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litigated estates, relieves him; who, , and for that purpose resolves to per. with due contrition, implores the sonate Sir Andrew Mac Gorget, pardon of heaven-Dalhall's name Ralph, a servant of Brummagen, is found in the Gazette, at the very who is dismissed in consequence of moment he is about to dupe Alle being suspected to be in the interests spice, and marry his daughter of the lovers, forms the same pur. Caustic, delighted with the benevo- pose, and affumes the disguise of lence of his nephew, becomes re- Sir Andrew Mac Gorget's steward. conciled to him, and gives to Julia Vain and Ralph unfortunately enthe marriage portion he is intrusted counter in their several disguises, to bestow.

without knowing that they are both Such is the fable at large, on embarked in the same project ;, but which Mr. Morton has built a very Ralph beats Vain off the field as the interesting comedy. The only at- impostor, and by his address effectempt at new character is that of tuates the escape and union of the Tangent, which Mr. Lewis plays; lovers. The piece, as usual, conit abounds with that whimlicality cludes with a reconciliation scene. and good humour he is remarkable Out of these flight materials the for colouring highly. Tangent is author has sketched a very diverting not only a castle-builder, but he in- and laughable piece, embellished habits his fabric, and produces by many pleasant points, and whim. thereby some pleasant situations. fical fituations. The performers The author is not less indebted to exerted themselves to do justice to every other performer in the piece, their several parts. We laughed to whom the characters seem pecu. heartily with Fawcett, Knight and liarly suited, and who gave them Munden. Incledon and Mrs. Serres all the effect that talents and exertion, sung the airs which were allotted could produce. !

to them delightfully. We need not add, that the music, which is come

posed by Shield, is exquilte. ACCOUNT of the New ENTER

TAINMENT intitled the Lock and Key, per for med for the first time at the Theatre Röyal, Covent DESCRIPTION of the Town of Garden, on Monday, Feb. 2.

CARNARVON. 1795. .

(With a view of Carnarvon Callo, The Fable of this Piece, which is elegantly engraved.) i ascribed to Mr. Hoare, is short.

CARNARVON is situated on DRUMMAGEN, who wishes to the firth or inlet called Me

D raise a family name, and is neu, which separates the isle of An. continually telling a thousand lies glosea from the main land, and here about the antiquity of his house, is a ferry over to the main land, called has agreed to marry his daughter Aberinenary ferry, and from thence Laura to fir Andrew Mac Gorget, is a direct road to Holy-head. It who is every day expected to arrive was built by the command of Edfrom Spain ; and till his arrival he 'ward I. out of the ruins of the city keeps her under lock and key. of Segontium, so called from the Laura loves, and is beloved by neighbouring river. Sciont. By Cheerly, a naval Officer. Vain, à command of the same prince, the lively and conceited coxcomb, offers body of Conftantius, the father of him his affistance to carry her off, Constantine the Great, which was



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In conscious rectitude confirmed, and Yonder fits Solomon ! Socrates, there! boid,

(mould : 1 One queu'd and powder'd : t'other To-night appears a man of different

cropt and bare.
Who meets misfortune ; fate defics ; | This a most , fapient Whig; that a
and braves
[wares :

Aaunch Tory.
The rolling thunder and the surgingTheir country's mutual boaft! Old
Rides fafe among the rocks, though

England's glory!
tempeft-toft, .
Where many a tall-built bark lies The Greek, a Itudent in the school
wrecked and loft-

of tafte,

[grac'd, Poetically rides : but-Thought of fear! Who cultivates the arts by which be's Should one more hurricane o'ertake Sports l:is half-boots; buttons his half- . him, here,

great coat; Should burfing yells and howls, from And props his chin with wool-pack yonder kies,

‘round his throat : Bid the wild billows of damnation rife, With bludgeon arm'd, to knock down Courage and skill in vain the form op-1,

those that laugh, - pore,

[goes: He fallies forth-the bcar and rugged He founders in the golph and down be


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