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1933 Norwich. torical Discourse.

Bond (Alvan). His-
One Hundredth Anni-
Congregational Churh.
Norwich, 1860. 75

versary of Second
8vo. pp. 64, paper.
1934 Norwich. Caulkins (Francis M.)
History of Norwich, from its Settlement in
1660 to January, 1845. Plates. 12mo. pp.

Norwich, 1845.

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1 50

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1950 Woodbury.

3 50 Cothren (William).

First Indian Deed in 1659 to 1854. 2 vols. Account of the First Dutch and Swedish 8vo. Waterbury, 1854. 8 00 Settlements. With Description of its Ge

Memorial of.

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1 00

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and Productions. With a Narration of Incidents of the Seminole Indian War. 12mo. pp. 76, paper. Jacksonville, 1881. 50

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1979 Boggess (F. C. M.) South Florida, the Italy of America: its Climate, Soil, and

Productions. 8vo. paper. Jacksonville,


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1990 Giddings (Joshua R.) The Exiles of Florida; or, the Crimes committed by fled from South Carolina and other Slave our Government against the Maroons, who States seeking Protection under Spanish Laws. 12mo. pp. 338. Columbus, 1856. 1 00

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12mo. 2.00

1992A Another edition. 2 vols. boards. London, 1835.

1993 Another copy. Calf.


3 50 Its

Scenery, Climate, and History. With an 1994 Lanier (Sidney). Florida. Account of Charleston, Savannah, Augusta, Aiken, and a Chapter for Consumptives. Numerous illustrations. 12mo. pp. 266. Philadelphia [1875].

1 50

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1996 Map of the Seat of War in Florida, compiled by Capt. John Mackay and Lieut. J. E. Blake, 1839. 29 x 41 inches.


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1998 Munroe (C. K.) The Florida Annual for 1866. With a large new Township Map. 8vo. pp. 192, paper. New York,


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2004 Romans (Captain Bernard). A Concise Natural History of East and West Florida; containing an Account of the Natural Produce of all the Southern Part of British America, in the Three Kingdoms of Nature, particularly the Animal and Vegetable. Likewise the Artificial Produce now raised, or possible to be raised, and manufactured there, with some Commercial and Political Observations in that Part of the World: and a Chorographical Account of the same. To which is added, by way of Appendix, Plain and Easy Directions to Navigators over the Bank of Bahama, the Coast of the Two Floridas, the North of Cuba, and the Dangerous Gulph Passage. | Noting also, the hitherto Unknown Watering Places in that Part of America, intended principally for the Use of such Vessels as may be so Unfortunate as to be distressed by Weather in that difficult Part of the World. Vol. I. pp. (2), 4, viii., 342, (2), lxxxix. (3), old sheep. New York. Printed for the author. MDCCLXXV. 100 00

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Vol. 2 never was published, the 12 copperplates and two whole sheet maps were evidently intended to be distributed through the two volumes. This copy has 1 folded sheet, 11 engravings (including the frontispiece, the dedication to John Ellis, and 3 full page maps), being one more, the Indian Hieroglyphick Paintings," than in the Menzies copy, which sold for $175.00, or in the Brinley copy, which sold for $265.00. A good copy, but unfortunately mice have eaten into about 175 pages of the top margin, but not down to the text, and two leaves are cropped up to the lower margin of the text.

2006 St. Augustine. Dewhurst (W. W.) The History of Saint Augustine, with an Account of the Early Spanish and French Attempt at Exploration and Settlement in the Territory of Florida. Sketches of Events and Objects of Interest, etc. 12mo. 1 25 pp. 182. New York, 1881.

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2008 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 117. Jacksonville, 1881.

1 50

2009 St. Augustine. Reynolds (C. B.) Old St. Augustine. A Story of Three Centuries. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 144. St. Augustine, 1885.

1 50

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2012 Sprague (John T.) The Origin, Progress, and Conclusion of the Florida War; to which is appended a Record of Officers, Privates, etc., who were Killed or Died of Disease. 8vo. pp. 557. New York, 1848. 4.00

2013 Tanner (H. S.) Map of Florida, Improved to 1825. Colored. 24x30 inches. 1.00 Mounted on linen and folded.

2014 Townshend (F. T.) Wild Life in Florida. With a Visit to Cuba. Map and plate. 8vo. pp. 319, half bound. London, 1875.

3 50

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2005 Roosevelt (R. B.) Florida, and 2018 Webb (Wanton S.) Florida, Histhe Game Water-birds of the Atlantic Coast torical, Industrial, and Biographical. Part and the Lakes of the United States. With 1. Illustrated. 4to. pp. 206, paper, New a Full Account of Sporting along our Sea | York, 1885.


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2035 Another copy. Half morocco. 22 50 2036 Miller (Stephen F.) The Bench

1 00 and Bar of Georgia. Memoirs and Sketches. 2 vols. 8vo. Philadelphia, 1858.

5 00

2023 Brief Account of the Establishment of the Colony of Georgia under Gen. James 2037 Montgomery (Sir R.) Discourse Ogelthorpe, 1733. 8vo. pp. 15, paper. Concerning the Designed Establishment Washington, 1835. 40 of a New Colony to the South of Carolina. Plan. 8vo. pp. 24.

2023 Cadogan (Lieut. George). The Spanish Hireling Detected. Being a Refutation of the several Calumnies and Falsehoods in a Late Pamphlet, entitl'd An Impartial Account of the Late Expedition against St. Augustine under General Ogilthorpe. 8vo. pp. 68, half bound. London, 3 00 2024 Chappell (Absalom H.) Miscellanies of Georgia. Historical, Biographical, Descriptive, etc. Parts 1 and 2. 8vo. pp. 137. Columbus, Ga., 1874. 150


2025 Georgia Historical Society. Collections. Vols. 1 and 2, containing a number of Reprints of Rare Works relating to the Province of Georgia. 2 vols. 8vo. Savannah, 1840-2. 6 00

Wash., 1835. 50 2038 Savannah. Lee (F. D.) and Agnew (J. L.) Historical Record of the City of Savannah. Maps and woodcuts. 12mo. 175

pp. 200. Savannah, 1869.

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2 25

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2042 Stevens (William Bacon). A History of Georgia, from its First Discovery by Europeans to the Adoption of its Present Constitution, 1798. Portraits. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1847.

5 00

2026 Georgia Loyalists. The Particular Case of, in addition to the General Case and Claim of the American Loyalists. 12mo. pp. 16, paper. [London], 1783. 50 2043 Strobel (Rev. P. A.) The Salzbur2027 Georgia Scenes, Characters, Inci-gers and their Descendants. Being the dents, etc., in the First Half Century of the History of a Colony of a German (Lutheran) Republic. Illustrated by a Native Georgian. 1734. 12mo. pp. 308. Baltimore, 1855. 1 50 Protestants, who emigrated to Georgia in 12mo. pp. 214. New York, 1850. 150 2028 Impartial Inquiry into the State and Utility of the Province of Georgia. Small 8vo. pp. 104, half morocco. London,


3 75

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2044 Tailfer (Pat and others). True and Historical Narrative of the Colony of Georgia, 1741. 8vo. pp. 80, paper. Washington, 1835.


2045 White (George). Historical Collections of Georgia. Containing the Most Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, etc., relating to its History and Antiquities. Illustrated by

nearly 100 engravings. Map.
729. New York, 1855.

8vo. pp. 4 00


2046 White (George). Statistics 50 Georgia, Including an Account of its

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