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Represented in the Present State of DUNKIRK.


In Defence of Mr. S- le.

Summan vim effe in omnibus iis arbitriis, in quibus adderetur, ex fide bona. Tulle

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Represented in the
Present State of DUNKIRK. ;

SIR, | Designed you this Trouble ever since there

24th of May latt, in case all should not

prove true in your Paper which came out that Day: You therein fall upon my mortified Friend Dick Steele, and endeavour to make an unfortunate Man ridiculous, by ending that your Paper with what you Inscribe,

A most humble Address or Memorial presented to R. S. Esq; by the Sieur Tugghe. You make Tuggbe say, I can now inform you, Sir, with Tears and a Heart full of Anguilh, That Dunkirk is Demolish'd. Not only the Mar-. • tial Works, that struck Terror on all the Be• holders, and were thought Impregnable against ' all Valour, except Your Mightiness's, but the 'Mole, Dikes, Bafons and Harbour, are all " levelled and destroyed ; a Spectacle full of



• Horror, and a lasting Monument of your Anger

and Indignation, against the Inhabitants of a ( Town long fince overwhelmed with Grief. " So many Thousands, Mighiy Sir! reduc'd to • Want and Misery, might have pleaded for

your Commiseration: But you were (pardon & the Expression) Implacable; their Doom was • gone out, and you would not Alter or • Reverse it.

· Whither should so many wretched Families « betake themselves ? Could they look up6 on themselves devoted, by so great a Lover « and Benefactor to Mankind as Your Mightiness, ' to utter Misery and Dispersion ? Far be that • Thought from our Hearts. But scarce had

we made a small Settlement of some few Fa• milies at Mardyke, when the melancholy News • reach'd our Ears, of the Umbrage taken &

gainst us at Your Mightiness's Court; contri• ved by Evil-minded Men, the Enemies of So« ciety; intending to make you Jealous of us, as if we were about to Fortifie and Ered ano. "ther Dunkirk there ; a Work, alas ! as much 6 unequal to our Circumstances, as it is diftant

from our Intentions; whereby we' might once ? more become the deplorable Obje&s of your


"To prevent this Blow, we now lay our - selves at Your Mightiness's Feet ; intreating 4. you to satisfie your juftice with our present 6 Misery.

Here, Sir, is what you were pleased to say, or what Mr. Tuggbe says, in your Paper. A Meniorial was handed about the Publick Streets, praying that Dunkirk might not be Demolithed, cho' the Memorialift acknowledged her Majesty


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