A narrative by John Ashburnham of his at

tendance on King Charles the First from Oxford to the Scotch army, and from Hampton-Court to the Isle of Wight ... to which is prefixed a vindication of his character ... and conduct, from the misrepresentations of Lord Clarendon, by (George, 3d earl of Ashburn

ham] ... London, 1830. 2 v. front. (port.) 447a. (BaLCANQUHALL, WALTER.) A large declaration concerning the late

tumults in Scotland, from their first originalls: together with a particular deduction of the seditious practices of the prime leaders of the Covenanters: collected out of their owne foule acts and writings

By the king. London, 1639. 430 p. front. (port.) 448. BLAKHAL, GILBERT. A breiffe narration of the services done to three

noble ladyes, by Gilbert Blakhal, preist of the Scots mission in France, in the Low Countries, and in Scotland. M.DC.XXXI.-M.DC.XLIX. (ed. by John Stuart] Aberdeen, 1844. 42, 224 p.

Spalding club. 449. BRERETON, SIR WILLIAM. Travels in Holland, the United Provinces,

England, Scotland and Ireland. M.DC.XXXIV.-M.DC.xxxv. ... ed. by
Edward Hawkins. 1844. 8, 205 p.

Chetham soc. I. 449a. BRUCE, John, ed. Original letters and other documents relating to the

benefactions of William Laud, archbishop of Canterbury, to the county of Berks. London, 1841. 19, 74 p.

Berkshire Ashmolean soc. 450. CATTERMOLE, RICHARD. The great civil war of the times of Charles

1. and Cromwell ... With twenty-nine highly finished engravings, from drawings by George Cattermole ... London, etc. (1846). 279 p. pl., ports. (incl. front.)

Engraved t.-p. reads "Cattermole's illustrated history of the great civil war," etc. 451. Court OF CHANCERY. ... Abstracts of Gloucestershire Inquisitiones

post mortem returned into the Court of chancery ... London, 1893-
1914. pt. 1-6.
British record soc. The Index library. v. 9, 13, 21, 30, 40, 47.

Parts 1-2 ed. by W. P. W. Phillimore and G. S. Fry; pt. 3 and 5 by E. A. Fry; pt. 4, by S. J. Madge; pt. 6, by E. Stokes.

Parts 4-6 have title: Abstracts of Inquisitiones post mortem for Gloucestershire

CONTENTS.-pt. 1. 1•11 Charles 1. 1625-36. pt. 2. 12-18 Charles 1. 1637-42. pt. 3. Mis. cellaneous ser. 1-18 Charles I. 1625-42. pt. 4. 20 Henry I. to 29 Edward 1. 1236-1300. pt. 5. 30 Edward 1. to 32 Edward ni. 1302-58. pt. 6. 33 Edward in. to 14 Henry Tv. 1359-1413.

452. COURT OF CHANCERY. Abstracts of Wiltshire Inquisitiones post

mortem, returned into the Court of chancery ... Ed. by George S.
Fry and Edw. Alex. Fry. London, 1901-14. 3 v.
British record soc. The Index library. v. 23, 37, 48.

“Issued in conjunction with the Wiltshire archæological and natural history society, Devizes."

v. (2) ed. by E. A. Fry; V. [3] by E. Stokes.

CONTENTS.--V. (1) Charles I. V. [2] Henry III, Edward 1, and Edward 11 A.D. 1243.

1326. v. (3) Edward III 1327-77. 453. COURT OF CHANCERY. ... A calendar of chancery proceedings. Bills

and answers filed in the reign of King Charles the First ... London,
1889-96. 4 v.
British record soc. The Index library. v. 2, 5, 6, 14.

V. 2-4 pub. by the British record soc.
v. 1-3 ed. by W. P. W. Phillimore; V. 4, by E. A. Fry.

This calendar was prepared in the reign of Queen Anne, by direction of Richard Topham, master in chancery. cf. Pref., v. 1, p. vi. 454. COURT OF STAR CHAMBER. Reports of cases in the Courts of Star

chamber and High commission. [1631-32.] Ed. by Samuel Rawson Gardiner London, 1886. 8, 328 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 39. 465. EIKON BASILIKE. The pourtraicture of His sacred Majestie in his

solitudes and sufferings ... London, 1824. 302 p. front.

Attributed to Charles I. also to John Gauden. 466. EXTRACTS from the Presbytery book of Strathbogie. A.D. M.DC.XXXI.

M.DC.LIV. (ed. by John Stuart] Aberdeen, 1843. 31, 269 p.

Spalding club. 467. THE FARINGTON PAPERS. The shrievalty of William FFarington, Esq. ;

A.D. 1636: Documents relating to the civil war: and an appendix, containing a collection of letters taken from the FFarington correspondence between the years 1547 and 1688 ... edited by Susan Maria FFarington, 1856. 14, 179 p.

Chetham soc. 39. 468. GARDINER, SAMUEL Rawson, ed. The constitutional documents of the

Puritan revolution 1625-1660, selected and edited by Samuel Rawson

Gardiner ... 2d ed., rev. and enl. Oxford, 1899. 68, 476 p. 469. GARDINER, SAMUEL Rawson, ed. Documents relating to the proceed

ings against William Prynne, in 1634 and 1637. With a biographical fragment by the late John Bruce. Ed. by Samuel Rawson Gardiner. London, 1877. 38, 121 p.

Camden soc. 2 ser. v. 18. 470. GOLDSMID, EDMUND MARSDEN. Explanatory notes of a pack of Cava

lier playing cards, temp. Charles II. forming a complete political satire of the commonwealth. ... Edinburgh; 1886. iv, (5)-23 p. 13 pl.

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